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  1. This is the clear example of the debate on whether it is worth having the profile with all games at 100%. If you have money (to spend 20 euros on this garbage game and its dlc) then yes, for most people it is not worth it.
  2. skip Call of Duty: Ghosts
  3. obviously I was referring to the issue of money, but I put it wrong. English is not my native language.
  4. the thing is, is it worth paying for a dlc when you have no money to spare just to get a couple of trophies? No, if you can spare the money, then yes. End of question, I don't know why someone with 400 games and many of them with dlc's comes to give an opinion about something. You don't have to be rich but you obviously have money to spare for video games and you don't have to choose between buying a crappy sale dlc or buying a new game to play that month, you can buy both, and that's exactly why you don't understand that there are people who CAN'T buy both and can't get 100% of their games for that reason, or only have 30-40-50 games in their accounts like there are many in this thread.
  5. maybe they are on discount now and you have the money to pay for it, maybe someone else doesn't have the money right now and then they don't discount it anymore (like in PS3 that since a long time ago there is no more discount), so again you try to speak from a position that you haven't lived.
  6. it's not that complicated, just admit that if you didn't have money to spare, the dlc's would prevent you from getting 100%. There is literally another pretty hot post right now where they are complaining about borderlands 3 and its abusive dlc's and you have 100% on that game. Not only did you buy the game for its full price surely, but you also paid 50 bucks (the price of one or more whole games) and yet now they have put more dlc's outside of the season pass (I'm talking in general, not that you did just that). If you are a person limited in economic issues now you have to decide whether to spend your money on a whole game or spend it on a dlc for 5 bronze trophies. You can afford both and that's why you don't care but many people can't, and it's as easy as looking at the % of platinums and % of 100% in those games.
  7. spending 200 euros on food is not the same as spending 200 euros dining one night in a restaurant, just as spending 200 euros on several games is not the same as having the money to spend 200 euros on some dlc's of a dead game to get 10 bronze trophies. what i don't understand is why an american comes to talk about money, for your profile you have the ps5 and all the possible games of this, obviously you are the clear example that you have that % of completion in your games because you have money to afford all that.
  8. with that you are just proving me right, what good does it do you to have 100% rel on the account if because of that you have decided not to play many games of which probably many you would love to play and you don't do it because of dlc's or because they have online? I don't regret playing cod's because in all of them I have hundreds of hours online with my friends and had a great time, which is what video games are all about, not making me an account in 2018 to play 40 games of which the vast majority have 20-15% platinums like you have done. Literally what's so positive or good about that? Hint: nothing.
  9. that you can afford to spend money on games and then on dlcs does not imply that other people can I guess now cod's are the only games with abusive dlcs, when literally right now I'm playing ac revelations that has a dlc of 10 euros that last for 2 hours, 3 if you get all the trophies, Drakengard 3 with a dlc of 30 euros that lasts a few hours, etc I guess now the defenders of dlc's come, especially people who can afford to spend 30 euros on a dlc like drakengard 3 that brings 5-6 hours of content as you have done If you want to have 100% in every game, you have to have the money to buy dlcs that in the vast majority of cases are not worth the money it costs, if it hurts you it is because you have spent that money do not try, they will argue that spending 50 euros for 3 bronze trophies is fine, probably because they are Americans with thousands of dollars
  10. Regardless of everything they tell you, it is worth it if you are rich, if you are a normal person you CANNOT have a 100% account because ALL video games have DLC'S that are never or almost never on a discount. If for example I wanted to have 100% in my account, removing the impossible games, I would have to spend 200 euros on dlc's of call of duty zombie maps for games that I bought when I was a teenager for 10 euros simply to get a couple of trophies in a ps3 deadgame, worth? If you have money to spare then yes, but for a normal person there is no way it can be profitable to spend so much money on something like that.
  11. You can do this with only two controllers Ok, thank you very much, I'll have to play it, when I finish getting the online trophies of assasin creed I'll come to borderlands ^^
  12. I wanted to ask about if the only trophy that requires online 100% is the one about being revived by another person, because I don't see the dlc's have guide and I wanted to know 100% if it's just that it seems pretty easy to do and find someone before starting the game.
  13. I am desperate because I am unable to pass this mission in WOTD, it is the last one that I need for 100%, from the last DLC, I have tried it many times and it is impossible, I have summoned people level 750 through the tori gate and with nobody I managed to pass it, in the second boss suddenly revenants come with yokais while the boss is immortal and kills you with one blow, it does not make any sense, if someone can help me I would appreciate it because I am really desperate
  14. I just found out about all this now, do you know if they have put it in Europe or will put it?
  15. Yes, when I said platinum I wanted to say 100%, but thanks, just what people were playing online was what I wanted to hear, thanks