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  1. Severed was good. I just need to get back into it as it's in my backlog.
  2. Don't want to accuse anyone of cheating. Don't see any updates either.
  3. Just give me games with obtainable Platinums and not these games that close their servers within a month of getting it for free. Better Vita games. BTW that must be the worst generic voice I've ever heard on a video
  4. Got my plat 14th April and got it 3 months later. Hope you get it soon
  5. Nice effort and something I myself would not be able to do but you could change "All Collectibles Guide Videos" to "Collectibles guide in progress" Seen it goes up to Chapter 9 If you want more views on youtube I would also put in the video itself what collectibles or photo op is been collected (seen that there are guides out there already with that on the videos). It's just my 5 cent opinion. But I will still try and support your channel. Thanks for the effort
  6. I see someone has got the plat 19th AUG.....so is it obtainable and the problem patched?
  7. It took me a few months before I got mine. Tbh I personally don't like the HZD theme. Actually using the Rocket League one at the moment.
  8. Best advice I can give you is the the "Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection." Two great games on one disc. You can't go wrong. That's two plats for the price of one if that's your thing. Besides OUTLAST has no plat.
  9. PLATINUM #116 Black & White Bushido PS4 Way of the Warrior ENJOYMENT 1/10 DIFFICULTY 1/10 Ok I would have given it a 4/10 enjoyment if you play with friends but other then that it's crap. If you looking for a quick plat then this is just up your alley. Nothing else to say about it. Straight forward plat with no buggy trophies. That's it. Back to my trophy hunt
  10. PLATINUM #115 Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Trilogy Pack Master Assassin ENJOYMENT 9/10 DIFFICULTY 4/10 (Personal rating) All I have to say is this took me totally by surprise. Did not expect to enjoy this trilogy as much as i did. I enjoy doing CHINA, INDIA and RUSSIA with multiple playthroughs with RUSSIA been my favorite. I'm actually going to get this on the VITA as well as this would be perfect for those away from home games on VITA. I can see why some gamers complain about some parts been tricky but to be honest it felt like a decent challenge and nothing too difficult. Patients is what's needed and you can't really rush through the game. If you want to break away from all the AAA games for a moment then this is for you. Anyways back to my trophy hunting.
  11. Bullstomp - Deception IV: Blood Ties platinum because it's messing your completion rate
  12. SlimSanta94 Loves his Ultra rare music trophies but dam it I have to say I'm jealous of that MEATBOY Platinum
  13. Maybe Square Enix is giving out free trophies after forcing us to buy the Deluxe edition of LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM if we want the platinum . Let me pop in my Tomb Raider Disc now seen I don't have some of the DLC's trophies. Maybe might get some of those free trophies
  14. OP must be a newbie. Or am I missing something here
  15. Defeating Stank Gum took me less then 2 minutes on my first try because before I even went into that mission I had done alot of side missions and collected some much scrap that my car was over well equip. Gamers that rush through the main story and don't upgrade the car will struggle with that mission. Heard some gamers spending 2+ hours trying to beat him. My thunderpoon was also well upgraded so a few shots took him out quik. Had no difficultly.