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  1. The witness... believe in yourself and complete the final challange
  2. The developer said they will pull the game from steam, playstation store and that they will refund those who bought it...
  3. Yeah that would be awesome Now many games get new trophies a year after release... so your 100% time will be 1 year, while ur platinum time might just be a day
  4. A new list popped up for the vita, probably being the eu version. ;-)
  5. Yes dlc5 is only zombiemaps (8 maps) and is NOT included in the season pass. dlc 1-4 all include 1 zombie map (the zombie maps are also available for seperate purchase (without the mp maps)
  6. Got this response from the developer: 'There was a mix-up with Sony - it was supposed to have been updated already. But I don't have a definitive timeline for when it will be fixed. Hopefully in the next few days 🤞'
  7. 'Early next week' so probably later today or maybe tomorrow.
  8. The creators twitter account can be found here: https://twitter.com/BezlySnipes Show him some love
  9. According to the developer it will be free in US aswell later today ;-) Edit: on the blog it says US price will probably change early next week.
  10. Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again is now FREE on EU @PlayStation store! #LickyLizard #PSVita #VitaIsland @psp2roundup @Vita_Player @PSVita @TheVitaBoys FYI: it will also be free on the NA store very soon.
  11. Hi all, trying to get the 50 unique plays in lbp 2. Still got 15 to go so if anyone has some spare time, please play my 1 second levem. Thanks! Feel free to add me for the 25 versus wins, I can help you, very easy trophy!
  12. Please heart my profile and level, will do the same to everyone above and below https://lbp.me/search/v?q=quadboy_007&p=1&l=12 If ur able to, please play my level aswell for the other trophy. Thanks in advance!
  13. In what region did you buy it? Not finding the game in europe
  14. Its a problem in the game itself. All trophies pop late and don't show the immage. Nothing you can do about it
  15. Have you tried creating a game instead of joining? Using 2 controllers online makes the trophies a lot quicker.