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  1. Play it with the latest patch. I got a heap of materials just playing naturally, so much so I had tons left over that I didn't need.
  2. I played this when it first came with PS Plus and I got hit with the 190/191 glitch and I cracked the shits and didn't touch it until I read the server's are getting shut down. I've started a fresh game, completed all missions, working on all scavenging posts and scarecrows at the moment. Just breaking up the things I need to do bit by bit, letting the challenges come naturally. I've always enjoyed this game, here's hoping it goes a lot smoother than last time.
  3. Sorry, my error. I was thinking of the new maps and not the legacy stuff too. Definitely around the 80 hour mark for all of it.
  4. Yes. This is roughly how long it took me. Most of that is just waiting around.
  5. I took my time and it must have taken me about 20 to 30 hours. That's because you have to replay certain missions a few times, do some stealth on the hardest difficulty and general waiting for targets to line up.
  6. I did the vigilante method to get my 10 million and it worked wonders. I got the 80 packages by jumping through the fence at the dock glitch and took a boat to the other island and got a helicopter. One of the packages was near the army base and they shot at me a couple of times and it counted against me in the stats so it took a little longer. I also did the sea sparrow method and rubber banded the controller and walked away. Good luck everyone!
  7. Metal Gear Solid Scarface The Godfather The Punisher
  8. Excellent answers
  9. I got the scavenger glitch too, cracked the shits and stopped playing until recently when I heard they are shutting the server's down so back into it again. If they didn't announce it, I doubt I would have picked it back up again.
  10. LITerally - Read 20 magazines: Fallout 76. Sounds easy right? Not for me it wasn't. I think I read 40 magazines when they did show up in the spot it was supposed to.
  11. They do stack thankfully
  12. This is how I got mine. It's a little bit of a waiting game but it worked.
  13. I still can't get the trophy for killing a single player. Fuck this game.
  14. Jackie Loves Gaming The Black Shadow
  15. I went for two trophies, blood on my hands for killing any player and now you see me know you don't for equipping a ghillie suit. I did both and no trophy popped. I killed 10 people over multiple games and still didn't get the blood on my hands trophy. Am I doing something wrong or are the trophies that glitched?