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  1. Any cronusmax/titan converter will also work, if your PS4 stick is not recognized by PSTV.
  2. I'm playing with my HRAP2:SA + PS2->PS3 converter, so some of the arcade sticks are supported (I also have PS3-PS4 stick, but both in PS3 mode and in PS4 mode it is not recognized by PSTV).
  3. This is WW version, cause Asia and Japan has the same trophy set. Discussion:
  4. This should be WW version, cause I just got japanese autopop and it showed here US version.
  5. Just spent several days trying to get 50 survival wins and finally got it today in 20 minutes. As a character I think only Onimaru can really handle it. Here is nice video how to play with him: As a combo I used only +, , Also try to use if enemy gets really close to you, or on the wake. Always launch in air, once your energy meter is full, you can get up to 6 damage combo in corner. I really recommend trying to do 20 wins yourself, to learn moving pattern of most of the enemies and your moves as well. At the end of 50 stages (starting ~40) there are no weak enemies at all, everyone can kill you in 5 seconds. The main trick here is to have either a second console or a friend, who also bought a full version of the game: • After you start survival - your friend (or 2nd console) needs to sent you battle request, once you are starting to loose - just pause the game and accept the battle. • After you accepted the battle your friend (or another console) should select disconnect and you will be returned back to game. • When you return back to game ask your friend to send you another request (round starts again with the same HP you got before that battle) • If you want to restore your HP to full - accept request twice in a round and after your friend disconnects second time - you get full HP (especially helpfull on the last 10 battles, where you can get comboed like crazy) Main advantages of method above - you don't need to fight at all (you just get message that your opponent got disconnected), also you don't need to wait for anything and noone interrupts your game (like in another method where you search for your opponent online). Accept request -> disconnect -> return to battle - all takes less than 20 seconds. I'd say if you manage to understand a bit timing of Onimaru's attacks and how enemy react on them (that's why I recommend get 20 wins yourself) the difficulty of the platinum gets from 8-9/10 to 4/10.
  6. Ok, theory is correct. In-game statistics doesn't mean anything at all, you get trophies only from information, shown in tracker. Here is when I got 500k trophy: In-game: Splitgate Tracker: So nothing is stored if you exit the round before the end (558k damage in-game vs 502.5k on tracker). And not all the wins are stored either (in-game I have 189 wins, but only 178 were registered). Good luck grinding 1047 wins (or probably much more).
  7. I didn't buy any of the DLC, but according to other trophies in this game all condition/situation-based trophies needed to be redone once again.
  8. No, sadly they didn't change anything at all:
  9. My idea is that statistics from non-finished games is not counted towards trophy. Because I leave a game, which I think will be 100% lost (to save time towards 1047 wins) I have really big difference in in-game and online statistics. For example here it states, that I played only 110 games and did 175k damage In-game I get almost 150 games and almost 200k damage. Sometimes some of the games, that are won ingame are shown as lost in splitgate tracker and that can be the reason, why you don't get your 500 kills or 50 wins trophy, cause other values are saved online. But it is just a theory, it would be nice if someone can check it (or wait until I get 500k damage). UPD: Some screenshots:
  10. It is Friday evening - there are always a lot of people online, and also on weekends. Bots are definitely tough here, but they are easier than PC-players.
  11. Because even though they are dumb, they shoot very well, especially because they run together. At least that doesn't stop from winning the game without bothering much. Redid some calculations. Each game takes 4-5 minutes to win and 2-3 minutes to wait. But you won't win each game, let say even with bots in your and opposite team you win only 50% of them, other 50% you quit after a half (cause it is allowed). So it takes: 2000 x 2-3 = 4000-6000 minutes waiting time for games where you win and where you loose 1000 x 4-5 = 4000-5000 minutes in winning games 1000 x 2-2.5 (we play only half and then quit) = 2000 - 2500 minutes in losing games 10000-13500 minutes or 166-225 hours. So yeah, 300 hours seems like a real time for 100%, if you play with team and/or you are very skilled that can decrease the time to 150-200 hours.
  12. Nope, there are still in the game and still really dumb (usually running together, trying to enter portal even it is closed on the other side etc). If you disable crossplay (which actually should be the first thing you do in this game), most of the games will look like this one You can also quit any game without penalty, once you see, that you are definitely loosing it (like having 15 - 30 score). If you deselect some long modes, such as everything with zone controll and ball, every game will be less than a 5 minute long. But yes - it is still 1000hrs+ 100%. UPD: Here is "Disable Crossplay" option:
  13. Yes, and they will be 100% banned from leaderboard. They removed coop mode and instead added AI as a partner, who dies almost immediately.
  14. Latest patch finally added almost full autopop for 100% saves.