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  1. Guide Of The Year - Devil May Cry 5 - it looks like a solid guide and me reading this guide and seeing videos of it and people commenting on the guide makes me want to do it in the near future Exceptional DLC Guide - Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Declassified - the only Black Ops 4 dlc that made me get it done quick I should say it helped me especially with that nova spawn Easter egg where you gain a lot of points to unlock doors and a good amount of the trophies early on Exceptional Gameplay Guide - Resident Evil 2 by angelbless45 - by far a great collectable guide with all codes for locks and puzzles, a collectable video of powerpyx, or reading the guide I didn’t have any trouble following this guide especially what will I be rewarded after I collect and complete a set of collectable or difficulty
  2. Let’s see if i got any luck lol
  3. I agree we all have opinions let the people discuss what they want to discuss or complain what they want to complain.
  4. Not like that the vote system should be when u get to vote for a game that they choose like when grow home and some other game were our choice to pick and vote for next month and grow home won. They could do that for triple a games that comes out 2014-2017 like resident evil 0 or the evil within vote for October horror and thriller, something like that not games that just came out of the factory
  5. I would actually like to choose or vote my monthly games or if you already have that game your next purchase should be come with a discount, or something that makes it worth buying ps plus not just for the online. Hell I would be happy if they bump up the plus games to 3 or 2 vr n 2 regular ps4 games. Something new is what I ask. plus was 50 before n now it’s 60 so the majority of people expect great games.
  6. The fee for multiplayer should be less then 60 and yes you are right they don’t need to give out games every month but they are because they are competing against x box. as a consumer u have to see what your money is worth if PlayStation didn’t have games coming out every month why would I spend 60 for a year for just multiplayer if I could go to x box spend 50 for a year n every month get 2 games and play old games from 360. Plus used to be good having 6 games every month 2 for each system but they stopped it, now it’s 60 for 2 games. And the last of us is a great game but when the game re released for ps4 the majority of people already bought that game there are a lot of people playing the online probably just to platinum the game or because the game is more active since it on plus for everyone who has plus.
  7. Its actually not free your spending 60$ to get access to play multiplayer on any multiplayer game and throughout that year you will get 2 “free games” each month that could be good or bad. But when that year expires you can’t play the “free games” you added to your library so people go and get another year of plus mainly for multiplayer but to play those “free games” If multiplayer was free maybe only the people who purchase plus would complain. I’m fine with titanfall but monster energy out of all the racing games that came out in 2014-2018 we got this?
  8. Titanfall ok. monster energy super cross come on I played death stranding n had enough of Sam doing the same animation drinking that. that’s what that game is super repetitive
  9. I would bring Leon’s RPD uniform the 1998 version
  10. My psn avatar was Gabe Logan from syphon filter I loved that game haven’t changed it since rdr2 Arthur Morgan. Now I have an astronaut avatar from death stranding really nice avatar looking to keep it for a week or 2 but after that I’m switching back to Arthur
  11. Yeah woods could be obtained in ground war makes it easier
  12. Finally I been waiting for a while for episode 3 to come out I played this game on a different account but I will do this again on my main. I didn’t even expect this game to have dlc trophies how about you.
  13. I would like to see a new socom game or a dead space game
  14. Maybe they are probably gonna try to put more content like warframe but it takes a while, I hate that pc gets first dibs
  15. Ok well I tested it out on a different account they fixed the problem haven’t had a crash on band of Bastards dlc they fixed it took like almost 3 months not bad for a small deployment