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  1. Yes it's a tongue in cheek post
  2. Best advice is not to enter this world of trophy hunting. It will destroy your family life and health including the joy of playing games. That sound of the trophy popping will become addictive and there will be no turning back. You'll start off by going for difficult plats then using your rent money for easy cheap unenjoyable plats for a quick fix. The ps4 controller will be your needle so don't pick it up when arriving from work but go straight to the fridge and eat. Biggest lie you'll tell yourself is "Ill just play for an hour then eat" only to found yourself at 2am hungry and with a dry mouth in front of the TV hunting the last trophy that you've been trying to get for the plat. Then realize it's work in 3 hours time. So stay away from trophy hunting. Sorry I have to go eat before I pick up my controller. Goodbye fellow friend
  3. To be honest it was a shit game. Well for me at least
  4. until I get a blue screen
  5. could list a few but LA COPS was one of those games I regret. What a piece of shit
  6. Thats my exact thoughts. Going for those Gold medals is going to destroy my experience for myself. So I'm just enjoying the game for what it is
  7. You should try the Ninja Gaiden games and especially Super Meat Boy But seriously don't try those. I enjoyed all the Tomb Raiders games it was fun and easy. Sleeping Dogs was also fun and not too demanding. Other enjoyable easy plats that I got and had fun with Severed PSVITA Infamous 2 PS3 Infamous second Son PS4 Mafia 3 Mad Max Horizon Zero Dawn Battlefield 1 Diablo 3 Far Cry 3 & 4 & Primal Assassins Creed 2 Burnout Paradise Goat simulator (I enjoy because it's stupid funny) There is a few more that I enjoyed but thats some I can think of now. BTW welcome to PSNPROFILES
  8. This is one of those trophies that makes me not go for the platinum. Don't mind the grindy tedious task of trophies which I have plenty in other games but this trophy is going to spoil the game for me. And for that reason I'm out. Would rather just enjoy the game naturally instead of repeating the same chapter over and over. But I have respect for those who chose to do it.
  9. I did four homesteads and stole only the stash and got the trophy. You don't need to loot the whole house.
  10. This is absolutely brilliant news. I was actually disappointed to hear the main game could be finished in 60 hours. But 200+ is fucking awesome .I would hate to have to platinum a game in 60 hours which I've waited 8 years for. For me personally the 200+ hours for the platinum is good news. Going to play the game for what it is and not worry about the platinum to be honest. But I should get it naturally as I'm going to look under every rock and examine every tree and squeeze every drop out of the lemon with this game. Unfortunately there is always that one ahole who complains "I won't buy this game because what were the devs thinking about making the game so grindy to plat etc etc etc" blah blah blah.
  11. If they work hard to get the game done for its original release date people will say "It's sad they work 100 hours per week" If they game gets delay "Oh no not again they don't know what they doing, they should work harder" Games aren't easy as what some keyboard warriors think it's made out to be. If they need more time then so be it.
  12. If you don't understand what I was trying to imply then there's no hope for you as well. Goodbye and have a nice day
  13. To be honest with you it's a long grind to the prestige trophy that you'll get all the trophies by Level 20 anyways. No need to boost.
  14. You could at least leave an opinion instead of just creating a thread with a RDR2 video
  15. Anywhere WITHIN 5 player lengths away from the revive node of their player. Look at the video at 3:03 it shows whats needed to count as a block. Hope this helps @lurch_9944