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  1. @pablocebo You're welcome! Had a fun time helping you & thanks for setting up another base! If anyone's looking for a ride, my taxi service this week will run on Saturday 20th, from 12pm - 8pm GMT. As always if that doesn't work for anyone, I'll try my best to arrange a different time. I'll see everyone there!
  2. Finally earned all 76 of the available AC Odyssey trophies until the next DLC is released (really looking forward to the Atlantis DLC). In the meantime, I've managed to avoid spoilers for the final season of The Walking Dead and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it up, so I'm gonna go ahead and make a start.


    For any interlopers drifting by, there is going to be a No Man's Sky taxi service this week on either Friday or Saturday, I don't know which of those days I'm going to be free yet, but I'll let everyone know ASAP! 

    1. ResoluteRock


      Looks like things are going better, glad to hear it! :D

  3. That's awesome! Very similar to how I managed to pop the Reunion trophy. I made the trip to the Galactic Core myself and somehow didn't see a single player base on the way there, so I resorted to joining random lobbies and was lucky enough to find a base on my fourth attempt. But definitely a viable option when no ones around to offer a taxi service. Well done on the trophy & sorry I didn't get to you! So, I'm not sure yet when the service is running this week, still got some things to do but it'll either be Friday or Saturday for a brief period, maybe three hours or so. Unfortunately I can't make time like I could in the beginning, but I'll try my best and let everyone know as soon as I know when I'll be free. I'll accept everyone's friend requests once I start so I can keep track of who I have and haven't helped. In the meantime feel free to have a look for other services, join random lobbies, create boosting sessions ect ect. Good luck & hopefully I'll see everyone soon!
  4. @ManiacBlast & @Gotakibono You're both welcome! Half an hour left tonight if anyone needs Reunion/To Live Forever! Not totally sure what I've got going on next week, but I'll let everyone know ASAP when I'm free again.
  5. Awesome, I'll accept it when I'm online. Just an FYI for everyone that the service today runs from 12pm GMT til around 9pm GMT. I have a project for work to work on so I'll be doing that in the backround, but don't worry, I will see/hear everyone when you arrive at the station 🤣
  6. @Wronator No problem man! Happy to have helped! So this just happened. A few minutes ago a random player not looking for a ride joined my lobby, and gave me this...
  7. 8pm is fine though if you see me online before then feel free to jump into my session Nope, hyperdrive is all you need, I'll give you the warp cells when I meet you in the space station. Everyone else, todays taxi service is up and running for the next six hours!
  8. No problem, I should be able to run a service on either Friday or Saturdays (and possibly Sundays) going forward so take your time, there's no rush! Awesome, I'll look forward to seeing you then! Absolutely! I'll load the game in advance, see you then!
  9. @Gotakibono @Wronator @Sydoki @K1138K @kierkegaaard @KoDaX12 And anyone else who needs the trophy... So it's been a rough few weeks. I had to stop my taxi service for a while as my dad and little sister got into a car accident so I was at the hospital everyday before and after work for a couple of weeks. After that I was still visiting them at home but still had work to deal with amongst other things so couldn't make the time for it unfortunately. Sorry if this inconvenienced anyone! Anyway, everything's pretty much back to normal now so I'm able to offer a taxi service again! Currently I'm free this Friday, 12th April from 3pm - 11pm GMT and Saturday 13th April from 12pm - 9pm GMT. Unfortunately due to the hours I work I'm pretty much limited to those days and times so if those don't work for you give me a message and I'll do my best to arrange something else. Just to confirm, all you'll need is a permadeath save, you'll need to follow the Awakenings quest line until you have a hyperdrive installed in your ship as you'll need that to make the jump to the galactic core. When you have your hyperdrive all you have to do is join my session, meet me at the space station (it's safe there) and I'll give you the warp cells you need. I'll check on Friday before my session starts if a base is still present to earn Reunion with too. See everyone this weekend! Any questions, feel free to ask.
  10. I don't spent a huge amount on games. Last year I spent just under £200 on 11 games, generally I wait for a price drop or a sale before I buy something, there's not many games I'd buy on release. I've spent nothing so far this year, Assassin's Creed Odyssey was a gift and I bought the DLC with gift cards I got for my birthday.
  11. I've taken hundreds during my playthrough of Odyssey. I tried to pick out four or five favourites but completely failed and ended up with sixteen.
  12. Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Got the platinum last week and spent the last few days clearing the additional feats DLC. There's still three trophies to come but they haven't been released yet. So until then I'll start the Legacy of the First Blade DLC since I picked up the season pass on sale a few days ago.
  13. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - The Heir of Memories Complete The Heir of Memories I haven't read up on what the DLC is about, so I wasn't expecting what happens in this quest at all. Flying blind yo! Also if everyone could stop playing Odyssey so this'll remain ultra rare forever, that'd be great. Thanks.
