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  1. This list is exclusive to the physical release of the game by eastasiasoft (wich is sold out). It is indeed just the 2 lists combined into 1.
  2. Really excited to try this out! I can only imagine the backlash they will get of they do decide to add dlc trophies to the existing trophy list...
  3. Never heard of this game, so I looked up the trailer. The game looks very interesting! Not sure about the trophy difficulty, but seeing that a playtrough is about 2 hours I can't imagine it being too hard. Depending on the price (11,99 on steam) I might pick it up!
  4. People allready earned the trophy. Wouldn't be fair for them if they change the trophy now. For now I will just get all other trophies, and enjoy the game. The devs did mention it might become easier over time, so maybe we will all earn it at some point.
  5. Remember guys, this is FOR KIDS. Don't earn those trophies yourself
  6. It is a upper part and a lower part. Jacket costume (character from hotline miami). Will only be available for another 18 hours or so.
  7. The tweet does mention cross buy, so yes. If you buy one version you will get both Game looks fun! Will defenitely give it a try when it hits the psvita store in europe!
  8. Great month! Glad I decided not to buy MW2 Fall guys is really fun! Been playing the beta for a few weeks now, and I am really enjoying the game. Seeing this free at launch is a good thing to ensure many people play this online only game.
  9. Yes it is a problem for a week now. I am sending emails about this to sony and they are trying to find a fix... But I feel like they don't really care, every email they sent me with a 'possible solution' are dumb answers like update the system software or restarting the system. I keep telling them this is an issue on their end, not on my end but i feel like they don't care... Really annoying since the search function is the only way to find new releases...
  10. Nothing in it for me, but I highly recommend everyone to give Erica a try!
  11. Since this one is available from tomorrow, does that mean this is like a 'bonus' game? Like they did with black ops 3? Or is this one of the 2 titles for june? :-) As said before, the campaign is well worth a playtrough for those who havn't yet, was not a huge fan of the other modes though.
  12. All trophies will autopop as soon as you start the game (you have to be connected to PSN), there is no reason to own/download the dlc to your vita.
  13. I don't remember wich one that is, can you post a screenshot or so, so I can see his outline?
  14. The only online trophy that has to be done in a public game is 'into the money'. I would recommend to keep this as your final trophy, just to be safe. Everything else can be done in private games.
  15. Did you try to restore licenses? Select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Restore Licenses]. Isn't this a pre installed game? Or do you actually need to download it from the store (don't really remember). But restoring licenses 'should' resolve a problem like this.