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  1. Ya, probably. But if you want to try to boost it before buying the dlc, let me know and we may find a time to try it.
  2. I don't think so. Anyway, after looking further, this is what's needed: - A Kiss for Geese, Cyber Edit: Ryo vs. Geese (Added in Version 2.00) - Pasta: Andy vs. Tung (Added in Version 2.00) - London March: Billy vs. Hein (Added in Version 2.00) The only that requires Iori and Kyo, look like it requires both to be in Classic costume in the same match, according to this https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/181157-the-king-of-fighters-xiv/76539058 But I was quite sure that it only required to fight against one in the classic costume.
  3. I'm not really planning anything to big, and was mainly going for a full offline list, because boost can be annoying.. Said that, a friend recently asked me if I wanted to boost My Hero One Justice, so, I will add that to my list, since he's reliable. Other than that, I have been thinking about Blades of Time, but it has 1 online trophy, and may end up being a bad idea to use it. Other than that, I will just play whatever I feel like (Atelier and Deponia to start probably), and go from there... At least I hope to be able to focus ob each game for a change..
  4. If I'm not wrong, you don't actually need to own the DLC, you just need to fight a match with someone with the dlc costume on. That's because those gallery things unlock online as well. I could help, but I'm not sure if I will be around my ps4 during Saturday (that's the only day that I have access to it most of the time). But if you want to try, drop me a message / Friend Request on psn stating this trophy/game. It wouldn't take to long to play 2 matches, and I think that I have the game and dlc installed, since I did went back to it 2 weeks ago.
  5. I would assume that it would, since the save is stored server-side and linked to the psn id. Said that, the Spec 2 after all the patches is likely the same size as the original, since nowadays everything is copied/installed into the hdd..
  6. It's a "revised" version of the original game, with a lot of new content. The base story should be the same, but after that, there's a new semester worth of content. There's likely changes all around to include the new activities and side stories in the main game time-line too. Essential it's like the original Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden (everything Marie related, and a lot of Adachi related stuff was added for Golden), but supposedly there's way more content added to P5R than what was added to P4G. I always think that it's worth getting the newer one, even if you already played the original one, since a lot of things do change. Do note, that I'm also a lot into the unknown about it because I have been deliberately avoiding info. So, that's all the little that I know of.
  7. Where can I pre-order the EU version? (assuming that it has the same special edition)
  8. Much better than the black friday deals for me. I will at least get 428: Shibuya Scrabble, Nightmares from the Deep collection and maybe Forgotten Anne (I'm always interested in this game for some strange reason..).
  9. Ok, cool! Now let's see if I can follow my minimum plan (Hatoful Boyfriend for Christmas, Jurasic Park starting on January 1st, and finish Primal.. On top of those, I hope to finish Redout and not much more, since I have had 0 play time during week days, and as such, I keep avoiding playing ps3 at all..).
  10. @SpaceCoresDad I'm also interested in know about this: I had put Faery as my Lost Posadas game, but I want to change it to Redout, because Faery is scheduled for an event that only starts in January. Redout is an Anti-gravity racer, so, lots of "travel" included 😂 I did a little progress on Primal, but not enjoying it.. I also played a bit of Hatoful boyfriend Holiday game, but that one I will work slowly (reading on trips) and only plan to 100% it on Christmas day, for the bonus badge. Note: Faery is wrongly added as Saint Lucia's day, but I ignored it, until I had something relevant to post.
  11. There was never "an additional" challenge that required us to own all games before 2020, it's just a take some of us are doing, because we actually have the actual games in the backlog and a wishlist (like you), so, I think that it's logical for those of us who actually already have tons of games in our collection, that we would try to play as much of those as we can, and only buy more if we are missing an entry or something.
  12. @iXanon ya, I think that was the initial spirit of the event too. @Cassylvania I do support the idea of Transistor, the game was quite fun, specially for someone that likes the mix of active strategy + turn base style (kind of like Valkyria Chronicles). I think that the game did use something like that for the fighting.
  13. Ok, so, round 2? Let's say, 175 total? Good luck with the trophy!
  14. Ya, I'm likely one of the few that are doing it the other way around and actually owns most of the games in the list.. I do prefer to use as much from my backlog as possible (and it is huge..).
  15. I think that it would be ok, specially if you add that award.