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  1. That was close.
  2. Yes you have to have to win by 3 switches as a TEAM. If you have a terrible start by the other team already winning by two then just restart. You yourself can still lose all you switches but what they mean is by 3 switches remaining is that at least 3 of your team mates must have at least a switch left over. You eliminate the other team by taking out all their switches. Sorry but that's the best way i can explain. You can see on the top right of the screen while your racing the other teams switches remaining. They are 5 of the teams icons. If one of the icons are grey that means that one enemy is out of swithes. If it's in color then they still have switches. So it's to get all the enemies icon to grey.
  3. The last challenges are easier in co-op. There is no random players joining online racers for co-op so you have to have PSN friends with the game to do it. Once you have friends it will have the option for you to invite them to your session and you race together. Best way is to create or join boosting session here on PSNPROFILES. click on the link https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  4. Thanks for the decent reply unlike @Paleblood
  5. There's always the one asshole on the forums. Well done buddy. Instead of just scrolling by or actually helping with my one question you reply with this shit. I see by all your comments on the other threads you that guy that feels like the internet is the only place you can let off some steam. So that been said you not worth another reply. Goodbye..............V....D.P...
  6. Anybody know if this is going to be as hard as Nioh and Dark Souls. I hope not. Don't mind a challenge but my time is limited in the evening and can't spend an hour in one area
  7. Can somebody tell me what my trophy milestone 1337 is doing on my milestones??????
  8. I used to care about leaderboards until the start of the 1 hour platinums and multiple region came and fucked up everything. I have a myself got some of those quick plats and regional stacks but gave up on it as there is no point to it. So yes I did but not anymore. Besides nobody cares about another gamers virtual status of trophies. It should be your own personal targets. At least that's how i feel.
  9. I'm not worried about either to be honest. I've played shit games with amazing graphics and played amazing games with shit graphics. For me it's all about good storyline, enjoyment and immersing myself and getting lost in a game. You know when a game is good when you on your way to work/school and you thinking about how you going to play it when you get home. You not thinking about "WOW I have to continue the game because of the graphics". Even if a game has great/shit graphics you forget about it 10mins into the game.
  10. Got 50% completion then had a look on what I still had to do. Then looked at my backlog of games to play and decided to go with the backlog. Congrats and the plat and the Mahjong challenges
  11. Can't be so "fucking easy" if you don't have the last two trophies which you don't know how to get. Jokes aside I know what you mean by it will be easier once BenG32 has figure out the last two trophies but I read somewhere it might be glitched.
  12. Been a seasoned gamer I'm partly to blame for my biggest disappointed of 2018 due the fact I fell onto the hype train of RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. I just found Arthur very boring and I love a good fast travel system especially later on in the game but this was one of the worst I've seen. I'm fine with traveling in a game early on but once you've seen the same area over and over that's when I use the fast travel. Besides the fast travel the control and shooting felt clunky as [email protected]#k. Beautiful graphics don't bother me as some of my favorite games don't every have beautiful graphics. I also found myself rolling my eyes the amount of times Dutch says "ONE LAST TIME". It might just be me but I've played alot of better game with better storylines. I guess it's each to his own.
  13. Last of Us is only one in his cabinet so must be a LOU fan
  14. The whole TRINE trilogy is on sale. Grab it now before its gone
  15. Trine 3 ps4. Actually enjoy it. Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!