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  1. UPDATE: So my disc copy of Driveclub came in today. I started up the game, no trophy. I picked a random Ignition event, completed it, then the trophy popped (as many of you predicted). Thanks everyone! Looks like you simply need some form of license to the game regardless of whether or not you have access to the DLC.
  2. I see. Well I already ended up getting 45/45 stars in Ignition while I only had the Bikes license so when I put the Driveclub disc in, start up the game, will the trophy pop automatically or will I have to do a race first?
  3. Figured. Okay well I have a copy of Driveclub coming in the mail so that should fix the issue.
  4. So I played the original Driveclub way back in 2015-2016, but then I left the game and sold my copy. Recently I came back to do Bikes and finish getting all gold stars. I didn’t have to rebuy the original Driveclub to play the DLCs that I already purchased because I was able to access them through Bikes, now the problem is I just finished getting all the stars for Ignition but the trophy didn’t pop. Why is this? Could it be because I don’t have the base game of Driveclub installed? I’m really confused and frustrated.
  5. I’m wondering whether or not I should buy the DLCs to this game, but it depends on how hard getting 100% is. Would you guys say they’re easy or difficult? Because I found the regular Driveclub DLCs to be an utter pain. Didn’t have it in me to get that 100%.
  6. That only happens like once a year for me and all I gotta do is delete it, but this music thing is driving me insane.
  7. I agree. The Multiplayer is the only non-enjoyable part of the game IMO. I spent the vast majority of my levels grinding out kills at Thieves Landing. Extremely boring but it's the most efficient way to level up and you don't have to deal with the toxicity of the online playerbase. Either that or you can be good at the game but I get the sense that most of us trophy hunters aren't distinguished at RDO haha.
  8. That doesn't fix the problem. The music tab's still there but it just says "This player's music isn't available.," so it still pushes trophies to the bottom. I wish there was an option to delete the music tab entirely or at least put it below the trophies. So damn annoying.
  9. I mean for the price? Hell yeah. Especially if you're a fan of the show. If you haven't already watched the episodes, they also offer the entertainment factor of getting to watch pretty much of all of them for free. Personally, I watched all three seasons prior to starting the game but it was still nice to drive all the vehicles and setpieces I saw on the show
  10. Oh please I the vast majority of the games I play aren't even from companies like Ubisoft or Activision. I'm pretty much exclusively a singleplayer gamer and most of their releases revolve around shady monetization which I detest. Just look at my trophy list and you'll see I generally steer clear of that kind of garbage.
  11. Well I can only feel sorry for you because there's no shortage of amazing games for me to play. Yeah sure there aren't as many completely original ideas anymore as most genres have been exhausted but that doesn't mean the games don't offer memorable experiences.
  12. I'm sure all of you are aware that a while back in one of the firmware updates, it was made so that on your PSN profile, a new "music" tab would appear. It's connected to Spotify and would show whatever music you've been listening to if I'm not mistaken. This is something that's become quite the annoyance because it takes precedence over my trophies as when you click on my profile there's not enough room to show them thanks to the Music section on top. This makes zero sense considering this is a gaming platform so the trophies should be above music and IDEK listen to music so it's completely pointless for me and I wish there was some way to turn it off. Anyone else share my sentiments?
  13. I concur. You can’t start an opportunity and call it a day. You have to see it all the way through. For instance, in “World of Tomorrow” for “A Case Most Peculiar,” I disguised myself as the detective and that checked it off but I still had to go to the pier. As soon as I went back and did that the trophy popped. So no, not glitched, just ambiguous.
  14. That’s quite the tale my friend!
  15. There’s so much idiocy with this reply I’m not even gonna try and accept it.