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  1. OK, that's an odd dlc... OK, I guess that I just gave up on the idea of even buying the base game on ps3 😂. Will play it on ps4. PS: Ya, I don't need anything close to NFS Rivals quality in my backlog, that's for sure..
  2. Interesting. I didn't knew that, but just checked (I got the GotY version on ps4 in my backlog), and you are right. While the game itself isn't cross-buy, the dlc is cross-buy, or at least I have it marked as free for the ps3 too. I guess that I will get the ps3 version of the game eventually, since I still don't know what version I will actually play (currently don't think that DA:I is something that I would want to double Plat..).
  3. Yes, but I believe nothing is cross-buy, so you would need to buy the game twice (same for the dlc, if you want the 100%).
  4. I love to see the reaction of some of you.. I'm not surprised that it will be implemented in this way, and it really shows how integral our Id's are in their system, as well as how hard it was for them to implement it. That's why there's all this potential "issues". But at least those that really want to change it, can change their ID. Also, I believe this is 1 more step forward on Sony abandoning their legacy systems, since this is clearly made for their newer players that started with ps4 and for their hardcore playerbase that keeps up with the AAA flavor games, since older games aren't really what they play nowadays. I personally don't care much, since I'm not changing my name and even without name change, I already don't recognize about 1/3rd of the people in my friends list...
  5. That is quite cool (and scary at the same time), because it actually feels like it captures the feeling of the original one...
  6. OK, many thanks! 👍👍☺️
  7. Ya, that's true. Usually there are trophies that are "likely to be the last one", but those usually aren't easy, so it's not something that I would leave for last with the intention to get the plat later. Luckily at least on a few of the games that I'm playing (including Dark Cloud and Rise of the Tomb Raider), there are a few trophies that I can easily save for last, but it's always a bit of a stress to not get them accidentally.
  8. Ya, that's some close management! I now need to forbid myself of getting plats, but will keep setting up them for later. Since Dark Cloud 2 will take a long time until it's ready to Plat and I want Dark Cloud 1 Plat before that + have mixed boosts on other games (Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, Rise of the Tomb Raider, among others), making the progress slower + I doubt that I will be able to stay away from other games for that long (Dragon Quest 11, Disgaea 1 Complete, Soul Calibur 6), making my Dark Cloud progression even slower... But as long as I'm having fun, everything will be good! And I can setup a Plat rain day for myself with all the plats that I setup until Dark Cloud 2 is ready 😂
  9. Actually the 1st question is redundant, since it includes the other 2 (but I know that cheating doesn't limit to those 2 things). As for me, technically I do cheat frequently, since I have no problems taking advantage of glitches in most games (even if it ends up being redundant, like me cheating Zone Zeus on Wipeout HD and doing Mach 1.5 on Wipeout 2048 legit.. If I can do one legit, there's no way I wouldn't be able to do the other legit too), + I boost many online trophies, and a lot of people also see this as cheating..
  10. OK, ya, it was. And I end up finding a few gems in there, since I probably would never even had noticed what Earth's Dawn actually is. And it was quite enjoyable! It just left me way to close to my 200th Plat without even realizing 😂
  11. OK, ya, I understand, if Kristy had already compiled them, there wouldn't be a need to double check them. I just had asked to wait until I was sure to Plat Dirt Showdown. As for the games: Persona 4 Dancing All Night Earth's Dawn Need For Speed Rivals Dirt Showdown RIME Anima Gates of Memories Gravel Odin Sphere N.E.R.O. Silence (to use all plats earned during the event). Still, if Kristy already did the art for my award as if it was Persona (because she may have missed the upgrade of the word), then keep my final word as Persona. Wait for her reply until changing it into either of the 2.
  12. Ya, that's not a nice feeling. As for my word, I did several posts on that, but maybe it wasn't clear in my last one.. Pendragon is related to King Arthur legend (it's also a British title, according to Oxford encyclopedia and a magician family name, I believe, at least from a Google search, that's what shows up.. I was just linking it to Arthur originally), so not surprising that there's a comic store with that name.
  13. Hope that you get that extension! And I know how stressful it can be when the date is closer! Thanks for the event, it sure was a fun one! Also, my word is wrong, I upgraded it for Pendragons after I Plat Dirt Showdown. I had asked @Kristycism to not change it until I Plat Dirt Showdown, because I wasn't sure if I could get it in time, but she didn't update it after. Also, a note for @Kristycism, if you already did the art for my badge as if the final word being Persona, then leave my final word as Persona. I don't want to give you extra work, when all this confusion was started by myself.
  14. Ya, it was the ps3 version.. I rarely play VN on the big consoles because I find the Vita more comfortable to read on (that's why I got several Danganronpa games, Nonary Games and Psycho-Pass on my vita backlog), but Lost Memories was given to ps+ only for PS3, so I played it on ps3. I do find odd that Lost Memories is always more expensive, rarely goes on sale and Code Embryo is the superior one..
  15. Thanks for the tips! I may go back to BBS someday, but not looking forward to it.. Same for Com.. As for KH2, I will go back to it after getting my 200th Plat milestone, or maybe before if I'm not feeling like playing something else on my ps3 (I don't have access to the ps4 at all times). I know about the skills, and the place where I'm is quite early, so it's still on the hard part, I heard that it gets easier as we go further in the story. And as you said, grinding should solve the problem, I was just trying to do it the harder way by speed run the Critical difficulty.. But, maybe the best is really to grind a bit.