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  1. I was planning to finish all 5 parts of King's Quest, but due to Le Mans 24 hours happening this weekend, I decided to go back to Project Cars 1 (was stuck at Le Mans 24 hours race lol), and just plat Project Cars 1, although that didn't help with the event.. Anyway, I completed the 1st episode, and as per the rules, that means complete (I will continue to play it anyway, but doubt that I will 100% all 5 episodes before the end of the month, because I will be likely working full time next weekend, or will get sidetracked by Nurbergring 24 hours race...) I also finished A Plague Tale, and I'm joining the many people that really liked the game.. that was definitely a great experience for me! 0 - Samurai Shodown (9210) 1 - Goodbye Deponia (8701) 2 - Zenith (5252) 3 - Chaos on Deponia (6963) 4 - Seasons Fall (6144) 5 - King's Quest (3725) (Episode 1 100%...) 6 - A Plague Tale (9036) 7 - Primal (4837) 8 - Chronovolt (1728) 9 - Metropolis: Lux Obscura (7199) @eigen-space As always, it was a fun event! Thanks!
  2. I agree 100%. I like the setting, but that FF15 gameplay look-alike isn't making me extremely excited for it (still, that's 1 more sure buy for me, along Demon's Souls and Gran Turismo)
  3. Ok, that's some bad luck. Hopefully it's just that!
  4. That sucks. Didn't you had the same problem during last year event too, or was before that? For me this actually works nicely, because my vacations aren't being as much gaming oriented as I had planned (plus I'm getting side tracked with Project Cars and when I hadn't access to the ps4, I returned to Conception 2.. Didn't even continue Ghost of Tsushima yet..). Since I don't have my consoles around until Monday (I'm borrowing my brother's ps4, have the Vita and no ps3 now), I will just change my plans and borrow A Plague Tale to use for #6 instead of the Tales from Monkey Island game.. Hopefully I can do that and King's Quest before the end of the month (well, ideally I would want to finish A Plague Tale before Sunday afternoon..)
  5. Another update from me.. After years finely finish Primal (yes, it can be 100% in under an hour, but I wanted to actually "play" it to earn the trophies, even if it's a terrible port...). Also played Seasons After Fall, not exactly what I was expecting.. Actually only bought it because was bundled with Shiness and only played it for the easy plat, although the experience wasn't that bad. I also made a slightly change in my list again, and decided to play Metropolis Lux Obscura instead of Nightmares From the Deep.. Really don't feel like Metropolis was worth the 3€ that I paid for it.. Although was an ok experience, even if it is a stupidly short game, with some of the worst luck intensive gameplay mechanics.. Now I should start my #6, but I don't have my ps3 setup yet, nor feel like setting it up as of now.. My other option is Persona 5 Dancing, but since I want to play P4DAN before P5DIS, that's out of the equation.. Maybe I can find something else.. #5 is in standby because while we only need the base 100% for the event, I plan to get the full 100% when I start playing it for good. 0 - Samurai Shodown (9210) 1 - Goodbye Deponia (8701) 2 - Zenith (5252) 💯 3 - Chaos on Deponia (6963) 4 - Seasons Fall (6144) 5 - King's Quest (3725) 6 - Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (376) 7 - Primal (4837) 💯 8 - Chronovolt (1728) 💯 9 - Metropolis: Lux Obscura (7199)
  6. I would assume vastly different demographic as far as racing games go (plus it was released later if I'm not wrong, so you can count on a few people also playing it just to stack it on top of the other versions). The game is exactly the same. But ya, this is one of the rare cases where the actual number of owners is about the same between US and EU versions, while the rarity is insanely different.
  7. It's been ages since I last posted an update, but I bought an apartment at the end of July and my workload increased 5x, so, I barely got any time to play (or rest) during the past month... Still, I finally finished another game for the event (Zenith). Was quite a funny game with all it's distorted references to other games/movies/books along with the constant sarcasm 😂 I'm finally on vacations, so, I will see if I can get the remaining games done.. Maybe starting with Primal, since I started it for a different event years ago and never finished it (not as interesting as my memory told me... Definitely a crappy port). And, ya, I also still have a long way to go on Ghost of Tsushima... Really loved the game so far, but my lack of time have been forcing me to stay away from it.. 0 - Samurai Shodown (9210) 1 - Goodbye Deponia (8701) 2 - Zenith (5252) 💯 3 - Chaos on Deponia (6963) 4 - Granblue Fantasy: Versus (10334) | Nier Automata (5864) | State of Mind (7914) | Seasons Fall (6144) 5 - Republique (4455) | Vambrace: Cold Soul (9575) | King's Quest (3725) 6 - Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight (8506) | Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (376) 7 - Primal (4837) 8 - Chronovolt (1728) 💯 9 - Nightmares From the Deep 1 (5139)
  8. Nothing on my email..
  9. I just kind of rushed to see if I could get a plat this month for this... Got done with Ride 2, so, that's my entry.. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5220-ride-2/Han_the_Dragon Thanks for the giveaway and for using a different take on how to host it (sorry for posting a link instead of the photo.. Was a black screen anyway... )
  10. I would guess that for me would be SO4... Even with the insane grind, I think that I enjoyed it more than the other sub 1% that I got...
  11. Odd, but I picked up mine directly from the store, didn't bought it from someone selling on their platform or on-line store (Portuguese store, no clue if the Belgium side was the same or not)
  12. I got mine from FNAC about 8 months ago... Also, if I'm not wrong, you are in Belgium, check that. https://www.fr.fnac.be/Manette-PS4-Sony-DualShock-4-Sans-fil-Vert-alpine/a13420995
  13. Same here (Portugal psn store) , and a friend from Holland says the same too
  14. Just a note. The completion % does not count Platinum trophy points. So, the example isn't totally write. This is because a Platinum trophy increases does not increase an individual game % completion (that's why people can have a game at 99% completion by missing a Bronze trophy and the Platinum). As others mentioned, 0% games are ignored for the completion %.
  15. Not exactly true. The first "DLC" stack is on disc and it's actually the base game campaign for the paid version. That was made so that the ps+ edition would allow the players to earn the platinum as advertised, but not give all the base game content for free to ps+ subscribers. I believe that's also all that you can get nowadays with the disc version, since all dlc have been delisted (even the free ones, because you had to "purchase" them on the store to be able to use them, even though they were free). If you previously "purchased" the free dlc, then it should still be available in through the game app (on the store section of the app, before launching the game, there's a place to check what's installed, purchased and "re-download" any already purchased content that's not installed).