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  1. Minecraft really not my thing... Civilization maybe it's worth thinking about... If there are simple Pinball games, maybe it's worth for me to take a look and think (just hope that's not those games that they use just to sell trophies...).. Ya, actually didn't thought about it, but maybe I can cross-complete games for this along other challenges!
  2. Ok, I guess that I will do my update now.. I was surprised by a few, namely the amount of shooters in my list (since I don't play FPS), but as well as the fact that Puppeteer is an horror game and Code Realize isn't a Romance.. The list: General Stats Spreadsheet (Tab A-Z, 4th table...) = UR game ❌ 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate): -✅ Action: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness ✅ Adventure: 3D Dot Game Heroes • NA ✅ Arcade: F1 Race Stars ❌ Business: -✅ Card & Board Game: Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars✅ Comedy: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten • EU ✅ Drama: MIND≒0 ✅ Educational: Persona 4 Golden • EU✅ Erotic: Monster Monpiece✅ Fantasy: Dark Cloud 2 ✅ Fighting: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- ✅ Hack and slash/Beat 'em up: Overlord II ✅ Historical: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood ✅ Horror: Puppeteer ✅ Indie: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty ✅ Kids: LittleBigPlanet ❌ MOBA: N/A ✅ Music: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair✅ Mystery: Detroit✅ Non-fiction: Gran Turismo 5 ✅ Open world: Grand Theft Auto IV ✅ Party: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale • PS3❌ Pinball: -✅ Platform: Kingdom Hearts • PS3✅ Point-and-click: Broken Age✅ Puzzle: LittleBigPlanet 2 ✅ Quiz/Trivia: Armello ✅ Racing: Blur ❌ Real Time Strategy (RTS): -✅ Role-playing (RPG): Tales of Symphonia ❌ Romance: -✅ Sandbox: Red Dead Redemption ✅ Science fiction: Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International - • PS3 ✅ Shooter: Alpha Protocol ✅ Simulator: Project Cars 2 ✅ Sport: Project Cars ✅ Stealth: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ✅ Strategy: NAtURAL DOCtRINE ✅ Survival: Tomb Raider • PS3 ✅ Tactical: Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention • EU ✅ Thriller: Beyond: Two Souls • PS3✅ Turn-based strategy (TBS): Frozen Synapse Prime • PS3 ✅ Visual Novel: Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters • EU • Vita✅ Warfare: Grand Kingdom While on the subject, I don't think that I will ever finish the event, because I don't see me playing anything from the 4X Genre/Theme and I suck at Pinball.. For Business, I saw 2 Atelier games, so, that's an option... for RTS, I have New Little King's Story, so, maybe I should finely start playing it... and for Romance, I have Yu-No, so, that's also covered... And I actually went ahead and tried to see how many Genres/Themes I could actually fill with UR games, and that came out as 29 games from my 63 UR platinums..
  3. I'm in! Now to gather the info... I will likely only post my list later today or tomorrow, since posting this kind of thing from my phone is annoying..
  4. Maybe you can try the other way around. If the other trophies are from other games, instead of trying to find a way to delete the trophies of a specific game, you can force the system to update only a specific trophy list. I know that there's a way to make the ps3 not sync games, as well as to sync only specific games. Something about starting the game while online will make the trophies sync only for that specific game or something. But I don't actually know how that works in practice, since I personally never used it, but I know some people that use that trick to avoid syncing ps3 games until they get the possibly problematic trophies (online or glitchy trophies). Also, about the game that you have different trophies in both systems. You could use your own save file on that system and it should auto-pop the trophies when you fulfill the conditions to get a trophy that wasn't earned in that system. If Auto-poping the trophies this way, they will have a more recent timestamp than when the trophies were originally achieved, and this more recent timestamp will be "corrected" to the original one when syncing it to psn. (Since I use 2 different ps3/ps4 at different places, this happens to me frequently, and my older timestamps always replace the newer ones, without any issues at all). That's about the only way to get the platinum without re-doing the stuff that you did in either system. I also think that's as far as stretching the rules that you can go to fix your problem on that game (still will end with strange timestamp on platinum, so, it would be likely flaggable). If that game is that important to you, I would just finish it on the system that you have your trophies synced to psn. If the now impossible online trophies are on other games, you could also try to look up how to sync individual games on ps3 to sync those.
  5. I wouldn't risk it. But to answer your questions, the likely outcome is: 1- Older timestamps will become the timestamps for the duplicate trophies (if the system was never online, that will be "missing timestamp" for sure). 2- You will get all trophies except the platinum, and the platinum will be unavailable almost for sure. 3- You will likely get flagged for cheating. So, I would really avoid doing this..
