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  1. The glitch still works, but is not needed at all and neither is an easy playthrough. This game isn't like Call of Duty where you can get one shot at any point. you will always have a sliver of health left and the enemies will give you 2-3 seconds to heal yourself before they finish you off, plus you can save anywhere you want. The only reason you will ever die in this game is because you forgot to buy health packs.
  2. I cleared the entire Bright Lord campaign and I never saw a level 25 rune. Edit* I got it now
  3. I'm not sure how Mayo is worse then the 100's of 1 hour Japanese Platinums all of the top trophy hunters have, that the average person doesn't even have access to.
  4. 1. Killing Kil'jaden and completing the Sunwell Pleatau Raid at the end of burning crusade. I legit cried we killed him. 2. Making it into the top 500 trophy leaderboards during the PS3 era with no imports/easy Japanese games. It's also one of my biggest regrets as well, for obvious reasons.
  5. Persona 4 Golden & Dragon's Crown. 2 of the best of their respective genre's. I have this platinum and let me say, you are crazy for wanting to do this again lol
  6. Terraria. once you get used to the controls it's fun, but I don't recommend going for the platinum.
  7. '000119' this seed has a challenge rune in the prisoners quarter.
  8. I know it sucked, but you should be proud of yourself. I've always wanted the Vanquish platinum and you went ahead and got it. The worst trophies are the ones that are rng based and when you get them you feel nothing but anger for all the time you wasted. Like the Let's bounce Trophy
  9. You need to be in the menu ready to log out as soon as the dragon lands and his health bar shows up (the screen goes dark and it says are you sure you wanna log out) You can still see the dragon and his health bar from there. If your logging back in dead, you're too slow/doing it wrong. it has nothing to do with load times. Why some of you guys are choosing to do it legit is insane to me. You're throwing 100's of hours of your life away for no reason. Like I show in my video above it only took me 2 hours to kill 900 dragons at Ilvl21k. If your a tank or melee, open up a boosting session and find a ranged partner to pull the dragons into melee range or just level up a ranged character. Anything you do will be 1000x times faster then doing it legit
  10. Not a single reputable source nor a shred of evidence. People believing anything related to price no matter who said it reminds of the Anti-Vaxx moms on Facebook.
  11. The game is free on Playstation Now. I enjoyed the Van Helsing games and I wanted to play something while I watch TV...Big mistake. This game is 1000x more complex then Van Helsing and I'm completely lost
  12. The difficulty rating is never going to be 100% for everyone. I remember people on Ps3t giving Sega Rally Online a 2/10 for the PS3. I had to give up on the the 100% because it was impossible for me. I guess it was a 2/10 for people who like and play racing games and not 2/10 for everyone.
  13. How are you guys leveling so quickly? With the double xp, I was averaging 1 level an hour
  14. The dance scene was the best thing about Remake and Andrea is awesome. The main story on the other hand...