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  1. Still helping people with the trophy? psn: Maxipad213
  2. How long did it take you to fond the last one? And by end-bosses do you mean after the campaign is done but before you ascend?
  3. So if you hit L3+R3 in a run after the newest update the debug console pops up... Does this disable trophies? I tested it by giving myself an in-game achievement and it seems to have unlocked but not sure what that means for trophies.
  4. I'm having the same problem. Did you figure anything out?
  5. I cannot get one of the easieest trophies and idk what to do. The "I must break you" trophy is the only one i need for platinum but for some reason all my friends highlights in game just show up with my name/record. Would anyone here mind adding me as a friend so I can see if it's just my one friend or if it's actually glitched. Dont wanna contact ubisoft unless I have to lol
  6. I'm playing it on the Switch now instead. No trophies but it just feels better on the switch
  7. Hahaha yeah right, that game is so hard, at least to plat. I should at least finish my playthrough
  8. Persona 5. Yeah it'll take some hours but the game is just so awesome. and the second runthrough is as fun as the first time but for completely different reasons IMO. That or horizon: Zero Dawn. That game's a lotta fun and the plat isn't too challenging
  9. Watchdogs/Watchdogs 2. The game seems awesome in concept but it just never clicked for me so I gave up... probably way too early