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  1. I know I've been checking for updates but shows "current version is installed".
  2. Speaking of glitched trophies, the one trophy that seems to be glitched for me is the Car Collector one. Done each series where I had all 6 cars owned but trophy never popped up.
  3. I remember having a similar problem in NASCAR Heat 3. Took a few wins after reaching 200 overall in all modes before it popped up.
  4. Although I've played racing games in the way you described Heat 3. I didn't have any problems with Heat 3 but a couple of games that felt like that to me was Assetto Corsa and Project CARS 2. The demo of PC2 was great but when playing the full version was like "damn" and kind of reminded how Need for Speed Shift 2 was in some degree.
  5. I know in the medals section showing a total of 384 medals to be earned in each series. The total of 384 is only for the 24 of 27 tracks that are in the game that I've seen. Not sure where the missing three are as I can't see them even going in online and looking through the track list. Edit: I had checked the Twitter page for the game and there is a patch that is out. And it does fix the Full Circuit trophy where it shows 24 instead of 27 for number of tracks.
  6. I have the physical copy and I have Arcade Mode (NA).
  7. When I attempted to do it after playing through to do a few things before heading back and was able to get it no problem.
  8. I'm having trouble trying to access the servers for Burnout Paradise to play online for that as it says that it's unable to connect to the servers but no problem signing in PSN let alone playing any other game online. My brother has a profile on my PS3 and he's able to do stuff online with the game but not mine. Anyone have any idea as to why?
  9. I know that if it helps, that I made the only PSN account I have before doing anything with Origins but don't know of any account that isn't linked to Origins.
  10. Not sure if that could be the reason why I can't access the online features to earn some of the online trophies but at the same time not sure if making an account then signing into that one would allow the trophies that I've earned to be obtained for the new one.
  11. The account I have is the one I linked to this account on here back in August 2012 and there's an update that was done after getting a router that installed the trophies for the game and only PSN account I have.