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  1. Ghostrunner (NA version, can't speak for others) had its thumbnail changed. Thanks homies
  2. Two really minor things: 1) Doom's series page shows Doom Eternal before Doom 2016, when it should be the other way around. 2) Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy recently had the "Marvel's" added to its title, but it uses the apostrophe character ’ instead of the regular apostrophe character ' so it shows up after all the other "Marvel's ____" games in alphabetical order (e.g. right now, marvel’s guardians of the galaxy shows up after marvel's spider-man when you sort by alphabetical, when it should show up before.) Really minor but yeah Whoever sees this, thanks and I appreciate everything you do
  3. I just need Stocked and Car Collector for the platinum, would love for us to help each other out. My psn is michaelbakerr edit: still lookin btw!
  4. Yeah, I agree with the majority of the people here. Ghost of Tsushima was a really fun adventure for me, and I think it's awesome that they dropped a free multiplayer with even more content to mess with. What's the complaint here? "I'm upset Sucker Punch added a free multiplayer mode for a game I don't own"? Create a second account and play Ghost of Tsushima for the fun of it if you don't want an unfinished trophy list on your profile. I enjoyed my time with the game and I don't think you should let the multiplayer mode's existence ruin that for you
  5. Yep, v1.03 from june 12th 2020. Just found this out myself
  6. Hey everyone, just thought I'd chime in here. I finished my first playthrough coincidentally like a week before the game became the definitive edition, and it was a flip playthrough. No trophies glitched for me. Once the definitive edition became a thing, I did all the DLC and got all its trophies, and then started a new game to do a kill playthrough. I got every trophy for it except for No Loose Ends for killing every racket boss (I did that), so now that's the only trophy across the entire game and its DLCs I'm missing- sitting at 98%. I didn't wiretap, but I saw someone else in this thread say they did a no kill playthrough without wiretaps and a no kill playthrough with wiretaps, so does the game's latest patch just make this trophy impossible or what? Or is it just pure luck and both of us weren't lucky? I see people getting the trophy more recently than the definitive edition's release, but they could be playing on an earlier version, who knows. Either way, this is embarrassing, especially when this is supposed to be this game's "definitive" edition. The best case scenario going forward would be that hangar 13 patches these trophies either to work properly, or they just change the in-game way of earning them to e.g. just killing one racket boss as opposed to all of them. Regardless, I'm really upset about this and have decided to not support 2K in any way going forward. Wish there was a way we could petition for this to be fixed or formally try to contact hangar 13 to fix this or something, but I don't see any of the above happening
  7. I should've had this game's platinum trophy earlier today, but I didn't get No Loose Ends despite killing every racket boss, and it's now the only trophy I'm missing (DLCs included.) I didn't wiretap. I've heard some people say they haven't gotten the trophy even if they did wiretap, so it's just bugged and there's no way of safely getting it for sure. Really upset about this