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  1. #43 - Outer Wilds - All Done Groundhog Day, but in space. This entire experience was fascinating, small in scope but so much to discover, no direction but your own curiosity and possibly more fun to think about than it is to play. It's kind of hard to talk about Outer Wilds without ruining it but the basic premise is straightforward. You're an alien, you have a spaceship, you have an uncharted solar system, your job is to explore it and for some reason...the entire universe operates on a 22 minute time loop. Maybe you can find out why... Space exploration is hard, to survive within your time loop, you'll need to master control of your ship, manage your air and fuel and learn how to orbit for one particular trophy. Some prior knowledge of quantum fluctuations might also come in useful. Unlike say, No Man's Sky, each planet to explore has been built by hand, each with their own breathtaking environments, curiosities, puzzles and dangers. Venture a little further out into the solar system and you might find a little more than just planets. At it's heart, Outer Wilds is a game about exploration, experimentation and knowledge. I guess that could've been this entire post. For trophy hunters, it's mostly an easy enough ride, though there's a couple of challenges that may take a decent amount of attempts. They possibly have the potential to frustrate but look at each failure as something to learn from, similar to how you'd fight a boss in Dark Souls. Keep experimenting and improving and you'll get it eventually! Like I said it's a difficult game to talk about without ruining everything, so I'll end it here! Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time to platinum: 26 hours
  2. #42 - Grand Theft Auto V - Los Santos Legend - Congratulations! You're Vinewoods biggest star! - 1.94% I finally have an ultra rare platinum, so I'm expecting the four horseman of the apocalypse to ride out of the clouds any time now. I've doomed us all. I played the PS3 version of this about four years ago but only got 100% on story mode since I'm not really into playing online. Luckily this time round I spent a significant amount of time playing GTA Online last summer after some guys from work talked me into it, so I had already popped a lot of the online stuff when I came back to trophy hunting in January. I might have a go at 100% completion if I can talk my friends into trying the criminal mastermind challenge for the online DLC. Getting platinum was a lot easier than I thought it'd be, even earning 70 gold medals wasn't much of a challenge. I think it's one of those games where the enormity and time it takes to reach platinum is what makes it ultra rare, rather than difficulty. It's still a lot of fun to play even after all these years, definitely recommend going for it if you have it sitting unfinished on your trophy list. Normally I'd write five or six paragraphs but it's a seven year old GTA, I'm going to assume that everything that could be said about GTAV has already been said haha. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time to platinum: Ahem...817 hours (may have become slightly addicted to online)
  3. #41 Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Viking Legend - Earn every trophy Skal! For some reason, I didn't decide to platinum this until after my save file corrupted, losing 155 hours of progress. What it was about that event that convinced me to return after a year long hiatus from trophy hunting will forever be a mystery. So, this time (is it 15 games now?) our much maligned modern day protagonist Layla has jacked into the memories of Eivor, circa 873 AD during the Viking invasions of England. Lacking subtlety, an indoor voice and most forms of human decency, Eivor is by some distance the most unassassin-like character we've been handed control of (excluding Rogue for obvious reasons). It does make sense though, Eivor isn't actually an Assassin, but rather works alongside them so long as their interests align. Rather than one complete story running the length of the entire game, we follow Eivor on a series of expeditions across Norway, England and even further beyond in the hopes of building alliances for our newly settled clan, while doing the Assassin's bidding for them. It's a fresh approach in an ever evolving series, yet it retains subtle elements from previous games and does it best to improve upon them. It's a long journey, sometimes it can feel a little too long but ends with what I thought was the most surprising and well written ending to an Assassin's Creed game in years. Outside of the main story arcs, there's an impressive 782 side activities for you to complete. Luckily, Ubisoft made the decision to keep each one to just a few minutes long rather than journeying across the map as in Odyssey and Origins and it works brilliantly. Although, some world events and collectibles can feel very similar towards the end, especially if you're going for the platinum trophy, it can feel like a slog. The gameplay, I thought felt like an arcade version of Dark Souls. With newly implemented stamina and parrying functions to accompany some of the brutal battles we find ourselves in. While fun, It feels a little loose somehow, with weapons and armour not seeming to carry much weight behind them. Even free-running controls and direction, especially at speed lack the same tightness and control we saw in games ten years prior to this. Overall though, I really enjoyed this and I do admire Ubisoft for their continued efforts to get the evolution of Assassin's Creed exactly right. With less technical/control issues and a more quality over quantity approach to world events then this could've been one of the best Assassin's Creed games yet. It's not that some of the issues I mentioned hold it back from being a good game, it's more that after fourteen years we have to hold Assassin's Creed to a high benchmark. It doesn't quite reach, but it's not far off. + Engaging story with clear direction + Beautiful and varied environments + Great OST + Character and even settlement customization + Accommodates various playstyles - Suffers from a few technical issues and occasional crashes - World events lack variety - Underwhelming A.I Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 4/10 (played on hard mode) Time to platinum: 311 hours (two playthroughs as my save data corrupted).
  4. Grand Theft Auto V - Stick Up Kid GTA Online: Hold up all 20 stores Really glad I spent the summer mostly playing GTA Online, just two online trophies left and I'm pretty sure I only have a couple of requirements left to pop one of them. Back to the Valhalla grind tomorrow though.
