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  1. The trophies were earned after midnight & with all the grocery shopping

    yesterday, the early bedtime, a walk today & another little shopping tour

    - no other trophies so far & I highly doubt it'll change.

    Hopefully I find the time to play a little in a few.


    Any plans for the weekend?


    Update 03/01/2018


    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

    4% to 7% - E - 5/50



    Trophies - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker




    Trophies  #3437 - #3438.

    Overall completition went from 79,63% up to 79,66%.


    Happy Huntin'



    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Another series I still have to play lol.

  2. Mech Catcher Captured a mech. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  3. Its a #80! We've finished MudRunner & started Peace Walker..

    ..& its hell but kinda fun. The start couldnt be much more chaotic.

    After the third fighting tutorial I forgot everything.

    Starting the first tutorial lvl.. I couldnt find a grenade, nor equip it.

    After at least 30min I got a bit the hang of it.

    The first lvl in coop was an absolute mess. I accidentially flipped under the box & hid

    & when I had the chance to knock someone out, I "boxed" into him &

    totally forgot how to get out of it. Urgh!

    But since it gets all a little.. lets say, smoother, its so much fun.

    We can play most of the missions together; stay stealthy & quiet or

    make so much noise & mistakes, we should be ashamed, lol.

    Also really like the mother base & the changes. Like a little RPG.

    You collect soldiers, so they work in different categories & in the background

    the base keeps changing & growing. For a few hours in, I need to say I like it so far.


    Update 02/28/2018


    Spintires: MudRunner

    85% to 100% - A to S - 63/63


    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

    0% to 4% - E - 3/50



    Trophies - Spintires: MudRunner


    Trophies - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker




    Trophies  #3423 - #3436.

    Overall completition went from 80,14% down to 79,63%.


    Happy Huntin'



  4. 58,38%.
  5. 982 - got MudRunner plat but started Peace Walker.
  6. VERSUS OPS All Rules Played using all of the rules in VERSUS OPS. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  7. Master Logger Unlock all trophies Spintires: MudRunner
  8. Vic Boss Obtained every trophy. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  9. cHallo.


    Like I predicted, almost done with MudRunner. Today should be the day.

    Still trying to get at least one Pole Position & a victory per day in GT Sport

    but the drivers in there.. Normally it'd be a sportsman but this game made me totally reckless.

    One touch & I'll go all in on you. I tried it a whole week the nice way but the way they're driving

    & stealing the positions.. nu-uh.


    I mentioned the plat yesterday but I actually earned it yesterday past midnight. If it does make any sense..

    I mentioned it but didnt posted it yet. Ah well, its been earned on 27th.


    Also worked & switched some things into the About Me tab above my posts,

    dunno if anyone recognized. & my car is still in the workshop..

    I just hope I dont have to pay a crazy amount of money..


    Update 02/27/2018


    Spintires: MudRunner

    50% to 85% - B to A - 52/63


    Diablo III

    100% - S - 46/46


    Trophies - Diablo III


    Trophies - Spintires: MudRunner

    • :bronze:  Eco-friendly - Burn 100 litres of fuel without releasing accelerator
    • :bronze:  Carrier - Load up Type A vehicle in the trunk of your truck and drive it for 200 meters in total
    • :bronze:  Rescue Mission - More than 150 meters away from any Garage, tow a fully damaged truck to a Garage
    • :bronze:  Unstoppable - Load up a truck and drive to an Lumber Mill without releasing accelerator
    • :bronze:  Size Doesn't Matter - Fill a particular Lumber Mill by delivering Short Logs only
    • :bronze:  Old Still Good - Fill a particular Lumber Mill by using Type B-130 only
    • :bronze:  Size Does Matter - Fill a particular Lumber Mill by delivering Long Logs only
    • :bronze:  Blind Navigation - Finish a level without reaching any Watchpoints in Single Player mode
    • :silver:  Forester - Finish a level without using the Navigation map in Single Player mode
    • :silver:  My Only Love - Finish a level using only one vehicle in Single Player mode
    • :silver:  I Have All I Need - Finish a level without changing any vehicle addons in Single Player mode
    • :gold:  The Driver - Travel 100 kilometers in total


    Trophies - Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds - 100%

    • :bronze:  Big Cat - Complete all bonus objectives in the challenge "Big Cat"
    • :bronze:  Freight-Ex - Complete all bonus objectives in the challenge "Freight-Ex"




    Trophies  #3406 - #3422.

    Overall completition went from 79,86% up to 80,14%.


    Happy Huntin'



  10. Master Logger Unlock all trophies Spintires: MudRunner
  11. Crossing Complete the "Crossing" in Hardcore mode Spintires: MudRunner
  12. 943 - Diablo plat included & almost finished MudRunner.
  13. cHallo.


    Its been awhile. I really thought I hadnt earned any trophies til yesterday

    but I kinda forgot about those from last weeks Tuesday, I suppose.

    Also I hadnt synched them, so didnt noticed either.

    We were playing alot of GT Sport, Project Cars & hung out on Xbox, so Diablo & I went silent.

    Also the days were kinda.. chaotic; my head hurt almost every day,

    the nights were sometimes really tough to handle & with them - the lack of sleep.

    Still not sure if he's getting enough milk. Breastfeeding may be the best for a baby

    but its a dick in letting me know how much he's drinking. O well..


    We rushed through Inferno in Diablo yesterday & finally finished it, so #79 is mine.

    & with the plat his choice is finished & we're back to mine - MudRunner.

    Though this one wont last very long - we might be done tomorrow or Friday.

    & as I mentioned, his next choice is Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.


    I think thats all for now.


    Update 02/19/ - 02/26/2018


    Diablo III

    76% to 100% - A to S - 46/46


    Trophies - Diablo III

    Trophies - Project CARS

    • :bronze:   Ready To Pounce - Had a reaction time of less than 0.2 secs off the starting grid
    • :silver:   I Am The 5% - Won an Online Public race using Pro handling, manual gears, and no driving aids, from cockpit view


    Trophies  #3397 - #3405.

    Overall completition went from 79,64% up to 79,86%.


    Happy Huntin'



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the Plat!

    3. Dunkelromantisch


      I played it on Xbox, so I know whats it like.

      It seems pretty hard at first, especially when you start with the challenges

      but as soon as you get the hang of it with the driving & physics based on the middle & long logs,

      its "easy peasy." Still a tough nut if you play it all by yourself, especially on the realistic difficulty.

      But its a ton of fun with friends. An absolute must have, in my opinion.

      Normally I hate DLCs but I wish they'd work so much more on that game. Its nearly perfect.




      & thank you everyone!

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