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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That’s what I was missing all along! PowerPyx’s guide said nothing about the Marty Chonks payphone missions so I had no idea about them. Here I was stressing about having to start a new playthrough — you spared me having a panic attack sir 🙏🏼 Thanks for the tip about the daytime! That doesn’t really address the matter at hand but thanks anyway LOL. Besides, it’s not like there’s any point in doing Turismo again while the mafia’s hostile towards you. It’s literally impossible.
  2. Okay so I am going crazy trying to figure out why I’m only at 69/73 missions done. Before you ask, yes I’m positive I did all the missable missions for Luigi, Joey, Asuka, and Kenji. I explicitly remember doing all of them. I’ve done all the RC, vehicle, and off-road missions. Now for the payphone missions, I also remember doing those—however, for whatever reason, I don’t have the social club achievement, “Talks a Lot”, so I’m suspecting that I somehow missed payphone missions. Now when I go back to the Portland payphone, I’m getting the phone icon and the blue ring for the Turismo race as if I’ve never done it before...but I have. That, and all the missions following it. I’m trying to complete the Turismo race again to see what happens but the Mafia keep blowing up my car FFS. I will keep trying, but in the meantime I’d appreciate if someone chimed in with some advice or if you’re in the same spot by chance. As for the payphone missions in Shoreside Vale and Staunton Island, those are done for sure because the icon is no longer popping up and there’s on ring. If I have to restart this game when I’m this close to 100% completion I’m gonna lose it.
  3. Well that's lame. I see, well that answers that. I didn't think to check the PS Blog, so thanks for the confirmation. I'll just go ahead and pre-order the digital version then.
  4. Is there any news on the physical release for PS5? I know the physical versions are coming out on December 7th, but for some reason the Rockstar website lists every platform EXCEPT for PS5. I checked Amazon and Best Buy, and surely enough they only have pre-orders open for PS4, XBO, Series X|S, and Switch. What's going on? I wanna get the physical copy for PS5.
  5. Nope, they haven't confirmed anything. Here were their responses to people asking about it on Twitter, LOL:
  6. Yeah I noticed it too. That coil whine is almost always present for me but it’s usually really muffled, however with Kena on performance mode it’s especially loud 😐
  7. I think I’m gonna wait till they add NG+. It’s absolutely ridiculous this wasn’t available at launch 🙄
  8. It kinda is. I mean one of the core functions of this game is finding collectibles to improve your stats. By the time you’ve 100%’ed the game, your Kena has like 3X the health, 5X the courage, and all the abilities than she started with. This would all make Master tremendously easier as opposed to starting from nothing. I really don’t see why not. Lots of games add NG+ later and the fact that this game doesn’t have NG+ already sticks out like a sore thumb.
  9. Same. I think I’m gonna hold off on doing Master difficulty until I get a concrete answer as to whether or not there’ll be NG+. It would be a huge waste to just not take advantage of my maxed out Kena for Master because I’m sure it would make it tremendously easier.
  10. This trophy sucks. I would highly recommend this guide.
  11. As someone who's never played a FF game before this one, FF7R Intergrade, all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the DLC as a big fan of the base game. While nearly the entirety of the DLC focuses on characters outside the main cast (it takes place during the events of the base game), there is a teaser for the sequel at the end. I would play this regardless of whether or not it's crucial for the next game's story. Besides, it is a free upgrade.
  12. I got him on my second try with this guide. He defeats him before even his second phase.
  13. I just got all three Insanity trophies. I can confirm that both the Insanity I glitch that you linked as well as the Insanity II and III steps you outlined so work perfectly. The Insanity I glitch goes back to PS3 and works on Patch 1.03, so I don’t think that’s ever getting fixed. In regards to Insanity II and III, I have the physical version so I deleted the game, turned off my internet, turned off auto-updates, started re-installing the game, then paused the download right after the “data needed to start playing” was complete (I’m sure I could’ve let it install the remaining 40 GB or so but I decided to stay on the safe side). Got all the trophies with no hitches, thanks so much!!! Also as a little side note, ME3 specifically has a “Local Profile” save that you didn’t mention in your steps. I assumed that needed to be deleted too so I did it anyway with no problems, but you might as well include it.
  14. Has this been patched?