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  1. I know that's why I started with Minimalist.. I'm just not "feeling" the game, like when I tried long ago.. But maybe I will get into it by the time I finish the story. I saw that there's a Ballon radar for completing the game, so I will play without a guide for the remaining of the playthrough and do a clean up run after. Maybe I will enjoy it somehow if I play like this, because I'm not in a mood to follow guides right now (that's my issue with The Bridge and PolzAR or Vessel too)
  2. Well, somehow I managed to get the survival done in Garou, so that's out of the way!! I also started Unfinished Swan and got the Minimalist trophy after about an hour or two of getting lost and retrying and trying.. I also bought Asdivine Hearts, so, if I don't feel like playing Unfinished Swan, I will play that! Not yet convinced in playing The Bridge, nor anything for the 6, but I think that I'm on good track to get the 10 numbers fulfilled! 1 - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 (2651) 2 - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (5562) 3 - 4 - Toren (3564) 5 - Journey (3705) 6 - 7 - Hatoful Boyfriend (3707) 8 - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 (2348) 9 - 0 -
  3. Yes, that copy. I found it on FNAC site (going through Kuantokusta.pt) https://www.fnac.pt/ANIMA-GOM-THE-NAMELESS-CHRON-PS4-Jogo-SEM-FORMATO/a6419849# But there aren't many left apparently. I guess that I really got lucky that CP workers are on strike, and forced me to change my weekend trip for Saturday, instead of Friday.. Otherwise I wouldn't go to FNAC store at all.
  4. It's been a while since this was posted, but there's a physical edition on PS4 now, at least in EU.. I think it was to be released on November 30th, or at least the store where I pre-order it had it with that date, but a week after that date canceled my pre-order because they didn't knew when it would be on stock... After that, I though it was just a wrong thing in the store, and there was no actual physical edition, but today I found a lonely copy of it in a store for 20€, so I bought it without thinking twice.. Edit: @fabmorais_2011 I see that your account is Portuguese, so a bit extra info. I found it on a FNAC store, so there's likely a few other copies somewhere on their stores..
  5. No, there's no way to know (by looking at the trophy list), the only way for you to know that, would be to look for the trophy screen capture on ps4, since the ps4 always takes a screen capture of the trophy pop up (unless there's a share block in place on the game or section, like several places on FF Type-0 or FF7 and at all times in Persona 5 or Tales of Zisteria). Just for curiosity, why would you want to know how to check in what system people are getting the trophies in those shared trophy lists?
  6. Don't do that.. Actually looking at that, it's not to bad, but I wouldn't use the Strength/Vita gems personally.. To get the Meteorite to lvl limit break use a weapon that can get to lvl50 without morphing, then dismantle and repeat (that's the lowest lvl up get a Meteorite from). And just use junk that gives tons of XP for that (for example stuff that drops from the mission where you get Kaser Sensors if you are grinding that). There are 2 Golden Swords that cap at lvl 50 by default and the Kain's Lance cap at 99 by default. Also, use Cid's boost to reduce the number of Meteorite needed to hit lvl120. And an extra tip, when you get enough Meteorite, max the cap of the Kain's Lance and use the item that gives +25 STR in it (30 or so, I forgot how many it was) in one go. With Cid's 30% boost that thing will end with 720+ STR if I'm not wrong.. It's absurd!
  7. No, magic really isn't necessary. As for the 120 Honebami, just follow the lvl99 build, and add more of the same to get to 120. Also, since the bonus from Cid buff are always rounded down, unlock first the lvl120 cap, then add the amount of the required item in 1 go for max stats possible.
  8. Quotting myself for my idiocy.. Just noticed that Garou was the #2, not #4.. So it was a waste of time, I should had done Q.u.b.e instead.. Well, will do it next weekend.. Or will do Backgammon instead on PS4 + Vita (it's a #2 on PS4, and a #4 on Vita.. I actually bought both because I was feeling that I would end up needing to self boost it..)
  9. Half way done! I did end up going back in my idea and did Toren on PS4, since my #4 on Vita (Garou) is proving to be a bigger challenge than I thought.. 1 - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 (2651) 2 - 3 - 4 - Toren (3564) 5 - Journey (3705) 6 - 7 - Hatoful Boyfriend (3707) 8 - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 (2348) 9 - 0 -
  10. They translate the lists (we usually get new lists for EU and US releases). The games release in a few days, so the trophy lists should be up soon (it we get new ones).
  11. Get a lvl50 chocobo and get it to lvl99 Then do the missions for the final boss (grind if needed, it depends on what your character stats are as of now). And get all Sigils. Then do the Departure mission for the last trophy. I think 10 hours is a conservative estimate, really depends on how the Chocobo lvl up going (heavy RNG), and on what your build currently is. If you are already really strong and lucky with the Chocobo, the March update can be beaten in 4-5 hours easily.
  12. If someone wants some help, I will get home in about 2 hours and will be playing (not FF15) for at least 2-3 hours, so, I can go to FF15 to give a hand to anyone that needs.
  13. More like Australia or New Zealand.. Almost everything that's not Japan, Asia or NA is under Europe, I think.. And even then, I think stuff like Middle East and India also fall under EU region.. Sony just kept the old Pal region as EU, nothing else..
  14. I'm actually checking on psnprofiles.com (psnprofiles.com/trophies/####), but this is manually, so it takes forever 😂
  15. Same.. I'm still going through the number 6, since I'm not happy with what I found (I still want to avoid getting the plats, so I would prefer to not play Neptunia games, and I don't feel like turning on the ps3, since I have Sam and Max + Vessel as options for it..), so far only real candidate for a 6 for me is PulZar (augmented reality puzzle game for Vita for 2€). As for 9, you could start by checking what others are doing or plan to do from their messages, it's a start at least.