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  1. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - Unburnt Don't touch the lava in Skelos Badlands The last time a game gave me that objective was the New Jersey level in Tony Hawk's Underground in 2003. Now all I can think about is how awesome it'd be to have Underground 1 & 2, and American Wasteland remastered. I feel kinda bad for Spyro, since I never played it on PS1 other than a demo, any nostalgia it should induce is being replaced with nostalgia from other games
  2. Stormbringer - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance including the boss related trophies. I knew full well when I started the game, there was no chance in a million years I'd get the platinum, so I settled for beating at least one of the bosses on Revengeance difficulty without taking damage...but I couldn't even do that. I felt confident at the start because I breezed through the game on hard mode, and managed S ranks on most of the fights against regular enemies. I could beat the bosses, I just couldn't do it without getting hit. I made attempts lasting a few hours for each of them, but I'd always mistime a parry. Recently however, I did manage to parry Gywn (Dark Souls) to death on my first try to restore a small amount of dignity Also Senna Master - Gran Turismo 6. I got gold on the first two or three tracks but it was the one around Brands Hatch that got me, I got the platinum trophy but not 100%. I always struggled with Brands Hatch, including a fun three day struggle with to get gold on an S license test when going for the platinum. I think I went on for a couple of days before giving up but I consider racing games to be among the genres I'm worst at, so I was happy with the platinum.
  3. Fallout 4 for me. Not so much for the platinum, but the entire 100%. I popped "Power Play" from the Nuka-World DLC last so my final trophy popped as I enjoyed a fireworks show, couldn't have planned that any better if I'd tried. By some miracle I also managed to 100% the game using the same save file with which I started. My game was crumbling by the time it reached 300 hours, essential items glitching below the map and having to glitch myself through the ground to retrieve them, cars flying around, dead enemies not being dead, the oil texture that usually lies on the ground rising vertically and erupting right in my face, the screen on my pipboy and terminals distorting. I felt like finishing the game with my first save was the biggest achievement of all Special mentions. AC Odyssey after finally being able to put it down after seven months. The Ezio trilogy back to back...to back. Dark Souls Remastered after finally "getting gid". No Man's Sky 100% when I could finally stop screaming "AGHHHHHH" after I reached the centre in permadeath mode (I didn't use the taxi and made the journey myself). Tony Hawk's Pro Skater because it reminded me of being 14 again, then immediately made me remember I'm old and have shit reflexes these days, it felt good beating a game aimed at teens. The Talos Principle for that constant "ah, AH! I'm so smart!" feeling when the reality is I just moved stuff around until something worked, but it felt good at the time. I looked up some of my solutions and compared them to a guide and realized I'd gotten through a lot of the game by almost completely breaking levels.
  4. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - Exterminate Defeat every robot in Hurricos On an unrelated note, I found a copy of Fallout 76 that I got for my birthday back in March and I can't decide what to trade it in for. I guess I have plenty of time to decide, after the Spyro trilogy I'll be going for the Dark Souls III platinum. Given my general ability (I'm awful) estimated time to platinum is the year 2038, provided I don't die in the climate wars.
  5. Spyro the Dragon - Gnasty's Demise Collect all Spyro the Dragon trophies I love how Spyro rescues around eighty dragons, some carrying clubs and battleaxes. There's an actual army of them and not one of them offers to help. Fuck those guys.
  6. Over 1200 hours. I played it a lot before I started trophy hunting, the save file bloat made loading times pretty immense on my first save. I have a habit that I've fallen into, it's more of a rule at this point, I refuse to fast travel in games. So I can see more of the world and random encounters that I might miss otherwise, gain more XP naturally without having to grind it out, I find it's actually pretty relaxing just going for a walk in games like Skyrim. So if I have to walk somewhere, and I mean actually walk with the stick pushed only halfway up, then so be it. One time I was sent on a miscellaneous quest from someplace near Riften, all the way to a cave on a cliff face, in the far North West of the map, way past Solitude. It took hours to walk there and back, journeys like that is mostly why I accumulated so many hours. When I began going for the platinum and eventually 100%, I had to restart three times due to bugs so that piled in the hours too. Still, any excuse for a new save...
  7. I love winter. I think that how cold it gets in Scotland is massively overhyped, because of the Gulf Stream bringing warm weather across the Atlantic from the Caribbean (I think, it might be Mexico), winter daytime temperatures usually hover around 1c - 5c (33f - 41c) and only a few degrees below freezing most nights. Which I know might sound horrifying to some people. It could be a lot worse, other cities on my latitude such as Moscow and Newfoundland have much harsher conditions in winter. I guess as well, I have a slight advantage as at work, I have to work in a giant freezer that's at least -18c (0f) for over two hours. I've done that for almost six years and I've become much more acclimatized to the cold. On the flipside, I absolutely cannot tolerate temperatures in summer to the point I try and keep my house heated in single digits if I can, unless I have guests. I'll admit the snow can be annoying. A couple of years ago it got so bad that I was stranded at work (I was downstairs and no one told me how bad it was getting outside). That night I spent over six hours walking a little over eight miles home through knee deep snow. Although I did get the next two days off with full pay...guess it was worth it
  8. Most recent pic from a few days ago. I recently accepted that, I can't pull off long hair anymore, hence the unimpressed/pining for the days of "many hair, wow!" look on my face. I also managed to make my hand look like a stump, and realized that my nose looks like a large, sharp taco. Now everytime I look in the mirror, I think of Mexican food and get hungry, but that's okay because there's a Mexican place down the street.
