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  1. You can get the winters howl from the box the 'easter egg' is just a way to get the weapon for free It took me 13 rounds (more then 200 kills) before the trophy popped, might be a bit glitched.
  2. Been trying it aswell, seeing the trophy still being 0.0% im assuming it is glitched. Lets hope they patch it soon
  3. I see the game released nearly 4 years ago!? Is this like a 4th birthday edition or something :-p
  4. Rollercoaster dreams, 54 achievers. Pretty simple game, quitte fun aswell
  5. There are multiple treaths about this issue. At this point in time there is nothing else u can do other then hiding the game from ur profile so u can appear on the leaderboard again.
  6. There are multiple levels with only a specific number of ships. Level 41 (halloween) does have a bug though, used 3 items to complete it
  7. If u havn't played the game yet, u won't be able to create a session. Have seen the deal asswell and im wondering the same thing, 12 seems like a lot though :/
  8. For some reason i can connect online again and use party tokens... this is really weird 😲
  9. Yes is is
  10. Every downloaded festival can still be visited (so u can still collect items). Even if u never played the game u can get the 50 items at the guest fest. But using party tokens is unavailable offline (only unobtainable trophy) making the plat unobtainable if you dont have this trophy :/
  11. I can confirm that the servers are officially down. Not letting me connect online.
  12. No didn't try to play offline, ill check ot out in a bit
  13. Game works fine for me, havn't had a single problem.
  14. The witness... believe in yourself and complete the final challange
  15. The developer said they will pull the game from steam, playstation store and that they will refund those who bought it...