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  1. Actually heard on KF Greg Miller talking about the trophies on KF recent Podcast. Some trophies unlock after some Nurses get a certain amount of applause and you unlock costumes for the nurses. As for gameplay I see lots of Nurses kissing
  2. I played it awhile back on another account back when it came out and it's a terrible game.....for me at least. As for the MP trophies If i remember correctly it can be done solo but don't take my word for it. I know it's cheap but it's an awful game.
  3. Actually I've played many "little bit rough around the edges" games and enjoyed it more then the over hyped AAA games. So you're 100% right. Going to get a physical copy on sale and will let you know................how good or shit it is
  4. I playe So looks like I will get it on the PS3 so long because it feels like I'm missing out on a good game. Thanks for the heads up "truth, doubt, lie" Will check the review on Zero Punctuation as well. Thanks buddy.
  5. One of those games I didn't get to play and would like to. Was actually thinking about getting a PS3 copy so wouldn't mind if it came out for the PS4. Don't think it will tbh
  6. BillyHorrible Spy Chameleon 😉
  7. Then he has the decency to tell you "I bet you would do it for $20" 😂😂 Took me hours and a lot of hair pulling to get that plat.
  8. For me personally getting themes etc etc etc for platting a game is senseless. Platting the game and the experience and enjoyment (or not) on getting the plat is rewarding enough in itself. If the DEVS gave me a reward in PSN discount codes on their future/past games/dlc's then yes, that makes more sense and a good enough reward for the effort......but that will never happen
  9. Go for the HZD platinum. Forget about the Fifa 16 plat because the "The Invincibles" trophy is a pain in the butt and cost me that plat. Gave up on it
  10. Got my platinum on 14th April.....still no free theme. Maybe it's digital copies that get it free.
  11. Thats what i thought tbh. Oh well Chrome can also glitch.
  12. So you have 4 Vita versions then. 😁
  13. I wouldn't know because I've never scratched my balls with glass unless you referring to footballs 😉
  14. Definitely waiting on Uncharted and GOW sale before buying on Vita
  15. tomf1990 Spy Chameleon.....because I know the feeling on getting the plat after one or two difficult luck based stages