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  1. Jesus! Does it come with a console for that price?
  2. I got this trophy today and it took me about a dozen tries, it is doable, you just have to be fairly quick and match his every move preciously. If he does flair with his hands you do the same, don't give up. Keep at it and keep on keepin' on!
  3. Define playable? It is one of the buggiest and broken games I've ever played, so much so you will have to keep a can of Mortein by your side at all times, but damn if it isn't one of the best games ever. That's what makes it so frustrating, it's so damn good but so damn unplayable. Getting the platinum is a lot easier than Fallout 3 and I'd listen to the fellow posters above, blaze through it as fast as possible, because you'll have to do it a couple of times anyway. Focus of speech as much as you can to make it faster.
  4. I seem to remember years ago reading a rumour that they were looking into shutting down the servers. That was enough to get my arse into gear and getting these. I surely hope those rumours weren't true.
  5. I just joined a person, then session hopped and repeated the process.
  6. I just got this with a Sanchez on the beach. Just pop a wheelie and keep tapping X to keep the momentum going.
  7. I was in your shoes with the 3 star skunk, never did find it, gave up the platinum after a week of trying to find that one damn skunk
  8. Yeah, the online trophies are gone, other than that the game is exactly the same
  9. Not sure, from what I've been reading from others it is. But then again some people aren't encountering it so who knows.
  10. Just watch out for the Hot On Her Heels trophy, I had to wait until the end of the game to realise it was bugged and I didn't want to do another playthrough. That and the game crashed repeatedly. I'd wait until it's a free PS Plus game.
  11. Man, there is a hell of a lot of glitchy trophies in this game. Act 3 didn't pop, point of no return didn't pop, killing a Behemoth didn't pop, expert marksman took well over 20 tries to pop, back in the purple took 10 or so tries, every there trophy took 60 seconds to come to the screen and sometimes the main menu when I went to quit out of the game. I might have to call this one a loss as it seems no one else seems to be having the same issues I am. I'll wait and see what Ubisoft Support have to say because this is fucking ridiculous. Also, I've been playing solo, the game is on the most recent update, I followed the missions one after the other with no skipping and I repeated the missions to see if I could get them to work with no joy.
  12. Hi guys and girls, I'm having great difficulty in unlocking the born in the purple trophy, having all your gear and weapons in the purple variety. All of my gear and weapons is purple but no trophy. Any ideas?
  13. I've platinumed this twice and I can tell you from experience, start on Death March and follow a guide. It's not that hard once you become familiar with the combat and level up a bit.
  14. Online trophies for sure, anything that forces you to play a game like 10 times over if it's a very lengthy game and definitely ones that require luck. But any that revolve around relying on others to help is a huge one for me.
  15. I only platinum games I really like and I usually prioritise online trophies straight off the bat only because I've been burnt before eg; PlayStation All Stars.