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  1. There are a few more (1 of the weapons, Jumbo Cactuar and a few others, like the stronger incects in the Mi'heim secret dungeon), but the ones that are missable are bosses in optional dungeons during the game, so just clear those dungeons. Also, since it's a pain to get 100% story complete for the trophy (there's actually 101% possible in 2 playthroughs), I would use the 1st to do the max and clean up on ng+ speed run style, with maxed dresspheres and end game accessories it is really quick to clean up. There are also 2 monsters that will nevercshow up in via infinito, they are the 2 guardians at the bottom of Bahamut temple puzzle, but you can fight them infinitely there.
  2. Ok, then I think I will see if I can find a way to rubber band walk in a way that allows for the random encounters to continue to happen somewhere.. or maybe I will do it in he evil forest, but I don't like the fact that we can't save there..
  3. Any place to auto grind this outside of evil forest on early game? If now, then I will use that.. turbo controller + battle assist (invincible) + speed up + auto-battle should make this easy.. just need a good spot to farm.
  4. Nothing for me.. there are a few that interest me, but only if under 10€ each, so they are still expensive for me. And my shopping spree of last month needs to end.. After I buy Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughters for my brother (12€ used), and maybe Modnation Racers (5€, used).. just hope there's no more games catch my eye while I'm there...
  5. Ok, and ya, I know that about the 1 list being UR thing (I need to continue Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.. that's something that's 6+% on EU, but last time that I checked there was still a UR list..). I just completely forgot that there was another list for Anima and started to get worried.. then I guess I will postpone it until January..
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the rarity! Didn't noticed it was so close of the 5.5% I have this on my backlog for a bit, guess I will start it after I finish the GT Sport single player stuff (in an hour or so..).
  7. I was just pointing out that, nothing more, but whatever. As for the rule that I was talking, it's this from the OP I know that there are a few games that are no longer under 5.5% rarity, but at the time the person got the platinum it was still under 5,5%, and the said games were out for longer then 1 month when they got above 5,5% (unless I'm mistaken, I'm not really policing this stuff, just the Hack G.U. got my attention because I was looking if it was still eligible to add to my list, same stuff that happened with FFXII when it got released).
  8. I'm sorry for saying this, but I'm just pointing out that Hack G.U. isn't eligible at all for this event, because it dropped from 5.50% before it was out for a full month (it was released at November 1st, right?). I got the game during black friday, and at the time looked into the trophy rarity and it was past 5.50 already at that time..
  9. Finely time for a little update.. Weeblympic plat #2 - Thief Not really sure on what I will focus next on ps3, but probably not weeblympics stuff (probably just going to get NFS Rivals out of the way or other racer.. or maybe just continue to randomly play Guilty Gear.. whatever is the game that I started on ps3..)
  10. Thanks for making me thinking again about Xblaze.. the one I own was the other one on Vita, so, ya, I will play this one on PS3 (although I prefer the Vita for VN games..) The idea was to 100% it from PS+.. buying it would defeat that porpoise.. and that leads me to my original dilema of wanting to try it, but never getting the game.. Still I think that I will play the 1st one and then decide if I want to pay for the 2nd one.. but it's still bs that we are yet again getting bargain bin glitched games (in more ways then just trophies, if the comments about Darksiders are true) as PS+ games..
  11. Great... is it still possible to get a workaround somehow or is 100% impossible to get all trophies?
  12. I guess that I will try to return the copy of Darksiders 2 that I got last Saturday.. Still, I have been wanting to try Syberia for ages, so this is a good chance for me. And I could go for a double plat on Xblaze, but I'm personaly against double plats in general and specially in VN/tell tales games (that's why I have a few double plats, but not on that kind of games..). Other then those, I may try the other games for the quick trophies.. but nothing that I would normaly be interested in..
  13. I just bought Darksiders 2 last Saturday.. really not happy with if this is really true..
  14. The only change that would be nice would be that bt completion would carried over between playthroughs (this would stop the need to get all -ology drops or all 30k kills in a single playthrough), this alone would be a welcome addition, along some fix for the random freezes (that was stupidly annoying, and kind of made me save my game every 30 minutes to 1 hour when farming Arumat -ology as well as the 30k kills..). Said that, I'm likely to pass on this due to a huge backlog (with tons of 50-200 hours platinums..) and because I have less time to play now. The only way I would double plat this would be if they implemented the stuff that I said and/or if the trophy icons were new art, not the old ones (do note that I like the trophy icons, I'm just complaining that we don't get new art with the remaster.. but then we rarely get new tropht icon art with remasters..)
  15. My original objective was just to hit 10k trophies and that's dome for a while now.. So, my current focus will just be to end the yearat 90+% completion and under 1k unearned trophies as well as to get 2 more platinum (Thief and either GoW3 or Ride). Not a hard plan to fulfill, unless I end up starting more new games..