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  1. I'm gonna assume you may have to win with every character to get this trophy.
  2. Brawlhalla is pretty easy, it's just a huge grind.
  3. Well how are people suppose to know that when the trophy information hasn't been updated? It says to kill the Gold Fury before the clock hits 3 minutes, not kill the Gold Fury 3 minutes after she spawns.
  4. Something seems fishy. The Gold Fury spawns 5 minutes into the match, so how are people killing it before 3 minutes on the in-game clock? I notice some of the people that have earned that trophy in Season 5 have gotten a lot of Smite trophies in a very close timespan.
  5. I don't really understand how to get the 5 interruptions trophy. I'm pretty sure I've clashed with opponents over 5 times in a single match before, but it seems to not count.
  6. Did you take HP damage? You can take Bravery damage, but not HP damage.
  7. If you're a high enough rank, you tend to run into the same people. Maybe try it with a group of Platinums or above.
  8. Any idea when we're getting villains?
  9. - LittleBigPlanet series - Dead Nation/Alienation - Borderlands series - Dead Island/Dying Light - Diablo 3 - Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game - Brawlhalla Also, these aren't two-player, but I definitely enjoy playing Telltale games, as well as Until Dawn or Heavy Rain with an audience. Maybe you can play and your girlfriend can make the choices, or vice versa.
  10. I've only gotten one, with Bartz. My biggest issue with the A++ trophies is the more I keep going for them, the more I win, which means I rank up, which makes the competition better, which makes getting an A++ harder.
  11. If you didn't like the PS3 version, you probably won't like this version either.