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  1. thats how it is also look around the areas carefully. in re7 there were sneaky spots to find ammo and health crouch all over the side of the area if you have to and also check your map red means there are still items in the building and blue is all clear I’m at the fishing area
  2. Game is fun, it is hard if you have never played a survival game like the forest or long dark, trophies are buggy but I should say what was a pain was not using a compass through the game. A bad weather can make you lose track of which island you have visited. But if you put enough hours into it you should know your way around the map. Also save a lot cause snakes can poison you and crafting a cure can be overwhelming
  3. I think they delisted it I remember when they announced ps3 store close date and I was going crazy getting ps3 dlc for different game I don’t think I saw it there also if u have an old ea account u get the diy mask trophy cause if that’s it that means I gotta go check mine I remember years I created a half ass one just never used it
  4. Give us an alien vs predator remake man. But really I hope this is true
  5. In lou1 there was no good guys it was all about survival. even the fireflies were shitty people they were terrorist that were bombing what was left of the government protecting quarantine zones.
  6. Thats the thing the only person who knew how to make a vaccine was Jerry he was like the Jesus of the apocalypse. It died with him there is no cure
  7. That’s his opinion and I have to admit he’s right they did make dumb decisions on last of us 2 not just killing off Joel but a lot of other reasons in the game the only thing I enjoyed about last of us 2 was the gameplay that’s it. Characters, pacing, script was bad it’s like watching a great movies you love that was so well paced and engaging then the second one came and it completely destroys what was so special of the first one. It’s like lou1 is an hbo exclusive movie then cw took it over or Disney and just decide to change what was unique of the 1st one. Neil was not the only one that did lou1 writing Bruce straley also wrote to and I gotta tell u when Bruce left half of the fan base left with him.
  8. 1st one amazing, 2nd one why, 3rd one let it die. I was really disappointed with last of us 2 how a game that had a strong beginning story, journey, characters, exploration, was great but the 2nd just destroyed it all. It contradicts a lot of things in the 1st one. I’m not hype for last of us 3 I sure as hell ant gonna get it at release cause I felt half of the 2nd game was ok. But hey not all games are ment for everyone to enjoy
  9. Elder scroll because it’s all online
  10. It happened to me twice already trying to playing with a friend, if your going for the 100% or platinum save on iCloud or usb especially while trying to complete all missions on death wish. I hate that pc is still getting updates while this game has bugs, glitches, connection issues. They invested to much in the walking dead game that made them lose millions I bet.
  11. Play all ps4 resident evil games except umbrella corp and resident evil 6. Also it’s best to wait for resident evil 4 since they are gonna remake it but it’s up to you
  12. He’s gonna take you back to the past to play a shitty game that sucks ass
  13. I want in sign me up this looks fun
  14. Yea I did that and I got it it worked a person message me that days ago
  15. What about farming are there 8 plants right? I did them all nothing