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  1. Man I’m disappointed with the story direction they went with we should have been given a choice throughout the game or just the ending. I didn’t find it depressing I found it boring and really repetitive especially scavenging I wouldn’t mind playing just Elle’s side but apparently we have to see both sides of each of the main characters. I think the only game that made me like both characters in a game against each other is the legacy of Kain and that was the 5th installment of the game both characters were well told and written enough to understand raziel perspective and kain as well. Graphics, gameplay, animations are amazing in the last of us part 2 but story, characters, pacing, is what made it boring the first last of us Joel knew about how civilization was before the world was taken over by infected and when Elle asked a question about what is that or why she looks skinny Joel knew what to say. Between Abby and lev to me it’s not close to Joel and Elle relationship Joel develop feelings and care for Elle throughout the year and we know why Joel is the way he is because of the apocalypse, and then Abby cares for a kid for 3 days? And the reason because he saved her? I don’t know the characters on Abby side I didn’t find interesting or breathtaking. Very disappointed with last of us part 2 and if part 3 comes out or uncharted I’m not gonna be hype for the trailers because the trailers for part 2 were very misleading making people think Joel plays a big part of the game.
  2. Arthur Morgan told John to not look back, eventually he ended up looking back for redemption. Let’s go back to how John was going after the remaining gang members that were loyal to Dutch and kill them
  3. December the evil within 2 Blair witch this has been a fun event I’m thankful to be participating in it
  4. Resident Evil Resident Evil 5 (PS3) Resident Evil 6 (PS3) Resident Evil Revelations (PS4) Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Code Veronica Resident Evil Resistance All 100%
  5. Yea I have it installed with all the dlc but it still tells me that I don’t have it ok so I have to go to hitman 1 game and it will give you the option to download hitman 1 expansion to hitman 2
  6. I played hitman 1 and for some reason I don’t have access to it on hitman 2 can anyone give me advice how to play them or do I have to buy the expansion pass to unlock them which is stupid
  7. I think I did do all Jill’s re games
  8. Dang wish I was in this contest but I played most all the re years ago I only need the remasters re 5 n 6 and umbrella corp but they are not games I wanna play again
  9. But also more important does the game crash a lot
  10. I’m gonna be playing this game soon I just want to know about the overwhelming difficulty if it is really that hard would it be better if I have just 2 friends to play it with, or have a full squad
  11. November prey and monster hunter
  12. I’m confused ok so the extreme manhunt is on the season level which is the green level system or it’s in the menu when u go to manhunt currently right now is the rogue chick that have a bunch of task to get to her
  13. Damn well at least the trophies have been easy so far.
  14. Have they stopped making dlc for this game cause I hate that I had to redownload it to get 1 trophy they added
  15. Legacy of kain syphon filter omega strain Resident evil 4 resident evil outbreak kingdom hearts 2 soul reaver 2
  16. October prey and watch dogs 2
  17. Sign me up as well
  18. Is this a game based on the show on Netflix?
  19. September watchdogs 2 Blair witch
  20. August killzone shadow fall sleeping dogs
  21. I let my friend play the last of us part 2 cause I was told by the spoilers weeks ago, but the way they did Joel was dirty, stupid, and rushed without a doubt not only that it’s misleading the fans to thinking Joel would last throughout most of the story because of the trailer and telling us this is Ellie’s story knowing it fully wasn’t because u get to play as a character you don’t even care for. 7 years people waited for this and I can’t blame people hating the game and raging, not only because people are complaining and not liking the story, you have other people who liked it call you homophobic, sexist, etc. in the first last of us they wanted us to care for these characters but in the 2nd they wanted us to care for a different character that we don’t even know within the first hour of her story bashing Joel’s head. That makes me and probably others not care about Abby. We were tricked YouTubers tried telling us but then got instantly strike for even talking about the leaks is messed up.
  22. July 2020 the order 1886 dmc Devil May Cry
  23. I purchased the dead island collection on ps and it came with this game as well I just want to know if the game easy or hard and if it’s fun or not
  24. Well I got an email it’s an automated message from enix but apparently an agent is reviewing the problem just gotta wait
  25. Well looks like I got bad luck just when I wanted to start this game this has to happen. I’m waiting for them to send me a response for some reason I did buy dlc and can’t seem to also play it due to probably not connecting to enix