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  1. I’m not sure about complete removal of a game on your list once it’s there but I do know if you haven’t earned trophies in the game you can hide it from your list.
  2. Last year it was around September I can’t remember the exact date but if they decide to bring it back this year it’ll probably be announced on the lodestone website under news section!
  3. @digitalman123 that signature gif is incredible lmao reminds me of the Tali one from Mass Effect 2
  4. Just got it tonight, can confirm it is much easier thanks to Wrecking Ball’s ult. Enemy team had a Symm as well so I got a few of her turrets then Hammond’s ult got it to pop.
  5. I am hoping they will bring the event back this year too but we probably won’t know until a bit closer to the time if it’s around September again. My advice if you want to grind the trophy quickly and don’t want to wait and see if this event comes back is to do the FATEs that are lower level because they’re easier and quicker to complete. Also if you do them after you’ve chosen your Grand Company (roughly around level 20-25ish) you’ll get seals as FATE rewards too. The ones in Middle La Noscea, Lower La Noscea, Central Thanalan, Western Thanalan, Central Shroud and a few in North Shroud (careful though as it sometimes has higher ones there too.) It’s pretty boring but they get done faster. I myself popped the trophy during the Yokai event because you get medal drops from FATEs that unlock a bunch of cool minions and weapons so the grind felt more rewarding. If you’re in no rush, I would personally wait and see if the event returns because at least that way you’re getting some cool stuff along the way.
  6. Edit: Code has been redeemed. I got a code with the steelbook edition of Dissidia NT but since I play this app on iOS and not GooglePlay I can’t redeem it and wanted to give it away. It is a code for some in-game items for Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia which is an app you can play on your android devices or in my case apple. Since I don’t want to be one of those people who does a timed giveaway (I’d probably forget about it lmao) it is literally first come, first served. IF YOU REDEEM THE CODE: please leave a comment to let me know someone has used it so I can edit the thread as closed, thanks.
  7. After getting to 18 with Symmetra, I finally unlocked it as Hanzo at 21. A few days later I did it on PC as Symmetra so I felt better about it then.
  8. I saw the title of the thread, came for the puns and was not disappointed.
  9. For anyone still trying to obtain the 'Destiny's' trophy where you have to complete 1000 fates, this month is a good time to grind for it because of the current Yo-kai Watch event. The in-game event involves players participating in fates to unlock minions, mounts and weapons as rewards. Basically it means more people are taking part in fates so they are completed much faster than usual. I managed to unlock this trophy last year and highly recommend obtaining it during this event. Good luck and have fun, fellow Warriors of Light!
  10. Got my plat after my Insanity run last night The hardest part for me was definitely the Collector Ship mission when the two scions are on the moving platforms and Harbinger is there with the collectors. The cover was so terrible in that part and since cover is key to survival on Insanity it was quite annoying.
  11. I personally think one of the problems with ME:A was actually the lack of Reapers. Now, hear me out. I know that Shepard's trilogy revolves around defeating the Reapers but Andromeda's story direction by having it not in the same galaxy could have lead to some involvement about the Reapers which could have made sense. It's like having a Dragon Age game without darkspawn, it doesn't feel right, it feels like something key to the series is missing. I know they wanted to take the series in a new direction though so it wasn't too similar to Shepard's story but it just didn't feel like a Mass Effect game to me at all. And of course, all the alien spieces have exactly the same face which was creepy as hell. Did they really think we wouldn't notice all the asari look like our ship's doctor apart from Pee Bee? I found it quite insulting that they thought they could get away with that. Even the first game had more variety in character models. It was just lazy, imo. Also Andromeda pretty much felt like DA:I with a science fiction skin. I don't think Bioware will die any time soon but they've really stuck a knife in the Mass Effect series, which is infinitely saddening to me, since the original series before Andromeda are way up there as some of my favourite games.
  12. Update: Okay, so after having six hours on my insanity run I was noticing it seemed to be taking me a really long time to make progress and I wasn't sure why I was struggling with it. I did a bit of research and discovered that using an imported character actually makes it harder because the enemies are matched to your level but you still have the lower level weapons to begin with. I think other players mentioned that somewhere on this post but I can confirm insanity is much easier if you make a new character and don't import. I started a new playthrough today and have progressed much faster this way. Also used the Infiltrator class instead of Soldier, having the incinerate ability helps a lot and even without importing if you finished the game before this run you still get to choose a bonus power depending on the trophies you unlocked in your first run.
  13. Insanity run sucked for me when I did it first for my Xbox achievement. I'm currently working on my run for the trophy. I'm soldier class and it's not so much that it's difficult it's just time consuming. You have to play it safe for most of the combat encounters, one mistake and you'll likely die and have to redo that whole sequence. It can get frustrating but it's definitely doeable as a soldier. Ammo powers help a lot and choosing your squad member for each mission, if you know you'll be fighting Blood Pack take squad members with incinerate abilities, etc and as the other post mentioned, make sure to manually choose your squad's positions. Biotics can be a nice touch, once an enemy only has health left not armour or shields, biotics like Pull can make it easier to take them out since they can't shoot back while under the effect of the power.
  14. Dragon Age II. It's my favourite from the series but everyone else I knew at the time I first played it on Xbox all hated it.