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  1. Ya, it's probably the best way to tackle it, but would require some digging and math to see what counts and what doesn't, so even if someone goes that route, they will at least be forced to do a little reseach! (way better then just go to PSN and buy as much Ratalaika games as they can..) I also avoided make a comment about the numbers because I didn't wanted to bring the subject to a lot of light. Since the points max multiplier is essentially 2, any 2 faster platinum will always be worth as much as a way harder game. For reference, initially when I asked about how our already started game would be scored, @Stedde mentioned that Persona 5 Royal is under 2000 points and don't count, but with my latest question to check he mentioned that Light Fairytale Episode 1 is eligible. Persona 5 Royal, like most are familiar, even though is easier than the original Persona 5, is still quite a long platinum. On the other hand, Light Fairytale is a 3-4 hours platinum without rushing (from what I read)... It fits well my plan to get 28 trophies for February event really fast, and by extension for the March event, otherwise I wouldn't even mention the subject. I do believe that I have a few other similar things in my backlog, but I will keep those ideas for me (in the case that I actually manage to get Danganrompa 2 plat next month..). Still, the event should be more about fun, than about discussing rarity and points (otherwise we turn this into another of those beaten to death trophy rarity discussions. THERE'S NO PERFECT SYSTEM)!
  2. Ok, then I will save the last trophy for March. Thanks!
  3. Can you double check if Light Fairytale Episode 1 is above 2000 points? That's for me to plan the final days of the February event (I'm aiming at clearing Mission 3 with Dirt 4 and then "rush" through Light Fairytale for either 27 or 28 of the trophies for mission 4). If Light Fairytale is over 2000 points, I will save the platinum for March..
  4. Now I definitely will need a PS5 this year... wasn't really planning to get it so soon, since only Demon's Souls interested me so far..
  5. For 0 - Mind Zero For 2 - Ride 2, Agarest War 2, Grid 2, Dirt 2, Final Fantasy X-2 (it has X-2) For 3 - Dirt 3, Persona 3 Dancing For 4 - Dirt 4, V-rally 4, Flatout 4, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Star Ocean 4 For 5 - Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive Last Round, Disgara 5 For 6 - Dead or Alive 6, Tekken 6 For 10 - Final Fantasy X (it as an X) For 8 - Everybody's Gone to Rapture (technically is the infinite symbol, but you know..) Stains;Gate0 - 1.129848 (yes, that's in the trophy, and isn't a "random" number..) Hitman Go - 110706 0401 47 (Agent 47 code bar..) Wipeout 2048 - 2048 (in the logo) Grim Fandango does have a Nº9 in it (wrote sideways) That's why I found in my trophy Advisor and trophy log.. I may give a look at the trophies section (filter for platinums only)
  6. Ok, ya, I understand that about the 1%, my question was mainly because I'm still focusing on backlog clean and wanted to make sure how that was going to be handled. This way, I will just keep on my current track while working for the event too! (well, and I want to finish P5R after 15K trophies, but that's just a 40+ hours side track...) Not surprised on P5R lol
  7. I'm in.. March will be annoying for me, but hopefully 2000p calculated isn't to steep of a target and Danganrompa 2 is eligible lol After the February event, I will likely be under 100 trophies away from 15k, so Danganrompa 2 will be my focus on March.. A question: I understand that game to be eligible needs to be worth 2000 p, but for example, if a full trophy list is worth 2000 p, but we already got 99% of the trophies for a game and then get the platinum during the event, will it still be eligible for the event? (I'm talking personally of Flatout 4, and Persona 5 Royal, although, I think that P5R isn't worth 2000 p).
  8. Ok, just wanted to make sure that my progress towards Mission 3 was being counted (although, I still have no clue how long Dirt 4 will actually still take, since the Rally championships are really long..).
  9. Did you miss my Kick-Ass 2 plat, or I missed something? (I should have completed Mission 2 before getting Kick-Ass 2 the platinum trophy).
  10. Congrats!!! Maybe they tweaked the difficulty? I remember those being extremely hard.. Well, maybe that's also a point sending me in the direction of returning to Wipeout Omega for the Wipeout Triple Crown, since I have the other 2 already.. This morning I just got done with Kick-Ass 2 lol, I will continue with Dirt 4 or Flatout 4, but I don't believe that I will get any new plats this month, so I will likely stay stuck in mission 3..
  11. I believe that I just got Mission 2 done... Really feeling like Flatout 4 will be a headache to plat because of Flatout mode, so I went to Dirt 4, since I know that this one shouldn't be hard, just a bit time consuming... Anyway, @Stedde Confirm that I really have mission 2 done, so that I can get done with Kick-Ass 2 and continue with Dirt 4 (don't think that I will return to Flatout 4 so soon..)
  12. Ok, so, no time to joke around lol I will just continue with the plan of Kick-Ass 2 and Flatout 4 for the event (Flatout 4 + Modnations would be quite a stretch).
  13. What? I was joking, because I always thought that the event ended at February 28th, not March 31st.. Anyway, I got Kick-Ass 2 essentially done, just need about 200 random points for mission 2 (Flatout 4, or maybe ModNations), then continue to clear mission 3..
  14. We have until the end of March, right 😂 Anyway, I'm still on mission 2, and now I know how to complete it (working on Kick-ass and Flatout 4 plat, but not earning them in mission 2, then unlock both for mission 3... That's likely my best shot of clearing both..) Almost everything in my backlog would take to long (even Arcana Heart 3, where I just need to do a combo for the platinum, but said combo would take quite a long time for me to do, since my input precision is crap and it requires 20 or something quarter circle input without fail..) Well, good luck everyone!
  15. As planned I changed my idea on Flatout 4... Finished Carrear mode, and started Flatout mode, but after getting a few golds, it was obvious that it would take way to long for the event... So, now I will be playing Kick-ass 2 in my search for the 3000 points... (although Kick-ass alone will not be enough..). Hopefully by Tuesdays, I should have mission 2 done..