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  1. i fulfilled every single criteria in the workaround and nothing popped im done tbh, im getting the us version later
  2. Ive finished Relic Hunter, Epic Hero and Goldfinger, but none of them got unlocked after the glitch gg i guess
  3. some trophies dont seem to unlock since the new patch came out. im currently at zone ~1100 and Epic Hero and Relic Hunter should've unlocked a long time ago does somebody have the same problem?
  4. this was absolutely abyssmal ill pick up monster hunter and undertale, but thats it that undertale locket was cute tho
  5. Signeth me the fuck up for the Recruit list -Assassins Creed 2 -Assassins Creed Revelations -Assassins Creed 3 -Assassins Creed Liberation HD
  6. so do you have to actually buy those recipes from Thor for the trophy? edit: yeah those three mighty potions are the only ones left and im already in Zoldren, i probably fucked myself because i cant speak to Thor just like Tankor_smash edit2: i can confirm that you have to talk to Thor before killing Dantero in front of the temple
  7. Also this trophy only unlocked for me when i traveled back from Cappadocia to Constantinople in the loading screen