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  1. Since this one is available from tomorrow, does that mean this is like a 'bonus' game? Like they did with black ops 3? Or is this one of the 2 titles for june? :-) As said before, the campaign is well worth a playtrough for those who havn't yet, was not a huge fan of the other modes though.
  2. All trophies will autopop as soon as you start the game (you have to be connected to PSN), there is no reason to own/download the dlc to your vita.
  3. I don't remember wich one that is, can you post a screenshot or so, so I can see his outline?
  4. The only online trophy that has to be done in a public game is 'into the money'. I would recommend to keep this as your final trophy, just to be safe. Everything else can be done in private games.
  5. Did you try to restore licenses? Select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Restore Licenses]. Isn't this a pre installed game? Or do you actually need to download it from the store (don't really remember). But restoring licenses 'should' resolve a problem like this.
  6. Great choice as a first game! Be sure to focus on those multiplayer trophies though, you never know when sony decides to take it down (you could buy the offline botmode to get a few trophies but not all).
  7. Maybe you just need to restore licenses? What does it say when u try to start the game?
  8. The dev released an update today that should have fixed the trophy. It will need another rescan though.
  9. Once you have synched with psn, it will show you the correct name and description (at least in the eu version that I have). Double, Double, Toil & Tumble End a duel shock match where each player has 50 or less HP.
  10. This trophy was apperentely rejected by sony because it was 'to easy', so the dev had to make a last minute change to the trophy list. When unlocked on you vita it shows the correct description and title, but on this website it isn't changed just yet (but it will).
  11. Battle rockets needs a rescan. The credit where its due trophy does not exist in the game, but is replaced with a diffrent trophy. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10602-battle-rockets/quadboy_007
  12. Finally some more PSVR games on sale. I think it is the first time trover meets the universe is on sale ever so Ill be sure to grab that WIsh there was something for vita though
  13. No, these 2 lists will only be available on the physical release. It is a seperate list from the digital asia version. They have a few copies left available for pre order: https://www.play-asia.com/kid-tripp-miles-kilo-collection-limited-edition/13/70da0h
  14. Crazy to see a 9th trophy list for this game 0_o this one is for the upcomming physical release by eastasiasoft. It is not a hard game, but some practice is needed to master all of the levels. Pretty fun.
  15. This list is for the physical edition. Same list as the digital version it seems. Pretty easy game, but still fun to go trough!