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  1. That's my only post from 4 years ago and it feels so strange.. After all this years, now I have 2047 trophies with under 1000 acheavers, leading to an Obscure ratio of 14.6% 😂
  2. Ok, finally listened through them all.. Way more boring than I remember last year.. I nearly was going to say Russia because they almost feel like a joke entry.. But in the end, I will go with Georgia, for some odd reason it gave me a Tiamat vibe and I like that.. But I still find it a bit odd... Also, as I commented before, I plat Fighting EX Layers a few days ago, and while it doesn't have trophies related to Arcade mode, it does feature an arcade mode.
  3. Ya, the harder ones are the other ones, specially the 50 interrupt 3 times. I would advise you to try to get everything else while working for the 300 wins (as well as get the 100 Ranked wins with a single character and/or summon at the same time, so that you get those titles at the same time too).
  4. It's no need to boost. The game as bots that fill up the slots (or take over player places if they end up dc). Actually the easy way to "boost" is to set the MTU to 500 (lowest value), to force any players that you find to dc and have AI take over their characters. You will just have to wait quite a bit between matches because it takes about 5 minutes for the matchmaking to go into a match with just bots.
  5. They are converted into Seasons Tokens, Badges and Medals (1:1 ratio). I think that they are all the same rarity too.
  6. I'm almost 100% sure that is only on Rally events. I still have the Rallycross (along the Wager) missing, but I barely have played Dirt Rally in the past months..
  7. After all, I found a game with Arcade mode... Anyway, I'm in the grindy process of finishing Fighting EX Layers (arcade mode was patched in a few years ago, no trophies related to it). I will submit my entry after I'm done with it (didn't listened to any yet..)
  8. No clue, I was helping with the initial idea, but that's not my call. Said that, I think that it should be revoked, it should only counts if it stays UR (or at least doesn't go much higher than 5%)..
  9. Currently there are 3 games with Q plats (with "several" stacks too). And actually 1 is still UR as far as I remember (Vambrace). It was patched a few months ago for the plat to be earnable, but not a lot of people played it at all, if a few of us were to plat it, it would quite fast stop being UR.
  10. I guess that I'm in, as usual... Now the big question is what should I plat... I sadly don't have most of my collection with me (so, Shenmue 2 isn't here), and while I'm playing P5R, I will only plat it in a few months for a milestone.. Does Black Clover have an Arcade mode? (I can't think of anything else right now..)
  11. Ok, then it's definitely odd. Did you try deleting everything and installing again? I don't know if getting the digital version would fix it, but as a last resort, you could try (if the price isn't to big..). Don't worry, if I was being "bothered" by you while trying to help you solve the problem, I could simply stop reply.. This is a public forum after all.
  12. From that photo, the Extra Pack 2 isn't installed, if you pressed X on the arrow at the left of it, it should download. If that doesn't download and install the dlc, then I don't know what's the problem with it..
  13. If it doesn't give you the option to download it is because it needs to be downloaded from the owned dlc section on the game app (before opening the app, on the dlc section, the first thing should be the owned dlc, you can install it from there).
  14. Odd, no never happened to me. I'm also not familiar with that coding, never saw any game with just numbers as the code. I also own the DB FighterZ + DB Xenoverse 2 double pack, so the code is different (I'm also 300+ km away from my copy, so checking is kind of impossible...) Are you sure that there's no in-game requirements to use Zamasu (like doing some DLC quests or advancing the story to some point?) While I started Xenoverse 2, I didn't played much, so, I can't help more than this.. Sorry.
  15. Bles code? (on the lower part of the case spine). That's what have to match the dlc region. If you post that info, we can figure out what region it is from. Do note that several games only allow the use of the dlc by the account that buys it (Street Fighter 5 for example). I don't know if it's the case of Xenoverse 2, but it's easy to test, just try using it with the account that bought the dlc.