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  1. I really enjoyed mine while it worked, but it only lasted about a year before it died.
  2. Are these still obtainable? I haven't played this game in years, but would be willing to help if they can still be done.
  3. Happens to be on sale in the US store right now too ($7.49) - guess I will pick it up as well! How far back we talking then, because boy is there a massive list. PS1? PS2? PS3?
  4. I assume you are limiting this list to games with trophies?
  5. I am in a similar boat (although not quite as small a list). I have been working on this backlog over the past few years - I set up the PS3 in a different room, and use it a few times a week. Right now I am down to about 20: Nier (in progress - only speedrun left for the plat) Dragon Age 2 Beyond Two Souls Tales of Symphonia Tales of Symphonia 2 Tomb Raider: Underworld Zone of the Enders HD Collection Risen 3 Bound by Flame Sacred 3 Dragons Crown Bionic Commando 2 Dungeons and Dragons: Mystara Hitman Absoluton Dungeon Defenders Labyrinth Legends MGS3 MGS4 MGS: Peace Walker Metro: Last Light Thief
  6. So funny how farming goes - I did the eagle eggs in about 15 minutes during the quest that requires one. Was almost literally no effort at all, but then something like memory alloy is taking me ages.
  7. Top 3 games: 1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey / 124 hours 2. Uncharted 3 / 92 hours (tried really hard for that 100%, and failed) 3. XCOM 2 / 83 hours Days played: 251 days played at 1,114 hours clocked - longest streak was 8 hours Trophies earned: Total: 1,676 Trophies earned Platinum: 33 Gold: 134 Silver: 382 Bronze: 1,127
  8. Impossible to say, considering we don't even really know any of the features. It's entirely possible I will get one day one, but it's too soon to say at this point.
  9. No bugs or glitches on any of mine so far, although they are strangely delayed at times. For some of the kill trophies, I'd get the pop a good minute or so after the kill that earned it.
  10. I did as well!
  11. Well my PS3 backlog is down under 10 now, so it could be fairly soon. While I worked on this, my PS4 backlog ballooned, so I'll just be moving on to those!
  12. All good man, this thread was genuine curiosity!
  13. Well in case anyone cares - I did have a cloud save! I was able to get my Aqua file back, with a few less hours (which is way preferred to starting over). Phew.
  14. Well, I've learned my lesson now too, haha. I have one last hope that maybe I have a cloud save, but my guess is that it was also saved over overnight. Otherwise, I guess it's Aqua time.... again.