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  1. Looks like its fixed, i could download dlc for Killzone Mercenary, and i see my SIEE games in downloads list on vita
  2. Its at least 5 days now, i made purchase 10.06. in the evening and got this glitch, i contacted support 10 minutes later, and its still silence from them
  3. I got empty subscriptions too.. But i have PS Plus for 900 more days.. And i have all the same issues with vita, specially with Botzone dlc for killzone mercenary i bought 10.06...
  4. Hello, according to info from guide: now you need to finish one playthrough for it to unlock
  5. I can tell you about my experience: i have Unit 13 game physical version, but i dont have Network pass for it to get online trophy, but i had friend's account with this pass. And i somehow got even multiplayer trophy for my main account - i dont remember how for 100%, but i believe technics are the same. I got trophy while being on friend's account, then synced it to mine account. The key is that trophies doesnt sync automatically on vita while being online (in contrast with PS4). So you can try and test it too
  6. Usually its games from HK (Hong Kong) PS Store, and its easier for non-asian gamers to buy games there via psn cards (to add balance to wallet)
  7. damn, i'd better hurry to plat my hk vita games, haven't thought that sony would change such things on poor abandoned console
  8. Hello thanks for stopping by my profile and having a look or read. I see you play some fast indie games like me. thats cool we have something in common for gaming wise. Good luck on your gaming mission

    1. inflict54


      Hello, thats some unexpected positive vibes 😊 Thank you and good luck to you too 🤓

  9. Completed the game in 42 min 16 sec 😅 Can i have Access Denied EU ?
  10. Will first 100 who complete it under 45 min get code or there will be raffle among all who complete?
  11. WHITETAIL CHALLENGE this game is so badly made, i needed last deer, at some point i gave up this plat, because of hit-boxes, bad shooting physics and poor graphics making recognition of deers so hard League of evil >60% plat rarity in most of stacks, actually it surprised me, cause i've found game challenging enough.. at least in sound shapes i could hope for good random position 😀
  12. I've bought tier 1 one too, nice deal
  13. yes, you can have 1 version to 100%, save cloud sync and then download this save via cloud sync to all other versions, and after successful sync all 88 trophies will pop
  14. just bought game 2 days ago on HK account, damn, i hope they will fix it, store page is saying that 31.01 is last day of online services
  15. agreed! maybe it can be set as parameter for premium members?