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  1. After many Arena runs I eventually got three copies and it didn't pop. Argggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is after I've had so many two copies cards lol. I had one game where i had 4 of 2 card copies. Oh well I still have the 6 win run to do
  2. This is going straight to DVD😂
  3. Definitely in the Witcher world. I'd be Geralt having sex with YEN, TRISS and KEIRA without the worries of making them pregnant. Just have to hide the handcuffs from them or have the key on me
  4. PLATINUM #155 The Limits of the PossibleCollect all trophies PLAT RARITY - 10.23% HOURS TO PLAT - 125 HRS ENJOYMENT - 10/10 PLAT DIFFICULTY - 3/10 WHEN THE TIME OF THE WHITE FROST COMES, DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW I have to say I've fallen inlove with the witcher lore and universe. After platting all the Dark Souls and Bloodbourne I was looking for something to replace that as I was left with a hole in my gaming heart. So decided to give witcher a second chance (Played it before and didn't enjoy it for some stupid reason....maybe timing was bad) and starting off the DEATH MARCH difficullty and it was instant gratification. It scratched that itch I was looking for. It did take 125 hours to plat but I spent much more time after the plat in the open world finishing off Hearts of Stone and other small quests. I've put BLOOD AND WINE I've put on Ice as I would like to have something to look forward to play in a few months just to get back into the witcher universe. Know I'm not saying it's a perfect game because there are some minor issues which are part and parcel of big open world games. PLAT DIFFICULTY Reason I gave it a 3/10 it because its the way I set up the game before hand. Like with any game I play I first gather enough resources(for upgrades) and try and get the best weapons/gear at each level I go up. Gamers who find this a 7/10 difficultly were maybe trying to rush through it and not bother leveling up properly imo. It's a sin to rush through this game. One last thing........the dev that decided to put fucking candles by the characters/loot whereby you have to press X to interact with should be fired. Going into a room and looting everything and then pressing X 10 times over a bag with the candle in the way is worse then having lag on a online gamen Argggggghh. I've just got into the GWENT WITCHER GAME GAME and going for that plat but in no rush as I've still got THRONEBREAKER and BLOOD AND WINE to play. Exciting times ahead.
  5. You're right about that been a stupid reason
  6. If you got a shitty internet line then it works like crap but the reason why remote play didn't work for me was I couldn't get used to the control scheme on the Vita for games that was actually meant to be played on a console. So I only used the Vita for the Vita based games
  7. I think I'm currently/lately going for more chanllegning platinum so instead of getting the 15 plats a month with the cheap easy plats I'm getting like 1 plat a month with more difficult games. Busy with Witcher 3 but that might make it the longest time without a plat as I'm enjoying for the game and not worrying about when I get the plat. Actually don't want to get the plat to quick because it will mean I've come to an end of the most beautiful experience I've had with a game. I don't normally do the DLC's but I'm definelty going to go for B&W and HOS DLC when I'm finished with the base game
  8. Death Stranding Burnout revenge remaster
  9. Does Attack on Titan ever go on sale.
  10. I've been struggling a few hours on the Owl father so I'm dreading this boss.
  11. Looks like the trophy list was made for the noob journalists and youtubers so they can get the reviews out before anyone else
  12. Well I see your average is 2 trophies a day so I'd say you fine....for now. I was averaging 12 trophies a day until I got burnt out and also spending money unnecessary on games I didn't really need. I've stopped worrying about the average per day because that can get out of hand. For me gaming is an escape and it helps alot with my high anxiety and funny enough It makes me feel better when I set myself a plat challenge and get it done. I calm down alot now and I just got more for games I enjoy and some difficult ones here and there. It also help me cope with binge drinking every weekend and thankfully I've got out that routine and don't drink at all. I too have kids and sometimes feel guilty when I have a 10 hour session without giving the fam attention. But you get up the next day and try not repeat the process. I've tried to not play games for about a week and I feel into a depressing state (not that I suffer from it). Nothing wrong with going for trophies and no it's not a addiction. Some people sit and binge watch series all weekend long and turn around and say why I play so much games. We all do something that's a waste of time. So at the end of the day gaming is therapeutic for me on a personally level. It helps me cope. I'll come home in the weekday and play for an hour which relaxes me and then spend time with the fam. It takes time to find a balance but it's only something you can work out. ENJOY and happy hunting
  13. Don't want to get an Asian account that will just take me down a whole new rabbit hole
  14. I did the same. When I got the 3rd plat on the NA version I actually had a hole in my heart that there were no more versions to play😂
  15. I'm smelling a lot of BS.
  16. @Phantochi Would like to have your Nioh plat. Have a rough start and sold the game after some rage quit. I will most probably have to buy the game again to plat Off the topic: Yes the SAFE DELIVERY is a stupid side mission and I had my myself pulling out my hairs because of my car burning up before the end. Eventually got it and the best part is that I'm a sucker for punishment because I stacked the PS3 Version along with the PS4 EU and PS4 NA plat
  17. @Game_Knot DOOM....... I have all the multiplayer trophies but I've been procrastinating on completing the rest of the game and I'm not feeling it.
  18. For me was Badland and Super Meatboy
  19. The rules have change over the years for me and I'm a completely different hunter now to then Rules for me a few years back was 1. Wait for sale on easy plats/trophy games and don't pay full price 2. It has to have a guide somewhere on the game because I don't want to get stuck on route to plat 3. Didn't care about spoilers as long as I have a road map to the plat 4. I had to get 8 trophies a day as a trophy hunter 5. Don't worry about the 100% as long as I have the plat 6. If it's too grindy I don't play it 7. Don't play games that trophies require multiple playthroughs 8. Never do blind playthrough because of time wasting which could be used to play other games 9. Play any stupid games just to keep the Trophies per day rate above 8 10. Make print outs of the maps of the collectibles before hand for the trophy specific collectible guide. Rules for me now are 1. Buy the game and not worry about price to support the Devs (ex Salt & Sanctuary) 2. Play games that I enjoy and that have a challenge. 3. Don't play easy plat/trophy games just for the sake of it. 4. Do Grindy plats/trophies for more satisfaction 5. Look at guide before hand in case of missable 6, Play games for trophies that have multiple playthroughs thats actually enjoyable 7. Try play most games 1 blind playthrough without the worries of trophies 8. Try and help other with trophies online. (ex Dark Souls co-op bosses and areas) Last rule for me as a trophy hunter now is try not to judge gamers that go for 30 min plats as we all have been there and it's each to his own. Thats some of my basic rules EDIT: 9. First go for the Multiplayer trophies before going for the offline trophies where possible
  20. Or go to the "create guide" section and create a new guide and post you video guide there in.
  21. 100% agree
  22. Of course we need to create three different threads for a platinum guide EDIT: oops make it 5
  23. Of course you will be baffled at the hard reputation these games get from the community as you've not played one single FROM SOFTWARE game. Yes you can get OP but it's still takes skill gettting there. Platinum Sekiro or any other FS game then tell me it's not hard.
  24. I enjoyed both Odyssey and Origins and getting the platinum on both was very enjoyable. But I would recommend that players who want to play both is not to do them after each other. I'd play one then play something else and come back to the second. You could get burnt out. For example I played Witcher 3 inbetween. Everything you dislike in Odyssey I actually like but we all have different tastes. If you feel the game is becoming tedious try played something else and come back to it
  25. So you want a trophy for finishing the game in 10 mins instead of the 5 mins it takes to get the plat in some stupid half ass games.