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  1. Good Mornin'


    About Me

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    Finally got the repair of my car going. Ok, only an appointment but it's a start.

    I kept pushing it further & further.. Not that I don't want my car to be fixed but it's fucking expensive this time.

    My baby screams for a new wheel bearing on the left front. Had to repair the right one last year.

    It needs a service since January & also a new battery. Alot of money goes into this one

    but I'm not really complaining. It's 11 years old in October, it never costs me more money than it should,

    no repair was unnecessary so far. The engine broke down years ago, yes but that was very unfortunate.

    Gotta love my Audi.



    To my | our gaming:

    We started Project CARS because I figured out - thanks to thread led perfectly by @totallycrushed -

    that the plat is still doable. Hurry up if you want that ultra rare plat. 24 events are coming, you need 20.

    One of them being a DLC one but still doable. The current event ends next monday.

    I made some progress in Assassin's Creed III Liberation but nothing really worth mentioning.


    Faloran & I..

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    Update 02/12/2018


    Assassin's Creed III Liberation

    28% to 35% - C to B - 17/45


    Project CARS

    1% - E - 1/45



    Trophies - Assassin's Creed III Liberation


    Trophies - Project CARS

    • :bronze:Pit Boss - Created and saved a Pit Strategy



    Trophies  #3339 - #3342.

    Overall completition went down from 79,37% to 78,84%.


    Happy Huntin'



    1. totallycrushed


      Good luck with pCARS! Remember that you can solo the online trophies as well.


    2. ee28max


      Have fun and good luck with Project CARS.