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  1. Only now noticed this.. You need the VIP pass to play online, and actually is still possible to buy the VIP pass through the ingame store, I and a friend got the game in January and both were able to buy it from the in-game store. Both of us are in EU related regions as far as PSN store goes. And we didn't started the game on our main accounts yet, since we are boosting Dirt 3 first and after finishing the online side of Dirt 3, we will move to Dirt Showdown. (that's why this trophy list isn't in my profile).
  2. Since in the end this is Bamco call, I doubt it.. I don't really remember them doing much to bring ps3 games to ps4.. the only one I can remember was .Hack and that was kind of a revival of the ps2 series (I think).. I think that the 3 Level 5 ps2 to ps4 games aren't related to Bamco, since they were under Sony Japan Studios at the time, so Sony may actually own the rights to those game IPs (I'm talking of Dark Cloud 1/2 and Rogue Galaxy). If they were under Bamco, I think we wouldn't see them on ps4, since people asked for other ps2 games directly to the criators (I remember Tekken 5 at least) and the answer was that it could happen if it didn't took much effort and resources to do.. so a port of a ps3 game to ps4 under the Bamco brand is unlikely.. But I'm 99% sure that I would go for a double plat if that happens!
  3. That's actually mentioned on the other thread about this... Also Satoshi pointed out the 23 episode thing (with a link to a real source) 2 posts above your (TC) reply in there, just above my post... Was it needed to make a new thread for this, when you clearly didn't even read the latest posts in the other one?
  4. That's good to know!! The more Stains;gate the better!
  5. This one. I wonder what happened to this (and MK9 plats) when I got both they were at 0.9% or so, but they somehow just keep on getting more rare!
  6. Ok, will keep that in mind! I will probably have a pain of a time to get the materials, if I don't have them yet (and I doubt that I have..) Thanks!!
  7. Ok, nice to know! Thanks for the info. I forgot exactly how my WKC save file is, but I either have some decent amount of materials or weapons (or money), I forgot.. but it's probably money . I will look into it, but maybe I will grind a bit more in WKC before starting WKC2, just to have a few extra materials.. my Georama wasn't really that great, and I think that I'm just GR12 in WKC..
  8. I'm curious of what you had in your WKC1 game save to import to WKC2 (I'm planning to go for that). Your time seams really short for a solo plat in WKC2 (I think..). Af for the this topic.. I will second the WKC1 (even tough I did half of it in coop right before server closure) and SO4 (but I feel like it was 500 hours of grind...). As for a 3rd game, maybe Cross Edge (it almost drove me insane..), MK9 (My Kungfu is Strong takes forever) or Gran Turismo 5 (A/B-spec lvl 40 + Gold Standard, but most of the grind wasn't active, since I used b-spec a lot, so that one wasn't to bad) or GTA4 Wanted (took forever) and AWP (glitched twice on me..) I may probably have some other long grinds (well, compared to most people, I DO have a lot more long grinds...), but I think those were the more marking ones. PS: I will properly edit this post to the format requested in the OP later..
  9. Also, thanks for making me recheck the current sale, I think that I saw it before the full list was live, so I missed the current full sale.. (I usually use PSPrices.com to check it, since it's actually more practical then the actual store..)
  10. I don't keep track of when the sales start/end, so didn't noticed it.. also, even when the sales are 2 week long, they usually add a few more games at the 2nd week, so I'm expecting more games on sale tomorrow regardless.
  11. I will wait for tomorrow to see the EU sale, but may grab Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space (have been waiting for a sale on it for a few years and still have a few $ on my US account.. that were for Puzzle Quest ps2 to ps4 game, but that'salso never on sale.. and isn't even available in Portugal...).
  12. Ok, nice to know, but really sounds to few episodes.. Anyway, I will now have to focus on finishing the game until the anime starts, since I'm still slowly playing it..
  13. It's good for me, we just need to setup a date for it (only saturdays would work for me..)
  14. Hi, I know this is old, but I hope you still remember what happened about this "problem", since I saw that you got the platinum. I decided to revisit the game to finish it, and I saw that I'm with the same problem (star+bag+1st place icon, but bubble completion under 100%, and I can't find anything missing on the tracks). So, this is really a bug that stops the trophies, or it's just no big deal trophy wise, and I will get the trophy in the end? Thanks.
  15. Ok. Was wondering why it took you so long to reply lol And if there's extra content, it's more 1 reason for me to get it!