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  1. I am having this issue, and I actually can't find anything I am missing. Went though all 197, there are no question marks anywhere. I am in chapter 6 of NG+ and really don't want to have to play through again just to scan all enemies in the hope it'll pop. Ugh.
  2. Cool, thanks. Haha.
  3. Mine as well, I opened a case with 2K support and they claim that they are indeed working on a fix. We shall see.
  4. I poke my head in here every week to see how people are doing with this. I gave up with a couple trophies left after 6 playthroughs... hoping for a patch. Good luck to you all!
  5. I guess an unpopular opinion... but I am enjoying it? Playing a lot solo, occasionally with friends, and a tiny bit with randos. All been pretty enjoyable so far, with obviously the loading times (bad, but not horrendous) and the fact you can't carry over a group to another dungeon (annoying) the main negatives. Otherwise I have been having fun.
  6. I'm getting off too, but I didn't get to finish off the plat. Stupid glitches. Congrats!
  7. This is what I was doing, but after 6 tries I've thrown in the towel, as least for now. I only need the two trophies for killing/flipping rackets but I just can't get the game to make it through without crashing - tried one session, reloading checkpoints every time I assign a racket... no luck. I will cross my fingers for a patch and come back to it if that ever happens. Really infuriating.
  8. Thanks for sharing these.
  9. As someone who has just completed 6 playthroughs, and has not been able to get either of these trophies, I would suggest starting from scratch - continuing has not yet worked for me after a crash.
  10. Well I'm officially giving up on this for now. During playthrough 6 my game crashed about half way through. I can't stand to do another playthrough from the beginning.
  11. So I flipped my 16th racket, no crashes (but over multiple sessions) and completely offline... No trophy pop. Guess it really does have to be in one sitting. Unreal.
  12. Agreed, but I hadn't done that. I was still in the mission, and still needed a bunch of money to even go and speak to Jim again. In any case, I just finished it after trying for a while, so I guess I am in for the long haul... for the 5th time so far! I have had to start taking longer breaks from this game. So frustrating.
  13. Well, not sure what happened, but this glitch doesn't work for me. Did the mission, collected the 10k, drove off a ways, came back... nothing there. Drove further away... still nothing. Oh well.
  14. I've done a few of these planets, but done have triggered any of the trophies... EDIT: The bit I was missing was uploading the complete list. I assumed uploading all your discoveries was the necessary bit, but it is not. I had to actually go in to the fauna for the completed plant, and above the list of each individual fauna there is a little bar that says something like "Upload the complete list for XXX nanites". Clicking that unlocked the first trophy.
  15. That's the part that seems odd to me, I know a few people that have played the game, turned it off between sessions, and gotten all the trophies. I assumed the glitch was then caused by a crash, and that after a crash everything you said above is true. In any case, I guess I may just find out the hard way because I have switched to other games a few times during this playthrough. I fully intend on using the farming method you mentioned for money - thank you.