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  1. Dark Souls Remastered - Covenant: Darkwraith Discover Darkwraith covenant Called it! They did kick my ass. Many times. And then some. But I got them! I think I'm still exhaling from the sigh of relief when the last King went down. Or were they all the same person? I don't even know. The thing that got me was the arena being in total darkness and not being able to see the floor. I swear to god I kept swinging, thinking I was right next to them and it turned out to be like, 20ft Oh, I got a covenant trophy too, yay! Praise the Sun.
  2. Dark Souls Remastered - Covenant: Princess's Guard Discover Princess's Guard Covenant I BEAT ORNSTEIN & SMOUGH FIRST TRY!!! Raughhhhhhhh!!! In some ways, that's probably a bad thing. I haven't struggled to get somewhere or beat someone, so I've yet to have that quintessential Dark Souls experience where you hit a brick wall and have to try ten million times before you progress. I'm sure it'll happen before the end though, let's see how I cope when it does. I'm going after the Four Kings next. Maybe they'll be the ones to kick my ass. Praise the Sun.
  3. Dark Souls Remastered - Reach Anor Londo Arrive in Anor Londo That's what she said. Made it through Sens Fortress without a single death, partly by channelling my Tomb Raider circa 1997 skills, but mostly by inching forward extremely, extremely, extremely...extremely slowly. No amount of caution in that place is too much In general, I'm doing better than I thought I would for my first playthrough. No areas or bosses have been too difficult to deal with once I settled on a playstyle, not yet at least. Each new area seems to ramp up the difficulty, so I'm expecting to run into some serious shit in Anor Londo when I get going again on Tuesday, but that's all part of the fun. Actually loving this game. Praise the Sun.
  4. Dark Souls Remastered - Art of Abysswalking Acquire the Art of Abysswalking I'm really glad I managed to defeat Sif on the first attempt, my heart would've broken a little more with each battle if I hadn't, he/she is too adorable! I beat the giant butterfly thing on the first try too, though that was probably the easiest of the lot so far other than the Asylum Demon, boss fight death count is still at six! After my detour through the forest, I'm back at Sens Fortress. Had a couple of goes at getting through with no success so I'll try again tomorrow after I've had some rest. Praise the sun.
  5. I've only played DSR for a few hours so far and I've been online the whole time. I did absolutely no research at all, so at first I had no idea that the messages where from other players, I wondered why the game kept calling me fatty I didn't know the bloodstains were other players either, I didn't pay attention for long enough to see the death amination and I thought it was the game showing me where to go. I basically followed in the footsteps of dead players until somewhere in Undead Burg before I realized what was happening. I don't know how I survived that being the case. I think I might be in a rare situation though, I changed to a new mobile hotspot a couple of weeks ago and my ability to play online is nerfed, I'm still able to see messages, bloodstains & hear people ringing the bells, but can't summon or be summoned so I might not get to experience that part of the game. I'd love to play with and against other players but I'm still enjoying it solo. I haven't summoned an NPC yet because I want to see how far I can get alone (just reached Sens Fortress). The only part that sucks is knowing that without being able to join or host a session, I'll need to play the game three times for the platinum, I haven't read the trophy guide so that was a horrifying moment when my friend let that slip on chat
  6. Dark Souls Remastered - Covenant: Chaos Servant Discover Chaos Servant Covenant I've made it to Sens Fortress with only six boss fight deaths to my name (that's how I've decided to measure my success apparently). Somehow I managed to beat the Capra Demon, Gaping Dragon & Quelaag at the first attempt. My friend went hollow (gave up) not far into Sens fortress despite his brother dropping him every weapon and decent armour so right now, I only care about getting further than him So far my most dangerous enemy is gravity, with an incredible five completely unprovoked plunges from height today. I'm gonna go ahead and put the blame firmly on Assassin's Creed Odyssey and it's 278 hours of no fall damage. Nothing to do with me not paying attention during those rare quiet moments, not at all.
  7. That's certainly one way to put it I've been playing around and trying various fixes a little more in the last couple of hours, tested hosting MP on other games, but still no luck so I think I'm definitely out of the picture. If I'd known my connection would be nerfed I'd have kept my old phone, I can only apologize guys. However, like I said earlier, I'm still able to join sessions so if you need any help getting set up with materials @iamthedotcom like warp cells if you (or anyone else!) needs them just let me know.
  8. Hey guys! Unfortunately, my taxi service is bricked. I bought myself a new phone last week and use that as a hotspot which for some reason changed my NAT type to type three/failed. I'm able to join games, but can't host games. Over the last week, I think I've tried every suggestion I could find on google such as changing the server to, resetting everything, running the connection through a hotspot app via my laptop, running it through an ethernet cable, nothing has worked. So, I think I'll call it a day for my service. It's been an absolute pleasure over the last few months meeting everyone and being able to help so many people. Hopefully someone else can pick this up? In any case, good luck to everyone!
  9. Dark Souls Remastered - Reach Lordran Arrive in Lordran After being Lord of the Ringsed to Lordran, I'm ready to beat the living shit out of everything in sight. Just kidding, I'm getting my ass kicked. On the bright side, I've made it to Undead Burg (after the dragon shows up) and I'm slowly learning how to parry without my face being cleaved in two, and when to run/roll past everyone. But I feel like the most important technique I've developed so far, especially against bosses... roll behind them and aim for the ass.
