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  1. The DLC is on sale for the first time (AS stack). If anyone else was interested, here is the link to the Korean version: LINK Korean base game: LINK I stand by what I said, about Korean being easier to translate compared to Chinese. I've personally been holding out for a sale, and I assume others have been too, so now's your chance to pick this up I guess.
  2. To unlock the two trophies that have no real information connected to them, you need to move the pointer over the tiles in the VOXEL menu, they need to be done in this order, starting from the bottom left; "Man, what are you doing with a gun in space?" - Trophy unlocked You will now see a space invader looking icon towards the bottom of the menu, select it and play the game on the hardest difficulty (Berserker), your objective here is to survive for at least 3 minutes. Once you achieve this you can then die, click play again/return coolpaintr. "Scotty" - Trophy unlocked Tips for Berserker mode; Pause the game regularly, every 15 seconds or so, you can die very quickly in this game mode, use this time to reposition your head to avoid the asteroids and check for any UFO's that might have spawned. Shooting blue tubes cause a huge explosion destroying nearly everything in the area. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for sharing this information, wouldn't have known otherwise. Here is a direct link for anyone else interested: LINK
  4. We have another place called The Warehouse, and I guess Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman, but their selection is dogshit and their prices are unjustifiable, better to just go to EB's or buy online, i'm pretty sure Aus has MightyApe too right? maybe take a look on their site, although their prices aren't anything special, they put up some decent sales from time to time, is gumtree also an option for you?
  5. Play Asia exclusives with separate trophy lists virtually triple their money once they sell out, while only manufacturing 1500 copies, the rarity can only go up and the price most likely will not go down. As for things in physical stores, I doubt you'll really find anything, most of the titles they sell (at least in NZ/AU) are mainstream titles, this basically means that there are a lot of copies in circulation and the price probably wont go up very high if at all. The only recommendations I can provide are visual novels, not many vendors have them in stock, not many physical copies are made (compared to other titles), usually need to be imported from UK or USA, check out ozgameshop if you get the chance, if you wanted to find some neat stuff at a cheaper price, check cashies I guess lol, they sometimes have some decent finds.
  6. Would totally add a trophy to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, that requires players to win 10 matches in a row. Then come here and tell everyone on the forums that it's 100% skill based, and that there is no luck required in an online multiplayer title! 😃😃 ?? Screw it I'd even make it a bronze trophy! Don't be mad bro trophies mean nothing - play the game and enjoy it hurrrrr
  7. Still nothing lol, thought about following up on their statement, then remembered the silence I got once I sent the bug report, it's clear that they don't give a shit. Thought about using the xbox achievement progress to see when it's actually counted, maybe doing some weird stuff like closing the game as the minigame ends could be a potential work around, or using the in-game cheats (which disables trophies) but might be a simple "!=" check inside the games code, reversing the effect it would have, it might consider the minigame completed. Unfortunately there is no way to know without decompiling the game or viewing the source code, and the ones with the ability to view it, simply care the least.
  8. By that same logic, nobody should clean their house, nobody else is gonna see it right? therefore it doesn't matter. Did you consider maybe the owner of the account just doesn't want to look back on something they couldn't do because it was outside of their natural ability to complete? Crazy how narrow minded some people are /shrug
  9. Listen, i'm not going to pick sides, however looking at the situation externally, it seems kind of wrong to put a requirement such as winning 5 matches in a row, in a game like this, where there are that many players fighting for the number 1 spot. A more realistic and human expectation would be to win a total of 50 matches, or hell even 100 matches, ensuring that players that want to go out of their way to obtain the platinum for the game as a hobby, aren't subject to additional stress because the devs/publishers of their title thought it would be funny to pull something like this, i'm not surprised at all that the games community is pushing back, it's because it's an unrealistic expectation for a human to achieve. Imagine the scenario of winning 4 matches in a row, then coming in the top 10 or whatever on your 5th attempt, all that effort wasted, would you like to be subject to that demoralisation? I know I wouldn't, hence why myself and many others are either completely staying away from this title, playing it on PC, or just playing it on an alt account they don't wish to taint.
  10. Can someone confirm?
  11. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Farcry 6
  12. I like this concept a lot, may as well enter. Thank you for hosting this event, my number is 8099
  13. This bug can happen on any level, it just happens to occur more often on Lyre Lyre. (maybe because of the scripting in the level? or maybe it's tied to frame rate? haven't been able to catch the moment the opal was collected then never made it to the inventory, maybe it's caused by clipping and the opal being proxied up into the sky?) The opal in question (i've never seen this happen with more than 1 opal per level) gets moved to usually a spot in the sky (in the case with Lyre Lyre, it should be around the treetops height, so not too far away to see), I haven't personally come across any reports of this happening with other collectibles, only opals. Next time this happens to anyone, could a screenshot be uploaded? it would be interesting to see a compilation of spots this can happen and what levels, I suspect the opal goes to the 0,0,0 coordinate if it isn't just being proxied up into the sky. And yes, Krome knows about this bug, it has been an issue since release, exiting the level and re-entering puts the opal back in it's original position, as you mentioned.
  14. Well if things can change that fast for you, maybe once things go back to normal, and you're commuting to and from work again, the vita might become relevant in your life again. For this reason alone I would advise not selling it, but the choice is ultimately up to you. I personally have 3 vita's, and don't plan on selling any.
  15. There's potential for enjoyment with the new 2DS, now's your time to act, I heard they stopped production in favor for the switch. Or you could get the switch, which costs more and has way less titles, but they have new titles, the choice is yours. You'll return to Sony though, even if you are disappointed with them at the moment.