  6. Ok, I was expecting them to at least get a PS5 trophy set, since the PS1 games got one. But makes sense. I do expect that Tekken 2 becomes buyable when they added trophies, because I don't want to subscribe to the more expensive tier just to be able to get the trophies in a single game.. Still, the list is vastly underwhelming, and I hope that when they release it in other regions that the number of games is much closer to the 700 number announced, instead of what they released in Asia..
  7. Lol, on my HK account it stats that can only be accessed through the subscription.. Also, no info if the other games have trophies? There are 16 Classic games there, but I only see trophy lists for 5... PS: I checked on PS5
  8. Artifex Mundi and Visual Novels would disagree with you.. There are quite a few games that have platinums that common that actually are decent.. The only way to avoid them is to research for the game that you are interested if it's a 30 minute platinum or not..
  9. That's great to know, and in that case I hope that we can pay for the games outside of the service... Specially because they mentioned that if we already had bought them in the past, that we would get them for free... if this is true, I will be half cover at least (I have the classic version of at least Tekken, Tekken 2, Persona 1, Persona 3 Portable, Valkyria Chronicles 2, all PS2 to PS4 JRPGs currently available.. yes, some weren't announced, but I can dream..) As for Syphon Filter, it always looked like something that I would like to try, but never got the actual game.. a bit like Beyond Good and Evil and Primal, that I only end up experiencing on their re-release on ps3 (Primal is a terrible port...) I say this, because I think that for me, buying a few selected games will be cheaper than subscribing to the more expensive plan... Also, since Persona 1-3 had PSP re-releases (most as PSX classics), I will start to take a closer look in this.. those games and Shadow Hearts trilogy would be great (I think that I read that the license for that brand was renewed recently...)
  10. Ok, I take that (specially because it's on sale too..). Thanks! I usually stay away from this kind of JRPG (well, mainly Kemco), because they always look interesting to me, but being retro style and really common platinum throw me off a bit.. But I actually did enjoy a bit my time with Asdivine Hearts (no platinum), so, getting something like this suggested really works to my taste! That more or less settles the final 7 games in my card!
  11. Cool! Then I will be swapping Caligula Effect out for Virtua Fighter 5 PS4 version. Games Cleared: Need For Speed: The Run - Max Percentage 97%, 2 UR Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Updated list with 1 game swapped in at May 18th: NFS The Run (37% completion, 1 impossible trophy + the platinum, max possible completion is 97%. I still have 2 UR trophies unearned, namely: "Win at Winning" with 4.18% rarity and "East Coast Gold" with 4.22% rarity) Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (87% complete at the moment, platinum 2.71% rarity, swapped in at May 3rd) Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown EU (75% complete at the moment, 100% rarity 0,67%, 1 trophy missing, "You're ten years too early!" at 1.28% rarity, swapped in at May 18th) Gran Turismo 7 PS4 EU (80% complete at the moment, platinum 0.57% rarity, swapped in at May 3rd) Gran Turismo 7 PS5 (92% complete at the moment, platinum 0.49% rarity, swapped in at May 3rd) Jump Force (31% complete at the moment, platinum 3.20% rarity, swapped in at May 3rd) Dragon Ball Xenoverse PS4 (27% complete, platinum 3.34% rarity) Dirt 3 (64% complete, platinum rarity 2.83%) Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories PS3 (90% complete, platinum 4.81% rarity) Final Fantasy XV EU (91% complete, only missing the Royal DLC set, but this DLC has 1 UR trophy unearned, namely the trophy "Pursuit of Knowledge" with 4.80% rarity)
  12. We know that things sometimes happen. Good to see you back. As for the event, we (well, @Summers_day122) actually "stole" it and we are continuing it on a new thread (since no one else could edit the 1st post to keep everything running and up-to-date) This is the new thread, appropriately named of Revival
  13. Question: Non-platinum UR games also count as long as there's an UR trophy, right? I ask this because I may do another swap in my list to put Virtua Fighter 5 PS4 version somewhere there, since I'm finding myself now playing it more actively, and will likely get the last trophy somewhere this month or next (missing under 200 matches as of now). And yes, I just can't stick to a plan lol
  14. Well, it's time for another update.. Finally convinced myself to finish Star Ocean V and went for the platinum! Much shorter than SO4... that's all.. Also got Detroit done for the Overplayed slot! The Pacifist side as always feels the best to me, but I'm slightly sad that the platinum doesn't require a more thorough experience of the game, like Heavy Rain.. Next up, will likely be I Am Setsuna for the Favorite Genre (JRPG).. I also should start asking for suggestions for the "Suggested by another PSNP member" category... And the Graphical update: Link to the spreadsheet
  15. Well, with Detroit: Become Human done, that's 3 of 5 Rare games done! And if all goes along the plan, I Am Setsuna is the next in line... There's some minor updates on the quests too, with me finely completing the Wordle Challenge and the Common trophies from March lol And the update..