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  1. Can't wait to play this for a fourth and fifth time! (but seriously though, info on release date? )
  2. Thank you for the help again, if you didn't comment back when I made this thread then I wouldn't have had any knowledge of this requiring online. I have updated the original post with the remainder of my findings, just in case anyone else was wondering the same thing as I did.
  3. It should be, yes. Edit:
  4. 100% yes, don't even second guess it, do it right now if you haven't experienced them. You will NOT regret it!
  5. The Korean version is on sale. LINK
  6. Maybe it's some late April fools joke? Probably wouldn't have been as bad if they didn't cut the extra PS3 + Vita titles, I guess i'll pass on this month too. It's such a missed opportunity, considering that like the entire world is in one way or another encouraged to stay at home due to COVID, and we get the worst PS+ month so far (imo). rip to everyone getting scammed this quarantine I guess 😂
  7. It's £0.79 now, don't know when this happened, but at this price it's a steal. Pick it up if you haven't already
  8. Yea has been like this for a while, I could have sworn it was three consoles, but probably not. I guess i'm going to internalise this as a warning from sony, with the PS5 around the corner who knows how long it will be until PS3 online play is dropped completely, however considering how old the console is, I estimate the closure is closer than we think. Use it while we can I guess, and try to get as many online trophies out of the way as possible
  9. Plug your PS4 controller into your PS3, use the official sony cable, might motivate you to start playing some more on PS3 , it surprisingly works, wouldn't have believed anyone unless I did it myself.
  10. First thing I did on the EU version was play arcade, I got a score of 650k, this somehow skipped the 100k and 300k trophies lol, nice programming. Maybe it only checks for the high score and pops the last 'highest score trophy' once you die? would make sense.. sorta.. I fixed this by deleting my save file, then starting again and playing a couple rounds of arcade, I didn't need to re-install the game, just made sure I died somewhere between 100k and 300k.
  11. Well, you could buy physical, but considering you would probably still want the DLC, you would still need to make a korean/hong kong account anyway to purchase it. Here is what they look like: Chinese: Korean: if you want my opinion, we should just wait until the digital version for Hong Kong goes on sale (like around 230HKD), it did go on sale when it released but I forgot to purchase it. Use google translate to translate the game from korean while playing, since it's an easier language to translate from.
  12. I had a similar issue with them before, I called sony, they blamed paypal, I call paypal and they say it's sony, I went and called sony again and explained the situation, they eventually pushed the request to upper management or something, I forgot what they called it, a week later my account was back to it's original state, not sure if they fixed the issue(s) on their end, or it just came right by itself, but I assure you the problem sounds like it's from sony, not paypal. Goodluck, update us if they do something haha..
  13. [spoiler] [img] [/img] [/spoiler] result:
  14. Have you tried contacting sony support?
  15. If you purchase Inksplosion on an HK account, you will unlock the AS stack(s) - (PS4 + Vita). Hope this answers your question.