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  1. I did consider taking you up on the offer (the way you're helping people is awesome) but decided to do it the long way with the new updates after the positive feedback I've heard. I had barely started a permadeath save when the updates were announced so I put it on hold to see what was being introduced. Looks like it was worth the wait, I'm still finishing off the Ezio trilogy and I'll probably go for another platinum to finish the year on 30 before I start my permadeath save. I expect it'll last me the rest of the year with how long it'll take to reach the centre, coupled with the amount of time I have to play and I'll be spending time exploring too. I'm not overly fussed about the length of time it'll take me, I'm a cautious player by nature and enjoy immersion/exploring so I'm used to taking a long time to do things. In short I want to see as much of the game as possible and I doubt there's a better way to do that than a trek to the centre of the galaxy, otherwise I'd absolutely accept a piggyback from you
  2. I'm aware a player in another thread is offering a lift to the centre but I feel like taking the scenic route on my attempt with the new update, so that's definitely useful to know, thanks for the info!
  3. Four a half months to go and I'm crashing and burning I'll make my completion goal for sure but no way am I reaching 35 platinums and 2000 trophies...I'll roll that over for next year
  4. You already have a slight advantage by playing in multiplayer first so you'll have controls and some of the city memorized which will help with navigation. That said even going in blind shouldn't give you any problems, even if you were to make mistakes and fail a mission occasionally. Like others said, skip cutscenes and fast travel everywhere to save time. The majority of missions are pretty easy but get longer towards the end. In general I'd recommend regularly taking cover during gunfights to minimize the amount of trips you'll need to make for armour, and going for headshots for quick kills. You can always save your game before a mission too if you want to reload should anything happen though you'll need to spend time travelling to and from safehouses. If you're forced to drive at any point GPS generally gives you a good route but sometimes it'll take you the long way round on bridges, the freeway in Alderney and around the airport so if you're familiar with these areas it's probably better to ignore it and spot your own route for maximum speed. For reference the first time I attempted this trophy on Xbox I came in at around 12 hours with a handful of mission fails (because I was rushing and getting careless) and around 10 hours when I played it again on PS3, so you shouldn't have any problems at all. Good luck!
  5. Assassin's Creed Revelations. Finished the story last week, that was over way sooner than I expected. Finished Desmond's story too while having flashbacks of The Talos Principle. The last two days have been spent gathering the collectables and completing the Mediterranean defence game, as well as levelling my assassins up to 15 and managed to pop a few random trophies too. Still got some missions to replay and side missions for 100% sync, as well as the Lost Archive to start.
  6. Assassin's Creed Revelations - Armchair General Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranean Defence game Now that I've done that, I can sit back and watch my cities fall back into Templar hands one by one while I try to parachute on a zipline and terrorize guards for the remaining main game trophies while my assassins slowly erode into dust through inactivity.
  7. Fallout 4 I was aware when I brought this about criticism from longtime fans of the Fallout series, luckily for me I hadn't played a Fallout game before so I was blind to the issues they were pointing out. While I agree with comments that the main story was lacking, I couldn't fault the environment and atmosphere throughout and spent the majority of my time exploring. I actually enjoyed seeking out side quests more than the main story, they were often a lot of fun. I really liked building settlements too and spent an obscene amount of time building, demolishing, and rebuilding again. In the end I destroyed all my settlements and built two giant settlements at Sanctuary and Red Rocket to make it more manageable. I liked it so much that I bought the DLC after the platinum, Far Harbour was excellent and had an interesting story, Nuka World was weaker but still okay while the rest were mostly mindless fun, I was more happy about having more stuff to build my settlements with than anything. I took a two week break to platinum The Talos Principle, Bully and Grim Fandango before I finished the whole thing to break it up a bit so I came in at 4 months and 3 weeks by the time I reached 100%. I even got a fireworks show at the end of Nuka World as the final trophy popped, I'll probably never have that kind of coincidence again. In short, I had an awesome start to my PS4 era.
  8. Assassin's Creed Revelations (PS4). Platinum trophies for AC II & Brotherhood are in the bag, one to go! Enjoying what I've seen so far, as with Brotherhood I'm not overly fussed with getting the 100% sync requirements at the first attempt because I don't want to stall the story too much. Also I found it a lot easier in Brotherhood to replay some memories post game with all my weapons and abilities unlocked. Aside from that I've not really got a plan right now, just finish the story, pop whatever I get the chance to along the way and see where I am afterwards.
  9. Assassin's Creed Revelations - Seal the Deal Complete DNA Sequence 3 After two games with the same control scheme, increasing numbers of beggars have received hidden blades through the skull rather than the money I intended to throw while I get used to the new controls. Sorry peasants.
