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  1. Assassins Creed 3: Just because Fanorona is impossible to play against the A.I
  2. Ah OK. Thanks for that.
  3. Hi, I can't seem to find any information on why this is. The DLC has never come to the Australian PSN, anyone know why?
  4. I can confirm that if a friend joins your game for the last mission, they get the trophy as well as you. I did it this morning, my friend and I both got it by using my co-op session. And I highly recommend the lost on mars weapons, they make new game plus a cake walk
  5. I actually found this game to be surprisingly hard. I'm using the jump glitch where you stand on an invisible box above the enemy and wail on them but they can somehow still hit me and I die in about 4 hits.
  6. I also ran into this bug and would love to know how you fixed it. I can also confirm the developers and WB both ignore all questions relating the 190/191 bug.
  7. Here's mine, 1. Far Cry 2 2. GTA 4 3. GTA 5 (PS3) 4. GTA 5 (PS4) 5. Tropico 5 6. Red Dead Redemption 7. Just Cause 3 8. Assassins Creed 4 9. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain 10. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
  8. Half the lobbies are hacked to hell. I once played a deathmatch session where a guy dumped a million dollars at my feet and flew away.
  9. I platinumed this not that long ago, I boosted all the online trophies by myself except for war party, I played every day for 4 hours at a time using two ps3's and 3 for the double kills. It took me 4 months of grinding to get soldier of misfortune. My advice if you're going to do it, have something entertaining in the background. This grind will drive you nuts eventually, just the constant repetition, that's if the game doesn't decide to erase your days progress like it did to me a few times. Good luck, soldier!!
  10. I started to get this way when I was playing every game I saw cheap or any game that was supposedly easy. What I ended up doing was playing games I had no interest in just because it was cheap or easy. I'm very strict on what I'll play now, I only platinum games I know I will love or the trophy list looks exciting and I've seen some gameplay. Life's too short to play shit games
  11. 5 days and counting for me. It keeps saying Couldn't retrieve my ranked statistics. I was 4 weapons away from unlocking Soldier of Misfortune.
  12. Looking to boost multi kills and field hospital trophy. Add me, freaky_45 AEST