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  1. I made a lil guide to help found at least one Vending Machine at each of the locations
  2. P4P
  3. P4P 🤠
  4. Great thanks for the answers guys big help for me. So i can do it alone with my Brother cuz we got 4 ps3's:)
  5. Same as title:) I cant find any information about it and when i find something its unclear.
  6. I think it is the 8th.
  7. The Pipe one is the last one.
  8. For the A Man of Principle trophy you need 2 moral points 1st is to lay the traps for Trapper trophy and the 2nd you get after setting the creature in weather on fire take the boat and go straight left after getting out of the hangar the location will pop up on the map you need to manuver thru the swamp and go up a big "tower".
  9. Yes as Avatar_Of_Battle said the stashes carry over poped the trophy on the first one So thats nice.
  10. If im not mistaken the 4th email was the memory chip one but i had to bring him like 10+ orders for it to triger.
  11. Hi do you wanna boost that one online trophy? i have another dude we are from Poland
  12. Awesome thx man.
  13. So can someone check how many Full Synched Memories are there for me there is :59(Options<Stats<Memories)
  14. Ok this might work
  15. Well i tried everything you listed already