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  1. I am currently stuck at mission 10 apparently I had no problem the first time but for some reason I couldn’t grab the 4th collectable, so I restarted and now I can’t progress the game for some reason your teammate reunites with you after getting to the cable car control room he should tell you to turn it on but he hasn’t been telling me to do that and even if I did turn it on he stays stuck even though I need him to get in the cable car with me to progress the game. Any solution or help will be appreciated
  2. The things we do to hear that ding. But hey if to keep 100% account is to play old games then so be it very few old games had trophies added to them years later but at least we know old cods won’t add trophies battlefields ghost recons. Just got to be extremely careful
  3. If they do that’s good
  4. Yes 2 more seasons have been announced I believe
  5. Already finished watching it man it’s super short only 4 episodes
  6. The solution I did was start a new game and it stop crashing reinstall doesn’t work I tried that. Had to redo the story but it was quick and I doubt there will be a new one anytime soon
  7. I have been doing that but let’s say if I’m getting to a car not grinding any zombie kills just to get to the main story objective it crashes I started a new game hopefully that works because the crashes in this game are ridiculous I start it walk a few steps to a car then drive for a minute then crash. I only need 48,000 kills left but in order to get the master journalist trophy I have to beat the whole game again
  8. I keep getting crashes just killing zombies I’m trying to get 250k of zombie kills is there any solution to fixing it?
  9. Can I replay the same map and rate it differently or do I have to create 25 maps get it published then play them and rate them cause downloading maps don’t seem to work
  10. The game is a grind but it’s not like Friday the 13th grind about 100 or 120 hours, depends on how long it takes to beat overwhelming cause overwhelming difficulty is a bit of a pain
  11. I need a ps5 I’m just adding games I wanna do when I get one and I’m willing to do this specific one
  12. Just want to make sure the game is completely dead but will create a session to find people
  13. Have you done all the 195 trials including the multiplayer trials?
  14. Never heard of this game where is the 1st one, looks interesting though
  15. thats how it is also look around the areas carefully. in re7 there were sneaky spots to find ammo and health crouch all over the side of the area if you have to and also check your map red means there are still items in the building and blue is all clear I’m at the fishing area