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  1. Well I got an email it’s an automated message from enix but apparently an agent is reviewing the problem just gotta wait
  2. Well looks like I got bad luck just when I wanted to start this game this has to happen. I’m waiting for them to send me a response for some reason I did buy dlc and can’t seem to also play it due to probably not connecting to enix
  3. The servers will come back I don’t think square Enix shut down Deus Ex a good amount of ppl play the it
  4. For me I can’t seem to connect it says connection failed I didn’t have a problem with it before but now I do
  5. Anyone having problems connecting
  6. June 2020 watch dogs and dead island definitive edition
  7. May zombie army trilogy Watch dogs
  8. Please give us an outbreak remake or a outbreak file 3 been wanting to play a great re co op game
  9. Well looking at the list it’s pretty good nice trophy art for resident evil 3 and resistance can’t wait to play it once It gets delivered to me still at the waiting game
  10. Syphon filter Socom confrontation Soul Reaver
  11. Ok thanks for the response
  12. To tell u the truth i rather save $7 and time but my question on this forum is will it consider it as a strike on psnp if I do the glitch? Cause I got the physical copy and the thing I don’t want is someone to report me and say I’m cheating for saving a couple of hours on redoing all the challenges as Bruce
  13. April the order 1886 watch dogs
  14. Well war 93 was won and we are in war 94 it’s so far so good cyborg is done bugs is about to be done all is left are cyborg. We might win the war again