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  1. omg a cool status ! !

  2. And what about all the inflated numbers on comments that make no sense or provide any insight, but get tons of upvotes anyway just because the poster said something funny? Let that sink in; the idea is not cool.
  3. The way you obtain this trophy is that once you complete nightmare mode (night 7) a new option will become available under the extras menu called "Fun with BalloonBoy", although the option is still 'greyed out' and is seemingly inaccessible, you can launch the minigame just fine. Simply get killed by him for this trophy. Was wondering how you obtain this myself, the wiki has false information and so do other sources, and no doubt others will be wondering the same thing as me so here's the answer! Edit: The "Fun" trophy unlocked for me after I completed "Fun with BalloonBoy" and caught him on the cross.
  4. Collected multiple Golden Freddy suits in the "save them" minigame (i'm pretty sure that's the one you're referring to). Please correct me if i'm wrong and you meant a different minigame, the achievement percentage for the minigame trophy (xBox users) report it's stuck at 75%, so I assume one of them isn't registering properly, replayed all of them with the cheats/disabled trophies mode enabled, in case it's a simple "!" in the code, which would prevent it from counting, maybe i'm right and it's now 100% and because the disable trophy thing is on it wont pop the trophy? I don't know, clickteam said they were working on patching the titles for bugs, hope they pick this one up, i'm still convinced it's bugged since no one has obtained it world wide, and it's the same story for xBox .. and we know there are only 4 minigames..
  5. Unfortunately not, but you can still bring down the freddy mask and the camera, pause the game while the animation is playing, and they'll become stuck, the same way in FNAF 1 with the doors and camera.. but it doesn't help you in any way. For 10/20 mode I guess we just gotta get lucky, again as I said on my other post I played hundreds of matches, most of my deaths were because of Toy Bonnie.. Glad I don't need to do 10/20 mode anymore, actually a horrible experience.
  6. Yeah for sure, custom night 10/20 mode is so bs, I just completed it now, must have played it over 400 times, Toy bonnie imo is way too unbalanced and bugged, don't remember if it was that bad on the steam release.. Either way I think the minigame trophy is bugged.. unless i'm missing something? Also been killed by purple guy/William Afton twice on the "save them" minigame.. at a loss on what else I can try.. I think regardless it needs a patch based on the minigame bug alone.
  7. TLDR: Don't purchase this, even when it arrives on the EU PlayStation stores. To my knowledge there's only 4 minigames .. unless I am wrong? i've played them multiple times and it still hasn't popped, can only assume it's bugged. Edit: There seems to be another bug; with "New and Shiny", if you complete it, you're meant to receive the Toy Bonnie figurine on the desk, but it doesn't show up for some reason, it appears in the custom night menu that it has been completed (yellow stars), don't know what the deal is but it's kind of a shame that Clickteam didn't playtest this one properly, I don't really mind but not testing the game to make sure all the achievements are obtainable is pretty half-assed if you ask me .. Edit 2: The bugged minigame has been confirmed by xBox players that it's the "Give Gifts, Give Life" minigame, no official statement has been given by Clickteam at this time but here's hoping for a patch soon. Edit 3: On; 20th Decemeber 2019, xBox players received a patch to address the issue (presumably Switch too, considering they received patches the same day), still waiting on a statement for the PS4 version, I've sent countless messages to them on multiple platforms attempting to reach out and report bugs, I only got one reply stating that they read my message, I even reported a bunch of other bugs that are apparent in the other titles as well. Currently however, they're showing very little enthusiasm to at least acknowledge that there are problems with the PS4 version, not sure what the procedure is for the PlayStation store regions and patches, but perhaps it has something to do with Sony? In any case it still would be nice for them to say that a patch is on it's way or something similar, anything is better than complete silence.
  8. Well, if you're looking for the easy way to get the trophy, close a door and pause the game at the same time. The game will bug and think the door is closed, so nothing will come in, the button will become jammed but you wont be losing any power, just do this to the other door as well and go make yourself some food, come back and you'll see you got the trophy, enjoy bye.
  9. Would love to see this on PS4, I have it on steam and the hardcore mode they added was fun haha. I think they've pretty much confirmed it'll be ported to PS4 at some point, however I still like to think the more money they raise the sooner we can see a release. Thanks for sharing, backing for sure. Only 12 hours left if anyone else felt like pledging!
  10. Edit2: Long story short, if you plan to get the collectibles last, collect all the Jackals Tapes and deliver them before completing the mission with the Journalist at the airfield towards the end of the game. Or at the least; have a save ready to fall back on.
  11. Don't know if it's what you're looking for, but Tower of Dragonasia has some 'linked' trophy icons.. Take a look:
  12. Hello i've completed: Farcry Classic Farcry 3 (both) Farcry 4 (both) Farcry Primal So I think I want to be added to Survivor if I am not wrong.. Here is a LINK to my profile. Also I would like to make a suggestion to add Farcry New Dawn to the List, and/or another couple tiers (or star or something next to their name) for people that have completed every DLC and stacks. However it doesn't look like the thread is maintained which is a shame, can only wait and hope OP comes back at some point.
  13. I know it's subjective, people are going to have trouble with different levels more than some. But if I have anything to say is that the list seems fine.. I personally didn't find Papu's Pyramid hard at all, weird to me that it's in the "End With" category. And for anyone else thinking about attempting these, most the CNK tracks are really easy and simplified imo, and do not start with Crash Cove haha.
  14. Well I agree, this level is pure bs, but personally feel most of the oxide trials are piss easy compared to old oxide trials and velo trials in CNK, CNK trials are way more unforgiving than Nitro Fueled. As to the under 48 hours thing, I honestly think this could be done in around 12 hours with the right setup/prep.
  15. Yea I noticed this, I noticed it immediately when I played the level. I am pretty close to the platinum as well, I have however found a semi consistent way of getting through the shortcut, if you ... well I think it's better to just quickly draw something in mspaint. My theory to why it's so terrible is that most of the shortcuts in this remake have a script attached to them, and we just want to abuse getting that script to push us up there right, the "script zone" hitbox is closer to the left side of the ramp below the hole in the wall, it's important to have the increased fire from the previous turbo pad up to this point, it will make this whole process a lot easier and you can even get up there without this "script" that I feel is there.. I could be wrong about the whole script concept but try out my method and let me know if it helps you out. I have played on every track.. and this is the only track that has this consistent issue with the shortcut, the whole level feels awful - even towards the end where the you're inside of the pipe I remember in the original you can go flying off but it's like you're magnetized to the ground in this version and it causes you to hit an invisible wall just above the midway point... so in this version just stay in the middle on the ground.. otherwise you'll just hit an invisible wall and lose all your speed. Edit: completing the Oxide trial without the shortcut at all would be possible, however it wouldn't be worth the trouble, you would be need to be going pretty fast without bumping or losing max fire to compensate for the time you would lose by not taking the shortcut. Hope something I said helped, goodluck.