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  1. 100% - No Man's Sky! Took a bit longer than I intended as I kept going with my permadeath save to clear the remaining trophies, actually dreaded permadeath at first but now it's the only way I'll play the game. I'm sure I'd be saying something very different (with increasing intensity and sweariness the longer I had played) if I had died :P 


    I'll take a weeks break from trophy hunting and come back with Until Dawn followed by Detroit: Become Human and possibly Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but I might wait until all the DLC is released so I can finish the whole thing in one go.


    Enjoy your weekend everyone. 



    No Man's Sky ruined my share button. 

  2. Not sure if this is related, a couple of my friends managed to get hacked this past week, their profiles then created a mass group which spams links about free $50 notes/coupons (it was something along those lines). Neither my console or android bricked but maybe it's something else to look out for. It's probably common but it's the first time I've seen it since I created my account almost four years ago. My settings have always been set to friends only, and even then you have to be careful sometimes. So I decided to block my two friends to make sure I'm safe, if they're reading this...sorry guys
  3. Nah. Despite only putting a few minutes worth of thought into it when I created this account, I like mine and I'm accustomed to it by now. It's at least a lot better than my old xbox ID (HeavyMetalHero if anyone's wondering).
  4. No Mans Sky. Popped the permadeath trophies & the reunion trophy. All that's left is the trophy for building an exocraft, still got a way to go with that one and I'm building it in permadeath so finding enough resources to move through the questline is taking a little longer than normal. Plus while I intended on only building what was necessary until I can build the exocraft terminal and the craft itself, I've gotten kind of addicted to making the base as awesome as possible
  5. No Mans Sky - Reunion Visit another players base I know I was an invader who didn't ask for permission to visit the players base, flew at their the base erratically at high speed, didn't knock, clambered over their ship instead of walking around it to get to the computer to register my visit and assumed it was okay to play with all the things they built ...but the dude still could've gotten out of his ship to say hi. Rude! One trophy left for 100% (and also 100% on all my PS4 games).
  6. I reached the centre on permadeath last week, this is the strategy I used once I was free from my starting planet if anyone finds it useful. As far as I know this exact method isn't widely known or at least isn't described in detail and I stumbled upon it by accident myself. By using this method I was able to reach the galactic core in just 26 hours. This included time spent exploring and gathering resources. You'll need: Your starting ship A healthy supply of chromatic metal, condensed carbon, oxygen and ferrite dust (the materials for warp cells) A hyperdrive installed 3 S class hyperdrive modules Around 3 million units Around 1200 nanite clusters Step 1. Escape your starting planet and follow the Awakening quest line til you get the choice to follow the Atlas Path or explore freely, choose the Atlas path option because this'll give you access to the Anomaly which has something that'll speed up the journey. Once you're on board the anomaly speak to Polo (the Gek) and transmit your milestone data for him. This'll take two hours for him to process so use this time to stock up on the following - copper (to make chromatic metal), carbon (for condensed carbon), oxygen and ferrite dust. You can buy everything but carbon from a space station or anywhere with a galactic trade terminal if you don't want to gather it manually though you may have to visit multiple trade terminals to find what you need. Step 2. Once the two hours have passed, make sure the anomaly mission is selected in your log and "summon" it with R3 while in space. Speak to Polo again, he'll thank you for the data you gave him and ask for more, this time press LEAVE. This leaves his missions open, and leaves you with the ability to summon the anomaly any time you please so long as the speak to Polo mission is selected in your log. Step 3. The reason you need to leave Polo's mission unfinished is because you're granted a black hole location (possibly two) with each visit. Now that you can access the anomaly as often as you please, you can have as many black holes as you like without having to finish the Atlas path. To learn a black hole location, speak to Nada (the Korvax). I was given two black holes per visit on my save but if you earn a milestone in between travelling between the 2 black holes you'll only get one. You can use this method of summoning the anomaly - get black hole location - warp to black hole, warp through the black hole and repeat the process again all the way to the centre of the galaxy. General advice 1. Keep a couple of stacks of chromatic metal, condensed carbon, oxygen and ferrite dust on you at all times so you can craft warp cells whenever you need them. 2. Upload discovered systems, planets, flora and fauna for nanite clusters, you can earn these from exploration or missions too if you wish. You'll need around 1200 nanites to buy 3 S class hyperdrive modules from space stations. This'll give you a hyperdrive range of 795 light years in your starting ship, enough range to make it to a black hole in one warp. It'll also give you 20 warps with a full tank (five warp cells). Be aware not every station has the S class module so you may need to visit several stations before you have them all. The point of this is to save you time and money as you won't need to save up for a better ship. 3. Avoid installing upgrades on your ship (other than the hyperdrive modules). Upgrades will break when travelling through black holes, by travelling with just the bare bones of your ship nothing will break, this will save you time and money as you'll never need to repair anything. 3. Earn money quickly by harvesting valuable resources or by digging up buried technology. Buried technology was my preferred choice, a stack of 15 is worth around 800,000 units. Four stacks should raise enough money to see you through to the centre. The cost covers buying materials at space stations and paying off hostile ships if you need to. That covers everything you'll need to reach the centre in a relatively quick and safe way. Of course hitching a lift from a taxi service such as Dotcoms is the fastest and easiest way to earn the permadeath trophy. However I'm aware that as players here are from all over the world so you may be unable to arrange a time or alternative, so this might be the next efficient method. I only had one run at this and winged it the entire journey, so some things can probably be improved upon. If anyone gives it a try and finds a better way please let everyone know! Happy travels.
  7. @HuntingFever Just managed to get the trophy. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though! And for the advice earlier in the thread, if it wasn't for that I'd still be sitting here without the trophy. This is how I got it for anyone wondering. I gave up manually searching and began joining random lobbies, though I got kicked a bunch of times before I'd even loaded in eventually I managed to find someone with a base who let me stay. Like HuntingFever said above the trophy won't pop with the base owner present, so I quit the game after visiting the base, reloaded my single player game, travelled to a space station (anywhere with a portal will do) and teleported back to the base. The trophy unlocked when I interacted with the base computer. So there's an option if help isn't immediately at hand. I'd remind everyone to be careful with this method though, while the majority of NMS players are great the host doesn't know why you're there unless you're able to communicate with them so there's a chance they could attack. If you feel like that's going to happen don't take the risk of losing your save and leave if you're in permadeath mode. Just the navigators trophy left for me. Like I said earlier I'll leave a base in my current location (final system before the galactic core - permadeath mode) and post the coordinates when it's ready if anyone else finds themselves stuck. It's unlikely anyone will need to go to the effort of travelling there with Dotcom's taxi service and the above method but I figure the more options there are the easier it'll be for everyone.
  8. After popping the permadeath trophies (take a deep breath & to live forever) I've reloaded my save and spent a few hours looking for a base, but I'm not having much luck. Mostly I've been travelling to systems that have either been renamed or visited recently. The majority of planets are undiscovered, I assume because players were just passing through on their way to the centre. I'm also unable to find bases from other sites like reddit and the NMS wiki that are near the centre in permadeath. Anyway, I wondered if anyone has a base near the centre in permadeath mode, whether they'd be willing to share the coordinates? If you're not sure how to do this, build a signal booster on a planet and interact with it, your coordinates are the 16 digits in the following format - 0000:0000:0000:0000. In the meantime I'll keep searching manually, I'm not expecting many bases have been built in permadeath so if I can't find one, I'll just start a new save in normal mode and make my way to the galactic hub since that's where the majority of the bases are. Whatever happens, before I leave NMS/permadeath I'll find an undiscovered system (the one I'm in has already been discovered) near the centre, rename it to something really obvious and leave a base there with coordinates if anyone finds themselves in this position in the future. It won't be anything special, just a wooden hut Thanks in advance if you can help.
  9. I ended up earning To Live Forever (No Man's Sky - Reach the centre of the galaxy in permadeath mode) far quicker than I thought I would. After hearing figures of anywhere between 50 - 100+ hours I managed to do it in 26 hours.


