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  1. I didn't have 5000 when the trophy popped for me and that was after purchasing a couple of outfits. Although some reason I had to get up to 12,000 to get the last coin-related trophy.
  2. Looks like one I can platinum. Of all the Ben 10 games been able to platinum except for Galatic Racers and the last one.
  3. With what I knew of playing through the Abduction at Area 42. I lost track how many times there'd be a tank in this one spot then another time it wouldn't be there. Was so weird when that would happen.
  4. It popped after my 11th season. I think what I probably did was that I simulated nearly all of season 11. Raced the final race and got it after I completed it when Warren came in about the season being over. Just a tip for anyone that's trying to get it if trying to simulate to the end of season 10, is to race the final race to see if it pops up then.
  5. This is actually the second Tony Stewart game
  6. I admit I thought there would've been more than what there was for the $40 price tag. Should've been only like maybe $10 at most if lucky.
  7. That's the strange part with the coins. Didn't spend anything when I got the one for 1,500. I wasn't at 5,000 when I got that one but need to be at 12,000 to get that. I don't get that honestly as I thought it would've been cumulative like with the 5,000 coin one.
  8. I know I got up to the 16,000 score points and that trophy popped up but the platinum didn't. Checked the trophies and the one for 14,500 didn't pop up, so had to go back to get up to that score to get it to pop up to get the platinum.
  9. The best thing I can suggest is a session boost. On that best thing to do is set the number of people at 2 for a public race.
  10. My guess is that it's cumulative. So if you spend any coins as the game keeps track of how many total you've collected as you progress.
  11. Recently thought I'd try going for the trophy again and tried going that route. After trying it, still didn't pop up.
  12. I just recently got the three-star rating for the Abduction for Area 42, after I don't know how many failed attempts I had. Was able to get like 90 or 91 to just pass it. Thankfully it was the last one I was able to get up to three-stars to platinum it. If I had a chance to try platinum the game again, likely will pass on doing that with the trouble with some challenges.
  13. I know I was having trouble with the Capitol City Rampage myself. One of the things I had done was with having the Anal Probe fully upgraded. The other thing I did was using the Brain Extract to help out while using the Anal Probe. Might've taken a couple to few tries using that method to perfect it a bit, as I got the three-star rating that way. Although the Area 42 Abduction and Capitol City Race are the two that I only managed to get up to two-star. Thus the only challenges that are preventing me from getting the Platinum trophy. EDIT: Managed to finally three-star the Capitol City Race. Just have to get Area 42 Abduction up to three stars. EDIT #2: Finally platinum the game. Felt like some of the challenges were rather a pain in the you know what.
  14. I know when it came to the Area 42 Rampage on my end, got lucky at times when I'd get multiple tanks close together. I would use the Ion Detonator on them and trying to get ammo for it back up using objects. As for the Area 42 Abduction, the best run has been 76 of the 90 required to get the three-star rating. Even if I get what looks like a good thing with a good chunk of trucks and tanks. With that, it doesn't seem to be good enough by the time I get back to the airport, with the putting the planes in the beam for the extra points. Area 42 Abduction and Capitol City Race are the two challenges that are preventing me from obtaining the platinum trophy.
  15. One career trophy that isn't popping up for me is Car Collector. Wanting to try to get that one to pop up before I get the one for completing 10 Career Seasons.