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  1. How are you guys leveling so quickly? With the double xp, I was averaging 1 level an hour
  2. The dance scene was the best thing about Remake and Andrea is awesome. The main story on the other hand...
  3. When I was playing FF7R, my pro would sound like a Dog barking in the distance.
  4. It would be great and useful to the trophy hunting community to have some sort of box on the front page that lets people know what games are offering Bonus XP. For example Double XP has been going on for 24 hours now in Fallout 76 and nobody in the forums mentioned it. It will most likely be the same situation when Neverwinter Has it's Double XP event in 2 weeks.
  5. This article says Double XP is going on now (June 4-8). I'm surprised nobody mentioned this.
  6. I'll vote for Final Fantasy 14.
  7. Is 100% possible? Yes. Will you get the 100%? Not likely. Why? PVP and endgame dungeon trophies in a f2p, pay to power up game.
  8. Me and my friend finished the trophy in one sitting today. We are both ilvl 21k and It took us 2:20 to get to the boss and farm 900+ kills. If you have more/better geared people, it could be done even faster then that. It wasn't hard at all and so much quicker then I thought it would be. Here is the last 15 minutes of us grinding and getting the trophy. Notes * I had a Claw of Bahamut equipped and we were both using x2 Dragon Overload enchants (From gemmonger at Stronghold) for extra damage. * People calming that you need to get the last hit on a Dragon, or that the kill only counts for one person are wrong.
  9. I bought a PS4 5 months after launch in April 2014 for 350$, Then I sold it for 225$ in 2016, when they announced the Pro and bought a Pro at launch for 370$. in November 2019 I sold the launch Pro for 225$ and bought the Death Stranding Pro for 300$. I'm ok with how my timeline turned out this generation and can easily see it repeating with the PS5. So I will be getting a Playstation 5 within the first 6 months again (assuming Covid-19 shortages aren't severe).
  10. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. You can turbo controller most of the platinum (though it will still take a long time) Hollow Fragment as well for relationship trophies.
  11. I didn't think it was possible to get to the boss solo. You can gear up quickly by farming Avernus sieges (Someone in chat will shout the number of where the siege is, when they do, quickly change instances to that number and go complete the siege, repeat) Everytime you complete a siege you earn seals of the fallen/ Seals of the deep, which you can exchange for gear. The Siege also give you 100 chaotic writings for every completion, which you can trade in for Juma bags which has 1,250 level gear. It's the first thing every 80 should do, but the game doesn't tell you. Epic mount speed is recommended, but not required. The enemies will hit you off the mount and try to kill you if your on a slow green mount, but if your careful you can go around them and get to the siege. Once your there you will be safe
  12. so how do people farm dragons now with level scaling? You can't get to the baby dragons in karrundax without a full group, can't kick or leave a random queue group and stay in the instance and good luck asking 3 other people to waste 20 mins of their life carrying you to the final boss multiple times.
  13. Gonna need something more credible then a tweet from a site run by a 19 year old.
  14. Too many!. It's impossible to play them all. I constantly think about playing a game in my backlog until I get 2 trophies, then move on to the next game and keep going until I played every game I own. It would tank my completion %, but at least I would be able to say I played every game I own. It's better then owning 100's of games you've never played.
  15. It's crazy how nobody can come to a consensus on how to properly level these weapons. Even the trophy guide is unreliable. Some people say play extreme, others say don't. Some people say use a weak weapon and get alot of hits, others say use your strongest weapon and go for crits. Also almost all of the information on the internet is from 2018. It goes dark after that. Rocket launchers, snipers and swords are painful to level and you have to do swords twice. It's really frustrating when nothing is working and nobody has any answers. I would rather level 10,000 sword skills in Hallow Realization again then level swords twice in this game.