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  1. I bought the digital version and I managed to get all the trophies and most of the time I wasn't the host, I think if it counts on the statistics will counts towards the trophy as well.
  2. I saw your later posting saying warthog wasn't available even though you beat the game on twisted difficulty then you said you got the trophy. I'm still doubtful, can you confirm if this method works or not?
  3. I see, I'll try later ========== Update: That was it, I absorbed those two left and when I was going to check on statistics the trophy pops up! Thanks @IDiivil for noticing this little detail.
  4. So guys I tried to get rid of Stats Life trophy but no luck until now. I didn't played the Fury campaign, but I finished all tracks through racebox.Currently my stats are like this: -------- I'm almost sure my stats are pretty the same as @C89-NYDCD, but still the trophy didn't pop up... Am I missing something? maybe you guys can help me with that.
  5. So about the online requirements, I just need to do: - Play one online race - One online kill Just these two?
  6. Frostezin Resident Evil 5 I'm pretty sure that my case can't be solved but I have to ask because I want to know if there was a case similar to mine, since I have no idea how did this happen and I plat this game in a legit way. So by any chance these chapters trophies cannot bug/ glitch? I can't be the only that this has happened to.
  7. Frostezin Shadow of the Colossus In my case I only get the HP and Stamina trophies after finishing normal mode, normal time attack, hard mode and hard time attack. Then on normal I picked the lizards first then the fruits. I am sure it is pretty possible to do this.