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  1. Yakuza Kiwami. Simply because I knew I was going to get frustrated with the Mahjong game part for the 100%. So I just played for the enjoyment but have to say it's an amazing story
  2. So do you always go to other gamers topics on glitches and exploits and go off the topic and then showoff how good you are doing it legit. On that been said you not worthy of another reply as I myself are going off topic here because of imbeciles like you. Create your on topic on how good you are on doing games without exploits and stop harassing other gamers threads.
  3. Got home last night. Took me about 50 mins. Got a 14.47sec. Dam was I happy. Also it might help to switch sound off because hearing "GO! GO! GO!" started to piss me off after every checkpoint. Got the first 3 targets with a pistol then shooting the target downstairs and jumping down while cooking the flashbang for the next room shave some time off. The very last two I used the MP5. If I made one slight mistake I would just immediately restart as you just wasting time finishing the whole run. I know the feeling. Went to bed the previous night without getting the trophy and didn't sleep well cause it was pissing me off. Next day after work I sat down and got prepared for all out war and got it in 50 mins with a time of 14.46
  4. Another "just change the colours on the controller and trigger buttons" type of controller. Seriously can't Sony make controllers with different themes according to the games. Maybe different grips and triggers instead of just changing colors. They are so many non-Sony companies making awesome custom controllers. You would think with all the money they would do something decent.
  5. That was a great run by SaVerr I try for about an hour last night and the best I could do was 17 sec. I keep getting stuck in those dam doorways. Controller feels sticky (my excuse lol). But I'm going to persist till I get it because that one trophy sort of the plat is now bothering me
  6. For me it was MAD MAX. 1 year 8 months. Played the game for about an hour and was hugely disappointed in it . Maybe wrong timing on my part but anyway i got a single trophy from that. Then it was part of the PSN PLUS freebie and gave it a second try a year and 8 months later. I actually enjoyed the game and it's now in one of my favorites list. Glad I gave it a second chance
  7. Well done on your 8th run on getting it oh almighty gamer. It's easy to understand why people struggle with this as I'm one of those people and it's the last trophy I need for the plat. Some gamers are good at platformers,some are good at FPS, some people can sprint the 100m in 12 sec some can't, some people can running 50km and some can't.......do you get my point. It's not rocket science. CLASS DISMISSED
  8. Yes you can do that after the first playthrough but all that means you'll be playing the game all over again. Well that's if you don't mind doing a 2nd playthrough. EDIT: In other words.... In the second playthrough you'll have to play every chapter from the beginning, so you can't just go load a chapter and go straight to the final checkpoint. That's like an entire 2nd playthrough.
  9. I was just wondering what is the point of your post. And Nubla 2 is available on other country stores, not just UK
  10. No shit hey of course you going to offend some people with such a topic. You are not entitled to an opinion especially those that care for the leaderboards But seriously I used to worry about leadersboards until all these quick plats starting popping around a year ago. I fell into that trap into buying cheap quick easy plats and stopped enjoying games just so I could climb up the ladder. At one stage I was on a average 13 trophies a day. Trying to gain spots was a absolute waste of time and money especially with gamers getting all these quick Asian easy Vita plats. So now I just play games for fun and if I enjoy the game and the plats within reach then I will go for it. I still enjoying popping trophies and the challenge some give but I'm not going to fall into that trap of going for easy quik plats just for the sake of leaderboards At the same time if a gamer enjoys going up on the leaderboards and getting quick easy plats then that's all up to him. Whatever tickles your fancy. At the end of the day it's a personal choice and challenge because "most" gamers don't really worry about others profiles and trophy hunters are a small minority in the gaming world.
  11. That must be the worst feeling ever. I've platted both ps3 and ps4 AC2 versions and lucky for me didn't experience any glitched trophies. This reminds me when doing a 2nd playthrough for Wolfenstein New Order and one of the collectibles wasn't there and deleted and reinstalled the game and still no collectible second time round. It happened 3/4 of the way into the game. Try do a cloud save on chapter 6 just in case you don't get it so you can keep trying if it don't pop.
  12. LOL. "It's the idea of being "Mightier than thou". Like good for you if you don't use the MW Exploit, just don't be an ass about it?" Could have not said it better. The sad part is the OP started the topic off by saying the glitch still works if you downloading it as part of the free PSN GAMES and then all of the sudden "the entitled elite special toxic gamers" start posting that's it's cheating and then everything goes off topic. I mean surely they must know that it's a trophy hunting site with some gamers who are here for exploits/glitches and the fastest way to get a plat. If they want it done legit then good on them.
  13. I don't know who controls the psn store but they are lazy as fuck. At this moment on the psn store they still have last weekend sale showing and haven't taken it off. Don't get me on the search options. Surely the Sony guys have enough money to have a much user friendly site. Going on the store on my Vita is even worse. Yes we all understand there's no more support for PS3 and Vita but at least they could sort their shit out on the store. I feel your frustration
  14. Man I wish there was a way to downvote or dislike posts with stupid comments like yours "I'm talking in general: if something is gonna ease the difficulty of some trophies then it's cheating." You are definitely trolling. You can't be serious. With that I can't respond again to someone as fickle as you because it's going way off the OP's topic
  15. Bullshit. So if you farm kills for a specific weapon kill trophy on a checkpoint that's cheating????. Thats exploiting a game design and that's not cheating!. Ohhhh please