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  1. So it auto pops all bubble trophies in little big planet 1. But it doesn't work in LBP2? Or has someone found a level that does work in LBP2? It would be super cool if there is a level for the ps vita version aswell, as I am only missing a few bubbles (requiring 2 players). Online on the vita is super laggy
  2. All countries mentioned here probably
  3. It has all 3 marvel dlc's on the cartridge. But NOT the Dc comics dlc!
  4. There is still a chance that it will feature cross-buy titles i guess.. Would be cool to still get a few vita or ps3 titles this way.
  5. If you didn't synchronise your trophies earned on ps4 with your ps vita, your vita doesn't know that the trophies have allready unlocked for you, so it makes them pop. As soon as you synchronise those with psn it will know you allready had them, so nothing really happens.
  6. How am I playing the NA version on my vita? Lol Probably just the wrong tag on this site?
  7. Is there a group anywhere with @DSRage that i can join in? Would be sooo cool to finally get done with this trophy. Allready tried messeging him and sending friend request but no response yet... thanks!
  8. Did anyone try it after todays update? I really hope i dont need 10 more wins to get this :/
  9. The france and USA levels are part of the main game. All other packs will be seperate dlc.
  10. Found the dog tags twice in small metal chests. But the challange is ridiculous. Got 13 kills once i had dog tag but none of them were specialist skins :-/ this is just stupid
  11. Got to the planet step 3 times today and blue screened every time!? Is there any way to avoid this while doing the easter egg?
  12. Have you tried prestiging the weapons? (I still got a long way to go)
  13. You can get the winters howl from the box the 'easter egg' is just a way to get the weapon for free It took me 13 rounds (more then 200 kills) before the trophy popped, might be a bit glitched.
  14. Been trying it aswell, seeing the trophy still being 0.0% im assuming it is glitched. Lets hope they patch it soon
  15. I see the game released nearly 4 years ago!? Is this like a 4th birthday edition or something :-p