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  1. @TooXification No problem, I enjoyed our small adventure! The animals on your home planet were...interesting
  2. @GunnerZeus Sorry I didn't get to you, I'm not usually online during the week because of work. Congratulations on the trophy! So, no one at all needed the taxi service last weekend and currently only one person needs it this week. I think rather than scheduling certain times, if anyone who needs help just sends me a friend request we can work out a time between us. I think it's quiet enough that we can arrange sessions individually. Bear in mind that as I said above, I'm not usually around Monday - Thursday due to work but if anyone needs my help I'll get back to everyone on Fridays to arrange a time.
  3. I'll pop The Walking Dead: The Final Season next week. I'll also make a start on AC Odyssey's Atlantis DLC soon afterwards, I already have the platinum and the Legacy of the First Blade DLC finished. I'll need to find something to play in the gap between each DLC but haven't decided on anything yet.
  4. FarSideofSaturn - You repo'd a car and raced it through the heart of a sun soaked metropolis. I didn't know I had a doppelganger in Los Angeles/I smoked HOW much weed that day?! Either of those excuses will do.
  5. The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Saviour Complete Act Three I always play through games once as I normally would before bothering about trophies, so I'll need to play this again for the platinum. May as well be a dick and pick the meanest possible dialogue option while I do it
  6. @dave87fez No problem...in advance So, this weeks taxi service times are Saturday 27th, 12pm - 8pm and Sunday 28th, 6pm - 11pm (British time). As always, I'll try to accomodate if those times don't work for anyone but can't guarantee it due to work commitments. There's also an upgrade to the taxi service...I finally have a headset! Unfortunately, I do have a Scottish accent but I'll try my best to speak in understandable English See you all this weekend!
  7. @pablocebo You're welcome! Had a fun time helping you & thanks for setting up another base! If anyone's looking for a ride, my taxi service this week will run on Saturday 20th, from 12pm - 8pm GMT. As always if that doesn't work for anyone, I'll try my best to arrange a different time. I'll see everyone there!
  8. That's awesome! Very similar to how I managed to pop the Reunion trophy. I made the trip to the Galactic Core myself and somehow didn't see a single player base on the way there, so I resorted to joining random lobbies and was lucky enough to find a base on my fourth attempt. But definitely a viable option when no ones around to offer a taxi service. Well done on the trophy & sorry I didn't get to you! So, I'm not sure yet when the service is running this week, still got some things to do but it'll either be Friday or Saturday for a brief period, maybe three hours or so. Unfortunately I can't make time like I could in the beginning, but I'll try my best and let everyone know as soon as I know when I'll be free. I'll accept everyone's friend requests once I start so I can keep track of who I have and haven't helped. In the meantime feel free to have a look for other services, join random lobbies, create boosting sessions ect ect. Good luck & hopefully I'll see everyone soon!
  9. @ManiacBlast & @Gotakibono You're both welcome! Half an hour left tonight if anyone needs Reunion/To Live Forever! Not totally sure what I've got going on next week, but I'll let everyone know ASAP when I'm free again.
  10. Awesome, I'll accept it when I'm online. Just an FYI for everyone that the service today runs from 12pm GMT til around 9pm GMT. I have a project for work to work on so I'll be doing that in the backround, but don't worry, I will see/hear everyone when you arrive at the station 🤣
  11. @Wronator No problem man! Happy to have helped! So this just happened. A few minutes ago a random player not looking for a ride joined my lobby, and gave me this...
  12. 8pm is fine though if you see me online before then feel free to jump into my session Nope, hyperdrive is all you need, I'll give you the warp cells when I meet you in the space station. Everyone else, todays taxi service is up and running for the next six hours!
  13. No problem, I should be able to run a service on either Friday or Saturdays (and possibly Sundays) going forward so take your time, there's no rush! Awesome, I'll look forward to seeing you then! Absolutely! I'll load the game in advance, see you then!