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  1. There's somewhat an option missing. I don't care about the leaderboard that much nowadays, but my total completion is one of my "all the time" goals. That said, I will play games that I know that I can't platinum, if it's something that I really want to play (mainly on the fighting and racing department), since after RPGs those 2 types of games are the ones that I prefer. I also keep a somewhat strict rule to not play impossible platinums, unless it became impossible after I start (in those cases usually I may never return to the game), or if it's a really big exception.. Well the only exception so far was NFS The Run, since that was the only PS3 NFS that I wouldn't have in my profile.. But then, with my profile if I play some games that I can't complete, it almost doesn't make much difference.. That said, I spent the last 3 or or so years getting up to my current %, after dropping to 86% when I started a ton of PS3 ges to clear the online and never went back to most of them.. still, doing cleanup is something that definitely takes a lot of time..
  2. @DrBloodmoney Those look spectacular!!! Thanks for the event @kindajustin !
  3. I'm just dropping my name in.. Got 7 out of 10 this year, so, I expect to improve on it.. I will later look at what may be my list, although I will likely name the same ones for 7/8/9, since they were in my backlog and still are in my backlog.. The 10 will be an annoying deal, since my more realistically achievable 10, was SFV that I got this year.. but maybe some research will help with that.. Still, no real plans for 2023 as of now outside FF7R Crisis Core, and if there's a new Bingo Bonanza, I will join it, and it will at least help clarifying the 1-6 difficulty range, since that's where most of my games difficulty sit at..
  4. Well, I think that I will drop a final update, since I finished SF5, and I definitely am not getting done with the 7/8/9 games for sure.. Still, it was fun as a side thing for me while playing for other challenges as well as my usual play (plus helped me to invest time on some stuff too..), so, I guess that I will join the next one too, regardless if I finish or not the full list! The list: Nightmares From the Deep: The Cursed Heart (PSNProfiles difficulty) Murdered: Soul Suspect PS4 (PSNProfiles difficulty) Ghost of Tsushima PS4 (PSNProfiles difficulty) Lollipop Chainsaw (PSNProfiles difficulty) Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 (PSNProfiles/Platprices.com difficulty) Gran Turismo 7 PS5 (PSNProfiles difficulty) Dirt 3 | Modnation Racers | Split/Seccond | Anima Wipeout Omega | Boodborne Gran Turismo Sport Street Fighter V (PSNProfiles difficulty) As I said, I'm essentially done with my entry, since I'm now working on my end of the year target, that is under 1400 unearned trophies, but even if I'm already under that value, I still need to clean up quite a bit before FF7R Crisis Core releases, since I'm still starting that one this year.. So, I think that from now until I get FF7R Crisis Core, I will only finish One Piece World Seeker DLC, and then still unsure between Blades of Time, Hitman, Rise of the Tomb Raider and a little bit of Injustice 1.. All in all, I want to clean up about 40 more trophies before I get hands on my copy of FF7R Crisis Core..
  5. Got another one with LBP3! Can I book it for Pink, with the badge on the right? (To make it 2:2) This is likely my last one for the event too..
  6. Fair enough. Yes, it's unlikely, that they will talk openly about it, but by the letter, they also talk about delisting shovelware, so, if it's really true, I expect to see it happen in the psn store, not just behind backs talk. I actually only decided to post because people are starting to be somewhat "hyped" (I guess) about this when there was nothing solid about it. And as I mentioned it, Sony currently has several of this shovelware on sale too.. But apparently some publishers are putting some weight in this info, so, it should be true to some extent.
  7. Ok, then there's at least some weight on this info other than "an anonymous source". That's good to know.
  8. Yes, but until we actually see something of this becoming true, that letter is as real has wishful thinking.. I will believe it when I see some action on it, as I said it doesn't need to be an official statement, they removing all that shovelware from the store is also a valid confirmation for me.
  9. I'm still waiting for either Sony makes an official claim on this or for the games to desapear from the store. Until that, I will take the news with a truckload of salt... On another news: several of the "Strocks" games are currently on sale with a special price for ps+ subscribers.. yes, this definitely help me believing in the news about they being banned..
  10. The Daily challenges on NFS Payback are working again, so, false alert from me on the subject... And I will soon start it to at least do the online before it goes down again..
  11. Hopefully then it will be fixed again. I checked and there's a post on EA forum, but looks like it's been ignored by them..
  12. Hi, does anyone know anything about NFS Payback status? A friend told me that since a few days ago there's no longer Daily challenges or that they can't be accessed. Looking at the trophy latest earners it does look like there's a real problem here.. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6891-need-for-speed-payback/34-a-daily-a-day Since I was eventually planning in playing it after buying the DLC in a future sale, this is annoying me a bit.
  13. Well, since I was told that there's some orange somewhere on Wreckfest image, I'm here to claim it as my 2nd Orange platinum... (No, that wasn't my planned screenshot, but the load speed on PS5 kind of ruined it, since I wanted the loadscreen as the plat image.. but whatever). Next up, LBP3, I guess..
  14. Ok, so, to make it 1:1, just got my Orange platinum (with a Rose).
  15. Well, I guess that I can now officially be added to the list lol Got the Pink with Under Night In-Birth. Next up is SF5 for my 300th plat, although I have no clue how long it will take me to grind the last trophy (nothing special, since it's the 300 Critical Art finishers trophy, but I have no clue how many I already have done..).