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  1. Can confirm indeed. People who have grinded the open beta before the release of the full game would be affected by a similar progression issue. But this is a side effect of the save file progress carrying over from beta to full game. Definitely not a cheat.
  2. I'd say around 30-35 hours. It was one of my best experiences of 2020. Paid it 55 boxed version but not regretting a single cent. Considering how unique the game is, the digital sale at 30 euros is a great deal.
  3. You can also add me if you want ghost references. I didn't do the NFS prestige yet, so I can't offer comparison here, but it is indeed very difficult for someone new to the series. If you are familiar with the TM gameplays on PC, it lowers the plat difficulty considerably. My advice would be to take your time, and don't insist too much if you are blocked on a level. Come back to it the day after with a fresh head, it can do wonders. Work up your muscle memory and don't forget that you an stop car rotation by airbraking during air time. For the Valley half pipes, I strongly recommend to do 360 in the air, as it helps with the physics on this environment. For the black series I recorded the ghosts to be pretty forgiving, the tracks themselves being hard enough on their own. Good luck !
  4. Hello, Got the plat a few days ago, I think I did overall around 100 tries on the Dragon GP. Definitely the hardest thing in the game. Some other GPs are no cakewalk either. Very rewarding plat in the end. My advice would be to keep practicing, you will get it eventually !
  5. PapyChampy Trackmania Turbo Hello, just seen this flag concerning my TM Turbo trophy list. Please note that at the time of release of the game I was a Nadeo developper, and in charge of building the level. I also checked that the platinum trophy unlocked fine. <br /> <br /> I think I see on my trophies what the problem is, and this is a problem with timestamps related to the way the game was released. <br /> <br /> The game had a beta before normal released, and beta included all the tracks in the white series if I remember correctly. White tracks had been changed between beta and release, and had to be redriven to unlock White Canyon + White Series Clear trophies. <br /> <br /> Hope this clarifies enough.
  6. Good job on getting the 200 golds ! Surprised 178 isn't on the list. And yes, 50 Trackmasters won't be a problem at all if you managed to complete the whole campaign. Again, sorry for the dificulty on some of the Red/Black tracks. I'm really glad to see people still hunting the game though, 4 years after release. 😊
  7. In my opinion, you should refer to the 200 Gold medals trophy. Because you will get all other trophies related to the campaign on your way to get this one. Easiest way for a "Roadmap". I could provide videos for the Black tracks if needed.
  8. I don't think so, since it's the trophy is based on an online event. Just be sure you have at all times 100 000 credits minimum until you get the trophy. Considering the overall level of players, it shouldn't be that hard getting into Top tier.
  9. Congrats on the platinum ! Yeah I've built the campaign with the classic editor. And basically there is a lot of blockmixing in the campaign, although hopelly not noticeable. It was particularly useful to place signs at the correct spot on the maps. The "draggable blocks" (For instance some roads or tribunes in Stadium, I think it's on #152) didn't make it in the console version for a simple reason : when placed they became impossible to delete. Unfortunate bug. :/ I can't really talk about updates or what is planned for the game in the future however. Personally, I think that your idea about the forced cam subject a very good one. =) Following this logic, the "Vehicule Lights" could also be added (Example at the start of #53)
  10. I didn't encounter have any problem with the DS4. One tweak I did was to increase the dead zone of the left stick, so that tge cars are less twitchy on gravel for example. One other thing that I would recommend ; when going for the "win X championship" trophies, upgrade the car you race with in custom championships first. I highly suspect AI drivers to have fully upgraded vehicules at all times. So you can be at a real disadvantage here, especially considering the very slim marging for error you have when going for first place. Basically you have to attack every corner.
  11. Having played extensively the PC version since early access, most of the achievement are the same. Just received the game on PS4, handling is as good as it is on PC. Best rally game since Richard Burns Rally imo. The platinum will be hard, mainly because of "Maximum Attack" and "Born to run". It will also take a significant amount of time since you need to win a championship with each vehicule class. Good trophy list though, and nice puns indeed !
  12. Highly unlikely. It would mean resetting records for everyone on some maps. That's something we want to avoid as much as possible.
  13. @ LoAlexandria : There is a "new game +" for the campaign, which appears when you get 200 gold medals, and unlocked when you beat the 200 regular Trackmasters. Super Solo medals were driven by pro players, and are very close to World Records on a map. About Trackmaster medals times : I saw people on gathering times where they have beaten the Trackmaster requirements. Gonna post the list of every Trackmaster time there, maybe I should post it here as well. Also, I'm sorry about the overall difficulty for the last maps. I was aware of some flaws, typically the ending loop of #28 or difficulty of some maps (#178, #180, #192 for example) but I didn't have the opportunity to update the levels. @Shadiochao : #180 is in my opinion the hardest track of the game. Glad you succeeded though.
  14. @ZoneHunter : weird, since we're friends, you shouid see them. Maybe because I used 2 PS4 towards the platinum, the one at work and the one at home. Ghost synchro problem ? @Hayabusa : I checked, joker medals do not count for trophies unlocks.
  15. Do you live in NA ? I'll report the bug tomorrow. In other news, Platinum unlocked fine. =)