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  1. I was stalking this fine specimen sunbathing at night Look at dat ass One from the front
  2. GTA5 Dead Space 3 The Last of Us COD Modern Warfare 4 Dead Island Riptide Watchdogs Hitman HD Collection
  3. Far Cry 3. Such an amazing game.
  4. 500 days of summer
  5. [Edited by Sly-Ripper: Not related, you have pop-ups, check for malware.]
  6. Voted Positive. You be able to see whos admiring your trophies.
  7. Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy XIII Fallout 3 Deus Ex HR X-Files (PS1)
  8. Duck360 are you going to categorically deny that zero_q8 does not earn trophies on the account? He has mentioned it numerous times on .com Personally I think your scum. Looks like your other buddys a hacker too
  9. I'd prefer to see the rarest platinum you have but that percentage might change constantly
  10. I work as a mortgage administrator. Submitting mortgage and life cover applications online. Glamourous it aint
  11. I voted leaper they are a nightmare on zealot as they are sometimes hard to hit and can take a quarter of life
  12. Made it to my first save point last night, at last. Just before you meet daina. On my first several attempts, I died on the first main window blow out (Hard to fire at the switch with the plasma cutter) and then I kept dying on the necro in chapter 1 that runs at you and you need to use staisis for the first time. For some reason I kept missing him and he would one-hit kill me. If I'd watched that opening sequence one more time I would have snapped the disc.
  13. Which part were you dying at? having gone through the story once I know chapter 10 is going to be a bitch! (ishimura)
  14. I'm pretty sure its survivalists enemies and zealot ammo drops. Might be a typo