    While the first couple of hours are the hardest it gets easier when you're up and running. After a while I figured out if I never finish Polo's missions then I can summon the anomaly as often as I like so I could repeatedly ask Nada for a black hole location. From there the only real danger is touching down to gather resources, I got insanely lucky with planets though so I wasn't in much danger throughout. 


    Still got a couple of trophies to go, I need to find another players base and build an exocraft. Luckily the game didn't save when I reached the centre so I can go back to my last save, so I'll worry about the two remaining trophies when I'm back on Friday. 


    I even made a video. It's shit. I tried to be flashy but I gave up after the barrel roll when I realized that's pretty much the only trick I know. Enjoy! Oh, I'm not sure if what happens (not much) when you reach the centre could be considered spoiler worthy, but SPOIIIIIIIIIIIILERS anyway. 



  10. 267 from 47 games. I've finally gotten around to clearing the four remaining trophies from No Man's Sky so that'll bring me down to 263 which is the lowest I can achieve (unless I buy a new PS3...which I won't).
  11. Still playing No Man's Sky in permadeath mode. Haven't travelled too far (699000 light years from the centre) because I've been exploring planets a lot, farming resources and earning money. Later on today I'm just going to focus on the challenge and travel as far as I possibly can now that I've upgraded my ship. With the resources I have on me I estimate I should be able to travel around 60000 LY - 70000 LY (excluding using black holes) before I have to stop for materials.
  12. While I'll make an attempt to earn every trophy, I have a preference for collectables, especially in open world games. I like exploring my games but there's always something I'll miss and collectables have taken me to some pretty cool locations/missions/quests that I might have not noticed otherwise. So stuff like GTA's pigeons or Fallout's bobbleheads. I like long, grindy trophies too. Basically anything that requires some planning ahead and focus over a prolonged period of time. Right now I'm trying to reach the galactic core in No Man's Sky permadeath mode and I'm having the best time. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with me
  13. From No Man's Sky permadeath mode. I've just noticed that sometimes I forget to hide the photo mode tab.
  14. No Man's Sky permadeath mode. Made it off my planet last week, now I have everything I need to get to the galactic core. I haven't figured out a good way to keep myself loaded with warp cells without spending time going out searching for the materials myself. I was kinda hoping I could just buy tons of them On the plus side I'm seeing loads of cool places this way. I've upgraded my hyperdrive too so I can reach a little further when I'm warping between systems. Right now I'm 717,263 light years away from the core.
  15. Good evening! Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. Just a quick note to say I won't be earning trophies for a while. I've resisted the urge to use the taxi service in No Man's Sky so I'll be attempting to reach the centre of the galaxy in permadeath mode on my own. 


    I've heard figures ranging from fifty hours (before the NEXT update) to over a hundred hours (after NEXT). Assuming the worst, a hundred hour plus game usually takes me around two to three months to finish. Originally I was going to throw some quick 100% games in every week to keep it varied but I'm enjoying the challenge (started last week) so I'll keep going until it's done. 



    1. dokkanexpert


      NMS is a 100hour game?

    2. FarSideOfSaturn


      The base game is around 30 - 40 hours but it easily ticks over 100 hours if you go for the permadeath trophy (reach the centre of the galaxy in permadeath mode). That trophy was added with the pathfinder update a while back which is what I'm working on now. You can get permadeath done in a handful of hours if you hitch a lift to the centre of the galaxy from someone who's already there, but I feel like having an adventure :P