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  1. Those are the only dlc needed for trophies? I'm asking this because they are cheaper than the season pass, and I'm not thinking in waiting for a sale on the season pass..
  2. OK, ya, my idea was the opposite, since I have the 300 wins on the full version.
  3. OK, got the idea.. So, I will need to do the 300 wins again regardless of that..
  4. @mogu-n0ex You mean the trophy progression carries to the full version? If that's true, I will try next time, because while I was thinking in playing this, I wasn't really looking forward to the 300 wins grind.
  5. Now's OK, since I got the 10 done. So, the final list: 1 - Dark Cloud (4121) 2 - One Piece: Burning Blood (4542) 3 - Batman: The Enemy Within (PS4) (6453) 4 - Furmins (2224) 5 - Dead or Alive 6 (8815) 6 - Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (PS4) (3346) 7 - Actual Sunlight (EU) (3997) 8 - Fighting Vipers (1768) 9 - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (449) 0 - Virtua Fighter 2 (1770) Thanks for the event!
  6. Thanks! But didn't do mine a little bit in advance? Unless I did got a #3 without realizing it, I don't have the full 10 yet. (that's why I'm still doing Batman Enemy Within) The image looks quite nice and fitting the concept well! Edit: Just checked the spreadsheet, looks like FF15 Comrades confused you again (I had the base trophies before the event, and got 100% of the trophy list after the event start). Anyway, I guess that I will just get Batman done, so there's no need to fix anything..
  7. Nice! Will be looking forward to that too! This events are always a great fun. I should do my final update today, since I just want to finish Batman Enemy Within, but want to finish the story on Soul Calibur 6 first.
  8. I think that this is my wake up call to finish the game ASAP.. Since most of the things in the game are linked to the server, I really should get the Lvl up, Kombat Modifiers, and online trophies really soon.
  9. Some "things" happened and I'm no longer avoiding plats (sadly, I can't get the 2 plats that I had set up on ps3 right away, but I can get a few others as soon as I install the games again..). Anyway, for now, 3 more plats earned, with 2 new numbers! 1 - Dark Cloud (4121) 2 - One Piece: Burning Blood (4542) 3 - Batman: The Enemy Within (PS4) (6453) | The Bridge (PS3/Vita/PS4) (3773) | Degrees of Separation (PS4, EU) (8703) | I Am Alive (PS3) (1393) 4 - Furmins (2224) 5 - Dead or Alive 6 (8815) 6 - Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (PS4) (3346) 7 - Actual Sunlight (EU) (3997) 8 - Fighting Vipers (1768) 9 - Chronus Arc (Vita) (8289) | The Secret of Monkey Island (PS3) (339) 0 - Virtua Fighter 2 (1770) We will see if I will add 3 more today.. Edit: 2 more
  10. Persona 4 Golden (quite surprised that it was something like that, since I used that game for the total trophy milestone too..)
  11. Finely I hit this mark (+ some..). Was quite a journey to force Dark Cloud 2 to be this milestone, but now's done! Dark Cloud 2 - Past, Present, and Future
  12. It's been almost an year since my last Weeblympic plat, but I finely got the 8th (along my 200th platinum) Weeblympic Plat #8 - Dark Cloud 2 Past, Present, and Future 11th of August 2019 List of Weeblympics (with dates): List of entered games (with % completed, and links to my trophy lists, may include games not on the 1st post, or not yet on my backlog): List of games entered, with images:
  13. Finely some progress for me, since I finely finished Dark Cloud 1 and 2, as well as got my 200th platinum! Ultra Rare Dirt 3, Dark Cloud 2, Driver San Fransisco, Modnations Racers Very Rare Dirt Showdown, Split Second, Need For Speed Rivals Rare Shining Resonance, Kingdom Hearts 2 Common Dark Could
  14. @Kristycism Many Thanks! I actually started improving Luck (was only improving Strength and Resistance (mainly this one), on the Lure Rod and when I improved Luck, I noticed quicker bites when I tried to fish Baron Garayan between my dungeon floors. I haven't tried to fish in the floors again, since I have been clearing everything else. I'm almost done with everything, just 4 "Item only" floors and 1 "Monster form only" on Moon Flower Palace. So, after those, I will try again. As for the motions with the different Lures, I actually only found 1 video about the Baron Garayan, and found several different motions for the other Lures, but it was feeling unreliable when I was trying (with a nearly stock Lure Rod). I will try to look better into it. Edit: Since I was having a hell of a time trying to get anything to bit with the Lure Rod, I went back to the Monster Swamp to lvl up the Fishing Rod, and while waiting for the right time to fish for the Mardan Garayan, I end up catching a 80+ cm fish, so I decided to forget about lvl up the Fishing Rod and start to do the medals.. So far, I got 6 medals on the forest (need 3 with size over 66 cm), and already caught 1 with over 90 cm too, so we really don't need really high stats on the Rod. My current one is at 6 Strength, 11 Resistance and since that's been enough for the fishes, I'm just adding points to Luck, now at 17 (the 90+ cm fight was caught when it had 4 Luck..). So, the Fishing Rod is way more reliable than the Lure Rod for this, for sure! Again, thanks for the tips!
  15. Does anyone have some tips for this? I know that the Lure Rod give bigger size fishes, so I have been using it, but barely got any fish to bit, with exception of the fishes in the Monster swamp (I got several there with the Minnow Lure) and the one required for the trophy (I actually have such a success catching him, that I'm lvl up the Lure Rod with him..). Now really sure what to try to catch the fishes for the medals, because so far I only got 3 of the 23 fishing medals. I essentially gave up for the time being, and am focusing on everything else, currently, but it's annoying me, because soon I should be done with everything in Mount Gundor (4 Item only + 4 Spheda left) with only the fishing and the Moon Flower Palace to go.