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  1. The thing is from Bethesda's point of view, I'm sure they won't want to known for just the Elder Scrolls, then Fallout, Then another Elder Scrolls game, then another Fallout. The same as Rockstar not wanting to be known for just GTA and spreading their wings with other titles. Generally the majority of the staff who work on the next game will have worked on the previous game so exploring other genres prevents stagnation and burnout. Of course that leads to years passing until the next installment but I'm happy with that personally. I'd rather they come back to the series feeling fresh and ready to give us the best game they can. I understand the frustration that comes from waiting for so long, but I think it's for the best.
  2. Game: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Platform: PlayStation 3 Current condition: Published - LINK Accepting help?: Yes. Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection can be removed from the list, it was published several hours ago. As I said it's my first guide so if anyone wants to have a look and suggest potential improvements feel free to leave a comment or tag me in a reply in this thread. I've left the link under the current condition heading. Also I'll be around less over the next few weeks, my holiday from work ends on Tuesday (19th September) and I may be slow to implement changes so if anyone wants to be added as a collaborator let me know.
  3. Took this today from the summit of an extinct volcano in my hometown, missing half my face in the process. If anyone wants to see the pics of the scenery, they're over in the photography thread.
  4. I was looking for a guide for the bridges you have to fly under in GTAV and came across the site that way. Normally I don't join forums but this place looked pretty cool and GTAV had just inflicted the trophy bug upon me, so I decided to join. Glad I did!
  5. Hey guys. I'm here to share my less than impressive photos I took on my phone. So I climbed Arthur's Seat today, which for those of you who don't know is an extinct volcano dating back 335 million years in my hometown, Edinburgh, Scotland. It's only 251m (823ft) but that's high enough to get a great view over the entire city and the surrounding areas. If anyone does happen to visit, it's roughly a 15 minute walk, east of the city centre though it can be climbed from multiple directions. Generally, it'll take 45 to 60 minutes to reach the summit depending on the route you take. This rockface, Salisbury Crags actually formed independently in front of Arthur's Seat which lies just behind it. On the main path to the summit, to the left the remnants of a hill fort dating back to around 600 AD can be seen. Slightly further up the main path, I didn't get the name of the small lake unfortunately. To the left is Easter Road Stadium, home of one of Scottish footballs biggest teams, Hibernian Football Club. We took this from just beyond the halfway point, pointing back to the same lake as before. View from the southern slope where a larger lake can be spotted. A view of the summit. Slighter higher up, this is the path that joins Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags which is in the backround The Northbound view from the summit, looking out over the Firth of Forth at the point where it meets the North Sea. A sundial looking thing on the summit showing the height and distance of various elevated areas around Scotland and also the latitude and longitude of Arthur's Seat. Lat N, Long W Zoomed in view Westbound. To the right Edinburgh Castle can be seen, which rests of top of another, smaller extinct volcano. Apologizes for the quality. I'm not a professional by any means and like I said, I only had my phone on me to take photos with, hope you enjoyed!
  6. Game: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Platform: PlayStation 3 Current condition: Awaiting review Accepting help?: Yes. I actually started this guide right after joining the site in February 2016 and completely forgot about it when it was knocked back. Today I noticed another thread regarding guides and it suddenly clicked that I need to finish it. It occurred to me it probably isn't very useful since it's a pretty old game but I decided to finish it anyway. I wanted to do a different guide for a game that's more relevant but unfortunately it's the only game I own that doesn't have a guide. I'm thinking whether it gets approved or not it's probably worth having a look at the wording most of all, I'm not great with explanations and sometimes have trouble being concise. Although I've used guides, it's the first one I've written so I'm certain someone more experienced could improve it a lot.
  7. Still continuing to fall, 46.90%
  8. One of the things I like about the Talos Principle is almost anything is a good screenshot "Hello, I'll be your robotic angel for the day"