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  1. First one done... Well, now I only need 1 more trophy on Gems of War, but that one definitely will not happen during this event.. Now back to GTA5.. that's probably my next DLC, since I'm working on lvl up / Heists with a friend and I'm not playing much of anything else before I hit lvl 100 in GTA5.. Gems of War - Warband & Shrine Update ✔️
  2. I guess that I can join (while my current priority is GTA5 PS3, then get 1 UR plat this year, I definitely have to get motivation to work on Hitman, Hitman 2, FF15 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.. so many DLC yet to do...)
  3. Ok, then I should start it next weekend, since it's impossible for me to invest much time in gaming this weekend..
  4. Is this available on all weekends? I want to start this,but want to make sure that I can get the 100% without headaches..
  5. No, it's in a building a few roads to the right.
  6. Thanks for the clear up! I hadn't done that mission, so that was likely the reason why I wasn't able to see them. I did the Boneyard survival with a friend a bit ago, and now I see them, so, I'm more at ease (although we died at round 10..)
  7. Can't find it.. Still, thanks!
  8. Maybe I was seeing it wrong. But in the list on the right side, I couldn't see the Survivals, andon the "Jobs > Rockstar created" the Survival was sayings Unavailable. I'm lvl32, so, I should be able to see Survivals if they were available..
  9. Is it just me or now the Survival isn't available? (I still need that trophy and mode for Numero Uno...)
  10. I also look a more elaborated explanation on how you did it. How were you getting paired with the same accounts back to back (from what I was told, that's impossible).
  11. I'm guessing that I'm done. In the end got 7 trophies, since I got bored of Gems of War and went to continue Tales of Arise.. Total trophies: 15487 > 15494 Complete percentage: 89.16% > 89.21% Average rarity: 36.54% > 36.53% Quite surprised that those 7 trophies even made a change in my Average Rarity (nowadays it barely moves anyway).
  12. Well, my starting point is: Total trophies: 15487 Complete percentage: 89.16% Average rarity: 36.54% Not really sure why I'm even doing this log, since I'm quite sure that I will only get 1 trophy, and nothing will move much.. I will likely spend the full day hunting Gnomes in Gems of War to work towards that 100%, since funnily enough, this weekend is the Vault weekend in that game, so it's the Gnome hunt weekend too! Since it's unlikely for me to earn a trophy today, I will just do the 1st trophy on the NFS The Run story to make sure that I at least get 1 today.. then I will go back to hunting Gnomes.. unless I get tired and go back to Tales of Arise, but I don't know if I will get a trophy on that game soon either..
  13. My only goal is to get 1 UR plat this year... but I have not feeling like claring up any of my quick to plat UR games (well, Driver SF, everything elses hould take me over 20 hours to plat..). And the only reason for this target is because since I started, I have been getting at least 1 UR plat per year (actually the lowest amount was 2 UR in a single year).
  14. Really depends on personal taste.. Some that I think that have really cool looking icons are Tales of Arise, Okami, SoulCalibur VI, SoulCalibur 2, The Last Blade 2, Deraciné, Armello, Demon's Souls (specially the original list) and many more but I will stop listing them now..
  15. Those DLC are actually marked as purchased for me on the store (all costumes and the 2 Premium starter packs) I too wasn't planning to start it right away, since I'm working on other games, but I will see if I can resist it.. I quite liked the demo of Arise.