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  1. So happy I wrapped up 100% completion on RDR2 last night. I've just gotta finish studying and skinning animals (I've done nearly all of them so that won't take long). Once that's done, I'll have to put off the game for at least a month because I'll begin studying for finals, and after finals I've gotta Platinum Days Gone. Once all that's out of the way I'll complete a second playthrough on RDR2 to acquire all the gold medals and missable trophies, then start grinding the shitty Multiplayer...and that's the one thing I dread about the Platinum. I love the SP to the extent that I'm not even burnt out with it yet. I genuinely enjoyed doing nearly everything, and I only wished I didn't have to touch the atrocious online. Alas, it's required, so wish me luck! RDR2 will make #100!

  2. I did that and it worked!
  3. This conversation has become too toxic for me to keep up with, later.
  4. Hey don’t look at me they’re the ones trying to start a war.
  5. Why are you getting angry? I'm just saying your stance that you don't want NG+ in games because they annoy you doesn't make any sense. And go ahead and be rude to me. I'm keeping my cool but you're getting all worked up over nothing. Did I ever say Rockstar should be forced to put in NG+? No. I'm suggesting it as a feature and if it's feasible then they should consider. RDO was a big deal in RDR1 but it's still overshadowed by the SP. It is not irrelevant whatsoever. A lot of people want to play as Arthur again but don't want to lose everything - why is that so hard for you to understand? I never said no one can have an opposing opinion I was just trying to have a civil conversation but that Feral guy got all hostile on me. You're telling me to grow up, yet you're the one that was bickering to me about how you hate Carlos in my DMs when I've never even encountered you before. Now that's childish. Funny how you're all of a sudden against me out of no where, like okay. You, like that Feral dude, are acting like NG+ is a bad thing. How can you describe it as "tacked on?" How can you make a BAD NG+? It makes no sense. It's on option for those that want to utilize it. Simple as that. Lastly, what does “RDR2 being long enough” have ANYTHING to do NG+? No one is making the argument that it’s too short, and that NG+ is require do to fill a void of content. The main appeal towards NG+ in this case is, as I’ve said dozens of times before, to play as Arthur again.
  6. Okay? I'm referring to how Rockstar's treating RDR2 specifically. So yes, it is sad. RDR2 being long enough as is is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. A lot of us want to play as Arthur again but don't want to have to regain our gear. End of story. Also, don't make me laugh with that last remark. People didn’t buy this for the online. Had that been the case, it wouldn't have sold well at release (as it launched as SP-only) and more than 37% of people would've started the intro of the online. Well that's how you're coming off. If you don't like it then simply ignore it and don't go shouting that you hate it because then developers might think we don't want it anymore.
  7. LMAO you nailed it. But let's face it, Rockstar doesn't care enough to add post-launch, free SP content like NG+. It's sad though because us SP fans are the ones that made them all their money with RDR2. Had they shipped the game as online only they wouldn't have made jack shit.
  8. Um who are you to judge whether it matters or not? It matters to me, and I am most definitely NOT in the minority here. If I was, then NG+ would cease to exist. Quit bashing a feature that most of us appreciate and doesn't mar your experience of games in any way.
  9. Well with a game like RDR2, where , NG+ would remedy that. Many of us would start a new game but we don't want to start over from scratch. I spent a shit ton of time crafting all the outfits and weapons I have now and would really like to have them at the start of the story. Well then you completely disregarded the second half of my statement. I said that some of us find appeal in simply having all the best gear at the beginning of the game. It has nothing to do with difficulty.
  10. That still doesn't make sense. If you don't want to "do NG+ because it makes the game too easy," then fine. Don't. Meanwhile the rest of us enjoy seeing the fruits of our labor being utilized from beginning to end. For instance, I'd like to see my end-game outfits in cinematics at the beginning - something that's impossible without NG+. Besides, Spider-Man has an ultimate difficulty which is pretty challenging so NG+ is a big help with that. Yeah I think Rockstar secretly hates us for implementing shit like this. There's literally no extra money to be made, they just wanted to be dicks.
  11. Since I missed all the missable trophies I'm gonna be doing a second playthrough regardless so this shouldn't be an issue for me, but I agree. Why the hell would you be angry about NG+? It's a great feature that is welcome on any game. It's always free and allows you to play your favorite games from the beginning with all the best shit.
  12. The series has enormous potential. Exodus was laid a great foundation for venturing outside of the Metro but I'd like to see the game explore other parts of the world.
  13. They were horrible as in scaring the living shit out of me. Which, considering this is a survival horror game, may actually be the point. My heart just can't take it.
  14. I know this feature will likely never come, but if I could have one addition to RDR2 it's NG+. For anyone that's finished the story, you can probably guess why I want this feature - Does anyone have hope?
  15. You kidding me? The Librarians were HORRIBLE.