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  1. Ah yes,... the sound of crickets,.... Well just in case anybody else wonders about these things besides myself; Yes the mutagens assigned to abilities stack, as of course do the runes assigned to the armor. But any boosts assigned to swords only apply when you actually have "that" sword equipped. It does not matter about not being able to get the Toad card in the inn as it doesn't count in the total for any of the Guent trophies or to fill your Guent book.
  2. When assigning mutagens to abilities obviously the abilities (of the same color) add to the boost, but does that boost only add to those same abilities, or does it apply to all equipped ability’s of same color? Another words, if I have a 40% boost in one group and a 20% in another group, is it 60% across the board or just a 40% increase in the first group and a 20% increase on that one ability in the second group? Also in all the walkthru’s and Such have seen am supposed to be able to pick up the Toad card in the Oxenfurt(spelling?) inn off a table but it’s not there in my game. Gather its because am playing the complete complete edition and I now have to go into the dlc to get it? Can someone verify that’s the case, and if so, is it very far into the dlc? While am enjoying the game don’t think will want to jump right into the dlc’s when done.
  3. @Taliesin_2943 So have a friend with which we often play games at the same time and will shareplay now and then. She moved on in the game to the point with the lv15 archer guard on the docks. Was having a bit of trouble with the counter attacks so asked if I could try. Took 3 attempts, because of lag, till figured out had to react as soon as his shoulder started to move. (so the red flash was of no use at all) But piece of cake compared to the teacher!! So much easier it was silly. Just reinforced that one move of his is almost un-counterable. Haven't tried using your method of the slow sign, maybe that makes the difference. But knew that shouldn't be having trouble with this as a rule and nice to know I was right. Again thanks for your patience and your help, was really appreciated. (Hope you hang around cause might (very likely!) have more questions!) :))
  4. Looked at all settings and couldn’t see anything obvious to change. Are you still in the tutorial or further into the game? Thinking maybe it shows up in the normal game like it does in the above videos? @Taliesin_2943 One thing I noticed about your vid is that he doesn't have it set so the camera stays behind him like I'm used to in most games. Do you think that works better in this game?
  5. Done for tonight but will try again tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help and yeah I will get this. :))
  6. Yeah just re-started on easy and it made no difference. Will try the maneuver thing cause am coming to believe that one move of his is unblockable. Get what you're saying about not relying on the flash but honestly don't normally have trouble with this sort of timing. But have read that some moves enemies do are unblockable and really think that one move is just that. Will keep trying and appreciate the help. PS: One thing find interesting, everyone says the tutorial is the best place to do this but every, and I do mean every, vid for this challenge is done else where with guards and such. And the moves they do are way easier to read then what he does not to mention there's that red flashing bar to make it even easier.
  7. First, thanks for the replies. @A_KIR_A You say there never was a red flashing bar but in the second video you posted it most certainly does have a flashing bar below the guard's health bar. You can't miss it. @Taliesin_2943 & @PermaFox Does the difficulty level determine whether or not the red flashing bar shows up? Because that's my problem here. Have watched numerous vid's and read tips and they all talk about the red flash you can see. (If you watch that second video it's plain as day) Will add if you watch the first video, which is the actual counter attack tutorial, he only does that swing from his right which is easy to judge. But if you don't sheath your sword at the end (so you can do it 10 times in a row) he will do that 2 to 3 times then do a roundhouse swing. That's the one can't seem to counter.
  8. Have they changed enemy mechanics for the Complete Edition or just in some patch along the way? In all the info and videos I can find on this they show a red bar flashing below the enemy health bar and it's obvious as hell. They also recommend doing this at the beginning tutorial. But in my game there is no red flash nor is there a place for it. Below the teacher's health bar is a stamina bar and there's no room for that red bar to flash! Can always counter his first 2 or 3 swings, which he does from his right, but then he'll do a round house from his left and try as I might, can not counter it. Not a good introductory to this game, getting very frustrated. Have gone through options repeatedly but can find nothing to turn on or off related to it. (Enemy health bars are on)
  9. Well will wonders never cease. Can't help but feel it's only because of their new installment coming out, but regardless, nice to see them finally do something about it.
  10. Have seen on various sites that they're getting a lot of negative feedback about their new game because of this. (Gamefaq, reddit, etc) So unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me that it's nothing more than damage control and has no substance. Hope I'm wrong but have little faith at this moment.
  11. So you have knocked off 37 platinums since June 09??? (According to to your screenshot you now have 77) Wow!
  12. Was excited to see someone (SickEmSmokey) actually showing up as getting platinum, then saw was completed in 29 seconds or something, so obviously a hack. Looking closer saw that most of his/her games were completed in under a minute. What possible joy is there in that??
  13. @NathanielJohn Ah, I see, well thanks. Was hoping it wasn’t the case though. Would be nice to think they’ve fixed the issues somewhere, even if not here yet.
  14. Does the fact that platinum percentages keep going yet no one's showing up in the 100% or platinum clubs mean the people getting these plat's are hacking/cheating? Or is it just they're not members or something like that?
  15. Ha. Use bow all the time and while it may not always be pretty do just fine. But this eluded me and am sure am not alone in finding it difficult. (and did try with aim assist on and off. Unfortunately with assist it always targets body and is hard to move quickly) Knew someone one would say something like “Git Gud” or such. But we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and while feel there’s many things in gaming am quite good at, shooting while on the move is not one of them. *~*