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  1. I wasn't so sure that I would get this, but now, I will make sure that I get it... But then, I do play most fighting games, regardless if I can plat them or not.. Doesn't look so bad, and I find the trophy images quite nice too.
  2. This is the first time that you started the game on that specific ps3, right? That usually happens when starting a game when there was trophy progression done on another system (or same system, before formatting/factory reset it). After you sync your trophies again, it should put everything in place with the older timestamps and all (if there weren't any, that would mess stuff up, like Yuri said). Really nothing to worry about (and it happens frequently to me, because I use different ps3 at different places, although I panicked when I saw that for the first time too..)
  3. I'm not sure what was my first trophy from the few missing time stamps ones, but PSNProfiles says that's Art Critic in Wheelman, so it's possible. My #10.000 is Deus Ex Mankind Divided platinum (#CantKillProgress), because effectively, you can't kill progress!! Ya, that was totally the reason why I used that for this big of a milestone. Also, congrats on hitting that number! It's always a nice mark for sutch a long journey!
  4. Just watched the trailer, and that looks all Midgard part (including the bike mini-game), but I didn't noticed anything related to the Slums market stuff, so, maybe they are really cutting that part? Still, while this is the more compact part of the game, it only amounts to about 10% of the game (I think), so, that's not much.. So, I doubt we will get half of the game, although the Choco Chick bonus summon, may mean that we will get a bit outside Midgard, or that they are cutting that part too, and this is how we get the Chocobo Summon? But as I said on my other post, I just pre-order the game because of the steelbook..
  5. That's a really cool steelbook.. Just pre-order from SE store too..
  6. Time for me to do my update.. As I was expecting, after getting a ton done in the 1st week or so, my gaming got to almost an stop, with little improvement (well, boost on Batman Arkham Origins is particularly at fault, along my work). The update: Round 1 (33/40) 1. Get a trophy that has the letter J - YOU JUST LOST YOUR.... (Daytona USA) 3. Get a trophy that begins with the letter N - Now More Boscow (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4) 4. Get a trophy that begins with the letter E - Explorer (Rainbow Skies) 5. Get a trophy from a game that has an E3 trailer - Statistical Advantage (Mortal Kombat X) 6. Get a trophy that has at least 3 words in the trophy name that contain the letter E - a land fEw darE to Enter (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4) 7. Get a trophy from a game that is a Playstation exclusive - Armor Collector (Valhalla Knights 3) 8. Get a trophy from a game in your favorite genre (RPG) - Master Thief (Rainbow Skies) 9. Get a trophy from a game that is originally released in the month June or July (Doesn’t matter which year) - Perfectionist (Rainbow Skies) 10. Get a trophy that has exactly 1 letter F in the trophy name - First Place BEGINNER (Daytona USA) 11. Get a trophy that has all the letters C R A S H in the trophy name - CHARiotS of the Dogs (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4) 12. Get a trophy from a game where you can control a car or bike - Slot Machine (Daytona USA) 13. Get a trophy from a game in the genre: Sport - Wet in the Vette (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit) 14. Get a trophy that has all the letter C A N C E R in the trophy name - ChAllENge CleaR (Daytona USA) 15. Get a trophy that has all the letters S U M M E R in the trophy name - Even MoRe Sand scUlptures for my collection! Mwahaha! (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) 16. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A R I O in the trophy name - nO MoRe bIrthdAys (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4) 17. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A K E R in the trophy name - stEAlth Missions will be a bReeze liKe this! (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) 19. Get a trophy that has all the letters F E S T I V A L in the trophy name - FIrST pLAcE adVanced (Daytona USA) 22. Get a trophy that has the word ‘Dance’ or ‘Dancing’ in the trophy name (May also be part of a longer word) - Dance All Night Away (Mortal Kombat X) 23. Get a trophy from a game where the protagonist is or has a father - I like those odds (Batman Arkham Origins) 24. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A R V E L in the trophy name - pLAy! scREaM! haVe fun! (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) 25. Get a trophy that has the word ‘Dark’ in the trophy name (May also be part of a longer word) - Dark Future (Mortal Kombat X) 26. Get a trophy that has all the letters D I S N E Y in the trophy name - You'll NEeD thIS (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4) 28. Get a trophy that has all the letters E L S W E Y R en the trophy name - LookS likE WE aRe both here to staY. (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) 30. Get a trophy from a Playstation Now game - Repair HORNET (Daytona USA, I think that it's on PS Now) 32. Get a trophy where the first letter in the trophy name matches the second letter in your PSN username (A) - AI Interrogator (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4) 33. Get a trophy from a game that has a soundtrack (the game has to feature real songs or must have an official soundtrack released with in game music) - Most Wanted (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, have real songs) 34. Get a trophy from a game that is originally released in 2016 - Arch-Rivals by Blood (King of Fighters 14) 35. Get 2 PSNP Rare trophies (They must both be locked in for this challenge) - A Kontender + BUDDY!!! (Mortal Kombat X) 36. Get a PSNP Very rare or Ultra rare trophy - I'm Number 1 (Mortal Kombat X) 37. Get a trophy from a game that has multiple weather conditions - Golddigger (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, sunny, rain, fog and sandstorm, I think..) 38. Get a trophy from a game that is made by an Asian developer - Survive: 5000 (Daytona USA, Sega AM2 and AM7 are based on Tokyo) 39. Get a trophy that is rated PEGI 3 or 7, or rated E for Everyone - Rank In (Daytona USA, PEGI 4, ESRB E) 40. Get a trophy from a game that you have used to complete a challenge in a previous month - Inner Strength (Mortal Kombat X)
  7. Finely managed some progress.. I finished "Abzu" for "1. It's Summer Time!" No time for more today.. Now I'm 100% sure that I will not complete the full list, but I hope to at least get more 1-2 done.
