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  1. good morning, I've noticed thanks to @MarkusT1992 that GunsUP is missing for me. it's a number 4
  2. Been a while but I've got an update.. I Finished Guns up - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4124-guns-up/vin_rob Persona Dancing in moonlight - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8507-persona-3-dancing-in-moonlight/vin_rob Persona Dancing all night - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8508-persona-4-dancing-all-night/vin_rob Persona Daning in startlight - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8506-persona-5-dancing-in-starlight/vin_rob (Drats got this number already...)
  3. sorry for being so late... but yeah the game is great. thinking about doing it again somewhere in the near future. with the new content
  4. If you want help, or play a time let me know. I'm currently back into this game lol
  5. Dungeon Travelers 2 Ok to start this off, I would have liked to have some more time with this game. I know I’ve been late with reviews sorry. This sort of keeps happening. But Dungeon Travelers 2, is a dungeon crawler rpg.. you move around on a dungeon map, where random encounters appear. Every time you beat an enemy you get a sort of card. You can use an x amount of cards to merge it in an item you could use to enhance one of your ability's. You the main character are sort of the leader of a group of adventurers. But for now in my game, the group exist of you (male) and your teammates (all girls) and your team actually does all the fighting, you are only responsible for turning the monsters you beat in those card items you get after winning the battle. And there are some powerful enemies in the dungeon that you must beat. Must be a coincidence but I think about 50% to 80% are "female" ish monsters For now, I’ve completed a view dungeons/jobs doing the job I’ve gotten from the Royal Library. And I recently unlocked quests so that is what I’ve been doing until now. I’ve got 13 out of 31 trophies, 24% so again this lowered my completion. This event was good, there was only 1 game that didn’t lower my completion.
  6. .Hack This is sort of my first ish. Hack game, I played a view hours ago on the ps2 ages ago. But when I started this game it totally wasn’t what I remembered it to be. I know this was a remake etc. but this wasn’t what I expected. My memory told me this was an anime kind of game small characters etc. But when I started the game, ok it was anime style, but not what I was expecting. Just as other games I played this was also an RPG. At the start of the game, you are a newb in the game and you get owned.. but a bit later you seem like a badass with way too much power. I guess the training paid after almost being PK’d. You are hunting player killers because of that. But there is 1 player you really are looking for. Because reasons I still need to really find out in the rest of the story, but yeah when you fight him. You lose en you lose all your power with a skill called data drain. When you go back in the game, you are back to a level 1 adept rogue, and people you stopped are searching for you, in other words… you need to get stronger fast, so you can protect yourself again. But when you log in some players see you and think you are a starter (and want to help you) to make a long story short, you join them… and sort of becoming their guild leader. Battle style is you click a button and do something, and there are skills obviously. Because this is the remake there are 4 games in this one trophy list so yet again it lowered my percentage a good amount. I got 12 out of 52 trophies, 17%
  7. Dragon age Origin: Ok, I am not new to games by Bioware or even Dragon Age games. But ok, Dragon Age is an RPG, like most if not all RPG’s you need to train and look for new loot/gear to improve yourself. You can play as three different races. Elves, Dwarves, and humans. And every race has different his own start of the story. But as a race, you can also choose between different starting points. For example, Elves can start as a Dalish or a city elf. And with that said you can, of course, be male or female. And when you create your character, you can choose your class. Warrior, Mage of Archer /Rogue but one pointer. If you start as a dwarf, no mage for you. Since dwarfs can’t use magic in this game. There are also subclasses, for a mage example, there is an arcane warrior. (This would change all Strength into the Magic attack) but, this would allow a mage to wear full plated body armor! I chose to start as a Dalish elf, and as an elf you’ve got to be an archer/rogue. But when you start the game you find some human’s in the forest and tell you where a ruin is. When you go there to investigate things go wrong. Offcourse but after this story element. You are going with a grey warden, to be initiated as a fellow grey warden to fight the blight. So when you fight, you can control all characters members you’ve taken with you. For the rest, “lock” on an enemy, press the button and you attack. So no rocket science there. But yeah, there are skills of course on that note you can make your own build on how you want to play. This game lowers my percentage since I got 9 out of 77 trophies 8% of all trophies. Or 9 out of 51 if you don’t count all the DLC trophies 13% I’m going to back to this game every now and then to eventually finish the game (Since I’ve sort of already finished this one on the Xbox 360)
  8. last month I "finished" guns up.. There is 1 trophy in a DLC i can't get since i need to beat 3 friends no friend is playing that game lol..
