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  1. please read clannad it's an amazing journy worth your time and money
  2. i just bought the game looking forward to it i really love SRPG genre like FE three houses,disgaea series , valkyria chronicles
  3. did you get orb light for nagisa mother ? a lot of people missed her orb light i think to get her orb you first need to make so choices in nagisa school arc and you will get her orb in the after story arc
  4. Platinum#154 Valkyria chronicles #difficulty 3\10 # time to plat 53h beating the game is harder than getting the plat VC1 is the fourth SRPG i played after FE: three houses & disgaea 1and 2
  5. Plat#152 tales of graces f not the best in the series but a JRPG worth playing ones plat difficulty 6/10 again not hard but grindy my time to platinum the game 145H and pascal is best girl
  6. { DISGAEA 1 PLAT #152 }
  7. i got back to lahral but its too late etna is lvl2000 while laharl is 127 she become my main until i got majin class
  8. :PLAT 151: yakuza kiwami difficulty: 7.5/10 my play time:95 hours *its a little bit harder than zero because haruka request and ch9 legend*
  9. i know your feeling man i started going for the glitch because of it the AI is almost prefect getting scores
  10. }YAKUZA 0{ game rating 10/10 my second favorite game of all time plat difficulty 8/10(if you dont know mahjong & unlucky ) 5/10 (if you know mahjong & super lucky ) it took me 230 hours ( including legend mode playtime ) ? *note* most of the trophies are time consuming or depend on luck/RNG the hardest part for me was batting center disco on hard and yakuza fan worst enemy mahjong
  11. thx almost there for the plat just need to complete the game on legend mode and some of the missable trophies (:
  12. here you go kinda suck that I have to upgrade all the styles again in legend playthrough Bruh I am so stupid I just notice I didn’t upgrade Majima slugger style 😭😭😭 this what happen when you stay all night finishing mahjong
  13. i am 100% sure that i upgraded all the style and didnot get the trophy any help ? so i cant repeat the same mistake