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  1. From a trophy hunting perspective, it is one of the grindiest games I've ever played. Far Cry 2 wasn't even this bad. I personally caved after trying to get a 3 star skunk for the stupid squirrel statue trophy. I spent 8 solid hours trying every method you could think of. I watched all the guides, read all the articles, tried everyone tried and true method of spawning and it just wasnt happening.
  2. Yeah, I had the same experience when I went for platinum. I actively tried to take the stealth approach but it was useless. The guards only had to look out of the corner of their eye and my cover was blown instantly. I gave up and just played it as a shooter just to get it over with. Absolutely weakest game in the series.
  3. I'm down to platinum it for a third time.
  4. For the vineyard I knocked out the wandering guard outside and took his uniform, then I walked into the courtyard and waited for the target to come up the stairs, dropped a coin in front of him and ran out the door, back to the outside area with him chasing me and with a little luck push him over the edge or knock him out and drag him over. The next target I sneak into the room, poison him and throw him out the window. I'm pretty sure you can drag him over the planks so he falls into the water, after that haul arse and run to the plane
  5. I'd love to see any of the GTA games get a fresh coat of polish, but as long as GTA Online keeps raking in money, we're not going to see anything new for a long time.
  6. Awww yeah! I just recently got the DLC for the base version so this is perfect timing.
  7. Yes it does. I got it a couple of days ago.
  8. Put on something in the background. A show or movie you've seen a million times before but still enjoy. It will help. Take regular breaks and tackle one thing at a time. Do the assassinations one day, Turn the game off, tackle the car thefts the next. The grind is a pain in the arse but you'll get there.
  9. It will have to be boosted by its doable. I suggest seeking out Profbambam55 for the fly the coop trophy if he is still available. The Wanted trophy is a pain in the arse though.
  10. Five Dates and PC Building Simulator and 2 I've recently gotten.
  11. I had to do Wolfpack solo to reach level 55. My mind was numb from the process. When I got to level 40 I couldn't take the monotony anymore. I chucked on some Netflix and that got me through the last 15 levels. By God was that a grind
  12. Grand Theft Auto 5 - Mastermind trophies. I had considered going for 100%, but the skill involved, the luck, cooperation and praying to the internet gods that the game doesn't decide to crash or kick you out is too much for me. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Level 50 trophy. The leveling and reward system is broke in this game to the point it's not worth trying. I had a great time playing with randoms, lots of laughs but the petty rewards wasn't worth the effort. Doom 1 - Nightmare co op. This can just fuck off. I say this for the people in the back row...make multiplayer trophies DLC, not part of the main game!!!
  13. I was aware that they were going to announce it in the next day or two so I vaguely kept an eye out. I got up at 7:30am to get the kids ready for school, jumped on Facebook and saw my local gaming store was stocking them, so I consulted with my wife if I could get one, she said yes, I pre ordered it right then and there and I was done. Right place, right time scenario. Half an hour later they sold out worldwide so I got lucky.
  14. Sorry, I should have clarified. It took longer because the servers are fucked and there was a 2 week period there when it wouldn't load. I was emailing Ubisoft every day to fix it. And it was 2 months, not 4. Plus days here and there when the servers would play up.
  15. Good luck everyone! I boosted this solo with a spare PS3 for most of it, I borrowed my neighbours PS3 for the multi kills. It took me 2 months, 4 hours a day, it was fucking maddening and lonely but I was determined to get it done. If you do boost it, have a movie or a tv show going in the background, it will help a lot.