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  1. Completed the inferno run on S rank yesterday in one hour using the 4 defense coins. Except for the intro without any weapons, it was a breeze. Even the final fight with Nemesis! Respect to the people who pulled it off without the shop items though 🀘
  2. Gotten all the online trophies yesterday with a friend and also the daily and weekly challenge, so it's possible
  3. As far as i know all the german and japanese symbols have been taken out of the game. Still i enjoy the game allot like i did 19 years ago. Also going for the platinum 😎
  4. If i am correct you can play the entire game co-op. Only the final race of each style has to be done solo. I'm playing it right now in co-op and it plays great that way πŸ‘Œ
  5. I got this trophy in free roam after i finished the story. Got up to the hightest point and after i jumped pressed square. The trophy popped as soon as i did. Should work.
  6. Could not agree more
  7. Finally got the platinum. I liked the game for the most part but the grind...terrible
  8. Never mind, forgot a single improvement
  9. I have the same problem here. What did you do to get the platinum?
  10. Nice, good to know the platinum can be obtained
  11. Thanks, i'll try that
  12. I started the game last week and i encountered the same problem. 99/100 locations in statistics and 100/100 in the app. Guess i'll finish the game with the other trophies, and start a new one for the locations only.
  13. I finished the game on pc back in the day on hardest difficulty. This is one of my favorite star wars games. The trophies don't seem to difficult except finding all secrets
  14. It is fixed now ☺️ takes only around 4/5 secondes now. Indeed on the ps3 the loading times were awefull. Give it a shot and you will have fun 😁
  15. I installed ds2 yesterday and had the same problem with the voices in cutscenes. I put the system language to english uk and the problem was fixed. Ds2 is a great game but i think it's very sloppy that the developers haven't fixed this problem yet