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  1. Gonna need something more credible then a tweet from a site run by a 19 year old.
  2. Too many!. It's impossible to play them all. I constantly think about playing a game in my backlog until I get 2 trophies, then move on to the next game and keep going until I played every game I own. It would tank my completion %, but at least I would be able to say I played every game I own. It's better then owning 100's of games you've never played.
  3. It's crazy how nobody can come to a consensus on how to properly level these weapons. Even the trophy guide is unreliable. Some people say play extreme, others say don't. Some people say use a weak weapon and get alot of hits, others say use your strongest weapon and go for crits. Also almost all of the information on the internet is from 2018. It goes dark after that. Rocket launchers, snipers and swords are painful to level and you have to do swords twice. It's really frustrating when nothing is working and nobody has any answers. I would rather level 10,000 sword skills in Hallow Realization again then level swords twice in this game.
  4. Wow, I wish I knew this a few hours ago. I spent 4-5 hours getting Daggers and Rapier to 500 today, meanwhile it took 30 minutes to get 2-handed sword to 500 because of the multiple attacks. At least It was all automated with a script and I didn't actually have to do any of the fighting. I fought the 'Oltrum Bastion Cordia Twin Slimes' on hard (lvl 75, 5 levels below me) because they don't hit hard enough to get through my HP regen and they also regen their own HP, so I can be AFK. On nightmare they hit too hard. I'll try looking for the Golem you're talking about.
  5. I'm guessing Damage has something to do with it. It took me 60-90 minutes to get to 500 with daggers doing 8-10 damage per swing on a slime and 20 minutes to get 2-handed swords to 450 doing 800 damage a swing on the same mob.
  6. You have to do every area multiple times (too many times if you ask me). More then half of the game is backtracking through the same areas. Plus right before the final boss, you can teleport to any area you want. It's a good thing your eager to go back to old areas, because that's the game
  7. Got the platinum in 18 hours. As long as you do the save trick for the collectables you should get the platinum naturally. The final area starts giving out gems like candy. I was 12 gems away from being able to max both attack and defense at the end of the game, so doing the save trick saved me an hour or 2 from having to look for them.
  8. The Sunflower Plant from Conkers Bad Fur Day. I just like bouncing on things.
  9. The 2 platinums I saved hacked to get trophies. Back in 2009 on the ps3 there was a few games could be platinumed in seconds using a save hack. There was no trophy leaderboards back then and I never even thought about it, but alot of people did it, it was a different time. Then this site started, had leaderboards and banned anyone that saved hacked those games. Thankfully we were allowed to hide the games and regain our place on the leaderboards, but yeah it's not worth being labeled a cheater over 2 platinums, so I regret those.
  10. The private server stuff is a dead giveaway that this is fake. People hate private servers in Fallout 76, so lets start a rumor to get people to hate on Sony. This is a Troll rumor with no corroborating sources designed to rile people up. Would have been more believable if it was a PS Now/ Plus Bundle.
  11. I said the same thing about Sega Rally arcade on ps3. people voted the difficulty 3/10, but the game is a 10/10 for me.
  12. Sounds exactly the same as before, So not much has changed. Good thing for me because the game is an 80gb + download. I still think they will add some form of matchmaking difficulty eventually. Bungie is on it's own now and has to pay it's own bills. I don't think keeping a bunch of cool content locked away from the majority of your paying customers is a good business strategy
  13. At times there are server issues where you disconnect from the server everytime you finish a match. The only way to fix it in my experience is to close the game and reopen it. This server issue prevents trophies from popping (All explore trophies and the Multiplayer trophy). So once it starts you'll have to wait until the servers are fixed before you can continue trophy hunting. This last time it took several days for it to be fixed.
  14. Well if they we're hiding inside the walls, I think they would have revealed themselves by now. Both unknowns are probably bad guys, 1 of them being the final boss lol
  15. How many Special Titan's have been on the show so far? I count 7 off the top of my head, is that right?