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  1. Get your trophy today. Fastest way is to pick free roam and crash into a wall.
  2. +1 ID: Methild Im in the middle of campaign on normal difficulty. Next hard/ very hard...
  3. First 2-3 hours were a pain but now when i learned how to drive... i really enjoy this game. Easy platinum is just a matter of time:)
  4. Just got the platinum. You dont need to level dlc bikes. Only 12 bikes of the primary game are need to obtain the trophy:) So just be careful which bike you level.
  5. Ive tried this method but still cant reach more than 95% on open wide shot:/
  6. Give and Go Assist - Just call for a pass and immediately pass to same guy and let him score;) As for The Contest shot just defend a player with the ball using L2
  7. Is there a some kind of easy way to do it? I cant reach more than 90s on my perimeter even if my player have 99 3pt...