  9. sorry for the late notice... But I did finish the story of Valkyria Chronicles 4... I think that's the only game that sort of counts last months theme
  10. if you want to help I don't mind.. =) there are some hard missions I have left lol
  11. Disgaea 1 Complete Disgaea 1 complete is a tactical, role playing and turn(ish) based game. So when you start the game, you take control over the character Laharl, you wake up with your trusted right-hand gall. Your father the demon lord has passed away recently (2 years ago) and you the prince will now go out there and claim his rightful throne by beating the competition. So there is a way of recruiting characters, and also give them a small boost. Recruiting characters cost mana, if you want them to have that small boost. You have to pay more mana. Every character can collect mana, you get mana for every enemy the character kills. The amount of mana you get for each kill depends on how strong the enemy is. You can recruit all kind of teammates when you’ve beaten a monster you can even recruit them. But they cost more. Every chapter has a view missions in there, where you have turn-based battle’s on a grid. You move your characters, give commands and execute them. Then you can give more commands until every character you’ve got deployed did his, her of its move. But you can also end your turn pre-mature. Your characters gain mana, and experience of course so you can level up. There are also other things you can do to mana, you can try and get new rules into the “kingdom” or try and promote your demon rang. Since I’m not that far in the game yet I didn’t get all options yet. But 1 option I did try out a bit was a way to “change” a character to a different kind, and turn it back to level 1. This sounds weird why would you do this?? Well a, you can get a stronger version of the same type and off course you could get a new boost (I think these boost stack) next to an x percentage of growth boost. In the end, I finished something like 8 chapters, and I will probably continue this game after this event, trying a chapter every now and then So Disgaea 1 complete lowered my completion again since I got 12 % of all trophies
  12. You should play it, =) The Order 1886 So the Order 1886 is a third-person action-adventure game. In my opinion, the game started a bit weird. I mean you started getting tortured so yeah, that was a weird way to start a game. But after some events, the game really starts. You mostly plat the story before the torture as a flashback. You play as a pretty high ranking member of the Order. The order is in place to protect the “world” I guess from vampires and werewolf’s (Lycan’s). The order has some really high tech weapons for the time (1886) that are mostly developed by the tech guy Tesla. So for the rest controls were pretty good, just walk/run around. Shoot stuff, find collectibles you know the usual. The only thing I had to get used to was that there were quite some quick time events and a bit different then what I was used to. But in the end, it wasn’t really a problem. But yeah, killing some enemy’s with stealth required quick time events. The Order 1886 isn’t a bit game, it’s also not that hard to get the platinum, especially nog in 5 days .. So that is what I did, in other words, I “repaired” some of the loss I’ve gotten.
  13. Valkyria Chronicles 4 This is not my first Valkyria game, I finished Valkyria Chronicles 1 on the ps3, and got the platinum for the remastered edition. Also played Valkyria Revolution. And to be really fair, I also got the demo (I could load the data from the demo in the main game). So Valkyria Chronicles 4 went back to the same controls as Valkyria Chronicles 3. But they made some improvements. Like: You can use special command moves where you can team up with up to 2 extra units More different units will shoot when they are in range (like tanks with anti-tank units) You can make a character a leader (A leader character gives you an extra command point) You got a new unit type Paragon rank Ok so for the rest the game is a combination of strategy, turn-based and I’m not sure if you are supposed to call it this way, but I would like to call it partly a third person shooter as well… The entire game is being “read” to you from a book, also all the missions you do start from the book. When you start a mission, you get some information on what to do in the mission. And then you see a map of war. Here you need to select the units you want to deploy. When you start the mission, you see the map of war again with the deployed units on it in blue, and the enemy units you can see (the units that you can see in perspective of 1 of your units) are shown in red. When you use command points to move your units. The camera moves to a third person view on that unit where you can freely move around (till your activity points are gone) and of course, there is a way you can shoot the enemy units. But when you come in range of an enemy unit that is looking towards you. He can start shooting you. But when you do your shooting action, the enemy unit will get his turn to shoot as well. So these are all things you should think about before acting! But without ruining too much of the story for everyone. I’ll just write something really high over. Just as in the first game, you are a tank commander and you are slowly getting one mission after the other. You have to do amazing things with your squad against all odds! But in the end, you want to finish the war versus the empire. And like the previous game you are in a squadron with friends from the past. When you progress the game, you slowly unlock more effects that can activate while walking/shooting etc. There are positive but also negative effects. As I mentioned there was a new unit type, in the previous game you could use the unit types: Scout, Shock trooper, Engineer, Sniper and the Lancer. In the new game, there is also a grenadier type. I’m going to continue this game later for sure! I got 23 out of 36 trophies (45%) The game lowered my completion.
  14. I haven't even started the game yet.. I Did do the demo though... hope I'm going to enjoy it like the other one
  15. So my first update for the Gaming By Numbers I got the platinum / 100 % for these games https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8161-shadow-of-the-tomb-raider/vin_rob No Game yet https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2373-tomb-raider-definitive-edition/vin_rob no game yet https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3805-dishonored-definitive-edition/vin_rob https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3705-journey/vin_rob https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2856-beyond-two-souls/vin_rob No game yet no game yet no game yet 0. no game yet