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  1. Yes but objectively judging the game on its merit and not the enjoyment of the trophies, it stands as a masterpiece.
  2. You misunderstood the scaling. A 10/10 would mean it's as boring as possible 😂
  3. Even after grinding out the Platinum (spending an estimated 400 hours with the game), it makes me sad that there’s nothing left for me to do in the game. I wanna revisit this masterpiece so badly.
  4. I really feel sorry for you guys.
  5. Oh well it was in the PS3 forum, that’s why I didn’t see it. In hindsight I’m wondering why I didn’t consult there too before doing my run, LOL.
  6. 1/10, my favorite game of all time. Never felt bored outside of farming trophies, but a lot of great games can feel boring when you’re trophy hunting. RDR2 is fun in the non-conventional way. For instance, the story is absolutely phenomenal and Arthur I started the best-written character I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with all characters. The world is thrilling with the life. I genuinely feel like I took a time machine back to the turn of the 19th century. It’s ridiculous how realistic everything from the fauna to the townsfolk are. Rockstar spared no expense in that regard. Gameplay isn’t very fluent and feels very analog, but I never really complained because I just appreciated all the activities the game had to offer. I am so sad there’s nothing left for me to do in the game even after 400 of playing and I can’t believe I’ve gotta wait another eight years for the next one (maybe more, who knows). Online is a different story. I despised every bit of it. 10/10 in boredom.
  7. You’re not alone my friend! I felt the same way when I was playing it.
  8. It didn’t for me. By the time the credits finished rolling, I was lost as to what the heck just happened in them story. It does a terrible job explaining things to you. I assume this is because they expect you to read those codex entries (the collectables, or whatever they’re called) to fully understand it but honestly, most people don’t have the patience for that. The gameplay’s solid but man those frame rate drops are atrocious. The game has heart, I can see that, but it’s seriously overrated IMO.
  9. Really? I’m not seeing it.
  10. I hate to be that guy but have you tried deleting and reinstalling the game? 😅
  11. Hey everyone, I felt like composing a post with all my tips for 1999 Mode. Reason being, when I was about to attempt it, I didn't find much useful info, and people were making it out to be so hard, when in reality it isn’t. Therefore, here's what made it relatively easy for me: 1. Never respawn. If you die, just pause quickly and restart the checkpoint. This will prevent you from losing money and if you're out of money, you won't be sent back to the title screen. 2. Get ALL infusions. These are invaluable. Fully upgrade your shield first, then alternate between health and salts. 3. Use and abuse the sniper rifle. This thing will be your best friend. Upgrade it ASAP and try your best to remain at a far distance and in cover when eliminating enemies. 4. Make your secondary weapon something you're comfortable with, I recommend the Carbine for its long-range accuracy and the Volley Gun (which you pick up a little later on). I would alternate between these two depending on the fight. If I was out of ammo for one, I'd switch to the other. The Volley Gun is good in almost all circumstances but especially for groups of enemies and Patriots. Upgrade upgrade upgrade them. 5. Scavenge EVERYTHING. Since you'll most likely be going for the “Scavenger Hunt” trophy, it's imperative you loot everything in sight to avoid the need to purchase materials from the Dollar Bill machine. Loot all lockpick rooms, enemies, barrels - everything that can be looted, loot it. It's worth the time searching, believe me. 6. The only two parts of the game that will serve as a big challenge are the and the final fight on the blimp, but there are easy tutorials for those here and here. 7. Pick up all gears, and equip the following when you get them: Ammo Cap Scavenger's Vest Urgent Care Overkill When you find a voxophone, swap “Ammo Cap” for “Extra! Extra!” so that you can get some extra cash, then switch back to Ammo Cap after collecting it. When you're going up against a Handyman, switch out “Overkill” out for “Handyman Nemesis” to deal 50% more damage against him. Switch back to “Overkill” after killing him. You should find most if not all of these gears if you're scavenging all the rooms and areas. If you're about to die, run, get into cover and let your shield recharge. 8. For Infusions, spam the hell out of Possession, not only will the enemy aid you in battle, but it'll also kill itself after the effect wears off, so you get a bonus kill out of it as well. Shock Jockey is really good too, preventing your enemies from attacking and allowing you to go for an easy headshot. On the latter portions of the game, where you're fighting near cliffs, use Undertow a lot to just push your enemies off and let them fall to their deaths. This saves you all the trouble of wasting your ammo and fighting them in the first place. These are the only vigors I used anyway, and I'd recommend you upgrade Possession first, Shock Jockey second, and Undertow third - but be sure your Sniper Rifle and weapon(s) of choice are upgraded first. 9. Don’t forget to take advantage of tears! Hope this helps!
  12. Literally the first take on the game I’ve seen that isn’t giving it praise. It exceeds DOOM 2016 in every way imaginable, so I’m baffled as to why it’s not clicking with you.
  13. Woohoo! Just finished BioShock Infinite on 1999 Mode, that’s Platinum #120! 

    Now I just gotta do the DLC, and I’ll have the BioShock franchise complete!

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      Well done! 💯 

  14. Yup! You keep all your progress towards weapon upgrades, audio diaries, all of it. So you won't even need to progress to Cohen's residence to acquire the upgrade that you missed on your first playthrough. Once you reach the first weapon upgrade in the game, that'll give you the trophy.
  15. I hit 5,000 views on my page today :D


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