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  1. Mine says updating soon and that was 3 weeks ago I think, maybe longer
  2. I think (in my opinion) is that the whole Telltale fiasco left a stain on the series and them saying, "whelp, we'll just leave it here at part 2 and you suckers that bought the season pass can eat it. Bye!" and hearing nothing for months put a sour taste in people's mouths. I have played all of them and have enjoyed them all, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends. Maybe have an impossible choice like the end of Telltales Batman, that would be good.
  3. I absolutely loved this game, it had a fascinating story. From what I can gather people either love this or dislike it. I got it with PS plus so I didn't pay for it directly, but if you enjoy walking games, this is one of the best
  4. Single player 1/10 Online 9/10 only time I enjoyed online is when my friends jumped on. That was once 2 months ago.
  5. I platinumed this a year or two ago and it was my most rewarding platinum. I used the guide and managed to get it done. Death Match difficulty does really suck when starting out as everything can kill you in seconds. Once you've levelled up a bit and got some skills you will be fine. I highly recommend making lots of different saves in case something goes wrong. Oh, and the healing sign (forgot what it's called) will be your best friend. Other than that, enjoy the game and make sure you pay attention to those missable trophies.
  6. I managed to beat Morris by myself eventually, Fanorona is the one that killed me.
  7. If this includes the Original Gamer trophy, I'm out. Unless I can kill the smug bastard that you play against, then maybe.
  8. Yeah, I did that and they still kicked my arse every time.
  9. I struggle and have never finished Little Adventure On The Prarie. I've seen guides and videos and just can't do it. Bridge Constructor was ridiculous. I followed guides and it was slightly different to what was on my screen so I had to do hours of trial and error.
  10. The minigames at the homestead is the reason i gave up on this plat. The Fanorona game in particular was impossible. I sold this bloody thing before I damaged something it was stressful.
  11. Yeah, I checked them very carefully and I picked up each one as I was following powerpyx guide. Just a buggy trophy that I hope gets fixed one day.
  12. They just asked what platform I was playing on and I told them. That's the last I heard from them. There are a lot of bugs and crashes but this was the only trophy bug I encountered
  13. I have one trophy left to get and it's completely bugged. It's for collecting all 6 letters and no matter what I did it wouldn't pop. I tried different saves as I made many, deleting and reinstalling, emailing the developers, everything but deleting everything and playing from the start. I'd wait to see if there's going to be a patch soon before sinking hours into it like I did.
  14. I think the best way to tackle this game is to play an hour or two at a time then turn it off. Treat it like a job or you will get burnt out fairly quickly. It will take longer but you'll get it done.
  15. Put me down for Hitman and Hired Killer. I've platinumed Hitman Go, Hitman Absolution and 100% Hitman TM