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  1. It’s ok I already got the recipe thanks though
  2. Is this offer still going?
  3. I rate it a 10 because I did half a playthrough and I’ll do it again lol. But for real lickers n the tyrant give me goosebumps in this game, once u hear the music u know ur fucked.
  4. Well when this game comes out I’ll pop in the disc, play re2, have a pint, and wait for all this to blow over. Lol. Hope there are parts and A and B in this one.
  5. It’s about to go down.
  6. 1. Syphon Filter 4 2. Socom 2 Remake classics were amazing
  7. Thanks for creating this school it saved me a couple of hours I’m going to stay in this school for a while to learn all the weapons and especially the war gloves.
  8. I bought this game in GameStop I thought it would be a survival horror but apparently it’s an actual survival game which involves hunting, and looting for actual survival. My thoughts for this I regret buying this. I know it’s time consuming but my questions are how long is it to plat, how big is the map, and if difficulty matters in this game. Also is this worth playing all the way till the end.
  9. Why should I pay to play as a youtuber if I can make videos for free and be a youtuber. Can’t wait for twitch simulator.
  10. They kill Joel I’m ranting on this game that’s it. Also at e3 I understand Neil is trying to push more females as main characters in games but I like Joel more than Elle, Joel has been through a lot and I would hate to see if he dies and all of a sudden it the journey of a mother and a daughter. I expected only gameplay not cutscenes at e3 they wanted to start something with the whole Elle is a lesbian. Look at the first last of us no cutscenes just gameplay amazing gameplay at that time. Don’t forget apparently more games let you play as either a male or female and still sjw still complain about more male as protagonist in games.
  11. Thanks for making me understand it.
  12. Can’t wait for this to come out Leon is back facing the horrors of raccoon city in 3rd person I just hope they bring back outbreak they listen to the fans once they can try again.
  13. I seen the battlefield 5 trailer it looks beautiful can’t argue with graphics, voice, sound effects, and the little gameplay they showed, dice put a lot of effort into their games. Now I am upset that they are females in battlefield 5, in different countries women have served, don’t know if there will be American females running around the frontline. If there are battlefield is another cod ww2 just bigger and better. Battlefield 1 stood up with all males in multiplayer and in the story there was only 1 female. When the add ons came there were female in the Russian team which then again it was historically accurate 3k women served, saw the whole rags youtube video calling out a channel “the know” saying “oh it’s 2016 women should be a playable character in multiplayer” no no no that’s not how it should be. It should be fair put in a vote should women be in ww2 or historical events in games fighting like in that trailer of battlefield 5. Can’t stand sjw they get all the attention now they are probably changing the course of games.
  14. The game has good graphics, the story ant that bad, the people you meet can be interesting if u could do more missions with them but most of them you don't. For the platinum it doesn't require you to complete the game and all challenges which is a good thing especially getting all perks, you only need to get half of the abilities. The hunting is buggy though, especially when I tried hunting a hare I had trouble trying to find 1 took me about 2 hours but you will eventually get. Animals and enemies will spawn then de spawn when you look or go the other way, it happened to me I don't know about you guys but from what I can say the hunting and fishing does require patience. Also it's best to do the kill trophies like running over and blowing stuff up cause when you clear an area there's less enemies to be found and that's pretty much it. The multiplayer is terrible most people run shotguns in small maps the spawns are terrible, leveling up is useless cause you only get money and perk points that's it the only thing I enjoyed was the solo and co op missions like outpost, journey, bounty, etc it felt fun and cool playing other creators maps like the resident evil map or last of us and metro maps, the game isn't bad. I just hope they took a further risk like god of war and improved a lot in the game
  15. God of war Red dead redemption 2 The last of us Vampyer Death stranding I hope this year is gonna be awesome story telling games staring to get a little board with multiplayer games