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  1. Got 2 Witcher 3 plats but my favorite of all time is MY NAME IS MAYO
  2. You have to go to link below and create a session there and in that way you get it done quicker. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions or maybe nobody wants to play with Baba the bodybuilder
  3. You obviously making this up. Who calls this GOTY
  4. This game has been out for ages and it just keeps on giving even in an age where bloodthirsty publishers are using micro transactions for everything. Well done Psyonix
  5. Having a username like yours you could have walked on water over the booby trap tripwires
  6. I came in once at a close 2nd in the beginning and thought this isn't so bad of game. After that couldn't get into the top 14 in any game So far 0 wins
  7. Was going to buy but the asking price for such a game is ridiculous. I'll wait for a deep deep deep sale. Pricing this as an AAA game is stupid.
  8. Some gamers might hate it because of the "graphics" etc etc but for me it looks like a nice palate cleanser from the normal AAA games. Even it looks like a PS2 game who cares. I enjoyed all the burnouts on the PS2 and games like BLUR on the ps3. I like the arcade feel it gives. Just hoping the price is like the PS2 games
  9. Thanks for the effort. Nothing for me unfortunately
  10. Below is gameplay. I like this type of game so I'd get it but not day one. Trophies look a bit grindy but I've seen worse. Also is you start a thread it would be nice to know you thoughts. "Trophy thoughts" Are you asking is the trophies going to be any good or the game itself is any good?
  11. Maybe 120 million people are playing right now so making that (1 in 24 million chance) possibly
  12. I'm going to be starting CUPHEAD later tonight and I've been seen alot of XBOX guys changing their control scheme to be better at the game because the default is an awful layout apprantely . Want to know from the PS gamers who've started the game have you used the default or what control layout are you using. Would like some suggestions and leave your layout here for future gamers who want to know. Thanks
  13. You simulating a goat. What did you guys expect from the dlc's
  14. It's better on the PS4 especially the one mission where you have to escort a triad in a car to a destination and keep the cars health from dropping to zero. It was a nightmare on the PS3. Can't remember the missions name. Other then that it's an awesome game to enjoy again.
  15. For me personally I'd do Sleeping Dogs all over again. Got the 3 plats for it but glady would do it again. Others for sure would be Infamous Infamous 2 WITCHER 3 Teslagrad Dantes Inferno Bloodboune Diablo 3 Rayman Legends Burnout Paradise Hollow Knight Dark Souls series Nioh 1 & 2 Salt & Santuary Mad Max
  16. Most gamers don't like the setup. I change mine immediately. They default is crap. With the other advice on previous comments I change my setup to - Jump - Dash - Special - Shoot - Weapon Change - Lock
  17. Surely by the time it came to Playstation they would have changed it for the PS seen that so many gamers complained about it. Well at least we can change the layout at least.
  18. Thanks. I thought the default seemed a bit strange. This setup seems what most folks are using on their xbox setup. Thanks.
  19. Thanks man. Will give that a try.
  20. I just platinumed the game a few days ago and I can say that mission was pure ass. I finished it with hardly no health on the bar. It was so low I could not see how much I had left. The vehicles I use once and decided I rather run to the way point then drive there. Seriously besides the fast travels I run most of the time.
  21. PLATINUM #167 Mastered the Jungle ENJOYMENT - 5/10 PLAT TIME - 20 HOURS PLAT DIFFICULTLY - 2/10 PLAT RARITY 40.04% This was one of my favorite games on the PS3 but replaying it again on the PS4 I didn't enjoy it. Maybe seen Citra for the first time on the PS3 did it for me but the PS4 felt too repetitive gameplay wise. Nothing much else to say but it's just your normal FAR CRY type of game but if you enjoy it on the PS3 I would recommend to leave those memories there. Do not replay it again. I've play other games that I enjoy on the PS3 then again on PS4 like Sleeping Dogs which I enjoyed both equally but not FC3. Anyways just waiting for CUPHEAD to finish downloading then ready to come short of a few trophies for the platinum before giving up
  22. Ok so for the first time I created a US PSN account (currently on the EU) because I wanted some extra plats to play from the US STORE. I downloaded 3on3 Freestyle for the first time on the US account and started it started auto popping trophies as I was playing on my EU account which I already earned trophies on that version already. Is this normal or what? Has this happen to anyone else on this game when playing different regions.
  23. This is one of those games that I'm just going enjoy without worrying about the platinum because I don't have any backup controllers left. So don't want to break the only I have left
  24. Just bought it. Man I wish this was also on the VITA. Cuphead is on of those few games on PS that I'm going to enjoy and not worry about the platinum. The artwork and gameplay is amazing. Price is perfect and would be a sin to wait for a sale. Kinda developers I'm happy to support and pay full price
  25. PLATINUM #166 The Limits of the PossibleCollect all trophies PLAT RARITY - 7.72% HOURS TO PLAT - 50 HRS ENJOYMENT - 10/10 PLAT DIFFICULTY - 3/10 WHEN THE TIME OF THE WHITE FROST COMES, DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW I have to say I've fallen in love with the witcher lore and universe. After platting all the Dark Souls and Bloodbourne I was looking for something to replace that as I was left with a hole in my gaming heart. So decided to give witcher a second chance (Played it before and didn't enjoy it for some stupid reason....maybe timing was bad) and starting off the DEATH MARCH difficullty and it was instant gratification. It scratched that itch I was looking for. It did take 125 hours to plat but I spent much more time after the plat in the open world finishing off Hearts of Stone and other small quests. I've put BLOOD AND WINE I've put on Ice as I would like to have something to look forward to play in a few months just to get back into the witcher universe. Know I'm not saying it's a perfect game because there are some minor issues which are part and parcel of big open world games. PLAT DIFFICULTY Reason I gave it a 3/10 it because its the way I set up the game before hand. Like with any game I play I first gather enough resources(for upgrades) and try and get the best weapons/gear at each level I go up. Gamers who find this a 7/10 difficultly were maybe trying to rush through it and not bother leveling up properly imo. It's a sin to rush through this game. One last thing........the dev that decided to put fucking candles by the characters/loot whereby you have to press X to interact with should be fired. Going into a room and looting everything and then pressing X 10 times over a bag with the candle in the way is worse then having lag on a online gamen Argggggghh.