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  1. Coming back to this game after 6 years Some time later will start boosting, so feel free to send me invites with Merc2 in the subject line.
  2. Of course. I only meant exactly boosting. Just it makes me said that when I found out about server closures and started boosting, there was not enough time to gain enough xps for plat Developers & publishers need to come to some kind of alternative solution for the gamers as I am sure I am not the only one and FEAR 2 is not the only game that left hundreds of trophy-hunters empty-handed.
  3. Any chance for the developer to revive servers? Just an idea/wish
  4. I'm playing this game these days ( though got it as a gift back in 2010), but glitched once as far as I remember and I'm nearing 50% completion. All the above-mentioned 'symptoms' are unusual to me. How about the other games, dmsleight? When it was the last time you have refreshed your system files? It might be down to your PS3 machine as well as it freezes.
  5. i heard gamespy extended it service until the end of june So, we have to hurry up then
  6. If it is the case, I need two hardcore & dedicated gamers to join me and my buddy to obtain Platinum Who is with us?
  7. Does it seem to me or servers are still up after 31st May?!
  8. Of course it does )) If so, no point to boost xp really. I've got 65k only and server will go down in 3 days (blimey!). I'd better focus on other MP trophies. Wanna join, BeautifulTorment?
  9. @Floorkiller74 I need several online trophies apart from xp ones. So, we can hook up. Is it 100% positive FEAR 2 servers are going down? Strangely, I have some doubts about it.
  10. ok, but FEAR 2 is not even on the list of the affected games. What this hype is all about? Or did I miss anything?
  11. Someone enlighten me please: how is that possible to get any trophy on PS3 non-legit? This is in line to the legitimacy of Plat. in End War.
  12. Not everything seems that gloomy....Someone platinumed the game a month ago it seems. So, yes, servers are up and you can platinum it with some coordination