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  1. Here: Link Clickteam is a piss poor company, they wont even reply to my ticket requests on their website. From what i've seen, everything they do seems rushed and/or broken, with little effort to even acknowledge problems. I have zero faith in this company.
  2. I never experienced any issues. Using physical copy, fat non-pro PS4, tested Bioshock; 1, 2 and Infinite. If you're using the digital copy, then try reinstalling? No idea what else to tell you, maybe your PS4 is faulty? 😂
  3. Please if you have a spare 5 minutes, you can file a ticket here: LINK Hopefully if they receive enough tickets, someone at their company might do their job. (This was patched on the 20th of December for xBox users - no comment from clickteam about them even acknowledging the issue for PS4.) Platform: PS4 Region: NA Game: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Trophy: You Tried Bugged Minigame: Give Gifts, Give Life This is kind of double posting, but i'm sure someone else would post about this on the EU title sooner or later, may as well beat them to the punchline with more information and hopefully have this lead to a patch finally.
  4. Does anyone have any information about this? Clickteam ignoring all my emails and seemingly don't care, it has been almost 3 months and they still haven't patched this bug. I want to reiterate that this bug was acknowledged and patched for xBox on the 20th of December 2019, and the issue is with the "Give Gifts, Give Life" minigame not counting as completed. PlayStation does say that someone has obtained it (0.1%) any ideas who this could be? I assume it's either a dev or someone that just modded the trophy in. Hopefully now that it has been released in EU regions, there's more people complaining about this bug, I doubt they patched it for EU, along with all the other bugs in the other titles that help you win; so go nuts before they patch them (if they patch them at all).
  5. Bumping this thread. The original thread was me asking for advice, after receiving no replies, I ended up locking this thread. Fast forward to now; I have replaced the original post with an actual guide for anyone that is at all confused for what they should be focusing on next, this is taken from my post in another thread on these forums, someone was asking about Yojimbo, and I posted this information there, thinking back to it, it probably would have been better to change this post at that time, but I guess it's better late than never, please if you found this guide helpful, it would be nice to have this on the "recent 10 posts" section on the game, so this reaches as many people as possible.. or a pin on this thread but I doubt that will happen. Enjoy, I hope this information helps.
  6. Percentage bar for individual trophies (like xBox) Paypal support on the console ps store. Wishlist support for the console ps store. SSD maybe if it doesn't jack the price up too much (doubt). No delay to press save video option in the quick menu. Custom colours for notifications. No user limit (like ps3, or at least if there is a limit on ps3, I never hit it) If they do some funny "bottom EXT port" for the DS5 controller, I want them to release a cable that lets me charge though that port without using a goddamn dock. I think it would be cool if they added a wireless charger to the top of the console, that you can use to charge the controller(s)? not sure if there's some kind of limitation, but the concept is cool to me.
  7. Even though I feel like there's some miscommunication going on here; To anyone else actually wondering the same thing as me, I'm 90% certain that to obtain this stack you'll need to purchase the version with "HP0082" in the URL, for example: Hong Kong: Link Taiwan: Link Korea: Link That basically confirms what has already been stated, that the "English ver." is the NA version (UP0082), and is considered the WW release.
  8. Uhh.. if i'm reading what you're saying correctly; you mean these two here that I linked do NOT share the same trophy list?
  9. I know this has been asked already, but unfortunately it never received a reply. Can't read anything other than English, would save me the headache if I knew what I was reading, and i'm sure others feel the same, so I personally wouldn't mind spending a bit extra for the ability to read the text provided it's the right stack. English: Chinese/Korean: Has anyone purchased the "English Ver." and can confirm whether or not it it is considered the AS stack? Been waiting for the DLC trophy list to come out before I even consider purchasing this stack, and I see the question still hasn't been answered on the other thread. Any ideas?
  10. omg a cool status ! !

  11. And what about all the inflated numbers on comments that make no sense or provide any insight, but get tons of upvotes anyway just because the poster said something funny? Let that sink in; the idea is not cool.
  12. The way you obtain this trophy is that once you complete nightmare mode (night 7) a new option will become available under the extras menu called "Fun with BalloonBoy", although the option is still 'greyed out' and is seemingly inaccessible, you can launch the minigame just fine. Simply get killed by him for this trophy. Was wondering how you obtain this myself, the wiki has false information and so do other sources, and no doubt others will be wondering the same thing as me so here's the answer! Edit: The "Fun" trophy unlocked for me after I completed "Fun with BalloonBoy" and caught him on the cross.
  13. Collected multiple Golden Freddy suits in the "save them" minigame (i'm pretty sure that's the one you're referring to). Please correct me if i'm wrong and you meant a different minigame, the achievement percentage for the minigame trophy (xBox users) report it's stuck at 75%, so I assume one of them isn't registering properly, replayed all of them with the cheats/disabled trophies mode enabled, in case it's a simple "!" in the code, which would prevent it from counting, maybe i'm right and it's now 100% and because the disable trophy thing is on it wont pop the trophy? I don't know, clickteam said they were working on patching the titles for bugs, hope they pick this one up, i'm still convinced it's bugged since no one has obtained it world wide, and it's the same story for xBox .. and we know there are only 4 minigames..
  14. Unfortunately not, but you can still bring down the freddy mask and the camera, pause the game while the animation is playing, and they'll become stuck, the same way in FNAF 1 with the doors and camera.. but it doesn't help you in any way. For 10/20 mode I guess we just gotta get lucky, again as I said on my other post I played hundreds of matches, most of my deaths were because of Toy Bonnie.. Glad I don't need to do 10/20 mode anymore, actually a horrible experience.
  15. Yeah for sure, custom night 10/20 mode is so bs, I just completed it now, must have played it over 400 times, Toy bonnie imo is way too unbalanced and bugged, don't remember if it was that bad on the steam release.. Either way I think the minigame trophy is bugged.. unless i'm missing something? Also been killed by purple guy/William Afton twice on the "save them" minigame.. at a loss on what else I can try.. I think regardless it needs a patch based on the minigame bug alone.