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  1. Mike & Sam survived, could've taken or left him at the start of the game but he grew on me as it went on. Same goes for Sam but she didn't grow on me the way Mike did so I wasn't bothered if she survived or not. Chris & Ashley survived and apparently became a couple by the end. Ashley almost died went I went to investigate the noise in the sewers, I hesitated when I reached the hatch and then remembered what I'd read earlier about the Wendigo mimicking human speech. Wasn't until I read the trophy guide when I realized how close she'd been to death Emily & Matt survived. Not sure if they're still a couple or not at the end. I never felt like either were in much danger throughout, Emily in particular turned out to be pretty badass throughout the section in the mines and was probably my favourite character. Josh. Absolutely hated his character, but still managed to keep him alive for what it's worth. From the ending it looks like he'd have been better off dead. Jess was the only one to die after I took too long to rescue her. But I feel like the expression on her face when she was yanked through the window was worth the one more playthrough I'll need to keep her alive.
  2. Until Dawn - Instant Inferno Sam immediately flicked the switch to set the lodge ablaze Replayed from chapter eight so I could get the everyone dies ending. The two hours or so it took was probably one of my favourite moments of the year so far in the way it went from a hopeful tale of friends sticking together and survival to backstabbing and psychological/physical torture. Suddenly everything seemed so bleak and brutal in contrast to the way I played in my blind playthrough. Ashley especially got it pretty bad, girl looked like she was at breaking point. Unfortunately for Ashley, I'm going for her trophies next, one of which is specifically designed to mentally break her. Fun!
  3. I'm playing Until Dawn. Ran through the game blind first and ended up with a mealsey five trophies, I'll try and save everyone on my next playthrough, followed by killing everyone as well as cleaning up collectables along the way. Also still playing No Man's Sky, I've decided I want an S class explorer (don't like the exotics design) so I'm still saving for one of those as well as trying to find 100% of the fauna on every planet I visit.
  4. Until Dawn - The Quicker Man All the boys escaped death Because of the mid game plot twist, I was absolutely convinced right until the end that a character who died was actually still alive (despite them dying right in front of me). Kind of disappointed after my blind run because it means one more playthrough later Luckily I've taken a liking to only two of the characters so at least I know the kill everyone run is gonna be fun.
  5. My options are gone completely, I'm down to just these two
  6. Everyone whose posted already probably already has the zoology trophies but here's something that might help players looking for help in the future who don't want to go back to 1.00. Now that Visions - Version 1.75 has been released, sentient rocks now exist in the game. I've came across two hexagonal planets while playing today, on both planets the sentient rocks were the only life form on that planet for an easy 100%. Obviously it's completely random whether players find hexagonal planets or not but seeking them out is another option regardless. I spent a lot of hours searching for all species (usually I'd get to 1 remaining and couldn't find the last one) so I know how much of a pain it is. If you get lucky this could make zoology easier/quicker to achieve.
  7. @O-Yarsa Everything regarding bases and the ability to build one on another players game is still there after the visions update so you're good. Couple of points that might affect players in permadeath... You can no longer restrict other players ability when multiplayer is switched on, so other players damaging you, or adding base parts ect is no longer preventable. It doesn't seem to happen often in NMS but I have heard of players joining players permadeath saves and killing them, so watch out for that. Also new types of hazardous flora have been introduced so be careful when on foot as some of them do a decent amount of damage.
  8. I actually didn't realize NMS had done so well, I'll look forward to free updates for the foreseeable future then
  9. Yeah, it's about five minutes walk from Waverly Station on Old Market Street, opposite the Edinburgh Council building. They do close for a few days while they're setting up their new theme. The Fallout theme ends on Monday 26th November with the next one starting on Saturday 1st December, so they won't be open at all between those dates. I'm just guessing but you might've been unlucky and walked by while they were getting set up again. Here's their facebook page :)
  10. It's incredible how they've turned the game around after the negative publicity at release. Hello Games and Sean Murray needed to redeem themselves and No Man's Sky, they've done that and then some. It's several times the game it was in the beginning and Visions looks incredible. Despite earning the platinum and 100%, I still play the game on the side to chill from trophy hunting and more varied/colourful biomes is something I wanted to see so I'm more than happy with the new update. A question I feel that needs asking is how much longer can they afford to keep pushing out free updates, especially on this scale? This can't last forever, would players be willing to pay for updates in the future? Regardless of what happened in the past, they've learnt from it and turned it around, I feel like they've earned it. Personally the game now is everything I wanted it to be, I'd be fine with dropping a few notes to support them beyond this point.