  5. I enjoyed getting the platinum, as I have done for every game so far, but I made Metal Gear Solid V harder for myself. In general I won't look up guides until I've finished a games campaign, but I decided to achieve S Ranks in MGSV without the help of a guide too. Like, 75% of the time, I could figure out how to finish missions under the time limit, but missions like "Backup, Backdown" and the objectives for "A Quiet Exit" took a decent amount of time to figure out. I did the same thing with The Talos Principle, the base game is very doable without a guide but the Gehenna DLC, oh my god. I did cave after failing to reach one of the stars after several hours of trial and error. Turned out the solution was to beam light from a different puzzle across the map into an opening a few pixels wide. I knew beaming light outside arenas and connecting to other puzzles was possible, I just never would've guessed in a million years it was the solution for that particular puzzle due to the distance involved and obstacles in the way.
  6. Nothing special, I have a few scars on my leg from surgery when I was 25. I used to skateboard but was always more into street, I did start practising vert eventually but I was never too comfortable with it. Anyway, one day I was practising getting more height and my board yeeted itself into another dimension which left me crashing into the ramp knee first. I shattered and dislocated my kneecap, and tore my achilles tendon when my leg twisted under my weight as I rolled down the ramp. I guess the tendon would've snapped anyway but I'm probably a good advertisement for why you should wear kneepads. I can also bend my thumbs backwards in half, if that makes any sense. I first noticed it when playing with the dual shock controller for the first time but I don't know if I was born with it, or if it's result of playing the shit out of Tony Hawks games.
  7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Grand Theft Auto V, both on PS4. On my second playthrough of Valhalla, some of the side quests bugged before I intended to come back to trophy hunting which made the platinum unobtainable. Every few days I'm picking up GTAV and knocking off some quick trophies too, I'll need to speedrun a new save on that for some missed trophies then focus on the platinum after Valhalla.
  8. Assassin's Creed Origins - I'm just getting started Complete the main quest "Aya" Little did I know, I was just getting started on the first of five AC games that year (that's a lot from one franchise for me).
  9. Grand Theft Auto V - Orbital Obliteration GTA Online: Kill another player with the orbital cannon Playing some GTA on the side while going the AC Valhalla platinum. My apologises to Ivan, who was my randomly selected target. Still, at $750,000 per shot, I hoped he felt expensive as he was blown into dust.
  10. 359. I remember my goal was keeping it under 300 before I took a break. So I'll aim for that again, after AC Valhalla, I'll probably go for most of the RDR2 trophies and 100% GTAV's story mode, not really interested in getting the platinum for those two because I don't really like online trophies, but I ought to be able to scape just under 300, I'll go for the Outer Wilds platinum at some point amongst that too.
  11. At the absolute least, a deathless run of Elden Ring/all future Fromsoft Games. It's 7.38am and almost time for me to go to sleep so originality isn't going to be my strong point. Name: Ceaseless Charge (a reference to a DS1 boss) Bronze/Silver/Gold: It's Fromsoft so eat shit, silver only Trophy Description: YOU DI....oh...nevermind... Rarity Level: Possibly ultra but probably rare, since we're a masochistic bunch
  12. Nothing from my list really stands out, though I did like No Man's Sky from the very start. I get why people were pissed off, it's just, all I wanted to do with NMS was explore and find cool stuff and it became, and still is my favourite game to just chill with. Of course with the amount of work and updates the general opinion has changed favourably. I don't see a lot of people with this next opinion. I absolutely loved the first four Assassin's Creed games (that's not the opinion I'm talking about!), but I did get bored of just pressing a button to kill (even though it looked cool) and thought a change to RPG with Origins was exactly what it needed to breath fresh air into the gameplay. I'll even go further, ACII was my favourite AC game...now it's Odyssey. I will now run for my life.
  13. Here I am to bring the tone down with my zero ultra rares. Gran Turismo 6 - 6.60% No Man's Sky - 7.18% Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 8.75% Beyond Two Souls - 9.22% Skyrim - 10.92% Currently experiencing a wave of nostalgia, remembering how much fun I had with MSGV and Skyrim. NMS was pretty fun even back then too, that glitch that used to launch me backwards out of the atmosphere at incredible velocity was absolutely terrifying when I was making my way to the galactic core in permadeath mode. Might actually be the reason my previous controller gave out with the pressure I used to push R2 with, desperately trying to regain control and avoid slamming into something. Good times.
  14. Not really, that effect is largely negated since I don't look at trophy lists before starting a game. The closest I could get is Dark Souls, I got absolutely destroyed in the opening areas and I guess I accepted there's no way I'd platinum it, which I'm fine with. I mean I don't have to platinum every single game and I know sometimes I'll fail for any number of reasons which I'm also totally okay with. Luckily, after a few more hours of punishment, the game just clicked for me at the Gargoyle fight atop the church roof. Legitimately can't recall a time where I've improved and shifted mindsets playing something so quickly, it was almost instant. Not only did I platinum it but it became one of my favourite games of all time, Dark Souls III takes top spot. But for real, the entire first few hours I felt like I'd be lucky just to see the end of the game. I guess that day, I taught myself a lesson in what some perseverance can achieve.
  15. Assassin's Creed Vahalla - Home D├ęcor Place an item on each settlement cosmetic spot Only popped this first because I noticed I missed a spot and my OCD got the better of me, to the point I couldn't wait to pop something more impressive.