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  1. Pretty disappointed by the zombie trophies. I have no interest in this mode at all. Getting the zombie trophies in Infinite Warfare was a massive hassle. This might put me off from even getting the game. Unless they are much simpler and less time consuming than the Infinite Warfare ones. I guess we'll have to wait for the guides.
  2. Any tips on how you did it? Did you follow a guide anywhere? Any spots to backup?
  3. Wow for F sakes multiple play-through trophies suck. Especially on open world games. I just want 1 save to play on and enjoy without having to worry about trophies with my open world games. This sucks. If I'm going to drop dozens of hours into a game I don't want to have to do it all over again. This might put me off from buying it.
  4. Hopefully a nice relaxing game and easy platinum.
  5. This has a different list on Playstation Trophies?
  6. It would be awesome to get trophies in some old classic PS1 games. PSP games to. I'd love to have a platinum in Twisted Metal 2 or Frogger 2 etc.
  7. This really kind of sucks. It's a bit ridiculous to expect people to have 3 other people or use share play and remote play to gain a trophy.
  8. I'll tell you whats going on. No Platinum that's what
  9. Kind of sounds like multiple playthroughs? Any have any idea? Hope not. I might get this if it can be done in one playthrough. I hate RPGs that require more than one to get the plat.
  10. What trophies are multiplayer focused?
  11. Man I love these games a lot it's just so frustrating the way they make their trophies. I just want to relax and play the game without having to have a guide open at all times.
  12. Nothing against multiple play through games but it's just there no time anymore. There are too many games coming out I want to play to have to grind a game 3 times. Hopefully with save backing up this can be done in one go. In my opinion the best trophy list don't require you to have a guide open all the time. I just want to play the game at my leisure and then when I'm done,use a guide to mop up the remaining trophies. The way these games work is infuriating because you can screw yourself at any turn and lose out on so much time and work.