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  1. DARK SOULS: REMASTERED The Dark Soul PLATINUM #152 DIFFICULTY - 6/10 ENJOYMENT - 10/10 PLAY RARITY - 27.13% HOURS PLAYED - 110 Man where do I start. I took my sweet time in the beginning of the game running around and learning all the short cuts and enemy types as I do with most of my games. I instantly fell in love with the game. I mean I really don't care about graphics as this is an oldish game from the ps3 era but there's something about Dark Souls that sticks with you long after the platinum. I found myself going on youtube to learn more about the DS lore more then I've done with any other game. I've started with DS2 and for me personally I don't get the backlash it's received from the DS community because I'm enjoying that too. For any that is afraid to start the DS series don't be. Gamers that say that it's "too hard" are the same gamers that want to rush through a game with a level 10 character without upgrading any RPG elements. It doesn't work like that. Just take your time and enjoy dying (Yes enjoy dying) and learning from your mistakes. Yes you die alot in the beginning but once it clicks there's no stopping you from kicking ass. I actually enjoyed the part of helping other online gamers from getting through rough areas where I'd struggled. It's satisfying. Anyways let me get back to my DS2 plat (this is taking slightly longer then DS1 but I'm loving it) Here's hoping you find the nearest BONFIRE
  2. Don't think it will be. The only reason why it's with Microsoft at E3 is because SONY is not there this year so FS had no other choice but to have something shown with MS
  3. I'd say get the games that have been mention above except for the ones that have been remastered for the PS4. Or you can redo some plats if you want on the ps3 like Wolfenstein, Sleeping Dogs etc etc etc
  4. Pity it's going to only be a cinematic trailer only shown at E3 and not a gameplay reveal. I'm just happy at least they working on something new. What would really make me happy is a Demon Souls remastered as a bundle with the new game......asking for too much SOULSNORDIC
  5. Ohhhhhh boy. I need to get some humanity after this news and find me a bonfire......PRAISE THE SUN
  6. I was thinking about the same thing. Just wanted to know anyone who has actually played the game on Vita that could verify it as so
  7. How the hell did this fly pass my radar without me noticing it and it's a freaky cross buy. Anyone know how this game handles on the VITA (I'd prefer to play the VITA version) or should I stick to the PS4?
  8. Ok I'll tell you (in a soft voice) what you reading since you've only been on the internet for a week or you one of those that doesn't have the words "someone else's opinion" in your vocabulary. Just because you see GF as a 10/10 doesn't mean it's a 10/10 for someone else. I can understand if someone played it as a youngest back in the day and the remaster brought back memories. As a gamer that didn't play the original it has not aged well, controls were shit and found it boring af. So i respect that you give it a 10/10 and can see why but as from my side I'd give it a 4/10. Happy trophy hunting EDIT: If it's a 10/10 for you why haven't you played/platted it
  9. The Goonies vs The Smurfs fighting game. Those characters together in a game
  10. Mine was definitely GRIM FANDANGO. It was painful and I still haven't recovered mentally.
  11. post of the day
  12. To get as much FROMSOFTWARE platinums as possible. Currently on 2
  13. My biggest mistake 4 years ago when I sold my PS3 to buy a PS4 and never had INTERNET to sync all my trophies earn on 300+ games. I played alot of PS3 but didn't have internet. I bought my PS4 and got internet. Only then did I realize I should have synced the trophies on the ps3 with a new account. I went back to the guy to ask if I could just borrow it for a day and he had already had the PS3 System Restored. I didn't have a PSN PLUS with cloud saves. So a week later I bought myself another PS3 (It bother me I didn't have my plats from games I enjoyed like Infamous, Sleeping Dogs etc etc. I had to redo all those plats on the PS3 on again and replay some 99 games (Wasn't bother to replay the other 200+ games . But the PS3 era was so good I didn't mind playing it again. My level could have been higher but I'm glad the leaderboards don't bother me. Oh well life goes on.
  14. I can only judge on what I've played so... 1. Bloodbourne (everything about it was amazing, lore, atmosphere, bosses, game mechanics etc et) 2. Dark Souls Remastered (same as BB but it's 2nd because there's something that BB that left a lasting feeling of satisfaction of getting the plat) 3. Dark Souls 2 (contrary to what critics and gamers say I'm actually enjoying it and might have to make it 2nd when I finish it) 4. Nioh (just did not grab me) Yes I'm enjoying DS2 (atm) more then DS1 for reasons that I'm not going to get into now. I still have to plat DS2 (busy with) and DS3 and then onto Sekiro so I'll change my post again after that. But Nioh will stay last