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  1. it's back up now.. :D?
  2. If anyone else wants the link, add; ?PlatformPrivacyWs1=all&psappver=19.15.0&smcid=psapp At the end of the url, example: Should work on every region, and I can confirm that you can purchase Vita titles using this trick, might bypass the "no paypal" restriction for PS3/Vita console stores?.
  3. Well I got just over 600, do I dare list them all here? lol.
  4. Dunno what people are complaining about tbh, only real annoying aspect to this game are the loading screens, just like CTR. But in all seriousness; git gud.
  5. Is the DLC free? I don't have the EU version, hopefully DLC doesn't come to NA, but i'm sure it's just a matter of time.. I'm sure the purple mode is something obscure just like Coolpaintr and that stupid 3d space invaders minigame
  6. From my understanding this was given out for free when you complete Dragon Quest XI (Japan version) on a Japan account, but i'm not sure if this was discontinued at all? I read somewhere that it was only a promo for the first 6 months of the games release, but I can't find any information to confirm or deny this.. Hoping someone can provide some more insight, or correct me if I am completely wrong here.
  7. @ProfaneCreation Super friendly person and has a very inspirational profile. This guy/gal hands down deserves rank 1 in NZ, so diverse with the games they play, crazy motivated jumping from game to game, even the platinum-less titles that are hard as hell, is basically sitting at 100% completion rate with no hidden trophies, has so many Final Fantasy titles completed too; LINK, has even completed online trophies like GTA: Online - Criminal Masterminds Doomsday Heists, which is hell on it's own. If you're reading this ProfaneCreation; keep up the amazing hunting, love checking out your profile, all the best moving forward!
  8. Fair, also I tried to reproduce the bug and I couldn't, killing the first flying nitro enemy then immediately breaking the boxes as crash, then dying, the box count wasn't broken, I have for sure had this bug a few times and it IS those boxes, maybe someone else can bring some more insight to the situation.
  9. Is it even the publishers? Do you not think it's odd that sales for these platforms completely stop once the store gets changed?
  10. Looks that way, been holding out for "临终:重生试炼" - dying reborn china vita stack, but last time it was on sale was December 2019, I guess i'll cave and pay full price then.. before they potentially get de-listed, same goes with a bunch of other titles, not really worth mentioning them here. I've still seen sales on PS3/Vita, all the way up until the store got changed.. doesn't really make sense to me, they've completely hidden their 20 whatever so years of gaming.. Even the JP Vita store isn't getting sales, and that market I thought was pretty big in comparison, I guess I was wrong maybe.
  11. Been watching for a while now, and i've noticed since the change to the PS store and removing the PS3 and Vita titles from the browser store, that those platforms haven't received any sales. Maybe this was the reason behind hiding these platforms from the browser version of the store? Because it was annoying creating a sale list for them? Has anyone noticed any PS3 or Vita titles on sale recently?
  12. The digital version was given out for free if you pre-ordered the digital version of The Final Season, which I think would mean that every game would be there.. and you would get 2 Platinum's for the price of 1, so it's existence in the first place makes sense to me, much more sense than The Telltale Definitive Series.
  13. Well tbh, I don't think this would be much of an issue in the first place if there were enough units to go around.. Pretty funny going into stores and seeing them trying to sell PS5 controllers and games, but no one buying them because no one has the console in the first place, what're you going to do in the future when people rent PS5's? ban the those consoles too? Having digital content locked behind a physical product that can be accessed on both PS4 and PS5 that's in limited availability world wide, is just asking for trouble in the first place... what did sony expect? People to sit patiently through the holiday season and smile at the out of stock labels?
  14. In my personal experience I thought it was connected to breaking the boxes before the boat stops for you to get on, I assumed this is where the box count checkpoint was triggered and not when you spawn as crash, of course I could be wrong, but for me personally waiting about 5 seconds/getting the inverted gem back towards the screen prevents this issue entirely. I don't really see it as a deal breaker though, since you need to complete the level without dying for insanely perfect anyway, and since this bug is only triggered when you die, you wouldn't encounter it in a real run.
  15. Rush Hour - is actually 3:40.61 Cortex Castle - 1:59.87