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  1. Most games have guides which will answer your questions. Link below https://psnprofiles.com/guide/9566-wwe-2k20-trophy-guide
  2. Just buy the DLC and it's drops the plat difficulty from 9/10 to 4/10. Would have never got these objectives done without the DLC The DLC is cheap if you wondering.
  3. PLATINUM #172 PEGGLE 2 PS4 PLATINUM TROPHY ENJOYMENT - 9/10 PLAT HOURS - 25 HOURS PLAT RARITY - 13.75% PLAT DIFFICULTY 4/10 (without dlc 9/10) I have to say this game took me by total surprise how fun it was. Did not expect me to enjoy it as much as I did. It's a nice palate cleanser from the AAA games. If you want a break from serious stuff you got to try Peggle. I just could not get enough of the in game music when you finished a stage, it's hilarious actually. A word of advice for those who looking for the plat. Buy the DLC and it's cheap anyways. Buying the DLC will make the stage challenges drop the plat difficulty from 9/10 to 4/10 imo. I would have never got this plat without it and I think the plat rarity would have been 1% compare to 13.75%. Anyways guys happy trophy hunting while I go for my COD Cold War camo challenges.
  4. PLATINUM #171 STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER A NEW HOPE ENJOYMENT - 8/10 PLAT DIFFICULTY - 3/10 PLAT HOURS - 35 HOURS PLAT RARITY 25.93% I really did not expect to enjoy this game as much as I did. I'm not a star wars nerd so the them not using proper lore 100% did not bother me at all. They gameplay mechanics felt fine to me and using some of the force abilities felt actually great. PROS for me is that I actually did engage in the story especially with the ship captain been funny as he was with his replies. If you did not rush through it and actually converse with the NPC's it had some funny moments. Fighting mechanics felt responsive and if I did get kill it was from my own stupidity. Bosses were memorable unless if you did it on a lower difficultly then it would have spoilt the fun. Graphics looked good enough for a PS4 with so moments where I would stop and just enjoy the view. Loved how each planet had a different feel to it with different enemies to fight. CONS for me has to be having no fast travel. I left every collectible for after the game as I could follow a guide to precisely pick each one. If you missed one then you had to do certain areas by travelling to the missed collectible would be a pain in the ass. I understand having no fast travel maybe during your first playthrough but at least they could unlock it after the final boss for the sake of collectibles. That was my only gripe was the fast travel. Otherwise I would recommend this to anyone who storyline games without missables and likes openworld clearing out items. Anyways happy trophy hunting😁
  5. PLATINUM #170 PSYCHO-PASS MANDATORY HAPPINESS TROPHY COMPLETE PLAT RARITY 18.76% ENJOYMENT 7/10 DIFFICULTY (with guide) 1/10 PLAT HOURS +- 16 hours Not much of a fan on VN but I actually enjoy this as I was stuck at home. Perfect game for the VITA. Can't believe they don't contining making VN for the VITA as it doesn't need much to run on it. Anyways glad I gave it it chance. Going to try STEINS GATE. Happy trophy hunting.
  6. To be honest just start a new game on death march because it's not that difficult. Especially seen that you've already played it on the pc version so you know familiar with the game which makes it a bit more easier. Using the right oils and signs with the right stats on the skill tree helps alot. My first time i played Witcher on normal difficullty I did not enjoy the game at all. Actually hated it. Then I said I have to have that plat so tried it on the death march and absolutely fell in love with the game and its lore that I even started to read the books lol. So new game on death march is the way to go.
  7. PLATINUM #169 RICO WAS HERE ENJOYMENT/GAMEPLAY: 7/10 STORY: 6/10 PLAT TIME: 38 HOURS PLAT DIFFICULTY: 3/10 PLAT RARITY: 10.12% Just Cause 4 was not as bad as everybody made it out to be. I actually enjoyed doing the open world tick the box challenges and opening up the world map. I have to say I enjoyed JUST CAUSE 3 more then this although I was two trophies sort of the plat for JC3. Only issues I had with the game is that blowning up the compounds and bases wasn't as important as JC3 and I [email protected]#KING hated doing the time missions. Especially in the beginning missions as I was still a bit rusty from haven't play JC in a while. But a few hours in the mission are piss easy as well as the wing suit challenges. I'd definitely recommend platted this game. This game is another reason why you don't buy any game day one. Buy any game day 1 and get the worst possible editon at the most expensive price or buy the same game a year later and get the best possible edition and a cheaper price. That's why I'll wait for AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk in a years time. Well happy trophy hunting folks because 2021 ain't going to be easier then 2020
  8. Epidemic and other excuses aside but for my personally this was one of the worse Game Awards games ever. Everything felt so bland and fake. No big game announcements and felt GOT could have won some more awards.
  9. I think what he meant was on the psn itself as it's on 0.1% plat.
  10. If I had a dollar
  11. Something tells me you already deciding on doing a guide or not pending on how many playthroughs. Love your guides btw
  12. PLATINUM #168 MIDDLE-EARTH:SHADOW OF WAR MIDDLE-EARTH SHADOW OF WAR THE BRIGHT LORD Middle-earth has been saved. For now... PLAT TIME: 40 HOURS ENJOYMENT: 7/10 PLAT RARITY: 15.32% PLAT DIFFICULTY: 2/10 I've meaning to buy the game for awhile but always seem to skip the sale due the bad stick it got when it release because of the micro-transactions. Also the end game grind for Shadow Wars trophy put me off abit. So seen it was part of the PSNPLUS I had no excuse and tackle it. It seemed the update the Devs made after the bad reviews and sorting the end game grind made me enjoy this game alot. I like the LOTR lore and they seemed to have made a good story from a gaming perspective even if the LOTR nerds hated it because it wasn't a 100% true to the lore. At no point did it feel bored and loved looking for new captains to make warchiefs. In fact the trophies i think was setup in a good way so you could tackle the game in different ways like making all Warchiefs spies etc etc. Anyways I would totally would recommend the game to any non or LOTR fan to definitely put this plat in your collection. Here's hoping they make another one in the series. Happy trophy hunting.
  13. Right you are 100%. Actually gave up on going for platinums long time ago otherwise I've would of platted those Ratshit easy plat games and would have been easily in the 250's plats. But its a waste of money and time. If i go for a plat these days it will be for games I enjoy. For those who care about leaderboards good for them. But like you say let's enjoy what we play.
  14. I have 167 platinums and I'm on LEVEL 512
  15. Got 2 Witcher 3 plats but my favorite of all time is MY NAME IS MAYO