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  1. I have no idea what any of that means. But I do know to access the servers are very similar to the demons souls ps3 servers .
  2. The online servers for Socom confrontation are back online and Have been online since January 2021. It’s best to join the discord group Saveconfrontation. The discord group has over 4500 members. You can find more information over on the discord . The trophies can be earned but I’m not aware if all can be earned due to possible glitches in the servers. none of the Cheater Removers have approved the server yet.
  3. Nice job . This is very helpful.
  4. Last night I prestige my soldier and the headquarters didn't reset. I picked up a few daily challenges and one of the challenges that I did complete was to win a match of War . After I redeem that daily challenge the trophy popped for me even though in headquarters under challenges game modes only had 1/10 daily's completed for daily challenges.
  5. Did you prestige your soldier?