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  1. Who introduced you to the wonders of this fantastic hobby? My dad had a SNES lying around that he barely played with so I ended up with it when I was four I think so that started me off, of course I then moved onto Mega Drive in the mid 90s. I didn't get properly into gaming until around the time PS2 came out. I started working and often didn't feel like going out after a shift so gaming became my go to thing to relax and it stayed that way for years. Over the last couple of years I've made more of an effort to get outside and socialize more so I'm pretty limited with the time I have to play so its dropped down in priority. Trophy hunting specifically I can trace back to GTA 3, that was the first game I reached 100% on and from then on I almost always made an effort to completely clear games. Even on Xbox when I wasn't aware that achievement/trophy hunting was a thing I'd still make that effort just for my own satisfaction and enjoyment. It wasn't until 2016 when I was back on PS that I stumbled on this site while going for the GTA IV 100% (in game, not trophies) that I realized there's entire communities dedicated to trophy hunting. If you are in a relationship, has it influenced your gaming habits? I'm in a relationship but it hasn't influenced my habits other than having less time to play which I don't mind. I look at it this way, I can replace my PS4, but I can't replace someone I love so she comes first, always. Do you play together and how is that? Occasionally. Our favourite bar has it's own cinema where they show mostly old horror movies, but we check what's on before we go so we can bring her Vita along incase we don't like the movie Mostly we take turns on whatever she's been playing and try to earn a few trophies together while getting drunk. Would you try to share the sense of amazement with your partner or would you rather have your hobby for yourself and your partner should have his/hers? My girlfriend used to call me "little boy" whenever I told her I was playing something but after a while she began to take a genuine interest which ended with her buying To the Moon and The Talos Principle on Steam, shortly afterwards she bought a Vita so she can trophy hunt too, a short time later she's the owner of four platinums Like I said above we'll play together sometimes which is great fun, I've definitely turned her around on this one Where are you on this? I think it's great that we've found something else we can do together and talk about. We still have our own separate interests outside of gaming and other things we have in common so there's variety in our lives. Although it's true I prefer playing single player games, I do enjoy sharing my experiences with others, as well as reading about others experiences and what they're up to.
  2. This isn't the last UR I earned, but it's the newest addition to my list because of it's rarity slowly dropping over the last few months Grand Theft Auto IV - - Genetically Superior (no trophy image because it's white) You came first in 20 singleplayer street races This was back in 2015 so all I remember is the racing AI being barely improved from GTA 3 and seeing opposing cars going into orbit.
  3. Far Cry Primal. Popped all but one of the trophies over the last couple of days and finished up quests I can get XP for. All that's left is filling out the skill tree for the wenja expert trophy and I'm done. I can fit in a couple of hours over the next couple of days so I'll get the platinum on either Friday or Saturday.
  4. Far Cry Primal - Crush Your Enemies Complete 10 tribal clash quests If I'd realized just how overpowered I am when I upgraded all my stuff to max level, I'd have started charging headfirst at enemies and poking their wee bone helmets off with my spear before I violently ram it through their face much sooner. Upgraded spear to the face is all anyone will ever need to get anywhere in this game. I can't believe they haven't stuck a yabba dabba don't fuck with me line somewhere in there by the way. So many Flintstone related opportunities wasted. One to go for the platinum.
  5. Far Cry Primal, ten trophies from the platinum. Now that I've finished all the beast hunting sidequests I'll start on the help wenja and and tribal clash quests, while I'm at it I'll find enemies for the David and Goliath & BEES! trophies, and probably pop the rest of the kill related trophies when I reset the outposts and forts.
  6. Far Cry Primal - Gotcha Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps Did this the retarded way, by running at enemies and placing the trap at their feet while they jabbed me with a spear. As usual though, something had to go wrong when my sabertooth managed to insert himself into the small space between me, my trap and the enemy which ended in him attacking me, me jabbing him in the face with my spear, him running off and me retaming him and continuing on as if nothing happened. Good times.
  7. Far Cry Primal - Real Estate Baron Complete all hut upgrades Should've hunted down the rare animals for this way sooner but it turns out it's not bad at all when you're actively searching for them. Regarding the huts, I'd have loved being able to fully customize my village like settlements in Fallout 4, the amount of crap lying around my village is driving me insane. Then again giving me that option would at least double the 40 or so hours it looks like this is coming in at. Eleven to go. If I had been one more foot away when I saw a chance for the right on target trophy it'd be ten, I swear that trophy will be the last to pop.
  8. Level 15 Far Cry Primal - Killer's Belief Eliminate 25 enemies using any takedown I'm not one for planning out milestones and level ups so I'll take whatever comes. I popped this while Metal Gearing my way through Firescreamer Fort toward a boss enemy. I'd read about stealth in Primal being a bit shit but I have to disagree, it's pretty effective once you get used to it and use it properly.
  9. Far Cry Primal. Finished up the main story today and managed to capture all outposts, tomorrow I'll get started on the side quests and start working my way through the kill based trophies but I probably won't pop all of them until I reset the outposts. I'll leave them under my control for now so I can fast travel between quests.
  10. Far Cry Primal - Expansion Capture all outposts All that's left for the platinum is fourteen grinds and one trophy I've been trying for since the beginning of the game. Luckily I've got flying mammoths and glitching through walls to keep me amused until the end. While I'm here what the hell is up with that boss fight against Ull? One massively overpowered dude and endlessly spawning enemies, I felt like I was playing on a Mega Drive again. I beat it at the first attempt but I'm complaining anyway, because that's what Scottish people do best when they're not getting immensely lucky during boss fights (and getting drunk).