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  1. 26 years. Started off with a Mega Drive in 1991 with six games built in (like how Singstar came installed with PS3 if you're too young too remember). I remember Sonic being on there and that was the first game I played, Streets of Rage was on there too, Golden Axe, Columns, and some motorbike racing game similar to Road Rash. I can't remember what the hell the sixth game was. I don't put anywhere near the amount of time into it as I did up to my early 20s (currently 30). I'll maybe get an hour on either one or two weekdays, and 3 - 4 hours on a Saturday. Which is pretty good considering I work full time, in a relationship and otherwise going for a beer or whatever with friends often. It's lower down the list of priorities, but I still love playing as much as I always have. That doesn't mean I wish I could still spend all day indoors playing like I did in my teens, having limited time reminds me to spend what free time I have doing something I enjoy and as long as I have that free time, gaming is probably something I'll never stop doing.
  2. I'm uhh...going for 22. Trophies, not platinums I've been slowly making my way through No Man's Sky until today, I'm beginning to focus on specific trophies instead of letting them pop naturally so that'll speed it up a bit. I'll try and pop the platinum next week sometime since I'm on holiday from work, probably be next weekend since I'll still be out most of the week. After that I'll try for the 100%, I've read that it takes a long time with guides saying anywhere between 25 - 50 hours. The good news is I get three ultra rares if I finish it, the bad news is I'm not sure that'll be enough motivation since I'm beginning to get a little bored of it. I'm not sure I want to start an entire journey from scratch, on the other hand the end objective between my current save and that save are wildly different so it could breathe new life into it. Anyway, I probably won't be playing anything else until January even after I get the platinum/100%. I'm on holiday for the first two weeks of January so I'll start fresh then, which makes No Man's Sky my last game of the year. I'm definitely not going out in style.
  3. No Man's Sky. Got home from work and dinner earlier than I thought so managed to cram an hour in. In that time I managed to scan the remaining species on my current planet so I've got eight more planets to go for that chain of trophies, and collected another dozen for so words so I'm 11 away from finishing that chain. Once I'm done there's a planet in this solar system I'm kinda interested in seeing, after I've checked it out I don't think there's much more the game can show me that I haven't already seen so I can speed things up a bit and chase trophies rather than let it come naturally. Still on course for the platinum in the next week or so.
  4. Does anyone remember this? It was a...I don't even know what to call it. Basically it was a PS1 game you could make your own music on. After going through youtube a bit I found people recreating everything from Michael Jackson to Greenday This is one of the better examples of an original player created song I could find.
  5. I don't get the sudden freakout. Looking at your past posts you seem pretty reasonable and you've been a member for almost three years so you obviously want to use the site. If you're going to submit flags knowing full well they aren't correct I'd assume that'd eventually lead to a ban. Why risk it when you obviously want to use the service this site provides? Besides, if you're going to flag for this then you may as well go ahead and submit flags for everyone with the Uncharted 4 plat, Final Fantasy VII, Manhunt, Dead Space, Red Dead, Mega Drive/Genesis collection, Skyrim up until the point the Omega Infinium patch was released...I could go on. All games that allow cheats or exploits to get the platinum, not everyone will use them but there's nothing stopping players if they're available and it's legit. The funny thing is you're going after people who haven't cheated, just people who played it smart to get their trophies.
  6. No Man's Sky - Cradle Claim a Base or Buy a Freighter I didn't even look at the Pathfinder update trophies so it was a nice surprise when this popped when I claimed a base. Incidentally I've since looked at the trophies for Pathfinder...I'll give the 100% a try but...oh fuck I won't bother posting the coordinates for this base for the reunion trophy, I'm still 700,000 light years away from the Core on the outer reaches of the Euclid Galaxy and I haven't come across a single previously discovered system yet. It's pretty clear I'm on my own out here and I doubt anyone will be following behind me. Also reaching the Galactic Core isn't a priority for this save and I'd rather build one close the Core since people will be heading there in permadeath mode for the 100% anyway. If I do make there, I'll stick the coordinates for my new base up in the NMS forum on this site.
  7. No Man's Sky. Spent more time grinding toward Citizen of the Galaxy, only need 20 more words. Also picked up Cradle from the Pathfinder Update. I was hoping to find every species on my current planet but can't find the last one despite searching everywhere at every time of the day. Anyway because of work that's probably me until Friday, I'll give it another shot then and hopefully get close to the platinum over the weekend.
  8. No Man's Sky. Only got an hour in tonight but it was enough time to learn some new words, I'm up to 126 so 34 more needed for - Citizen of the Galaxy. The planet I'm on right now seems rammed with monoliths and knowledge stones so I should have that wrapped up pretty soon. Also found 4 of the 6 fauna on the planet, spent around 20 minutes looking for the other 2 before I stopped, I'll try again tomorrow. Behind the solar systems space station is a planet described as a terraforming catastrophe, no idea what that is but I'm really curious to find out, once I'm done here that'll be my next stop but I'm not expecting to find anything useful.
  9. It's understandable that you've had a shit time of something and want to warn others against doing the same. What I'd say though, it's really up to others how they want to play and unless it's damaging to other players experiences then I think their choice ought to be respected. If they decide it isn't for them, that's something they'll find out for themselves, just like everything else in life. Expanding further, while you're right in saying there's some members here who try to be the first to achieve something which is something you didn't find enjoyable, on a website like this it's to be expected that some players will be highly competitive or find it enjoyable to push themselves. While I think most of us regard what we do as a way to relax or whatever, some people want to be the best, or the first to do something, not just in gaming but in everything they do. Maybe there's a different reason for some people, taking their mind off their troubles, had some spare time than usual, who knows. Maybe others have become the first achiever by accident. This is the problem with judging people by their achievements and profiles, we simply don't know their circumstances or motivations behind what they do unless they come out and say it themselves. My thought right now is it's great that you care about others and want to help players avoid the situation you found yourself in. Ultimately though and like I said above, players will find out for themselves if the path you were on if the right one for them. I've seen many players here reach a certain milestone or do something that's difficult and start taking it easier afterwards so I think in general we can probably trust that players, at least in this community would do the right thing for themselves if they got to the point that you did and felt the way you do now.
  10. I haven't run into a game where microtransactions have caused a problem for me so I'm indifferent. While MSGV did have microtransactions they didn't affect story progress, as long as that continues to be the case I'll keep on doing what I'm doing. I fail to see any good reason on my part as to why I should have to pay to finish a game, if that ever happened I simply won't buy the game. Now DLC I don't mind, the DLC I have bought for my games have usually been good value since they were either fairly cheap for the amount of extra playtime and features I was getting, that's not something I'd expect to get for free so I don't mind splashing out for that if I think it's worth it. To expand further this is the difference between the two for me. The DLC I've bought have enhanced my experience of a game, through extra storylines, character development, new locations, features and items and is optional, that's a positive thing. Microtransactions on the other hand, may possibly have the potential to halt my progress in a game if anyone was ballsy enough to do it but as I said, as far as I'm concerned if I've paid for the base game, I should be able to finish it without further investment. If they want to try and charge for stuff like new costumes, maybe a new item or level up, fine, as long as I can finish it without that stuff. If story progress was locked away until I paid up, I'd simply take my money elsewhere because there's no game in the world I'd want to play so badly that I'd be held to ransom to finish it.
  11. No Man's Sky has a pretty decent OST. The first song, Asimov is my favourite so far, the music that accompanies your first approach to a space station is pretty epic too.