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  1. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner. As Feral said, Collector awards you XP for each item you find. You also gain XP (and money of course) for selling complete sets of collectables to Madam Nazar. This map ought to be of use to you. Each group of collectables can be found in different places on different days. The cycles are random, but the link provided should show you exactly where items for the current day can be found. Be aware that you have to rank up your collector role,in order to buy a metal detector which allows you to find certain items like coins, arrowheads and buried jewellery (and to dig these up you'll also need to buy a shovel from Madam Nazar). But honestly, if you spend even just an hour or so each day just going round the map collecting items, it won't take too long to rank up.
  2. Yeah, I'd go with Collector. As Feral said, it makes a lot of money, but also nets you a ton of XP. A shame it wasn't available back when I was aiming for Level 50, I'd have got that trophy far, far sooner. I've almost reached Level 100 and I estimate I was around 60 or so when I bought the Collector's Bag item only a few weeks ago. Yeah, same lousy issue with GTA Online, most jobs I can think of pay less for a faster completion time. Totally backwards in context of the spirit of the game, but it makes sense when you factor in R*'s desire to sell gold/Shark Cards.
  3. I found a good team to get through the Doomsday Heist challenges. Took a while, what with various progress resets and occasional connection problems but we got it done in the end. That being said, hopefully the requirements for any new trophies will be less punishing in their demands - closer to those of the original heist DLC at the very least.
  4. This is 100% correct. The Twilight missions rotate on a daily basis, but they are not random, nor do they require a connection. IIRC, the upper circle has seven missions on rotation. That is, a different mission for each day of the week, and they rotate in sequence. It is not random. I seem to remember The Blessed Village being Monday, The Squirming Sprite being Tuesday... The lower circle has five missions on rotation. So they are not exclusive to any particular day of the week. But once you know the order of rotation you can easily tell when your next shot at any particular mission will be. This means that certain twilight missions will never be listed together. For example, the DLC twilight missions Unyielding Hellfire and The Murky Demon Realm are both tied to the upper icon, so you will never be able to play both of those on the same day. The third DLC twilight mission (from the second DLC), The Crimson Fortress, however, is tied to the lower icon, so there are days when it'll be listed alongside either of the previously mentioned missions.
  5. If we're purely talking platinum trophies here, probably Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3. Not difficult per se, but a long online grind. Were it not for the DLC, Nioh might be up there for PS4. The additional NG+ modes that come with each add-on make getting the platinum a breeze, but the 100% is still pretty challenging.
  6. If you want to reach 100%, all I'd suggest is make sure you research the game guides beforehand. Be wary of potential future server closures for multiplayer games. Also, know your limits - are you patient enough to keep plugging away at a certain challenge until the trophy finally pops after the planets have aligned with a blue moon on the third Friday 13th of a leap year? Yes I thinking of you, Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC 😆
  7. Never experienced any game breaking bugs when I was playing. I think it was only the PC port which was virtually unplayable. The final challenge pack is the biggest obstacle in getting 100% for this game. You need to essentially perfect your free flow fighting skills so you don't ever get hit or break combos. And that's with multiple playable characters as well as Batman. Those took me a while to get, you'll need a lot of patience. Otherwise, it's not so bad.
  8. Masterminds and Elitist from GTA V's Doomsday Heist DLC, hands down. On a CV those would demonstrate great evidence of teamwork, communication skills, perseverance, dedication, meeting deadlines, skill and thinking outside the box.
  9. Yeah, as I recall the trophies are pretty easy even in public lobbies. The requirements of the trophies in Doom multiplayer aren't nearly so complex as to require boosting as, say, Predator Paragon in Batman: Arkham Origins for example. The most difficult ones involve getting to the demon runes in time in order to fulfil demon-specific objectives, but even those aren't really problematic. Those will probably take more than just a few matches to get, but you'll be grinding out the XP along the way. Have fun playing it and the trophies will pop
  10. I'm currently playing through this and have just finished Chapter 5. Wasn't expecting anything like a haunted asylum to be in the game. On the whole I'm enjoying it, but there is one thing in particular that really bugs me: the way the thieving challenges are awarded. I'm aware you can only get 2/4 for each chapter, but what annoys me is that your playstyle invalidates two of those challenges at the end of the mission. So for example, I could complete a chapter without being detected (Ghost Challenge) and having collected all the loot (Universal), but if I knocked out a few guards and the game decides I was going down the Predator route, I may end up with only 1/4 challenges accounted for because I didn't necessarily meet the requirements for the Predator challenge (whatever it might have been). So all that effort I've put into remaining undetected is completely wasted. Case in point - I got through the Asylum totally undetected yet I knocked out a few of the inmates along the way. On the last stretch, I was injured by one of those creatures swiping from behind the doors as they were alerted when the levers were pulled. When I completed the mission, the game decided I had gone the Opportunist route and, since I had failed the Opportunist challenge (take no damage), I ended up with 0/4 challenges complete despite having met the conditions for the Ghost challenge. I'm enjoying the game enough to carry on towards the platinum but I don't like the idea of having to replay missions just to rack up Thieving Challenges when I've technically already earned them.
  11. Daffy. Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads, or ill-tempered mutated sea bass?