  10. Hey everyone. I've had a few more requests recently since the Beyond release date was announced (14th August) Just to confirm I'm still running a service, there isn't a dedicated time (life!) but generally I'm available on most Friday afternoons and evenings and Saturday/Sunday afternoons (GMT) Just a reminder, all you need is a permadeath save, and a hyperdrive installed in your ship and we're good to go! You can also earn Reunion in the session too. My messages on PS are private only to avoid spam, so send me a friend request and we can work out a time between us. Obviously I'm in Scotland, so arranging a time for users around the world can be difficult on occasion but I'll do my best! I've had some people ask if the Beyond update could screw up the service. Short answer, I have no idea I'd imagine it'd be fine unless HG wipe everyone's progress but I really don't think that'll happen. There definitely will be changes to multiplayer but I can't HG cutting the ability to join sessions. If the worst happens and I lose my perch next to the galactic core, I'll make another trip to keep the service going but I'm sure it won't come to that. Nevertheless, if you're worried about whatever effect Beyond will have and want to play it safe, make sure to arrange a date and time this coming weekend and I'll try to get you there, otherwise I'll see you in the beyond...
  11. I'm gonna start Dark Souls Remastered on Friday. As usual I've not even looked at the trophy list and it's my first Souls game so I've no idea what to expect other than there being a high likelihood that I'll get my ass kicked a lot, but I'm sure I can do it! I'll play it blind first and then see where I'm at afterwards.
  12. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Old Flames Burn Brighter Complete Old Flames Burn Brighter 94/94 trophies...for now. Kinda hoping they throw in another six for the discovery tour to make it a hundred. Next up for me is Dark Souls Remastered. I'm looking forward to dying in boss fights 67 times...each, probably.
  13. The Walking Dead: The Final Season - The Final Season Completed The Walking Dead: The Final Season I always play as normal on the first playthrough, turns out when I'm not being threatened or dealing with assholes I appear to be somewhat reasonable and sympathetic towards others. So I purge that feeling on the second playthrough on games like this by being the biggest douche in the world, which overrides the choices I made on my first playthrough. Long story short. If there ever is another WD game, I really hope I'm not playing in opposition/remotely near the vicinity of the Clem/AJ combo I created. All you need to do is exist and that's a good enough reason for them to want you dead. I even managed to get into a fight with James of all people. What have I done?
  14. For the sake of total freedom over what games I play, and how I play them I've avoided setting any rules for myself. I've noticed some patterns/habits that I tend to follow though. I guess you could consider them rules but it's not something I've put any thought into, it's just what I've found myself doing. (1). I always skim through the trophy list/guide for missables for longer games. Other than reading requirements for missables, I won't look at the trophy guide until after I finish the first playthrough/story to avoid spoilers, I like my first run to be as blind as possible. I don't mind playing a few hours of a short game again for a trophy, but I don't think it'd be fun playing through dozens of hours for a single trophy. Luckily that hasn't happened to me...yet. (2). I tend to avoid multiplayer games, not just games with heavy emphasis on multiplayer but anything with multiplayer in general. I'm extremely awkward and I'm much more suited to playing solo than as part of a team, There's some exceptions because I really wanted to play a certain games solo mode (GTA, Red Dead for example), of course that means I'll probably never achieve the platinum in those games which brings me to my next habit... (3). Because I start games without looking up roughly how difficult they'll be (MGS4, Revengeance, MGS2, Shadow of the Colossus), I often don't platinum harder games because I'm well, not really any good at gaming While I'll at least try, I don't really play games to be challenged, I have enough challenge in my life away from the controller so I prefer to kick back and chill. If I can pull something off, great, if I can't, it's okay to move on. (4). If I am able to do something though, I'll do it without cheating, no save files or whatever, no tricks like rubber banding. If I can't do it completely under my own power and with whatever skill/patience I have, then it doesn't get done. For example two notable trophies I've earned that are relevant to this are GT 5's Autobarmy trophy and No Man's Sky's To Live Forever trophy. (5). There's some options provided in games that I won't use. Notably I won't play on easy mode (though to balance that out I don't play on hard either) unless I need to for a trophy. A more extreme example is I absolutely refuse to fast travel in games. If it takes an hour for me to walk my character somewhere, so be it. I often find walking through game worlds exposes more of the game, seeing cool environments and having encounters I might not have seen otherwise. (6) I always make a cloud save after I finish playing for the day. Inspired by a corrupted Crazy Taxi save file I've had on a PS2 memory card since 2002.
  15. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis - Hephaistos's Apprentice Forge the three legendary weapons Now that spellcheck has kindly stopped changing the description to Hepatitis Apprentice... Trophies/quests like this are kinda pointless for me in ACO, I've been using the exact same weapons and armour since the end of chapter two. Everyone elses shit either gets dismantled or sold. As far as the games concerned, I invented recycling. So that brings me to 92 of 94 trophies...I love that after the five trophies in this episode, everyone has to wait until August for the single remaining trophy