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  1. It is just PS Store bug. Like it was before:
  2. Cause there are too many of them, they all will be banned, but only after official whitelist feature is implemented here.
  3. Can you give the reason for flag? I can confirm, that even after disabling public PvP you theoretically could obtain it in the clubs, but now it has additional requirement as well " Achieve a rank of 50 in PVP or get 500 kills in Bomber Royale ". I also got this trophy retroactively in February 2019.
  4. 1) Compatible 2) Almost everything supported But it won't work on Vita, because restarting the level works only with touchscreen. So yeah, prepare for suffering (you kinda get used to this ~5FPS gameplay really fast)
  5. - DLC released, needs rescanning
  6. OTHER PLATFORMS AND REGIONS War for Cybertron series (please read the wiki, this 3 games are in 1 universe and continue story of each other):
  7. Ben 10 game series:
  8. It still requires sitting like 12+ hours both days + heavily luck based also find some other enthusiasts only for one trophy - I think I'll pass Since like you said there also can be guys who will hold Emperor in "below 50" whole week and playing 24/7 without giving crown to others. And of course that 5-10ppl were from our Guild, sitting on their new characters with pre-built sets for every 10 lvls + lot of PvP experience. You are underestimating the amount of time required to lose all 6 towers and getting them back, when noone is online. Like I said 10 ppl from both sides boosting it can achieve it quite fast. Also trading lumber mills, farms, and mines (when two teams are taking them one by one, and leaving immediately) will get you really good amount of AP in no time. Forgot to mention that you can ruin siege done by your alliance by deconstructing catapults and ballistas No good PvP player will seriously play below-50 PvP, it is boring and winning there is like beating toddlers in kindergarden. Since there are 4 campaigns, all are playing in Kaalgrontiid (30 Day, CP Enabled). So even 10-20 ppl will get you the Emperor with 60-80% probability.
  9. I'm having PS4 Pro with SSD installed in it and like ~10ms of lag (living like 200km from EU servers location) with 50Mbit connnection and it still LAGS LIKE HELL! Situation where I don't see enemies in public dungeons or dolmens are happening way too often (or being able to hit boss only with AoE, cause I can't see him), so sorry, no solution for that, until ZoS will fix it by themselves (or I drop the game).
  10. Difficulty and time required for Emperor are overrated. Guys from my guild took Emperor on "Below Level 50" in 2 days, other just played after work and got Emperor on weekends. There were like ~10ppl running together, who helped to do it. Actually you can just ask Emperor of other Alliance to leave campaign, so you can "trade" it like 5-10 times per day (or have 5ppl on two sides so you can trade it without asking anyone).
  11. ~75k banned cheaters?
  12. You can implement it as a test feature for premium users only. I mean changing something after it is already there is way easier than doing from scratch. So just do something, you can always roll back like in case with rarity (or game series).
  13. Are you planning to add all these Ratalaika "games" into this series?)
  14. Yeah, crossplay with PC improves your experience, especially with a lot of people playing with this: Pure pleasure.
  15. Another game series: