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  1. No problem! Ahh Bloodborne..."Were it not for fear, death would go unlamented". Quotes for days in that game for real, awesome game (Dark Souls 3 will always be top for me though). Enjoy the hunt hunter...let me know how my namesake gets on
  2. Sure! We can get you the reunion trophy too while you're here if you like.
  3. Awesome! That's around 2am for me but I'll still be awake, I'll come back online a few minutes before. I'll see you then 👀🚀🚀
  4. Hiya! Sent you a friend request.
  5. Of course! Accepted your friend request on PSN.
  6. Hiya! Your hyperdrive needs to be fuelled to 100%, this takes five warp cells. Luckily you don't need to worry about it because if you fly into the space station, I'll give you five! Also yes, it has to be done online. Basically you join my game from the multiplayer options on the main menu and join my game. Fly to the station to pick up your warp cells, fuel your hyperdrive. Fly back out to space then... - Bring up your galaxy map - Left twice on d-pad to select the galactic core path, you'll see a yellow line appear heading toward the core. - Push the right analogue stick in the direction of the core, you'll need to hold it for several seconds. Once the white circle that appears is full you'll warp and get your trophies immediately. I'll remain in the station until you're gone, mainly to intervene if you're attacked (though the enemy doesn't always show on my screen). I'd recommend uploading your save too if you haven't already.
  7. You're welcome!
  8. Yeah sure, if you like we can get the reunion trophy for you too as I see you don't have it. I'll add you on PSN!
  9. Not a problem my dude! That's what I'm here for 🚀🚀🚀
  10. Sent you a friend request!
  11. Sure! I've sent you a request on PSN. I also noticed you don't have the Reunion trophy, you can do that once you've joined my session too if you like. And if you need any help doing the tutorial just ask and if I'm free I'll come and help.
  12. Not a problem! I don't have any plans this weekend so literally whenever suits you my dude! See you in space 🚀🌌☄️🛰️
  13. Hey everyone. The multiplayer issue has been fixed with patch 3.9.1, which is now available on all platforms. We only have four people waiting at the moment so I'll reach out individually on PSN.
  14. Didn't know that! In the six years I've owned this game, I've never once completed any of the storylines
  15. Hey! Quick update and suggestion for anyone looking for a ride. Multiplayer is still down for a fifth day. That being the case it might be worth checking out the portal method of reaching the galactic core in the meantime if you don't want to wait for a fix. I'm unfamiliar with the portal method myself as I covered the entire distance by warping, but looks like it should only take a few hours (maybe a little more if you're not too familiar with the game or haven't played in a while). Portal method can be found in the guide below. Otherwise I'll of course help when the game is fixed 🚀 Portal method link