  10. #28 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) - Julius Caesar - Win every trophy Whoever decided failing sync requirements is permanent until a restart from scratch is a monster. So, Brotherhood picks up where AC II left off in the modern day with Desmond and his unlikeable squad on the run from Abstergo while seeking out Ezio's piece of Eden, meanwhile back in the 16th century Ezio makes some new enemies, the Borgia family. So off we fuck to Rome to simultaneously play musketeer and real estate agent. When in Rome...buy half the city apparently Brotherhood isn't quite the leap from its predecessor the way AC II was, but generally I think an all round improvement. Rome is a great setting for a AC game with the city claustrophobic and compact with little free space, which allows the freerunning to flow as it should, which itself benefits from a slightly smoother and faster animation than last time out. It feels lively too, with people out drinking, eating, sweeping, carrying around lanterns at night, no one in Rome seems to stop for a second. Meanwhile the surrounding countryside, populated with small towns, old ruins and landmarks such as the Colosseum makes up most of the map and generally looks as good as the city does. Though I found it a bit strange just how busy the countryside is, the atmosphere created back in the city is great but out in the sticks, it feels overly loud and clustered with people. The people of Rome need a chill button when they're out here, seriously. 95% of my screenshots are sunsets But how do we navigate 16th century Rome? With...more or less the same controls as AC II. We did get some new stuff to play with though, the most important of which is the execution streak ability. While AC1 & II focused more on defence and parrying/blocking, Brotherhood gives us the option to be more offensive. In short, an execution streak is activated when you kill an enemy, then target a nearby enemy who'll die in one hit if you make contact, and you can keep that going as long as there's an enemy in range, or until you're hit or grabbed. It looks awesome and it's surprisingly user friendly which isn't something I expect from an AC games controls. There's some new equipment too, most notably an OP crossbow and a not so OP parachute. One feature that carried over from AC II was the ability to renovate Rome (replacing Monteriggioni from AC II). You do this by opening shops around the city, the more you build, the more income you generate and you get discounts off stuff you'll need like weapons and medicine. You can also renovate the cities tunnels, allowing for fast travel or landmarks around the city for extra income. Overall the only benefits from renovating anything is income and discounts but it is pretty cool owning a large chunk of Rome by the end of the game. Before I move on, I'd like to point out that people actually look like people this time I mentioned at the beginning that the story carries on from where AC II left us. While I didn't feel like it reached the heights of AC 1 & II, I was satisfied with Ezio's portion of the story but the modern day story didn't really grab my interest until it saved itself with a twist at the very end so I can't wait to start Revelations. Obviously there's still people out there who'll be playing this for the first time so I'll avoid too much detail. In the PS4 version we're forced to play the Da Vinci disappearance DLC, I had no problem with the gameplay and generally had fun, but the conclusion to that storyline was really disappointing. I'd have hated to have paid for that when it was released. Same goes for the guild side quests, in fact side quests in general. They seemed to be hinting during cutscenes at our actions in side quests and guild quests having a greater impact and purpose in the world around us but that didn't happen. While it's not strictly storyline, the introduction of the Assassin's Guild is a great idea. The guild allows you to go out, recruit assassins, train them and send them out on missions or even better, have them assist you in battle. They're a lifesaver for some of the 100% requirements that you'll need for the platinum. The shrines from AC II return in the form of Romulus lairs and serve as a fun distraction from the main story So, you want to platinum Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, how is it? Well, it's tougher and time consuming than AC II but it's not too bad outside of a handful of annoying requirements in game. The trophy you'll spend the most time on is il Principe which wants us to complete additional objectives on mission for 100%. These could be complete a mission within a certain timeframe, kill an enemy with a certain weapon, don't get spotted, don't take damage and so on. While the majority of mission requirements can be done first time or within a handful of tries, a couple stand out as being annoying. In particular, the "Hells on Wheels" mission which requires no damage to be taken while in control of an early version of a tank. The problem with that is when you do take damage you're forced to restart the entire mission, meaning a lot of replays of the same ten minute section before you get into the tank might be needed unless you're either awesome or lucky. A sidequest "Young at Heart" is a pain in the arse too and has to be completed almost flawlessly and at speed across some tricky terrain. Outside of il Principe, the rest of the trophies are fairly easy with the only time consuming trophy being the flag collectable of which there's 101 to collect. Luckily, this time round we can buy a map that'll display their location and greatly reduces the time needed. I came in at 41 hours overall, but as usual I took my time and did a lot of exploring. Someone going straight for the platinum can easily shave a few hours off that time. Overall, Ezio's story plays out well while the modern day is shoved aside until an interesting twist at the end with some fun missions and puzzles thrown in there, entertaining and visually appealing location, great soundtrack and some great new features. The bad points, the segments in the modern day feel a bit boring as nothing really happens for the majority of the modern world storyline and just leaves you hanging to get back to Ezio, also the controls and camera angles are still a bit wild on occasion. The good outweighs the bad though and makes this a great follow up to AC II. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  11. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I've got one trophy to go (il Principe). Made decent progress tonight with the main story, secret locations, war machines, Templar agents and Copernico missions brought up to 100% sync. Currently at 68% sync overall with the assassination contracts and guild missions to do.
  12. Black The Fall 4 hours, 56 minutes, 10 seconds Gave this a shot while looking for some cheap games to play around Christmas last year. I needed to buy something fairly obscure incase I bought the same game that someone bought me for Christmas (can't remember what game I got in the end but I traded it for Assassin's Creed Origins). I'd imagine I'm never going to break this record, unless I do the same thing next Christmas. Here's a link to my post in the platinum thread if anyone's interested in what I thought about it - Click
  13. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Just one trophy left - il Principe, sequences 1, 2, 3, 4 & 9 are at 100% sync as is the Da Vinci Disappearance giving me 61% overall. I'm currently trying to escort the senator at the start of sequence 5 without being seen but I'm having some trouble towards the end of our trek. I still have all the assassination contracts, thieves guild and cortesan quests to do too, as well as a couple of Romulus lairs and the tank mission to do too but I'll clean up the main story first.