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  1. The ones that are following this still see it
  2. If I'm not wrong when I boosted it managed to get the VIP pass from a new game/sealed game to work. It was just a few months ago, so it should still work, even if the date says that it already expired.
  3. Seams like Talin was announced yesterday! This now starts to feel like a day 1 purchase.. Now just add Mina for me..
  4. OK, ya, I got the trophy on my first or second berserk, so I didn't look further into it. And the language barrier really is killing me 😂, I would never find out how to turn into the dragon by myself, since I can't read a thing.. Still, I hope to not run into much difficulties again (was stuck on a chapter 3 boss and had to lvl up a bit..). Still waiting for my Refrain Draconian copy..
  5. Wasn't there an item or something that would let him going Berserk even at end game? I think that I read it somewhere when gathering info for the original game.. Also, how the hell does he turn into a dragon? I stop playing this for so long that I forgot, and apparently there's a trophy for using it in 100 battles, but I completely forgot.. Ya, since I'm so close to 11k trophies, I'm now focusing on the original Shining Resonance.. I have other questions (since there's no trophy guide), but I expect to get most trophies without actually needing to worry about them..
  6. I actually would simply drop it and go play something that I enjoy (or sometimes I'm enjoying a game, but decide to try another, and end up liking more of the newer game and drop the one I was playing at the start), then eventually I decide that's time to clear son's backlog and go back to those games..
  7. Why don't they remake Iris trilogy, at least that's been lost for quite some time.. And while I'm not a huge fan of Atelier, that was my intro into the series, so it has a special place for me. As for Arland, I still need to convince myself to look for a PS3 version of Meruru to actually finish the trilogy, but I really want the stand alone game on disc for PS3..
  8. For me it's not a case of being her fan.. I generically like the FF8 cast, even tough for me it's one of the ones that I related less too (main fault is graphic wise, for some reason the way they decided to make the color pallet on the overworld made it look really bad to the point that I prefer FF7 graphics..), the story didn't felt that great with the last disc stuff.. but then FF9 kind of had a similar bs twist towards the end.. And as far as DLC goes, she's easily the more likeable of the 3 that we got so far.. at least for me, but I'm a "newer" FF player, AKA, never played anything before 7, so the other FFVI guy didn't told me much.. but then I like Terra (ya, odd), and I simply hate almost everything in FF12.. it actually was the main reason why I stop being a FF blind fan, and started looking into other RPGs, and I thank FF12 for that, otherwise I will still be missing out on a lot of great of experiences from the RPG golden era! Now I'm more of a FF, Disgaea, Persona/SMT universe fan, that can enjoy most RPGs (I want Shadow Hearts 1&2 on PS4.. and a P3 remaster too)
  9. Now I'm more interested in the season pass even if there's no dlc trophies, said that, I still need at least 1-2 more good characters and a massive sale on it to buy the season pass.. Her trailer also kind of makes me want FF8 in HD..
  10. As of now, I would expect it to be released in EU, since it was put in the recent blog post (unless they just copy past it from the US blog without editing the regional info, as usual...). https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/07/06/zero-escape-director-reveals-ai-the-somnium-files-a-detective-noir-mystery-for-ps4/
  11. Ok, nice! This first pyramid will be essentially easy mode to clear old games, the 2nd will be for me to start going into more time consumming stuff and maybe harder stuff. If I don't need to worry about the rarity after makind the pyramid, then it's 1 less thing to keep track!
  12. Ya, that's why I said that I was waiting for it to get really cheap (along a few other games, since I'm spending to much in collector editions, and I'm pondering DQ11, KH3 and Takes of Vesperia.. But I mainly collect steelbooks, so, Deluxe Editions may be enough..). Still mad that NISA Europe took my money so fast for Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen's Finest edition.. Wasn't expecting to pay for that this soon. Still, going to buy Fairy Fancer F, since it's so cheap and I can't find a copy of it that easily..
  13. I actually have World of FF Plat (played on ps4), recently started Caligula Effect on Vita (it's my long trip game nowadays), and I have the 1st trails game on my backlog (always wanted to try that series, but to much to play and to little time..), as for Tokyo Xanadu, I'm waiting for it to get really cheap. On top of my head I don't remember what other games I played while on transports other then BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, Mind Zero and Muramasa Rebirth). I focus on RPGs, but have a somewhat soft spot for racing and fighting, so most of my suggestions would be in one of those 3 types of games..
  14. Final Fantast X/X-2 Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Ys Memories of Celceta Persona 4 golden Tales of Hearts R Ridge Racer Asphalt Injection I can name more.. And that's stuff that I actually Plat while on my short trips (had to change transport halfway), only exception is Tokyo Twilight that I Plat on my current long train trips (2 hours and half). Since Vita as the sleep mode, you can play almost anything if you can sit and play for 15+ minutes at a time.
  15. I have a question that I don't think I saw anyone asking.. If a game in our pyramid changes rarity do we need to change the game? I'm asking this because Fallout Shelter is obviously not staying UR, and I may need to change that (but with my already started games, finding another UR to change it will be quite easy... And it's not even hard UR plats that I'm talking about..)