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  1. Latest patch finally added almost full autopop for 100% saves.
  2. Finally got 100% and calculated how much time I needed. According to ingame timer maximizing all characters will be ~20hrs (and it was 50+ tries for me). If we add loading times and 3 more walkthroughs I would say 25+ hrs minimum - which is exactly amount of time you need to plat the base game.
  3. SoR3 Skate with alternative blitz attack ( + ) will make whole 30 waves the easiest for you. Here is video of last 5 waves: As upgrades I tried to focus solely on elemental Blitz attacks and also got the one which disables jump and the vampiric one. In video food is collected only for points. P.S. In that run I got till wave 42.
  4. Nope. It is exponentially increasing, so for level 1 you need like 20k, but for last level you need may be 100k.
  5. I think not, since solo you can control the behaviour of bosses and other enemies and predict their next moves. I did it with SoR1 Adam on the first try.
  6. Anyone figured out how to get Clown Wars trophy? I think it has something to do with survival retro stages, where clown appears (the one that got Roo in SoR3).
  7. Latest Ratchet and Clank on PS5 also has invincibility against enemies on lowest difficulty and everyone is ok with that.
  8. Found some sort of Trophy Guide, can be useful before someone will make their own:
  9. Is it free if you bought PS4 version? UPD: " This version will also be free to all current owners of the game "
  10. For whatever reason the 100% club doesn't contain any 0 seconds platinums and/or 100% (cause PS5 now allows to have all the trophies in the same second). For example: (494 are with 100%, only 259 are there, but club contains "1 second" platinums) (12 have 100%, only 4 are in 100% club)
  11. It seems that there is a bug on psnprofiles, which doesn't show players with 0 second autopop on 100% leaderboard page. There are 11 100% achievers in PS5 version and 8 of them got 100% within 0 seconds due to autopop.
  12. 1000+ hrs platinum even with cross-progress.