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  1. This is, verbatim, the update I got months ago. I don't think they are doing anything, haha.
  2. I was wondering about this as well. I may have had enough time pass where I am willing to try to get my last couple of trophies... or maybe I will just downgrade. Seems like a pain though.
  3. Completely disagree, but everyone can have their own opinion, haha. And I actually re-platted the original (no autopop from old saves) - I love the OG. I think MM is better.
  4. All of this is true, and I agree with the comparison as far as length and such. There is no quality comparison - Miles was an incredible game, even if a bit shorter than most AAA games. I don't even think this is a ding on this game, as it took out all the bloat and repetitive content. You're left with a tight, succinct, focused game which (to me) was worth every penny.
  5. I mean... I guess? It's 100x better than FCND, but if the only measure you care about is the number of hours to complete, I guess for you its not worth it. I calculate worth using a lot more than just how long it takes to play.
  6. Just finished this - worth every freaking penny. Tighter gameplay, more emotional, more intimate than the original. Yes smaller, but superior in MANY ways. Outstanding game, and I would happily pay that amount for games of this quality...every time.
  7. Just played No Man's Sky for the first time in my PS5, and all trophies auto-popped.
  8. I am actually really enjoying playing the original again!
  9. I am having this issue, and I actually can't find anything I am missing. Went though all 197, there are no question marks anywhere. I am in chapter 6 of NG+ and really don't want to have to play through again just to scan all enemies in the hope it'll pop. Ugh.
  10. Cool, thanks. Haha.
  11. Mine as well, I opened a case with 2K support and they claim that they are indeed working on a fix. We shall see.
  12. I poke my head in here every week to see how people are doing with this. I gave up with a couple trophies left after 6 playthroughs... hoping for a patch. Good luck to you all!
  13. I guess an unpopular opinion... but I am enjoying it? Playing a lot solo, occasionally with friends, and a tiny bit with randos. All been pretty enjoyable so far, with obviously the loading times (bad, but not horrendous) and the fact you can't carry over a group to another dungeon (annoying) the main negatives. Otherwise I have been having fun.
  14. I'm getting off too, but I didn't get to finish off the plat. Stupid glitches. Congrats!
  15. This is what I was doing, but after 6 tries I've thrown in the towel, as least for now. I only need the two trophies for killing/flipping rackets but I just can't get the game to make it through without crashing - tried one session, reloading checkpoints every time I assign a racket... no luck. I will cross my fingers for a patch and come back to it if that ever happens. Really infuriating.