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  1. For me it was shit. I can see why you enjoy it seen that you've skip out on many amazing games which is by far better the RDR2. So it's understandable.Once you've played games like Witcher, Dragon Age, Bloodborne, Dark Souls etc etc etc the list goes on you'll find RDR2 is not what it seems.
  2. PLATINUM #163 SALT AND SANTUARY PS VITA SaltbornAchieve all possible trophies DIFFICULTY - 3/10 (imo) ENJOYMENT - 9/10 PLAT TIME - 10 HOURS Just recently plat the PS4 version but I found the Vita Platinum much easier. The jump and platforming also felt I could jump a little easier and better. Just shows that Sony had a great chance to port more games like these to the Vita because this was a very enjoyable game. Just wish they could do it with Hollow Knight and more. Oh well back to my back log and happy trophy hunting to you all.
  3. Well done on the first one with the plat
  4. Just finished your Hollow Knight guide a week ago and got the plat. Same goes for your Salt and Santuary guide which helped me get the plat quickly on the PS4. Doing the plat over on the VITA currently. So I trust your guides. Will be waiting. Won't buy it until your guide is done.
  5. You should. It was painful to finish the storyline.
  6. I suck at speed run trophies so this plat might be out of my reach. None the less I will still play it.
  7. I'd give it a 10/10 been boring. Compared the Red Dead it shite. Who cares about graphics when you have such shit travel points, gameplay mechanics and Dutch repeating "One last ride" over and over. Sorry but it's just my opinion. I'd rather have a Red Dead remake then play this over.
  8. PLATINUM #162 SALT AND SANTUARY PS4 SaltbornAchieve all possible trophies DIFFICULTY - 3/10 (imo) ENJOYMENT - 9/10 PLAT TIME - 9 HOURS DIFFICULTY This is not as hard as the other souls games with the right build which you can do very early but beating the first boss which the game wants you do die. You get the great sword early in the game and finding the right materials you can upgraded halfway quickly. If you follow @Optinooby youtube 3 hour guide you get you plat in no time. He explains everything perfectly. ENJOYMENT For me the placement of the Sanctuaries and save points before bosses was well placed unlike Hollow Knight for instance. That made going back for you lost salt much easier. The bosses weren't too complicated so It made it more of a relaxing encounters compared to Nioh or Bloodborne. I would highly recommend playing this game whether you going for the plat or not. If you've never played a souls game then this is a nice introduction to those types of games in a light sense. I enjoyed this game so much that I'm going to repeat the plat on the Vita. Anyways guys have a great happy trophy hunting weekend
  9. You have to do it pre patched.
  10. Not so much time consuming but my HOLLOW KNIGHT platinum was nightmare. I dare you
  11. Yeah I forgot about those two. Life goes on............
  12. If true why make a game a freebie if it's already offer for free on EA ACCESS
  13. I'll get it on a very cheap sale in a few months because how the leaks will ruin the sales. I could be wrong but still I'll wait for a sale whenever that is
  14. I must one of the few gamers that actually enjoys the grinding part of games. Whether is grinding for specific item for 5 hours for convenants like in dark souls or just grinding for XP to have a better build like in Nioh or Bloodbourne. I actually enjoy it. I think the only time when I lost my shit in grinding was for the PS3 Tomb Raider and grinding to level 55. That was crap. Otherwise it's all good in my opinion. Then there's always an option of not grinding for the trophy and move onto another game
  15. Would be nice to know what's your favorite platinum to add to your thread instead of just asking then at lease we know what the OP is thinking ON THE TOPIC All of my Soulsborne type Plats including Hollow Knight and currently working on Salt & Sanctuary which is just as awesome. It's difficult for me to have ONE favourite as each one of those mention are equally good imo