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  1. My bad...Wish I would of known it was someone trying to boost
  2. I found it boring..
  3. Have't played part 2. But the first one wasn't really an "AMAZING" game...the story was cool and the emotion was there to make people love it. The actors did an amazing job..But overall the game was OKAY....
  4. NOTHING wrong with a new TV..Hope you got a good one!!!!!!!
  5. wow..pretty sure you figured it...All by yourself...seriously..if you tried different devices and a different HDMI cable with the same results AND everything works on a different TV then yes your other TV is bad
  6. seriously...did you try a different cable?. ugh...And is the tv all pix-elated without an HDMI device displaying a picture?
  7. The trophy should still pop. If i remember correctly. Quitting the game and loading it back up took care of showing the shop visited. Here is a list of stores Boston Child's Still House of Dry Goods Elizabeth Murray's Fineries Hancock's Store No. 5 Frontier Stores Murdoch's Barter The Milliner's Wares The Walking Haberdashery New York De Lancey's Imports & Goods Rhinelander's Sugars Van Brugh's Spices
  8. Right!! I came here thinking OH damn the servers are closing for this already!!!
  9. I'm going to say HAHA and laugh at you because I did that on darksiders 3 for the "Beast Mode" trophy
  10. this game can just fuck off!! it is full of glitches. Also you are going to need 16 people for one of the Multiplayer trophies
  11. This works really well using remote play and ps4 macro on the ps4 Thanks for the glitch
  12. the riddler crap pissed me off...and those stupid challenges!!!!!!
  13. Prototype is not fun to plat...Actually neither are those batman games really lol
  14. thanks captain obvious....
  15. That all???? Wish my list was that small