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  1. I see, I'll try later ========== Update: That was it, I absorbed those two left and when I was going to check on statistics the trophy pops up! Thanks @IDiivil for noticing this little detail.
  2. So guys I tried to get rid of Stats Life trophy but no luck until now. I didn't played the Fury campaign, but I finished all tracks through racebox.Currently my stats are like this: -------- I'm almost sure my stats are pretty the same as @C89-NYDCD, but still the trophy didn't pop up... Am I missing something? maybe you guys can help me with that.
  3. So about the online requirements, I just need to do: - Play one online race - One online kill Just these two?
  4. Frostezin Resident Evil 5 I'm pretty sure that my case can't be solved but I have to ask because I want to know if there was a case similar to mine, since I have no idea how did this happen and I plat this game in a legit way. So by any chance these chapters trophies cannot bug/ glitch? I can't be the only that this has happened to.
  5. Frostezin Shadow of the Colossus In my case I only get the HP and Stamina trophies after finishing normal mode, normal time attack, hard mode and hard time attack. Then on normal I picked the lizards first then the fruits. I am sure it is pretty possible to do this.