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  1. Played it on the vita a while ago and absolutely loved it! The gameplay is fun, the story is alright but the humor in this game is absolutely amazing! would definitely recommend to give it a try!
  2. Are you on the playstation 3 store? I remember black ops had an issue where you had to use the in game store in order to find them cause they wouldn't show up in the actual playstation store. I know [email protected] doesn't have an in game store though. They definitely won't show up on the playstation app or web version since those only show ps4 and ps5 content.
  3. It's not a puzzle. Those levels are just about how you feel about certain pictures (happy or sad). You respond to a picture by pressing L3 or R3, for 1 trophy you need to by positive about everything. Don't remember which one is happy though.
  4. All players for this version appear to be from the US. So I assume this is the US stack. The one with the US tag is probably asia
  5. I mean... why should it end? If you don't like the games that are releasing then don't buy them. But loads of people including me still love getting some physical games for the vita! And it's amazing that a game like scourgebringer still made the deadline.
  6. It did have a digital release! The game came out at the same time as the ps4 version a few months ago. This trophy list is probably just for the physical version that is sold out, but there is q different stack for the digital version!
  7. Yeah, we are still getting 2 physical releases from eastasiasoft every month this year and a bit into 2022. These physical games have been produced in late 2021 and are basically ready to be sold whenever eastasiasoft puts them up for sale. The trophy lists won't pop up till the games are announced since they want to keep it a secret which games are still coming out.
  8. I just got the platinum so can confirm this is now obtainable!
  9. When I first saw this platinum I really wanted to get it and put it in my showcase! Sadly 4 of the trophies appear to be unobtainable I asked the dev about it and since Sony wont allow any more patches for the PSVita it is unlikely that anyone will ever get this!
  10. The problem for all these indie devs are the extra costs and work to release these games in different regions. Especially in EU the PEGi costs are ridiculous and they require certain things to be translated in each country. So just releasing it in 1 region as a physical release makes it affordable for them. The same happened with Unmetal, it only got a physical release on the vita so far and is not available on any other platform yet because the dev prioritised this version to make sure it got finished before the physical deadline at the ens of last year.
  11. The game is just called 'Battle Rockets' on the playstation store. Without the 2.0 The original release has been delisted in all regions, so the only version of the game you can find in the store now is the new one.
  12. Edit: The version of the game with this trophy list has been delisted. Buying the game now will only give you acces to the new stack. The developer announced that this version of the game will get delisted on the 31th of march 2021! A new version will release on that day with a separate trophy list and will be free for all existing owners of the original game! So buying the game before then will get you 2 easy platimums!
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11244-kawaii-deathu-desu/ This version (PS4) is for both NA and EU. All other versions for the game seem to be correct as the game didn't release in EU on the psvita.
  14. The game only got a physical edition and will not be released in any other way. This will be a rare trophy list
  15. It was supposed to release in september, so the game must have been completed. Maybe they will just silently release this at a later date to avoid a big backlash.