  14. #33 Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Epic Cycle - Earn Every Trophy Malaka! So, how do you follow up a game called Origins? By going even further back in time of course, all the way to Ancient Greece circa 431 BC, a time before Assassin's & Templars. The freedom vs order struggle that's been a main theme in the series is still present though. Whoever you choose as your character, Kassandra or Alexios could be described as proto assassin's, with the mysterious Cult of Kosmos who are out to hunt you and your family down playing the part traditionally played by the Templars. The struggle against the Cult of Kosmos is only one part of the story. The main campaign sees your character starting out as a simple mercenary before setting out across the Ancient Greece world with the ultimate aim of reuniting your family. Eventually your adventures branch out into a third storyline that sees you dealing with the more...mythical aspects of Ancient Greece with some implications for the modern day story. As you go through the game, whether it's main quests or side quests you're almost always given a choice of dialogue for the first time in the series. You could press someone for information, decide whether to show mercy or murder the shit out of someone, blurt out another characters secret in front of everyone. Mostly it's a choice between two extremes and the choices your given may an impact on the outcome of a quest or an NPC. It's a neat addition even if the available choices lack depth. Ancient Greece is kinda pretty The environment this all plays out in is stunning, and fucking HUUUUUUUUUGE. If you weren't going for the platinum there's no way you'd visit the entire map. From forests, snow capped mountains, rolling plains, marshlands, small settlements, large cities, caves and the ocean. There's a lot to explore and discover. My one complaint about the world is military camps and tombs can feel a bit copy and pasted to the point I no longer explore tombs unless I have to. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really miss the old style tombs from the Ezio Trilogy. Though scenes like this make up for the crappy tombs for the most part So the world is sprawling, how is that space used? Well as with most open world games the majority of NPC's wander around aimlessly, some carry out chores, occasionally you might see a portrait being painted or a soldier teaching his kids to fight. Soldiers also fight amongst themselves out in the wilderness, or you might see them fighting off a bandit attack, maybe even an animal attack. Of course that means the same random events can happen to you on your travels... Boars are fucking vicious, try leading a handful of them into a enemy fort and watch the carnage There's underwater locations to discover too, caves, shipwrecks, where you can pick up some pretty cool loot. One thing I loved was discovering real life historical locations (both underwater and on land) and learning about them via the ingame map. I'm gonna need a bigger boat. A bigger boat in this case being any fucking boat While I'm talking about the sea, naval combat is back! I fucking love sailing. Not too far into your journey you'll get on your hands on your very own Trireme that you can upgrade to better deal with combat out at sea. Combat is simple enough, brace to reduce incoming damage and strike back when there's a break in the attack. With enough money and resources you can equip your crew with flaming arrows, stronger armour and increasing ramming damage, amongst other important things that keep a ship from sinking. Ramming ships in half is my preferred method Boarding destroyed ships is another option Mechanically, the controls are really smooth and user friendly. I actually enjoy the fact you have a work a little to kill certain enemies, remember the Ezio trilogy where it was literally just dodge and counter for a one hit kill? There's a skill tree too that comes in useful, whether you want to be stealthy or charge in head first it's possible to customize Kass or Alexios to suit how you want to play, engraving and upgrading equipment can provide a further boost to your stats. Despite the enemy scaling system it's pretty easy to OP the shit out of yourself to the point you'll look at other mercenaries as nothing more than walking loot boxes. If you're going for the platinum, it's not difficult but it's gonna be a long one. The bulk of trophies revolve around completing quests and feats performed in combat with some collectibles thrown in there too. For me it was almost perfect, story and explorating is my thing. I made a point of clearing every "?" on the map (except tombs) so I finally popped the platinum at 181 hours but if you go straight for it, 60 - 70 hours (maybe even less) should be doable. I'm gonna leave it there. There's more I wanted to talk about and go into more depth on the points I did discuss, but you people have lives to live! I'm going to go for the 100% too so I can always expand further afterwards in other threads. Overall then... + Beautiful environments + Great atmosphere and soundtrack + Smooth controls on land and at sea + Dialogue wheel is a neat addition + Loads of great side quests and places to explore - Main campaign and ending(s) are disappointing - Some textures like waterfalls and rock faces look a bit pixely up close - Voice acting and conversations can be hit and miss and sometimes feels unnatural Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  15. @taylorlytn No worries at all, really glad I could help! Unfortunately guys, I've had some really bad news and I'm going to have to suspend my taxi service for the time being. If anyone else wants to step in, please feel free! I WILL be back, but can't give a date of when that will be. I hope everyone understands, and good luck with the trophy guys