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  1. Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones - Surgical Strikes Assassinate Tacito, Ptahmose and Ampelius Largely abandoned my gravity defying bow and arrow for the last assassination in favour of murdering people two feet in front of their mates without them noticing. I could claim it's because I'm so good which I don't think I'd be able to say with a straight face, but it's mostly because the guards are so dumb, like Metal Gear Solid (PS1) dumb. It's like all the outposts and forts are filled with Johnny Sasaki's ancestors. However, unlike Johnny the guards have so far resisted the urge to show their bare arse at every opportunity, given the standard of hygiene in ancient Egypt that's definitely a good thing since I quite like having food and I'd like to eat some more this week.
  2. I'm not out to prove anything, not even to myself. Anyone who reads the "last trophy you earned" thread should be able to see that I take enjoyment out of doing this and turn it into something enjoyable regardless of what I'm playing. I think I've got a decent mix of games, there's the long platinums, MSGV, Fallout 4, Skyrim, AC Origins which took me 110 hours due to the way I play (slowly, I went as far as walking everywhere in Skyrim/Fallout just so I could enjoy the scenery), and the shorter ones, Mega Drive Collection, Telltale games, Black the Fall which I did in just under 5 hours. Then there's the harder games that I didn't get the platinum for, MGS4, MGS2, Metal Gear Rising, Shadow of the Colossus, Red Dead because I have little interest in multiplayer/online. Taking the MGS games, particularly Rising as an example where I did make an attempt at the platinum and failed, doesn't matter to me. What matters is I still turned that failed attempt into something enjoyable to me, if I can't do that or just don't like the game before I've even thought about trophies I won't play it. I won't continue on to earn another trophy or increase my completion, or increase my leaderboard ranking. Some people will do that, and do care about completion, leaderboards, how many platinums they have, maybe some people feel they do have a point to prove and that's fine, I'm not here to tell anyone what to do. We all have different motivations and that should be respected Stripping my answer down to it's bare bones...I'm here to have fun and share that with others, the only time I really get serious is when posting a review of sorts in the "most recent platinum" thread for the benefit of others who may considering buying the game too. As long as this continues to be a positive experience for myself, and since I'm part of this community, a positive experience for others too then I'll keep doing it.
  3. Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones - Walls of the Ruler Complete the Walls of the Ruler Citadel Since the citadels and fortresses have so many enemies compared to the base game I've got some practice in with my rarely used bow and arrow. About four hours of DLC later I've learned how to bend gravity to my will so my predator arrows nail headshots from far outside it's range. I put my new skills to use by sending the Shadow of the South a volley of 100 metre headshots until I eventually decided that's a bit cowardly so I ran over to fight him face to face, but then he was attacked by leopards who finished him off. So even when I did try to do the honourable thing I still got the cheap kill On a side note, my 300th silver trophy!
  4. AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC. Halfway through with the trophies, I'm enjoying the new environment and how many enemies are crammed into the citadels and fortresses, because there aren't too many places to hide I've adjusted the way I'm infiltrating and making use of the bow a lot more often. As usual I'm taking my time and investigating absolutely everything along with doing every side quest so this'll take at least double the time it normally would, after this I'll get started on the Discovery Tour trophies.
  5. Assassin's Creed Origins - Old Habits Complete all locations And... - Earn Them All Earn every trophy I was hoping to pop this inside the Sphinx for a decent screenie, instead I missed a location and popped it hightailing it from a small fort in the middle of the night. As usual, there's a lengthy post in the most recent platinum thread. Going for the 100% next with the Hidden Ones, which'll stick til March when the next DLC is released. I've got an idea for my next three platinums too, but I haven't 100% decided on it.
  6. Assassin's Creed Origins. Popped the platinum today, I fell victim to having one uncleared location on the map and it took a good hour of searching the ingame map and playing with my brightness settings before I finally spotted the question mark which had blended into the background I'll buy the Hidden Ones DLC on Saturday, so until then I'll keep playing to clear up some leftover quests.