  8. I like the idea, but this would 1000% be better if it used game completion %(100% rarity) than plats. This way it would include everything, while differentiating from the total games complete statistic.
  9. No problem. I actually use a mbile Hotspot where I live during the week days (rented room), and when I run out of data on that one, I just share from my phone, that's why I knew about it. That was also why I said to use it only to sync the trophies (this wouldn't use to much data at all), and not to actually play or download stuff, doing those would quickly eat all your data plan from your phone for sure. This logistic problem of mine is also why I only keep a ps3 and vita on the week days, as well as why I sold my original ps4, with a hotspot with limited data (30gb from my hotspot + 5gb from my phone), it's unthinkable to keep a ps4 here, since almost anything would on ps4 would eat all my data plan in a few hours.. And, yes, still no update from me.. I will try to get around to it tomorrow (I hope..).
  10. I'm not sure how's the game nowadays, but I believe that the major bugs were fixed already and that the major flaws of the game are lack of originally (theme done to dead) and being overhyped by Sony.. To some extent it wasto be expected to be a somewhat worse game than all other first party titles (at least in my eyes, but Zombies never really attracted me, even if I enjoy some post apocalyptic settings). I would suggest to check some more recent reviews of thr game, since those will be more accurate of the current state of the game. And as far as numbered scores go, although not an average review score, but the user score for a hidden gem, should tell you how much you can trust in the numbers alone.. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-3/dragon-fin-soup Userscore: 8.0 (ya, don't take that last part seriously... Still quite funny).
  11. Just for the porpoise of syncing trophies, why don't you just share your phone data (create a Hotspot using it), sync the trophies and turn it off? I know that this works, because I used it in the past for exactly that. I have been wanting to make an update post for a while, but I haven't got up to it yet.. Since I worked on the weekend and took the past 2 days off, I managed to get a lot done (31 challenges actually), but no post yet.. Maybe tomorrow.
  12. I personally usually start with what's less time consuming in a game that I'm feeling like playing, if I know that I will not stay around to finish everything. If I'm focused on doing everything, then I will take the hardest part out of the way as soon as I get used to the game again (long breaks make me forget stuff, so I need some time to get used to the game again). Also I do trophy clean up when I'm between games, or can't focus on a specific game, at this times, I will go for whatever I feel like on several games to see if something triggers me into continuing to play to finish a game.
  13. Mine lately keeps going up. Now at 35.80% I still want it to go to the low 35%, but for that to happen, I need to start clearing my unearned trophies, instead of starting more games to get a few trophies..
  14. Due to my vacations being canceled and me working on some weekends, my play time is severely cutted (specially on ps4), so to try to clear the 10 challenges, I'm having to make several changes.. With that, I will be changing games that I will use for each category as soon as I finish something suitable for them. On this note, I have 2 new games/challenges completed: Challenge #5: Movement - Daytona USA (It's a racing game) Challenge #7: Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 4 (I wasn't aware that there existed a cartoon about this series, but learned it during the Eurovision giveaway, I was still not thinking in switching from Hitman, but there's no other way for me to complete Hitman along the other ps4 games). My main plan for when I get access to the ps4 again will be Primal + Abzu because they fulfill 2 challenges here and should be fast to 100% (even without skipping stuff)
  15. I should have more than enough (I have 2 marked from games that I already started, 1 in MKX another in Dirt Rally + I remember seeing several from the Persona Dancing games, and I have the 3 PS4 games on my backlog, so that's easily enough for me). Also, my plan for this event month will likely be similar to last month, so I'm trying to get 40/40 in round 1, and after I do that, I will try to get to 101 challenges before I stop.