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  1. No bugs or glitches on any of mine so far, although they are strangely delayed at times. For some of the kill trophies, I'd get the pop a good minute or so after the kill that earned it.
  2. I did as well!
  3. Well my PS3 backlog is down under 10 now, so it could be fairly soon. While I worked on this, my PS4 backlog ballooned, so I'll just be moving on to those!
  4. All good man, this thread was genuine curiosity!
  5. Well in case anyone cares - I did have a cloud save! I was able to get my Aqua file back, with a few less hours (which is way preferred to starting over). Phew.
  6. Well, I've learned my lesson now too, haha. I have one last hope that maybe I have a cloud save, but my guess is that it was also saved over overnight. Otherwise, I guess it's Aqua time.... again.
  7. Brutal. I have saves for the other two, but didn't realize that her post game save was for the Final Episode and just saved it over. The real bummer is that I had actually spent some time and gotten all her abilities before beating the game. Ughhhhh. Thanks for the response.
  8. So, I ended up saving over Aqua's save (she was the last character I played with) with the "Final Episode" save - didn't realize until this morning. Am I going to have to play through Aqua's story again to complete all of her reports/various other things? Ugh.
  9. Haha, hey it's all good! Do you ever avoid games based on plat difficulty?
  10. Love the idea! Won't have the game for a while, but will be sure to come back and post when I do. Looking forward to checking out some cool character designs.
  11. As a trophy hunter, I couldn't be happier with this. I am not a MP guy, and a lot of my games are left with MP trophies uncompleted.
  12. I wouldn't say very interesting, but definitely not the worst. I'd put it in the middle of the pack somewhere. Having played every AC game (except for Chronicles Russia/India), I can share a few personal opinions: Worst game: Unity Worst story: Unity Most boring protagonist: Connor (Bayek is a close second) Most underrated: Syndicate (although Rogue is a close second) Most overrated: 2 (still good, but I like Revelations better)
  13. ....aaaaaand it turns out this probably isn't the case, at least not yet. I hope it doesn't happen, but it appears to be on the table (which stinks).
  14. Opinions can't be correct or incorrect.... but this is correct. 😂 Do whatever you want to do, but I don't get it personally. Cherry picking the games in your "main" to make your percentage look better doesn't make any sense. It's like if a baseball player wanted to make his batting average better by wearing someone else's jersey when facing a tough pitcher. In any case, if someone wants to do it - go for it. I just have one account, and I use it to play all my games.