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  1. Good Mornin'


    About Me

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    It is a little hard to write on a daily basis when you haven't earned a single trophy.

    So I'll change it & write as soon as I actually have something to write about.


    How you doin'? How was your weekend?


    Mine was full with ups 'n downs. The nights got a little easier to handle but only because I can finally

    go to bed early & actually sleep within minutes. Mostly I lay awake for hours.

    Also holidays here, so it's a little less chaos & more sleep for all of us.


    Like I mentioned before, I got back to Assassin's Creed III Liberation & I'm still working on Diablo III.


    We're on Hell difficulty, somewhere in Act I with around 2.9mill from 5mill. We've also

    seen another strategy for the grind & will try it out as soon as we beat the two missing difficulty based trophies.

    Something with an Infernal Machine.

    In Assassin's Creed III Liberation I should be in Sequence 3 but dunno;

    already got the trophy in July three years ago. Can't say I'm a fan of Aveline.

    Never liked Liberation of all the AC titles. It's also a title @Faloran has finished,

    so I'm slowly catching up to his progress.


    Faloran & I..

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    Update 02/11/2018


    Assassin's Creed III Liberation

    24% to 28% - C - 14/45


    Diablo III

    49% to 50% - C - 28/46



    Trophies - Assassin's Creed III Liberation

    • :bronze:Mushroom Queen - Collect all the mushrooms collectibles
    • :silver:Machete - Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill)


    Trophies - Diablo III



    Trophies  #3336 - #3338.

    Overall completition went from 79,32% up to 79,37%.


    Happy Huntin'



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    2. ee28max


      The weekend was alright. Got a new platinum, which was Guacamelee! as #19. Now I'm looking forward to do FIFA 16 next as #20. That's to honor FIFA 14 because I failed to have that as my first platinum, and it's EA Sports' fault for shutting down MatchDay Live without any warnings or announcements to the closure. Now it's 97% of 42/44 trophies forever. 

      Have fun and good luck with AC III Liberation and Diablo III.

    3. Dunkelromantisch


      Crap, so no 100% completition rate anymore for you?

      & grats on your plat!

    4. ee28max


      Nope. I was never quite concerned about the 100% completion. And thanks!