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  1. Yes. I have about 25 games in my backlog and that already feels like too much. I cannot fathom having 300.
  2. I tried doing just the third volume of “The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe” DLC on Mein leben and I just wasn’t having it. I don’t know how you got so good at this game to do Mein leben but kudos to my guy 💪🏼
  3. I would’ve just given up but you actually did it you mad dog 😂
  4. Yup, happened to me too. I was livid because I had to reload a backup save where I was only at 133/191 locations done and when it glitched on me I was at 185/191. Luckily it was only a couple of hours of progress, but still annoying. If I didn't backup my save I would've been screwed though, really glad I took people's advice of utilizing multiple save slots and saving frequently.
  5. I don't think you know exactly what we're referring to.
  6. Or, they could just update the old PS4 artworks to accommodate the new shape (because it seems like they really wanna go for squares for some reason). What's dumb is that on PS4, the application artwork (not the trophy artwork) in the XMB is already a square, so it would fit perfectly. All they have to do is use those artworks on PS5 and they won't look so shitty anymore. In fact if you go into the "Games" section of your profile, all the tiles look nice because they're using the XMB artwork not the trophy versions.
  7. NVM, I remember purchasing it from Amazon but thought they sent me a disc.
  8. The speed!
  9. Damn, can't find a physical copy on Amazon either. Glad I got it done when I did.
  10. You like the new shitty format for PS4 trophy tile artwork?
  11. That's not the main problem that the OP is talking about. The problem is how the trophy tiles look for PS4 versus PS5 games (the artwork for each game). Since on PS5 they've moved to squares instead of circles, PS4 games are now compressed to fit the square shape:
  12. That's some third party trophy tracking site, of course it's gonna look different.
  13. You know what? You're right, it's worth a shot. I'll reach out to them.
  14. Same, it gets really loud when copying data from a disc for me as well. Rest mode is extremely useful, why the apprehension?
  15. You call that fine? I'd hate to see what you consider "not fine." "I trphy hunt for trophies and the fun of playing the game," yeah, and? Why should that restrict you from, you know, looking at your trophies on the console? You really think I'm gonna bust out my phone or iPad every time I wanna look at my trophies? No, that'd be stupid. I like being able to check my trophies directly from my console. Actually they didn't tamper with the old tiles on here thankfully. They didn't try to fit the old rectangular tiles into squares, they just gave more space for the PS5 trophy info to accommodate the square. Wish Sony did the same, sheesh. Don't be that person. I wish it were that easy but I doubt a Sony customer support representative will have the power nor the desire to do anything LOL. I'm not so concerned with there being a mix of rectangles and squares, but more so that the rectangles are compressed to fit in the squares, and now there are gray bars at the top and bottom so you can barely see the tile artwork now.