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  1. Just be nice and say hi to everyone donate to the camp, put fish back when you catch them, try not to loot anyone but bad guys and do as many stranger missions as you can as they give a lot of good honour points. Plus in chapter 6 your honour skyrockets when you do any good deed. I got the trophy today for high honour and I was stuck for ages with a quarter to go until I got to chapter 6.
  2. I had a trophy with the heists that didn't pop for me but it did for everyone in my crew. I emailed Rockstar and they suggested I go into safe mode and do an update. Did the update, played the mission again and got the trophy. Not sure if it might help in your case but it may be worth a shot
  3. Currently getting through Death Note, just finished season 1 of Durarara! And had a look at Violence Jack: Evil Town
  4. I found a northern water snake in the bayou in an alligator swamp
  5. I noticed if you play your gang members in your camp and you go all in on the first hand they all folded. I did this 5 times in a row and got the same result. That might be your best bet. Other than that just try and get pairs, the higher number the better.
  6. Metal Gear Solid 4. I plan on doing them all and this one looks like a massive time sink
  7. I platinumed this one a while ago, shooting all those damn frog collectibles nearly sent me insane. I spent 4 hours straight trying to shoot two from the back of a shakey motorbike
  8. I've had the endless fall animation while walking down the street and died, my health bar disappeared during a fight, my oxygen bar has disappeared numerous times, camera angles juttering, Alexios and other NPC's having invisible barriers with each other during cutscenes and the game crashed once.
  9. Metal Gear Rising. Assassins Creed 3 Assassins Creed Brotherhood Splatter house
  10. I got mine around the year 2348. I left my ps4 on for 8 hours for 5 nights then 12 hours for 2 nights. Just don't build anything, set it to the fastest speed and look out over the ocean.
  11. I am currently experiencing this now for the first time ever. I felt it slowly creeping up on me, I was playing easy or games I had no interest in just to get the platinum, I had a few that were supposed to be ridiculously easy but I struggled with and just made me more frustrated. So I told myself I will only platinum games I love or find absolutely enjoyable. It has worked for a while but I'm finding even those games aren't enjoyable any more. Hopefully I will find that fire in me that made me enjoy trophy hunting again one day. I do love watching other trophy hunters play, just not doing it myself ironically.
  12. Assassins Creed 3: Just because Fanorona is impossible to play against the A.I
  13. Ah OK. Thanks for that.
  14. Hi, I can't seem to find any information on why this is. The DLC has never come to the Australian PSN, anyone know why?
  15. I can confirm that if a friend joins your game for the last mission, they get the trophy as well as you. I did it this morning, my friend and I both got it by using my co-op session. And I highly recommend the lost on mars weapons, they make new game plus a cake walk