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  1. What on Earth are you talking about? There are a lot of people that want to re-experience classics in HD. This game for instance, is in desperate need of a remake. If you don't care about them then don't buy them, but don't act like you speak for everyone. Also you're deluded if you think that most games that come out are remakes/remasters LMAO. Remakes and remasters make up a small percentage of games on the market, so they're by no means a saturated part of the industry.
  2. Sure they are. The games are going to be 18 years apart, there's no comparison. As for the remaster being a pathetic excuse, are you not aware of how buggy those ports were? In some cases the originals looked better and they were riddled with audio issues and game breaking bugs. You talking about the sexual harassment allegations?
  3. Oh come on. The graphics aren't up to par for the current gen but they're still vastly superior than that pathetic excuse for a remaster released on PS3. Speak for yourself. Really? $40 is too much? I think that's a perfectly adequate amount considering that's what most remakes sell for. Granted, the lack of visual fidelity may warrant lowering that by $10... You're not. I've been eagerly awaiting any bit of Prince of Persia content over the past ten years and we're finally getting it so you won't hear me complaining. You're not getting this solely because it's a Ubisoft game? Seriously? It doesn't look like they're gonna have microtransactions so why not give it a chance?... As a hardcore Prince of Persia fan who's been waiting a decade for anything more out of the franchise (I lost hope of a new game long ago), I could not be more ecstatic about this announcement. Although I'm really sad to see all the backlash because I have a bad feeling this will kill any chance of future installments. I agree with people that the graphics are pretty lackluster but I'm just excited to dive back into my childhood with this game. I'm totally cool with them delaying the game to make it look better but I hope they don't take this is a sign that people don't want POP. I'm praying this game does well enough to warrant a remake of the other two in the trilogy. I could die in peace if they remade Warrior Within.
  4. Yeah they're never gonna patch it at this point. It sucks, I know.
  5. You have to do the lesser challenges to unlock the big ones, and if you have a character from PS3 I recommend you import them to save time.
  6. It's negligible. All my saved data doesn't even take up 10 GB.
  7. No you don’t, as you can’t meet all the conditions in one playthrough. Regardless, I followed this guide and it worked:
  8. This is the only trophy that's giving me trouble. I completed the requirements in the guide multiple times and it’s still not popping, can anyone help?
  9. This is the only trophy that's giving me trouble. I completed the requirements in the guide multiple times and it’s still not popping, can anyone help?
  10. I just finished Ghost of Tsushima and holy. Shit. I’m at a loss for words. That finale, the music, just, breathtaking. The story was gradual for the first half, but MAN does it kick into high gear during the second half. Call me crazy, but I put this on par with God of War IMO.


    I cannot recommend this game enough guys. You will not regret purchasing this masterpiece. 

    1. LegacyJKO09


      on par with God of War? i unno. id say its better. I sort of want to rush the story but i also want my sword fully upgraded before the 2nd island.


      Work is taking priority so i can only play on weekends. but do you know a good iron spot and stuff to upgrade sword? im level 5 of 7 with it.

    2. SuperSaiyan3985


      I'd recommend not rushing it and doing side activities in between the main missions. The journey felt enriched and more rewarding. Maybe that's just me. 

      As for upgrading the sword, all I have to tell you is to get the Charm of Inari. It greatly increases the amount of resources you find which is imperative for upgrading weapons. You'll then just have to tackle enemy encampments to find supplies. 

  11. I am absolutely LOVING Ghost of Tsushima - it's totally living up to expectations! Thank God Sony had this in their back pocket because if TLOU2 was the end to the PS4 it would've been quite depressing. 

  12. I’ve already completed the game and I’m currently on Borderlands 2 but yes, I’ll be doing the Pre-Sequel once I’m done with that (followed by Borderlands 3).
  13. Nah. I have no respect for him. Sure there is. They have deliberately manipulated their product in marketing to make it look more appealing. It’s completely misleading to the consumer.
  14. Yeah man I think I had it easy only crashing on me once. Using elemental weapons to eliminate body parts is essential. If you don’t do that you’re guaranteed to get a crash. I really can’t believe they haven’t fixed it already.
  15. I did this, and it worked! Thanks so much! The one thing I didn't do was turn off the compass though, as I wanted to keep that up so that I could find enemies quickly. Like I said earlier, I did Hellburbia and The Gully just fine, but crashed on Round 19, Wave 4 on Angelic Ruins. Came back to attempt it again a few weeks later following your steps and I got through it. Man was I getting tense in the last four rounds or so. I used a corrosive pistol, and I played on a 2016 base PS4 (not the slim).