  11. @O-Yarsa @iamthedotcom @HuntingFever A player I gave a boost to threw a quick base down on my permadeath save before he warped to the galactic core, just checked and it's still there so it should be fine to do that. He's only built a base computer but it looks like that's all you need. Here's a couple of pics (blurred out his name as I'm not sure if he built it for himself or to give others a boost, I wouldn't want him to be inundated with friend requests he doesn't want ) Edit - Forgot to mention this is version 1.71 (Abyss update) - A new major update is dropping tomorrow, 22nd November (update 1.75 - Visions). I can't see anything in the patch notes that would affect your ability to do this but I'll check back on Saturday to see if his base survived the transition as bases have been messed up with major updates in the past. If it does stay intact then it should still be okay to keep bases you've built on another players game.
  12. #31 Detroit: Become Human - Detroit Master - Collected all trophies I'm never going to look at a Roomba the same way again. So, Detroit. The story of a bunch of androids who've listened to a bit too much Rage Against the Machine and give humanity two giant fingers, or die pathetically without much of a fight if you prefer because this is a David Cage game, and a David Cage game means choices, yay! Obviously the above RATM comment is tongue in cheek, the game deals with a lot of themes, the two prominent themes for me were slavery and identity. To give some context, the androids that inhabit Detroit's world were originally designed to deal with all the boring shit we don't want to do anymore. So, housekeeping, police patrols, working in shops, that kinda thing. Much like Terminators Skynet, the androids become self aware by becoming overwhelmed by conflicting commands and being placed in stressful situations, such as being attacked. And so the android revolution begins, if you let it... Of course some humans are already pissed off at androids for stealing their blue collar jobs, people are on the streets, can't feed their families. From the very start there's conflict and tension between humans and androids. Again, it's up to you to decide the fate of both races via the stories of three characters. Connor, an android who specialises in hunting down "deviant" androids. Kara, an abused housecleaner android and Markus, formerly a carer, now has arguably the most important role in the game as the leader of the "deviants". That's all I'll say for the story so I don't spoil anything. As you're playing the game it's your standard QTE playthrough, you have a certain amount of time to make a choice or react to situations and there's some puzzle solving. Generally choices you make have at least some impact, mostly your choices affect how the people around you perceive you, later on the game you can affect the opinion of the entire American population which in turn, can affect the entire ending for each character. I wouldn't describe the game as overly emotional, nor did I think it challenges your morality as well as it could do but it's nice that choices carry some weight as there's so many other games where it doesn't matter. One complaint I have about the gameplay, and I had this problem with previous Quantic Dream games, is sometimes it's slow and outright boring. The good far outweighs the bad however with some fun chase scenes and fights to plow through. Visually the game looks great, the detail on faces particularly is almost lifelike and characters are brought to life even more with some great voice acting, Connor and Hank especially. The ambient background noise is also good, it's usually appropriate for the situation and sets the mood well. So you want to platinum the game? The bad news is you can't get everything in one playthrough, at least two + some clean up via chapter select will be needed. The good news is since you'll be taking different paths your second/third playthrough is still largely fresh and new once you're beyond the opening chapters. While it's slow in a minority of areas, the game isn't too long and if necessary you can let characters die on your bad playthrough to speed things up a bit. Despite at least two playthroughs required, it took me around 20 hours to get the platinum trophy. I'd recommended this if you prefer narrative over gameplay or like other QTE games such as previous Quantic Dream games or Telltale games. Overall... + Entertaining story with choices that make a difference + Easy to pick up and play, can choose a harder control setting if you want more of a challenge + Looks stylish and sophisticated + Great visuals and voice acting + Good soundtrack - Some gameplay sections can be fairly dull, particularly early in the game - NPC/Player character movement can look sluggish on occasion - The good ending doesn't feel finished and could've done with another chapter Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 (on hard control setting)