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  1. Good luck! I already did all the MP (boosted the hardest one from the DLC, got lucky with another annoying one with randoms and did everything else in Solo Wolfpack). I think that AC3 was about as annoying online too..
  2. Not sure. From what I know, the server is unstable, but it's still possible to get the trophy for uploading a score to the leaderboard in each chapter (or whatever it is..). If it's really impossible, then it's something that I will not start at all either..
  3. Ya, I actually only started it to get the online done (PS3 version). I did the online in almost all PS3 games that I have, but in the process, my average completion dropped from 91%, and it still bugs me today that it's under 90%, so, I'm cleaning up a bit.. My only other PS3 games that have unearned online trophies are GTA5 (that I gave up to some extent because of Run Like the Wind), Lollipop Chainsaw and Blades of Time (didn't started either of them yet). Good luck with the stars! I don't really expect myself to plat the game...
  4. Ok, then it was likely the Vita version and I assumed borh were equally bad (it was ages ago too). So, I will add them back to the actual pile 😂 (Tears to Tiara, Tomb Raider collection, Sherlock Holmes, Lollipop Chainsaw and many other...). I'm not particularly into platforming games, but now and then I do play some for a change of pace...
  5. Aren't the Jak and Dexter a bug fest? Or something along those lines? I have had them on my ps3 for years, but never tried them because of that.. I do agree with Sly 1 quite fun game (the reason why I double plat it), I haven't has as much fun with Sly 2 as with Sly 1, but maybe I just wasn't in the right mood when I tried it (disc wasn't reading properly... To much scratch, but I got a second one..). As for me to suggest quick, easy and fun PS3 games, I really don't know lol... I did enjoy Remember Me, but that's probably not short.. And Murdered Souls may not be for everyone's taste.. I think that there's a ps3 version of The Wolf Among Us, that fast and fun..
  6. You are almost convincing me to go back and do some cleanup on Injustice.. Seriously, I have been considering that after I finish KoF14, since I have a lot of "not hard" trophies missing from that game... But I really need to focus on AC4, before something happens to the servers again..
  7. If you are ok with turn based gameplay, then ya, it should be a good entry point. Although keep in mind that Persona works somewhat like 2 different games that are linked by story and a few mechanics (a everyday sim and a dungeon crawler). For something more traditionally JRPG, you could try some Tales of, Ys, Dragon Quest games. Those are more typical with the story and action taking place in the same "plane".
  8. Picking up on my ancient post, I see that this didn't really changed much... Not really surprised, since I'm not getting so many trophies that are so rare nowadays... The new numbers and names: Dead or Alive 5 Gran Turismo 5 Mortal Kombat 9 Star Ocean 4 Hustle King's Divekick Modnations Racers Road Trip Grand Theft Auto 4 Skulls of the Shogun Qurare Wipeout HD Need for Speed Shift 2 Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Super Street Fighter 4 Grand Kingdom Street Fighter x Tekken Midnight Club LA Wipeout 2048 Pure Chess MotorStorm Pacific Rift Smash Cars So, now it's 22 games, but still 14 platinums out of 16 games, and the remaining 6 don't have plats... (2 new entries in bold, the 3 lower higher ones were replaced in all this time). Definitely my profile is getting stale at the lower rarity end... But then, finding easy trophies with a rarity under 1.47% is hard 😂 (well, easy trophies or finding time for big grinds..). Ya, this post is almost a waste of time 😂
  9. What I did was just park somewhere and leave it there for an hour or so, then finish the race. I used the last event, so there are no opponents "on track" and since it's a normal race, there's no problems with checkpoints or being eliminated or something.
  10. True, I sometimes forget how varied actually is the PSNProfiles community... What? I missed that somewhere.. I'm totally for a rarity leaderboard, like the individual system leaderboards that we have, but it should never replace the current one! Really didn't knew that there existed people thinking in replacing the main leaderboard with the rarity one..
  11. Ok, I see. I'm just not used to see people engaging in a discussion online when it doesn't affect them.. Point taked on the "Gaming vs Trophy Hunting". We just see it from a different perspective, for me trophy hunting is an extension of my playstyle, but you are right, there's definitely people that see it the other way around.
