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  1. Glad I could help!!!!
  2. None of the lore is tied to raids for the seal
  3. That or Chronicler. Chronicler just takes some time to get all the lore needed. Everything else takes quite a bit of effort.
  4. Can I bring my wallet from FarCry5 into the real world? That would be amazing. I'd have 50k+ to my name
  5. Minus the Master Difficulty for the Nightfall.....it is brutal!
  6. You have to talk to Amanda Holiday in the Hangar of the tower to be able to start the story for Red War, Curse Of Osiris, and Warmind. For Forsaken, you still go to Tangled Shore
  7. This is mostly just to help get the most EXP for your team's, to get them to 99 and to help get all the class skills for one class. I'm rushing those two things right away then I'm gonna play through the story with a group of low level characters. I'm surprised you don't even have to touch the story in this.
  8. So for anyone rushing EXP in Online Wars, I found this on a different forum. I didn't find my first character with Experience Field Skill till my team was already 25, so throwing a level 1 in would've made my life rough. So if you partner with Fiel, and follow this, you'll have someone with Experience Field Skill all the time! https://grand-kingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Powerlevel_System
  9. This would be a lot more rare if they didn't change the affection system. When it first came out, grinding each characters affection rating took 8-10 hours. So doing it all right away, took.....well a lot of time. Then they patched it so each character only took 2-3 hours for affection grinding.
  10. Well if this gets an update, I might try again. But honestly, I also found the game quite boring.....
  11. Don't start this game. The trophies for completing quests are glitched and will not pop no matter what. I finished a ton of quests myself and none of them popped. Thankfully I didn't have a trophy so I just deleted the list off of my trophy list. Just a heads up. Who knows when this issue with be fixed!
  12. I'm not sure if you can use the Bishamon Sword. Considering the trophy says do it on Normal without upgrading swords or using jewels. I'm not sure if it can be done on Ultimate with the Bishamon Sword. Also this is the PS2 version . No green souls here. Only added thing is subtitles for everything now, and if you use the control sticks, you get free movement and not tank controls.
  13. Yes you have to upgrade the jewels as you need them all to level 3 eventually to get through the game. The swords can't be leveled up though
  14. Three trophies in this require you to win 10 rounds of PvP on specific maps. Only problem is, 2/3 maps are dead. No one ever plays them. So you’ll need a boosting group of 5 other players to get said trophies probably. Just a word of advice for anyone going for the platinum.
  15. The 2/10 was my personal opinion with it. I was the one who wrote the guide. Sorry you disagree so strongly but we all have genres we’re good at and not good at.