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  1. Outer Wilds - Hotshot Manually fly to the Sun Station Only took me 40+ attempts In the end I managed to line my ship up with the hatch and ejected myself through it, despite being hit by debris that knocked me upside down. I think Mark Watney would finally be proud of me, at least until he sees my projected dozens of attempts to get through Dark Bramble without getting eaten.
  2. Outer Wilds - Deep Impact Enter Giant's Deep ocean fast enough to break through the current Made this harder by accidently orbiting the outer edges of the solar system during an attempted approach (I have no idea what happened) and managed to build up a speed of over 12,000 m/s (26,800 MPH) rather than the recommended 7000. It's good to air out the reflexes every so often. How hard is the Hotshots trophy by the way? I swear to God, I didn't struggle with anything in Dark Souls 1 or 3 this bad, four hours of failed attempts tonight. The biggest problem I'm having is I can't even get close to the hatch before me and the station quickly drift apart. I've tried jumping from the landing pad, ejecting myself from the landing pad, ejecting myself from in front of the hatch, ejecting myself from the front of the station... I didn't try to land on the side that the hatch is on, or maybe I can deliberately break the front of my cockpit, ram my ship into the hatch and then eject? I'm definitely not sciencing the shit outta this. I'm sorry Mark Watney.
  3. I needed something a little more relaxing after Dark Souls 3 and found this, it's open world, but, every 22 minutes the Sun goes supernova and kills you in an endless loop. I'll give it a few cycles before I go for the trophies.
  4. Dark Souls III #40 - The Dark Soul - Acquire all trophies Yes indeed. It is called...another unnecessarily long platinum review, for that is my curse. Now that I've opened with a statement that no one who hasn't played the game will understand, Dark Souls III was fucking awesome. We start off as another unfortunate soul, ashen and unkindled, afflicted and cursed, denied their eternal rest with the sole purpose of yeeting themselves from one seemingly insurmountable barrier after another with the intention of linking the flame and preventing the world from entering an age of dark...or not. So, the world of Lothric where the game takes place, it looks like once upon a time, it might've actually been a decent place to live. Settlements, old castles, shrines, cathedrals, now it's overrun with hostile undead, mutated creatures tainted by the abyss, the occasional dragon. Those who aren't some fucked up abomination are either dead, or gone hollow with no purpose left to drive them on. From ruins, forests, dungeons, catacombs, frost tinted cities, cities lost to the depths of the world and mountain tops, expect to encounter a diverse, oppressive and occasionally beautiful landscape as you risk your life with each step you dare to take. The inhabitants of Lothric are generous and kind I platinumed Dark Souls Remastered late last year, I found it to be slow paced and clunky (but still amazing), Dark Souls III on the other hand is faster paced and fluid. Running through the game is a viable strategy but you'd be missing out one of the purest combat systems you'll find. Uncompromising in it's approach, Dark Souls III asks you learn and adapt to the various evils that can kill you in a single strike. Taking enemies down requires focus and control every step of the way, never letting your guard down and always observing enemies movements and the environment for your moment to strike, or using something to even the odds. You'll die, yeah, probably a lot, but death is part of the game. The most important thing is to look at what you did wrong. Were you being too greedy with your attack and died trying to get one more strike in, were you too defensive and missed an opening that could've saved your life, weren't paying attention to your surroundings and rolled off a cliff? There wasn't a single death where I thought "this is bullshit", each time I returned with no loss of heart, determined not to repeat my mistakes... The real game begins with the tutorial boss, Gundyr. Tutorial in Dark Souls means "bend over". The star attraction of Dark Souls is the boss fights and they didn't disappoint for the series final outing. Some battles across the series could well be considered some of the greatest in history. Sure, a couple are a let down (looking at you Wolnir and Deacons), genuinely other than those two, I thought the rest of the boss battles were fucking outstanding. In particular, Champion Gundyr, Nameless King, The Twin Princes were outstanding with an extra special mention going to Farron's Undead Legion, The Abyss Watchers. The lore alone behind those guys, paired with the OST and actual fight itself launches it into one of my favourite fights in any game. An Abyss Watcher. Love you Extra, extra special mention to the final boss of the game, Soul of Cinder. On my first try, I could see it was going to be close but I wasn't prepared for how close. We beat each other to the point where we were both one hit from death, he swung...I barely rolled underneath his swing and struck for the final blow. I actually dropped the controller and held my head in my hands, I recall my reaction being..."deep exhale...oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhmygod" followed by unintelligible noises and laugher tinged heavily with relief. That's exactly the kind of rush Dark Souls can give you, at least on the first playthrough. There's absolutely no amount of frustration and hardship that isn't worth that feeling in the end. If you truly don't give up, you'll be rewarded. Regarding trophies. Once you're through your first playthrough and have a handle on the game, pull up a guide and follow the requirements for the collectables and endings, everything else will come naturally. By the end I'd clocked up 148 hours, though that included a weeks break in between playthroughs which I spent a significant amount of time in the fight club in PvP and helping other players with boss fights. That's all from me. No idea what I'm playing next but I'll be back soon, so it is, that ash seeketh embers. Don't go hollow trophy hunters! + Incredible world design + Memorable boss fights and lore + OST is outstanding + Fluid controls and gameplay + Git gud - Irithyll Dungeon can go fuck itself - Farming for vertebrae shackles can also go fuck itself Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 8/10
  5. Dark Souls 3 - Master of Rings Acquire all rings I never realized how complicated the questlines are until I read up on them. Oh god Doesn't look like a lot on paper. I have one sorcery left, one pyromancy, four miracles and six gestures. I made it to Crucifixion Woods today before calling it a night, I was hoping for faster progress towards the last ending I need, but I'm being slowed down by juggling what feels like a million different quests and requirements simultaneously.