  12. As I posted before, for me, even on the rarity leaderboard every trophy should count, but weighted accordingly. That's the same as asking for system specific leaderboard, or a completionist leaderboard and so on... While they are interesting to have around, I think that none of those should ever replace the main timeless leaderboard, same goes for the rarity leaderboard that's been discussed here. Said that, ya, the idea of an extra leaderboard that would reset at the start of the year would be interesting to see. For me always the more statistics and leaderboards (within reason, friends only leaderboards or "game series" leaderboards are a bit silly at my eyes) the better. When you don't care what people do to earn trophies, then you aren't a gamer anymore, you are just either addicted to the system and that's sad (and usually not much later you hear that said person just got burn out from trophy hunting, simply because they forgot the joy of gaming). I usually don't have a problem with people playing some of those games, unless their profile is just that, and nothing of substance at all. Since those don't care about game quality and are actually only rewarding bad developers that release shovelware that only sells because it has an easy platinum (that then, extends to the trophy world). If you are wondering, yes, I played some of those games too, well, not exactly ratalaika, but Artifex Mundi, Tell Tales, and point and click games and Visual Novels (I like those styles). But I'm not in the numbers race, since I don't really care about the main leaderboard (my country position barely moves, and I stopped keep track of my world rank long ago). I would be slightly interested in any other leaderboard that would be created, specially if it's something that goes more aligned with my playstyle, since I focus is mainly on my average rarity (under 36% would be nice) and total completion (over 90% is a target), while playing everything that I feel like (JRPGs, Fighters, Racers, action adventure, point and click, interactive drama).. On a final note: I just checked your profile, and I'm slightly puzzled.. I usually see this kind of argument that you are doing from people that essentially just stack that kind of games trying to justify themselves, so I was expecting a lot of stacks with an over 60% average rarity (that's the typical profile that I have some grip with), but I was surprized that it looks like that your profile isn't anything like those, actually I believe that a few would probably qualify in the "why did you spent so much time to plat it, when you could get 100 other plats in the same amount of time" (I actually did got comments like those for my SO4 plat, even back then..)
  13. It's statistics. And I just checked (my Wipeout Omega is A, although I only have 8%, average is 4%, have a B on Zen Pinball is that's 8%, average is 6%) A = average + standard deviation B = average C = average - standard deviation So, wile I'm wrong about the 16%, but it should be much higher (well, it's at least higher than 20%, from what I saw at Ikemizi profile (he has a game at 20%, that as an average rarity of 16%) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4277-恋姫演武/ikemenzi Now, I don't really remember how much work it takes to even bring the completion of the game to 20%... the game definitely is a drag for me (but probably me doing 5 playthroughs to avoid the hardest difficulty is partly at blame..)
  14. You do realize that those same top 100 players stay top 100 because they are just stacking the same fast and easy games that "lateccomers" do to climb up the leaderboards faster? If you allow the easy plats in the leaderboard, then the higher accounts also benefit from it, and you never catch up anyway.. There's no mechanism that give new players a way to catch up, if everyone is playing the same bs... By playing those fast games you just see your rank go up fast because you are getting past the "dead and alt" accounts in the system faster, but you will never hit the top 100 regardless. Even in an yearly leaderboard, those top 100 players would still be top 100.. sure you would move up faster past dead accounts, alts and people that now has less time to play, but you would never really get into the extreme top of the leaderboard.. This is essentially just changing the rules so that you would be higher then you are supposed to be (this is part of the reason why Sony revamped the trophy levels, so that newer players wouldn't feel so bad because they to are on a high number level...). You really are underestimating why those guys stay so high on the leaderboard for all this years. I personally am in the group that every trophy counts (1 point for anything above 75-80%, would be ok by me), and anything under 0.5 or 1% definitely deserves more than something around 5%. For example, I'm completely ok with someone getting 5k trophies just to get the same amount of points that I get from Speed Freak on Hustle Kings (hell, I really want that trophy OUT of my cabinet, it wasn't even remotely THAT hard...) PS: If you can change the math, so that I become #1 on the Portuguese rarity Leaderboard, then that's the equation that you should use... (actually don't bother, since there's at least 1 person with nearly double my UR trophies..)
  15. Yes, the game is likely harder (grindwise) then the average Tales game, but I don't think that it reaches Symphonia (both games) as far as grind goes.. I think that the main issue with Zestiria is really the Sublord system as well as the grindy weapon upgrade system, makes for a really annoying game. I'm still working on and off on it, and need to finish Zestiria before starting Berseria and Vesperia. But if your concern is just getting an A on the game, then don't worry so much, since you only need to reach the same % as the average completion (16%). That shouldn't be that hard to achieve.