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  1. I got it by jumping from the roof of a van between 2 guys and killed them both. Height didn't matter for me at all.
  2. Well I'll be.....this actually works!!
  3. Fallout 76 is still up there! J/K. But it is cool they are taking responsibility and doing something about it. I personally haven't encountered any bugs, but from the sounds of it from what I've read, it's bloody up there with Fallout 76
  4. I'm going to go for War Party in Far Cry 2. Trying to find and then rely on 15 other strangers to do the right thing was a goddamn hassle. Also almost all of the multiplayer trophies in Grand Theft Auto 4, mainly Auf Weidersen Petrovik.
  5. Don't give them ideas!
  6. Absolutely worth it! I'll never sell mine. Mainly because I have Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 to platinum and it's the only way I can play Metal Gear Solid.
  7. The trophy for playing all game modes, can that be done with 2 people?
  8. I gave up on this as soon as you have to find 3 star pelts for the stupid squirrel and the grind to level 50 in multiplayer. Those 2 trophies killed any and all enjoyment for me. I spent 10 hours searching for a 3 star skunk. I had the charm that helps you get 3 stars, I went to every area they spawned in, I watched all the YouTube guides and couldn't find a single one. And the multiplayer, the cost of any item and the reward for missions is way out of balance. From memory, I need something like $72 for a varment rifle, I did some missions and all I got was 10 cents or something ridiculous. I noped the fuck out after that and sold the damn game.
  9. I've played Jydge, it is pretty tricky but the more upgrades you get, the better off you'll be. Just a bit of mixing and matching and see what works best for you. Keep replaying levels and upgrading. I have yet to platinum it, I've only finished about 10 levels so far but it's actually fun and addicting but also frustrating to a degree.
  10. I had this error myself and tried everything and nothing worked. The only thing that did was deleting my user profile and rebuilding it again. Haven't had the error since.
  11. Legend! Thanks mate
  12. I usually come across them in the more sandy areas, so drive around away from roads and try your luck. In my 50 hours of playing I've come across 6 of them so far so they are random as hell. Good luck
  13. Play it with the latest patch. I got a heap of materials just playing naturally, so much so I had tons left over that I didn't need.
  14. I played this when it first came with PS Plus and I got hit with the 190/191 glitch and I cracked the shits and didn't touch it until I read the server's are getting shut down. I've started a fresh game, completed all missions, working on all scavenging posts and scarecrows at the moment. Just breaking up the things I need to do bit by bit, letting the challenges come naturally. I've always enjoyed this game, here's hoping it goes a lot smoother than last time.
  15. Sorry, my error. I was thinking of the new maps and not the legacy stuff too. Definitely around the 80 hour mark for all of it.