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  1. 5 or 6!? This Trophy is super easy! You need to play through the Story mode far enough to unlock enough songs so you can actually have five "Today's Tunes" in the first place, but once you do, you can full chain them all on Beginner Mode, so it's a piece of cake.
  2. Yeah, it's showing up now. Thanks everyone!
  3. They're not even showing up locally though... Anyway, I thought it was already out in the West, so that probably explains it. Don't think I've ever experienced this with any other game before though...
  4. I picked up the game yesterday, played for about 2 hours (it's great!) and unlocked a couple of Trophies, but when I try to sync the Trophies they don't show up? As in, the game ITSELF is not being recognized by my Trophy list? Looking at the current percentages, ALL Trophies are at 0% which is really weird because you'll definitely unlock some of them in the first hour or so, so I guess the entire list is just bugged, even if the Trophies do actually pop in-game? Anyone else notice anything?
  5. Managed to do the trick with the 100K daily bonus! Finally got the Plat now!! YES!!!
  6. Awesome! Thanks! I know what I'm doing when I get home from work tonight!
  7. Goddammit, I completely missed the Twitter campaign >_< Stuck at 12 million zenny and not really looking forward to grinding any more. Edit: Wait, am I misunderstanding? Can anyone claim this, or do you need to have RT-ed the tweets before the deadline?
  8. Just beat it on Inferno with an S rank, earning me the Plat last night! No infinite Rocket Launcher, but I did use the infinite Assault Rifle and Handgun. The final boss is total bullshit, but he's not noticeably harder than on Nightmare, which unfortunately is still insanely hard. Ultimately it came down to having all of the coins (defense, assault, and recovery, although recovery probably isn't that useful during the final battle), the Field Combat Manual, and a ton of healing items. You need this to get the hang of his attack patterns, because in the end you'll need to learn how to dodge EVERYTHING he throws at you, because if you get hit, you're probably going to be comboed to death. Took me several hours to get the hang of it on Nightmare, then another hour or so on Inferno, lol.
  9. I think it auto-saves whenever you enter a new area, not a new room. I've had 3 crashes in roughly 10 hours, and each time it happened shortly after entering a new area. Feels like it's related to auto-saving or indeed some kind of memory leak. In my personal experience, it happened after roughly 1.5 hours of play every time, but that's probably coincidental. Let's hope the patch fixes it.
  10. You'll have to, because you can only carry a very limited number of gear, I think like 10 pieces per category or something.
  11. That's weird though, because looking at the current collection stats, Complete the Guide is at 2.19% and All Weapons at Level 9 is at 2.13% How can the number of people who have completed the guide be bigger than the number of people who collected all the weapons? Is the All Weapons Trophy glitched, or do you only need to go up to level 8 for the Complete the Guide Trophy?
  12. Yep, and you can just set the remaining 15 players to CPU, so this Trophy is actually really easy to get.