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  1. I didn't know myself till a few months back. One of the reasons I open an US account. Going to start tonight and the first thing I'm going to do is look for the Pork Bun guy .
  2. It is free but that code was for someone without the psn plus.
  3. So happy Sleeping Dogs is on sale as well. Was waiting to get that NA regional plat stack for Sleeping Dogs. I know I'm going for the Sleeping Dogs plat for the third time but who can resist A GOOD FUCKING PORK BUN.
  4. First you did not read my first line "I don't get upset anymore". Secondly nowhere in my comments does it come off as I'm a Mr Know it all. You make no sense at all in your writing as you trying very hard to sound intelligent. That been said have a nice day and unhide your 51 trophies Mr Pretentious
  5. I was actually been sarcastic as I don't understand the point of having such a stupid thread so early.
  6. I don't get upset anymore when I see these stupid "How do they get the copies early it's unfair blah blah blah" but what I can't understand is why are gamers getting upset because someone else has it a few days early. So what! If someone stole your car or screwed your wife then it's understandable to be upset but a gamer that has a copy a few days early. Just shows me what kind of person they are anyways
  7. Firstly well done on your plat. Secondly this is what the internet is "mostly" about these days. People bitch about things they've never experienced or games they've never played.
  8. PS4 - Assassins Creed Origins with season pass PS4 - South Park Fractured but whole with season pass Ps3 - Anything that has no online servers shutdowns in the next month PsVita - Anything that hasn't any framerate issues
  9. Thanks But in all seriousness I've deleted many "PSN FRIENDS" from my list and try to keep it to a minimum of 50. Why on earth would someone want 300 to 400 friends. If I'm not interacting with that PSN FRIEND in the last few months I just delete. Keeping the list small also allows me to interact with them and see what they up to. But you 100% right
  10. I created an account just for this amazing game. Last time I used my finger so much was in high school virgin days and My Name is Mayo brought back that retro feel
  11. God damn it. Your trophy cabinet cracked me up. LOL!

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    2. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      omg he has the best trophy cabinet ever, wish you could like it or something xD Id like the shit out of that hahah

    3. dermarx


      Haha that is really funny; great cabinet :awesome: :yay:

    4. DF007gamer


      @MilanYildirim glad someone noticed it. :yay:

  12. Well according to the people on PSNPROFILES the workaround still works. Let those pilgrims know on PST it still works fine
  13. Maybe you don't give good massages. Now if you gave them a happy ending maybe they would respond quicker.
  14. I need just one more trophy for the platinum "beat 10 levels without dying" but that level 9 is a disaster with the framerate. It's all over the place. It took me forever to get the secret ending not because it was difficult but the part where there are about 10 rockets on screen it all went to shit. Could see nothing due to the framerate issues so I guessed where i was going and eventually made it. So yes do not but this on the VITA. A pity thou cause I actually was enjoying it. 100% agree. That what's messing up my run.. Levels 9 & 10. I will just have to stick it out
  15. I know lots of gamers like the 100% sync but imo it started to get a bit tedious is the series. "eavesdrop, follow someone but not be seen, blah blah". I like the way UBI has done the trophy list this time but still got to figure out what some of the trophies imply.