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  1. Will take 10 mins EACH, haha. And I haven't had any issues doing it in multiple sittings so far, I only have a few of the trophies, but they all seem to be popping fine for me.
  2. Does he present a solution? I didn't run into any bugs, though it did take me a loooong time to find a few of them. I'd lean towards continuing to try - I found a reddit thread where they are asking this same question, the guy thought it was bugged, but he ended up just finding another one to get it.
  3. I finally got it. I had no luck at all with 2 controllers, so I tried a small map with 3 AI set to hard. Ran around and bid on everything once, and they will almost always outbid you immediately. Then I went around using the auction power on everything and let them outbid me again. Finally got it on my 3rd game with that strategy. Good luck!
  4. I just got renovation finally - took about 25 five min matches. Now I just need runner up... which is also being a pain. Ugh.
  5. I have even had every single property on the map get outbid...and I just can't get this to pop. Over 20 matches. I'm going to the property, bidding with p1, then bidding with p2 and winning. I have even tried to do things like don't pick up anything....with no luck. Any tips would be appreciated!
  6. Yeah, the trophies are a bit frustrating. I can't get Renovation king to pop for the life of me.
  7. Just chiming in - I just did the same. 100% complete save, and these two were the only ones that did not pop for me.
  8. I have a dummy VOIP number I use for this express purpose - I was able to find some kind (and beastly) players to carry me through the really tough raid(s). Otherwise, it's easy to level up (just takes some time), and survival and rivals can be done with randoms (and some solo even).
  9. What level were you all when you Do you remember what BOND level you were when you got the the statue for the first time? I am only in the 40s.... seems like 95 is a loooooong way off.
  10. I also don't care, but I do usually look to see how much pain I'm going to be in before I begin, haha.
  11. Starting day 3 of farming now - probably about 8 hours in. I hope the pain ends soon! UPDATE1: Went for 5 more hours today. 2 with max Zer0 at the Docks, 2 with max Zer0 at the Keep, 1 with lvl 12 Salvador at the Docks. Nothing. Ugh. UPDATE2: Finally got him after a few more hours of grinding. Nothing special I can really share, but I was playing with lvl 35 Zer0, normal, easy mode, and he popped at the Docks. Like many, he appeared at the "ambush" area where 5-6 enemies spawn at once. Good luck all!
  12. Short answer: yes. Long answer: abso-freaking-lutely yes.
  13. Just wanted to comment on this as someone who just did it in 2022 - I had the same issue, and travelling to the "Land on Jakku" popped it for me as well. Thanks for this info!
  14. I know this thread is very old... but this one is gonna kill me. I have everything in the game finished, all other trophies, am in NG+++..... and still need FORTY ONE skill points to finish everything. This is really going to diminish my enjoyment of this plat, which has otherwise been a lot of fun.