  7. #23 Assassin's Creed Origins - Earn Them All Earn Every Trophy 110 hours later... I think it's fair to say Assassin's Creed is a series that's blown hot and cold over the last few years, that's no surprise when a new game is being released every year. The extra year this spent in development really helped it occasionally reach the heights we saw in the early Creed games, it's not perfect and feels more like a evolution of the series rather than a brand new start but it's definitely a good, modern direction the series is heading toward if this is anything to go by. I often wondered when I played earlier installments of how the Assassin's came to be. While most of the story covers a tale of revenge, it was pretty awesome seeing how this game lays out the entire foundations of the Assassins, right down to the missing finger to make way for a hidden blade. The story itself is pretty lengthy, if you're taking your time and completing side side quests to level up it could easily last 20 - 30 hours alone. I did feel like the mission structure at the very end was rushed though, it's like one minute you're in one location and suddenly you're teleported into a boss arena with no warning. I would've liked a little more build up but the section beforehand and the ending that it's sandwiched between are great so I forgot about it pretty quickly. There's one major thing that was overhauled, combat. Again, it's not perfect but I like the direction that they're trying to take with it. I think in older games combat was way too easy, I remember defeating scores of enemies just by holding a button and pressing another to counter an attack and automatically kill everyone. This still isn't very challenging but at least I felt like some effort was going into defeating enemies, in that you're watching for their attack, dodging and judging what type of attack to use and when to use it, I'm more engaged in battles than I was before and have to work a little for a kill, that's not a bad thing in my book. Enemy scaling is another new thing. I actually prefer scaling rather than a difficulty level (although difficulty options are in the game too). It's a little similar to how Fallout 4 handles enemies, in that certain parts of the map will have higher level enemies. I mean it makes sense for example to have high level enemies out in the desert regions, where conditions are harsh and only the toughest people or creatures will survive. Generally enemies 3 levels higher than you will be tough, but not impossible to kill with some patience and practice. I found myself taking on Phylakes 5 levels below them and defeating them once I was used to the combat system. Speaking of Phylakes, I love them. You can think of them as the equivalent of the Templars who you'd find hiding in AC1, I had some great battles and moments with them. Visually, the game is absolutely stunning, I've never taken so many screenshots during a game. Ubisoft really outdid themselves and being placed in this world with 400+ locations to clear to earn the platinum, the scenery makes it a lot easier to get through the grind, there's always something to see. Overall, decent story with a great ending, amazing environment, good if not perfect gameplay and some new life and ideas breathed into a series that badly needed it. If you've loved any moments from previous Assassin's Creed games, or just like open world games, you'll probably love this. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  8. I was trying to keep an open mind about Survive, I think MGSV had the best gameplay of the entire series so I was hoping at the very least that'd make Survive fun to play since it's the same engine. After watching some gameplay in the last few days though, it just looks so boring. As much as I like Metal Gear I'll be giving this one a miss. There isn't a single thing I saw that reminds me of a Metal Gear game either. I think after thirty years fans of the series have expectations for what should be in a Metal Gear, stealth, story, memorable characters and boss fights, long ass cutscenes to name a handful, all that seems to be gone. I think I'd be fair to say most games will have to evolve with the times to stay relevant like MGSV did with it's open world, this looks like more devolution, in that we're throwing away the original creators stratospheric standards, for what? To spend our time defending characters we don't care about from enemies that were outdated years ago by using a crafting system that's equally outdated. I don't want to jump on the fuck Konami bandwagon, but it's hard not to after watching what they've served up. I'm really disappointed with how Survive turned out.
  9. The last trophy I earned really put me in the mood for this
  10. Assassin's Creed Origins - Where's My Black Flag? I wish I'd had the foresight to play some Alestorm as I earned this trophy.
  11. Assassin's Creed Origins. Only got an hour in tonight but cleared up most of Faiyum and managed to pop Where's My Black Flag after the last Trireme I needed to clear wandered close to a wharf I'd just finished clearing. No gaming tomorrow since I'll be getting home late and start work early on Thursday but I'll cram in a couple of hours across Thursday & Friday night.
  12. For me it was... - Galapagos - No Man's Sky Not a hard trophy if you play the game pre patch, I wanted to play with the game up to date so bit the bullet with this one. Basically, post patch the requirements changed from discovering sixty different species, to discovering 100% of species on ten different planets. I played No Man's Sky for about 86 hours, 40 of those hours were spent going for this trophy. I've had worse grinds, but what made it so disheartening was discovering all but one of each species on a planet then hunting for hours for the last one. Travelling to different ecosystems, up mountains, in caves, water, in the sky, forested areas, rolling plains, leaving the atmosphere, travelling North to South, East to West until I've done a complete orbit of the planet. Even after of all that, the majority of the time I wasn't finding that last species. So I left planet, after planet, after planet in dejection, frustration, I've never had those emotions when playing a game before and I just wished it was over long before it was. Obviously I got it eventually and I've popped many harder trophies, but for a sheer mental beating this tops my list by a mile.
  13. Another outing with the girlfriend. We met up with a few dudes I used to work with for a Chinese hotpot. Basically you order a ton of stuff, chicken, lamb, noodles, if you look closely there's a blurry looking squid in there, and they give you a huge pot with soup, so you hurl it in there until it's cooked. It was pretty decent, if a pain in the arse to eat with chopsticks. I took this before I resorted to the shovelling stuff in my mouth method of eating after I ended up with half of my food on the sleeve of my shirt. I also notice my heads getting increasingly rounder the older/fatter I get.
  14. Assassin's Creed Origins - For Those About to Die Complete all arena events in the Krokodilopolis Arena Also popped Fatality! just before this, at exactly the same moment I chose to have mercy on the Brothers cos I kinda like them. I kinda felt like Maximus when he showed mercy to that dude in the weird mask (the Brothers in this case) after he stabbed him in the foot and Joaquin Phoenix (My PS4) was like 👎 but I was like 🖕