  6. I've only done this once, with Assassin's Creed II. I played and platinumed the PS3 version, the again as part of the Ezio Trilogy on PS4. Typically, I avoid playing the same game twice as I tend to get bored on second playthroughs, but made an exception this one time as almost two years had passed and I'd forgotten about most of the game (aside from the fact I loved it). The only other game I'd consider platinuming a second time would be Skyrim, but I'll probably never get around to it with PS5 coming soon, unless they release the billionth version of Skyrim for that too.
  7. How many platinums did you get last year? Only seven, my lowest return to date. I spent some time helping people earn the To Live Forever trophy on No Man's Sky so that ate into my time, and also suffered pretty severely from depression at the start of summer and I stopped playing altogether for two months. I rebounded pretty hard with the Dark Souls Remastered platinum soon after I returned How long have you been hunting trophies? A little under four years. My first platinum was in February 2016. What was your proudest platinum last year? Dark Souls Remastered. I absolutely did not expect to earn this platinum when I started and I struggled in the beginning a lot. By the time I got to the Gargoyles however, something suddenly clicked during that fight and I pretty much rode the momentum all the way to the end of the game. What was your worst platinum last year? I enjoyed all of my platinums last year, if I were pushed I'd go for The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Just purely because I couldn't be bothered with a second playthrough when the choices don't affect the story too much, I felt like I'd be bored. I didn't mind replaying Detroit/Heavy Rain as their stories are highly changeable, I didn't get the same feeling with The Walking Dead so I gave it a couple of months to forget about the details before I started a second playthrough. What platinum are you most looking forward to in 2020? Dark Souls 3. Like DS Remastered, I struggled in the first few hours but suddenly, I found the right build and play style for me and began to fly through it. A couple of weeks back I managed to knock off five bosses on the first attempt, in one day, including Nameless King somehow. I finished my first playthrough last week and since then I've been helping other players with boss fights. I'm about to start gathering the collectables before I move onto NG+. So far, I don't have any plans for after DS3. I focus on one game at a time and won't decide what I'm playing next until I either have the platinum trophy or get close to it. Needless to say, I never have a backlog.
  8. Dark Souls 3 - The End of Fire Reach "The End of Fire" ending I beat Dark Darks 3! Beaten, but not platinumed...yet. I've spent the last week helping other players through boss fights, mostly the Twin Princes and Soul of Cinder. I then used the souls I earned to level myself enough to wield any weapon in the game, then used the remaining souls to give myself a stupid amount of HP, stamina and carry weight. I'm out to destroy. So, still have the estus upgrades to find, spells, miracles, gestures, another ending to get. Once I've done those, a friend is dropping me all the rings so I can avoid NG++/NG+++. Now that I've beaten the game fairly once, there's almost no level to which I won't stoop to get the platinum
  9. Dark Souls 3 - Dragonslayer Armour Defeat Dragonslayer Armour Absolute scenes on Tuesday. Yhorm, Oceiros, Champion Gundyr, Ancient Wyvern, NAMELESS KING!!! And Dragonslayer Armour all beaten at the first attempt. Though they all ran me pretty close, I just barely scraped through against Nameless King especially. In addition to that, the first Gundyr, Vordt, Cursed Greatwood, Crystal Sage, Deacons of the Deep, Abyss Watchers, Old Demon King and Aldritch were all beaten earlier in the run on the first try. So far only Wolnir (had no idea what I was doing), Dancer of the Boreal Valley (fuck her) and Pontiff Sulyvahn (fuck him too) have managed to score a victory over me with seven between them. Fucking spectacular run so far. I've almost finished the game, and already I'm not looking forward to going back to Irithyll Dungeon on NG+, fuck that place
  10. Dark Souls III - Old Demon King Defeat Old Demon King Went on the rampage on Tuesday, Crystal Sage, Deacons of the Deep, Abyss Watchers, High Lord Wolnir and Old Demon King defeated. Unfortunately, my starting equipment and being underleveled, along with my skill level is making it almost impossible to go on any further. Time to grind for levels and go shopping
  11. Dark Souls III - Curse Rotted Greatwood Defeat the Curse Rotted Greatwood That's a horrifying trophy image, ew. So, fun fact. After myself and Greatwood fell through the floor, the dude who was supposed to recruit me for the Mould Makers trophy somehow died Luckily there's there's another way to get it, I think. I'm kinda struggling with the faster pace of DS3 as opposed to the clunkiness of DS1, but I'm hanging in there.
  12. I'll be going for Dark Souls III from Friday. I managed to get through Dark Souls Remastered with a surprising amount of competence so I'm optimistic that I'll at least finish the game. I haven't looked at the trophy guide yet so no idea what to expect, but I'll have a brief glance for any missables before I start.
  13. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Party like it's 2024 Win all trophies in Spyro 3 Trilogy complete! Next up is Dark Souls III on Friday. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measure.
  14. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - A Small Cost to Bear Evening Lake: Free Bentley the Yeti I'm not enjoying this as much as the last two games. The levels are too short and feel like multiple rehashes of 1 & 2, the sub sections (especially skateboarding) are kinda boring, I think the new characters suck. On a more positive note, apparently I get to kick the absolute shit out of Moneybags. Think I'll take it slow and make him suffer Side note. Another six trophies by Saturday and I'll have gotten a hundred in a month for the first time since July 2017!
  15. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - Ripto's Remorse Collect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage One of my work colleagues is playing this too, so we're having a platinum race for the third game, loser pays for drinks next time we're out. Unfortunately she works two days less a week than I do, why did I agree to this