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  1. Only took me 105 wins! Not bad! I had literally just asked the last person who achieved it how they went upon it and what do you know, next match I get it!
  2. I always try and think of what content could they possibly add to the next sports game to make it different and more fun and sometimes i get surprised. 3 on 3 is a great addition this year! I like the sounds of some of the new skill stick stuff as well. Level 50 in eashl isn't too bad. I think it took me between 80-90 games and I wasn't playing very well. The worst part for me was the master set. Either way, i'm always pumped to play the new NHL!
  3. Why is everyone upset with how many trophies there are? The more gold trophies it has , the less overall trophies it'll have. At the end of the day, they're still worth the same amount of points. As long as the game is as good, if not better than D1, i'll be pumped regardless of trophies. Whether it came out with 14 trophies or 50 trophies, we all know there will be dlc trophies so I don't get why everyone is saying the short trophy list is the for sure reason why there will definitely be dlc trophies lol. I kinda fail to see how people think this'll be a cake walk because there's no flawless raider or anything as well but who knows, I guess. It's all just speculation.
  4. Haven't really been a fan of the feedback addition. I haven't read through the comments of this thread but is it true that if you don't leave feedback, you'll receive negative feedback? I haven't left feedback yet and it's for multiple reasons. 1. I don't always have an opportunity to log in every 24 hours and even if I did, I probably wouldn't 2. it seems you have to rate everyone rather then just 1 or some individuals. I've joined a lot of sessions where there's over 20 people in the session and you may only play with 1 or 2 of them. I get that there is a "no show" option but that doesn't seem proper either. 3. The host can change the date and time whenever they please, which means they could change the time to the current time, thereby ending the session instantly and you being unaware of it, which again brings me back to not having the opportunity to sign in within 24 hours to leave feedback. I feel like i've had a session or two where that has happened. I'm sure some of these things have been said, but I thought i'd share because i'm not a big fan like I said. I just don't want someone to choose not to play with me because of my rating.
  5. I'd have to agree with cuteboringlove on this one. I too have bought plenty of cheap games without actually knowing what they are and whether or not they had any trophies, let alone easy trophies just because they're cheap. When I bought my name is mayo, I had no idea the entire game was just pressing x on a mayo jar and I didn't know it had trophies until I looked it up before I started to play it. I can't say I haven't bought other games because of easy plats though lol. I draw the line at those easy imported Asian games, Hannah Montana, Disney movie games, and lego games...although some of the lego games are kinda interesting, especially when they go on sale for $5, so I might adjust my line
  6. I always find that it's pretty dry for the first couple months of every year.
  7. Not gonna lie. Super bitter after finding out how many hut coins/pucks it's gonna take to complete a master set. It's manageable. Just not if you're trying to be one of the first to plat lol. Damn NHL points...
  8. if you played nhl 16, you'll want to use the same method. Edit a player aged 17 in the CHL and boost his stats until he has an 89 overall and change his potential to Elite. Start a season as the Penguins (you'll see why) and sim it. win or lose, it doesn't matter. When you get to the NHL draft in the off-season, enter it, and trade Crosby for the 1st overall pick then draft the player you boosted. Remember his name and what team he played for. You might even be able to sort the overall ratings but I can't quite remember as I did it a few days ago. Hope this helped.
  9. Thanks a lot for the detailed response, Hayabusa! Auto finances was the issue! I must've overlooked it and just had been looking in the wrong place. Never had enough money in my promotions budget to have 1 of each type of promo. As soon as I could edit my budget (just before first preseason game), I did, added all promos and then trophy pop! Thanks again!
  10. Anyone know how to obtain this? I have maxed out the upgrades for the concessions, team store, parking lot 1, parking lot 2 and the club seats. I've also assigned 5 promotion nights throughout the season which seems to be all I can do. All I can think of is maybe there's a way to assign 7 promotions since there is 7 options. Just not sure how to do that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! EDIT: Not sure if it's bugged or if I am just missing something. I let an EA service rep know exactly what I had done and asked if that was what I was supposed to do or not and they couldn't help. Something along the line of it's not up to them to discuss trophies, it's up to SONY. Poop... EDIT 2: problem solved thanks to Hayabusa85. I had auto finances turned on under the rules section in the settings and couldn't manage my promotions budget. if you're having the same problem as me, just turn off auto finances and then adjust your promo budget to max before the preseason.
  11. I've been having issues as well. I have 4 trophies that won't unlock (early bird, peanut punch, assisted and turn down for watt). I've tried deleting game saves, uninstalling, uninstalling then installing. nothing worked