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  1. Yea I have it installed with all the dlc but it still tells me that I don’t have it ok so I have to go to hitman 1 game and it will give you the option to download hitman 1 expansion to hitman 2
  2. I played hitman 1 and for some reason I don’t have access to it on hitman 2 can anyone give me advice how to play them or do I have to buy the expansion pass to unlock them which is stupid
  3. I think I did do all Jill’s re games
  4. Dang wish I was in this contest but I played most all the re years ago I only need the remasters re 5 n 6 and umbrella corp but they are not games I wanna play again
  5. But also more important does the game crash a lot
  6. I’m gonna be playing this game soon I just want to know about the overwhelming difficulty if it is really that hard would it be better if I have just 2 friends to play it with, or have a full squad
  7. November prey and monster hunter
  8. I’m confused ok so the extreme manhunt is on the season level which is the green level system or it’s in the menu when u go to manhunt currently right now is the rogue chick that have a bunch of task to get to her
  9. Damn well at least the trophies have been easy so far.
  10. Have they stopped making dlc for this game cause I hate that I had to redownload it to get 1 trophy they added
  11. Legacy of kain syphon filter omega strain Resident evil 4 resident evil outbreak kingdom hearts 2 soul reaver 2
  12. October prey and watch dogs 2
  13. Sign me up as well
  14. Is this a game based on the show on Netflix?
  15. September watchdogs 2 Blair witch