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  1. I don't know, sometimes the psn store mentions them, others it doesn't. But from what I saw at GameFAQs game info, this game only has 1 EU version (5 releases, Disc and digital for EU and for Australia, and a 5th for the Ultimate edition), so it should be the same as the German, and as you said, probably that specific DLC wasn't allowed to be released in Germany due to anything related to Hitler/Nazism).
  2. Is the German version the same as the EU version? If it is, then it should work. Anyway, if it's possible to confirm if the BLES code of your version is the same as the EU version, do it (dlc and games are matched with that cose, BLES is the initial for PlayStation EU game codes).
  3. That Rise trophy is why I have the US version at 0%.. Ya, I keep postponing it, getting it once was already annoying.. I will still use a Persona game for P, but it will be P3 DiM, I have that special collection, so, I have the 3 Dancing games on my ps4 backlog, I'm putting P3 first just for numerical order.. I just updated my list, still not sure on several, mainly because of time and feel (specially A, either Alice in Madness or Assassin's Creed 3 Leberation, or Atelier Meruru, if I don't start it earlier... And I was on the fence between Hatoful Boyfriend Holidays game or HTR+, since I own both, but HTR+ is more rare, and likely faster, since I don't skip on VN).
  4. Well, since I'm foreseeing that the next event from eagen-space will not happen before January and the line up is only final at February 1st at latest, I could simply postpone this until then, but I will try to improve my line up. Opposed to @Kristycism that's going for the hardest/rarest that she can find, I will simply try something that I "know" that I can manage in 1 year.. So mainly quick and easy stuff lol, but I will likely try to put 1-2 harder games in there (this is also because I will be working on other games + FF7Remake and Persona 5 Royal will likely screw my game time for the event, and, no, I will not uae either of those for the event). Anyway, I will try to update the list when I have a chance, since I recently decided ("final") on a few games that I will use. Still not really happy on my X, W, Y, Z options... Is Yakuza Zero, a good starting point for the series? (I have 0, Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2 and 6 on my backlog). I doubt that my condition with ps4 availability will change, so, if I put a long game on ps4, I will need to use a lot of smaller games or try to spread them more with ps3 and vita, in itself it's not a big deal, but it kills my chance of using Ni no Kuni 2, or play Dragon Quest 11 (that I'm also not going to enter in my list). A question, are we required to name the Version/Platform that we will play? I ask this mainly because of "B", I have both PS3 and PS4 games, and I plan to play only the PS4 version, but if things were to get to complicated timewise, I would play the PS3 version just to complete the event (I'm talking because those have different trophy lists, I may do the same with Valkyria Revolution, but since it's a shared list, it's indifference for the event).
  5. So, it seems like FF8 just got a real contender for my 225th plat slot.. Will have to decide later... Really awesome trophy images, that's really how it should be, sadly we aren't treated to some art for trophy icons as often as we should.. Can't wait to revisit this world!
  6. Well, with Grand Kingdom server announcement, I did finely started the game, and it was quite a fun game that I should have played sooner.. Anyway, joining the ranks of Heroes of Resonail.. Next will probably be Dragon Ball FighterZ if I can force myself to play the story mode.. not a fan of the game, but I already did the worst part of the plat, so, I should just get done with it too. Highly doubt that I will hit the 20 plats, let alone the high 30's that I was initially aiming for.. Weeblympic Plat #9 - Grand Kingdom Hero of Resonail 11th of October 2019 List of Weeblympics (with dates): List of entered games (with % completed, and links to my trophy lists, may include games not on the 1st post, or not yet on my backlog):
  7. Definitely you #CantKillProgress lol I used that for 10k trophy milestone.. Anyway, at my end: 50th: The Dark Soul - Dark Souls 100th: Hardcore Gamer! - Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited 150th: Legendary Phantom Thief - Persona 5 200th: Past, Present, and Future - Dark Cloud 2 Funny thing that I just noticed that this actually makes 1 milestone for each system, in some way. 50th on PS3, 100th on vita, 150th on PS4, 200th on PS2 (kind of), that kind of makes me want to make FF8 or MediEvil (if the name/image is cool) my 250 plat 😂 Not sure if there's something that was directly ported from the PSP with trophies... In Disgaea 4 defense, the Vita release have enough changes to not be considered a port, and indeed a remake, while FF8 is just an HD enhanced port (with the cheats..), no change on content, so, it's still a ps1 game at my eyes... Anyway, I do plan to use P5R for something, but the milestones that would be funny are to far away for me as of now (150th plat and 300th plat, or 150th plat and 15k trophy count). As of now, I'm thinking on FF8 or MediEvil for 225th plat, since it's my next milestone. But things may change.
  8. Ok, those things aren't important for me either, since I'm in the end of the road to plat this. I just need to lvl up 6 support skills, 1 Thief skill and lvl up Thieves to find Eagle Slice. I have 5 or so Orbs of Training, so I don't even need to do much lvl up. After that (or at the same time), I will be hunting rhe bounties (around halfway now, but I only focused on those when I was lvl up looking for the passive skills), defeat a bounty that's higher lvl than me (should be easy, since I already defeated one with just 3 units at lvl 99, and my 4th was useless, even if it was lvl 60, but that made the trophy not unlock), and I need to do a destination quest without fighting and a target quest with just 1 unit (didn't tried those 2 yet). I also need S rank.. So, I'm not really worried about resources, just ways to make my grinding less meaningless.. That's actually why I'm doing all story paths right now, and if there was anything good for maxing a faction, I would do that too, but since there's nothing, I will just grind away whatever I'm missing after the story missions.
  9. Ok, that's sad.. Then I guess that I will not bother with it.. I should be focusing on finish the game anyway..
  10. Does anyone know if there are rewards for increasing (and maxing) each kingdom reputation?
  11. While my October horror is filled with the funnily scary(?) MediEvil, I guess, that I can throw myself into the draw, after all, I do need some money on my US account for Syberia 2 (glitched in EU) and the Puzzle Quest PS2 to PS4 game (not available in Portugal). Good luck everyone and thanks for the giveaway @grimydawg!
  12. Nope, no problem here, just don't try to login to the server (it took forever, until it failed when I tried). I have quite and restart the game a few times since the server went down and never run into any problems.
  13. Thanks, now I know what not to look for (I have the Flag trophy for a while now, I just wanted to make sure not to report getting flags offline that are already counted in the known 8 guarantee).
  14. What are the names of the guarantee flags (or missions where we get them)? I'm still playing, so, I can keep an eye on rewards and report if I find anything unusual. I just got Short Sight, but I'm still looking for 1 skill and slowly lvl up another skills (or looking for Orbs of Training), as well as need over half the PP, so, I will still be around for a long while...
  15. Let her at least finish the badges for the current event, before asking for the next one 😂