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  1. Yes, she spwans again as phantom and gate is still open in PBWT.
  2. Could someone please drop me the Great Lord Greatsword and the (real) Greatsword of Artorias? They are the last two weapon i need for the trophy.
  3. Trophies poped after winning the fight. But without all the upgrades it's a pain in the ass. Or maybe I'm just bad.
  4. What ending did you choose? I choosed the ending without the fight and maybe you can only get these two with the other one...
  5. The tropies: "Bravest Soldier" and "Expeditious" don't want to pop for me. My Save file says 2:45h so I'm 100% within the 5 hours. Anyone know how to make them pop? It's kinda weird cause "Invulnerable" did pop and I wanted to do these 3 together in one run. I can't find a reasond why the other two didn't unlock...