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  1. I've tried to launch the games whose are unsearchable on PS4 and I noticed that that they don't run anymore neither on PC even if they are there still, I'll delete them from the Spreadsheet as soon as April games are announced and I'll update the spreadsheet every 2 months, unless they start to give us 10 games per month again. As for the controller issue if you entered controller mode if the controller is from Sony you should have no problem.
  2. Yeah, I'm mostly into getting platinums rather than getting 100%, I will consider writing about DLCs, but most games don't have them within PSNow, Horizon came with them but Shadow of War didn't for example, and I know this because I played both of them on PSNow but I would have to start every game with DLCs to know if they came with them!
  3. I don't really know where to put this post so if this is the wrong section let me know or move it to the appropriate section. I've made a Spreadsheet of all(i hope) PlayStation Now Games available for Europe, it might not be 100% accurrate because Sony like hiding some of their games but they're still there and you can still play them on the PC(it happened to Ziggurat for me for example) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vJ2wwMcjV7YIkIn6jR9ePQFjNJeh3kuXrMy6NfFHJow/edit#gid=1790583405 I will try to update it every 1 or 2 months as I update it for myself, I might as well do it for the community let me know if there should be something else you would like to have written on the spreadsheet. I put the checkmark at the end to copy/paste it under the "Completed?" section
  4. Hello everyone. Is there someone willingly trading kills to get those Zoom in trophies and the crushed trophy? my PSN ID is ryuzakix5 and I'm GMT+1