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  1. Yes, and they will be 100% banned from leaderboard. They removed coop mode and instead added AI as a partner, who dies almost immediately.
  2. Latest patch finally added almost full autopop for 100% saves.
  3. Finally got 100% and calculated how much time I needed. According to ingame timer maximizing all characters will be ~20hrs (and it was 50+ tries for me). If we add loading times and 3 more walkthroughs I would say 25+ hrs minimum - which is exactly amount of time you need to plat the base game.
  4. SoR3 Skate with alternative blitz attack ( + ) will make whole 30 waves the easiest for you. Here is video of last 5 waves: As upgrades I tried to focus solely on elemental Blitz attacks and also got the one which disables jump and the vampiric one. In video food is collected only for points. P.S. In that run I got till wave 42.
  5. Nope. It is exponentially increasing, so for level 1 you need like 20k, but for last level you need may be 100k.
  6. I think not, since solo you can control the behaviour of bosses and other enemies and predict their next moves. I did it with SoR1 Adam on the first try.
  7. Anyone figured out how to get Clown Wars trophy? I think it has something to do with survival retro stages, where clown appears (the one that got Roo in SoR3).
  8. Latest Ratchet and Clank on PS5 also has invincibility against enemies on lowest difficulty and everyone is ok with that.
  9. Found some sort of Trophy Guide, can be useful before someone will make their own:
  10. Is it free if you bought PS4 version? UPD: " This version will also be free to all current owners of the game "
  11. If you got 100% in any of PS4 versions (EU and/or US) you will get all trophies here as well. That means from 3 stacks (PS5, PS4 EU, PS4 US) you need to complete only one to get two others.
  12. For whatever reason the 100% club doesn't contain any 0 seconds platinums and/or 100% (cause PS5 now allows to have all the trophies in the same second). For example: (494 are with 100%, only 259 are there, but club contains "1 second" platinums) (12 have 100%, only 4 are in 100% club)
  13. It seems that there is a bug on psnprofiles, which doesn't show players with 0 second autopop on 100% leaderboard page. There are 11 100% achievers in PS5 version and 8 of them got 100% within 0 seconds due to autopop.
  14. 1000+ hrs platinum even with cross-progress.
  16. I would say without real money to buy glim it will take you not less than hundred of hours of grind for both mastery trophies, especially geode one, since it is not only slow and repetetive but also boring and non-rewarding at all. 500 bomb royale kills can be achieved quite fast, once you learn Bomb Royale better, plants are also only matter of time before you get all of them.
  17. I think so, since they have same account for all versions.
  18. FYI this version has all characters from EU version available, which allows to autopop a lot of trophies (upgrading once will give you all +10/+20 trophies etc), if you already got platinum.
  19. Well it seems they didn't, my friends can't see me, I can't see their games. If I search random game in the PS Plus version of the game it is like 50+ games available, but in japanese version maximum 1-2 and everyone is from japan (checked their PSN ID) with sometimes really terrible ping (which is kinda expected). For example now it is 13:20 in Central Europe and everyone (including me) should be either working or in school/univercity, but there are plenty of games available: In Japan it is 21:20, so must be really active, and to be honest it actually is (usually there are like 1 game with 2 ppl maximum), you can check the PSN ID, they are all japanese:
  20. Some update to cross-progress: Japanese version can be played only with japanese version, so online is almost empty (Japan got another game in PS Plus). If you unlocked all armor sets and traits in previous game, just create new character, after getting any trait and starting armor set you get all 10/20/etc trophies (cause you have it on your account). For unknown reason, after you kill final boss, Ford is gone from his prison (so you can't speak with him without starting new campaign). Also if you gave Heart to the King, he won't speak with you as well. You also need to kill all the bosses again, and find&return Coin/Ring/Heart once more. Upgrading dragon heart is also non-retroactive (you need to do it on your new character). So the best solution is to create new character (in case you max leveled you main) and start campaign, complete tutorial, walk till root mother, then upgrade your dragon heart with simulacrum (also kill 1 boss for weapon). After that take your main character and restart his campaign, complete it and then reroll adventures until you get all the boss kills (and also ring/coin). You can also play in coop in main version with your buddy, until you reach any boss, then quit the game and start japanese version - kill it solo, after you got trophy quit japanese version and continue to play in coop.
  21. Since you can queue for different teams you can find a boosting partner and trade kills, while other are trying to capture the points. We could get up to 20 kills per match (usually 10-15 since one side always dominated and the game ended faster), so I got the trophy in 2-3 sessions. The best times are Friday nights and weekends from noon to night.
  22. This is one of the downsides of Brexit, moved Great Britain from Zone 1 to Zone 2, so now in order to send a small package from Germany you need to pay 8.89€ + 4.00€ (tracking and insurance) = 12.89€ (and also pay extra taxes). P.S. They even created new page for that (but without translation to English)