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  1. Thank you for your response! I’m not that far myself but I’m gonna do it, I’m persistent
  2. I have an idea of what is needed but I wanted to confirm just so I, and anyone else curious, would know for reference.
  3. So now I have a boosting partner, I’ve been able to connect and win 2 tournaments. Since then I have been completely unable to find a tournament match that he hosts. He can’t find one that I have hosted either. Anyone else experience this?
  4. Oh ok, thank you! I misunderstood the trophy
  5. As the title says, does this have to be done against players online? Or can you do it in local co-op
  6. You actually need 3 accounts and 1 partner, or 4 accounts and 2 PS3s. Not very fun but it is still possible.
  7. The servers are surprisingly still up and running, completely deserted though.
  8. Are the servers still up? And if so, how many players are needed for tournament to kill?
  9. I made it to delerium 4 seperate times, each time the game crashed on me. It would usually save the fight progress but lower my health from saving my position, I could continue the fight from this point but there wouldn't be a point because I couldn't beat him with the small health I had. Even if I did it would crash anyway. Is this a common occurrence?
  10. Yes, all non EE trophies can be done on casual difficulty, with or without bots
  11. I was just curious if any trophies are truly missable in this game, thanks in advance.
  12. Alright, great, thank you. I couldn't really tell with some of the trophy descriptions, then again I haven't played the game much yet. Heh
  13. I'm planning on finishing this game and there are no guides for this specific version, so I'm curious if there are any trophies that require other players. Thanks in advance.
  14. It was on 8 difficulty, I actually tried it on 9 so it wouldn't be an issue, I'll try for it legit for a little while, then I might just boost it. Thanks for the help
  15. I've been trying to achieve this trophy with four controllers for the past 2 days, I was unable to get the trophy to pop. Is there anything specific I need to do?