  9. 2016: 11 Most common - Batman The Telltale Series (68.62%) Rarest - Gran Turismo 6 (6.81%) 2017: 11 Most common - Black the Fall (85.45%) Rarest - No Man's Sky (7.44%) 2018 - 10 Most common - Old Man's Journey (82.32%) Rarest - Detroit Become Human (18.51%) 2019 - 4 Most common - Please Don't Touch Anything (60.07%) Rarest - Dark Souls Remastered (26.83%) I've really not been at it this year. I've been struggling with mental health problems all year and it's really killed my motivation. Things have picked up since I got through Dark Souls and I performed better than I expected, I bought a few quick indy games too, as a means of keeping up the habit, so I'm hoping I can add a few more platinums before the end of the year so it doesn't look too disastrous when I look back on it
  10. 50.01% from sixty games, playing the Spyro trilogy isn't going to do me any favours
  11. Spyro the Dragon - Hop, Skip and Jump Find the hidden entrance to Sunny Flight Is it weird that I enjoy the flying levels? I got the trophy for not touching the ground on Wild Flight, but I looked back at the video and I definitely landed as I destroyed the last chest. I guess I completed the level on the exact same frame as I landed, ocean 11'd that shit yo.
  12. The very first thing I did in SOMA was clean up Simon's apartment, dude lives like a pig. So, apartment cleaned (or trashed if you're so inclined) off we fuck to the doctors office to have our brain scanned. Only to wake up hundred years later...unfortunately for Simon, that's not that only thing that isn't quite right. So begins a journey that explores what it means to be human, identity and in the name of preservation of life, is any cost too great? This all plays out in a series of environments, from laboratoires to the ocean floor, SOMA typically plays out in near darkness and relies heavily on audio and visual cues to create an uncomfortable atmosphere throughout while you're thinking about what might be ahead. This means that often, you'll be scared of absolutely nothing but there are enemies to avoid on occasion. You can't defend yourself against enemies, so you'll have to rely on outsmarting them, evading, creating distractions or simply running if you're spotted, they're all viable techniques to keep you alive. I appreciated that enemy encounters are kept to a minimum, SOMA is a lonely experience and it impacts a little harder on those few occasions when you realize that you're not the only thing enveloped in the dark. Along the way, you'll piece together parts of the story, not only Simon's story but the story of how humanity fell, and the measures people are going to in an effort to preserve themselves and what little we have left. Most of the game revolves around figuring out puzzles to progress, I was actually expecting something more action oriented but this was more of a walking simulator/interactive story with horror elements thrown in. There are a handful of moral dilemmas too, before leaving someone behind...is it right to put that person to death...or leave them to wake up in this place with no choice but to face this horror alone? Before you decide you might find yourself thinking, is that person even human anymore? Considering how tortured Simon is, clinging to his humanity and sanity the entire game...is it right to place someone else in that situation? Condemning people to suffering for eternity to achieve the prime directive of preserving life, is that a price worth paying? Is life worth living in that situation? Will it ever get better? Do any of my questions matter if that person isn't human? But then how do we classify life? By the end, this game had melted my brain with it's narrative. I feel that the game points out the reluctance of humans to come to terms with the realities of existence, and that raises a whole bunch of questions that you'll undoubtedly ask yourself and discuss with others who grasp the subject matter. If you enjoy having an existential crisis, this is well worth playing. + Well thought out and thought provoking narrative that shows how much videogames have evolved over the last couple of decades + Amazing audio and visuals form a constantly threatening atmosphere + The introduction of safe mode attracts those who may not ordinarily play horror games, promoting inclusivity + Extremely easy to play + Total bargain when it's on sale - Puzzles are often extremely easy (that could be a good thing depending on your perspective) - Occasional frame rate issues after loading screens Difficulty: 3/10 (played on normal mode and no guide used) Enjoyment: 8/10
  13. SOMA - The End They're Not Us! Decided to get into the Halloween spirit. Instead the game induced an existential crisis, while I search the internet for the faintest hope of a sequel/prequel.
  14. Pretty wild swing in difficulty between these, but they both have dragons, and dragons are cool.
  15. Mine is 4 years, 8 months and 29 days old, created on the 15th January 2015. My first trophy was - Welcome to Los Santos from GTAV on PS3. I didn't begin to trophy hunt until February the following year when I earned - Platinumary from the Sega Mega Drive Collection. Before this I had a Xbox360, it was a Christmas present so I went with that rather than PS. I did achievement hunt on that to an extent, but I always knew eventually I'd switch back to PS so my heart wasn't really in it.