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  1. I can confirm you can do field medic with the same person. My boosting partner and I received each other over and over again in the same session.
  2. I will play the games I love or really find interesting, if I don't like it, I'll probably get one or two trophies and end it. I'm a collector and having a full trophy list in a game has never been a priority for me. I like to sample, but if I like a game I will have a laser like focus and get every single trophy.
  3. Voted for the PSN credit, good luck everyone!
  4. Mine is Soldier or Misfortune in Far Cry 2. 4 months of playing every day for 4 hours a day to keep me sane. It was the most grindiest one I've ever done.
  5. I've found it to be enjoyable and pretty addictive. I've also learnt the names of car parts and where they go so it's fairly educational. I'd recommend giving it a go and see if you get as hooked as I did.
  6. I played on the later patch and while going for S rank, I had no issues getting plenty of materials
  7. I had the go kick Rocks trophy glitch on me last night. I kicked over 12, didn't pop, so I did 10 more, still didn't pop. Deleted and reinstalled the game, played on an old save file and started kicking the rocks again, still no trophy. It was the last one I needed for platinum too.
  8. Sign me up for all of them. I have platinumed and 100% all of the Far Cry games.
  9. Hey guys, I kicked well over 20 anarchist cairns and I can't get this trophy to unlock. Any ideas?
  10. Oooh Scarface would be awesome
  11. Metal Gear Solid 4. I have 5 trophies to go I think, haven't even started the big boss run. But 8 playthroughs seems pretty daunting. I'll eventually do it.
  12. Sorry, PS3 version
  13. I platinumed this not that long ago and there was a fair few people in one of the game modes but fuck all in the others I needed. It came down to luck for the others and came down to hours of rejoining the game modes when it timed out.
  14. I love this game, i platinumed it on the ps3 and look forward to eventually going to do it on the PS4. The DLC is pretty awesome too.
  15. Gone from Australian stores