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  1. I am so excited for this. I finished Subnautica two nights ago and had a lot of fun with the game. The only thought that comes to mind is wanting more trophies to unlock, only because I like working for them. But I'll take it. I noticed we were still on 4546B for this one too, that's exciting.
  2. I may have to agree with Draps on this one. Although I would say it may take even longer than 180 hours. The game is lengthy and daily content is limited, especially as a non-spending user. The platinum would have been very doable (just lengthy) if it wasn't for the Spiral Abyss, which will require a lot of time/work, effort, and 'luck'. Building a character/team (you'll need more than one team for the Spiral Abyss) doesn't occur with ease, and again, as a free player, will take you even longer.
  3. They've all been working hard. You have my warmest congratulations.
  4. So excited to get back into this.
  5. My studies will not allow me to participate in the event, but I would also like to go ahead and join others in donating the aforementioned price, per badge, to a local association.
  6. Fun, achievable, and underwhelming.
  7. You can't please everyone, nor should you be trying to. Play whatever you want, and how you want.
  8. I am a mixture of both.
  9. It is possible as I have done it myself. As for advice, it has been a while so I can't offer too much. Carrying the right weapon/s and tools at the right time is beneficial and does help make things easier. I generally remember having to rely on shooting behind cover a lot of the time, and utilising the dodge/roll. Getting in headshots whenever possible, using the environment to your advantage, etc. I advise you to not waste any time searching for ammo and instead make use of other weapons that may be lying around. Despite being very careful, you still seem to get killed often (and very cheaply); which I found to be absurd. It's a process - but one that is absolutely doable. Good luck.
  10. Hello. I am a willing recipient if you wish to consider me for the following position. I am currently on a study break and find myself with a bit of time to invest in such a role. Although I have yet to vastly contribute to guide-writing myself, I believe I have an acceptable understanding of the necessities and what is to be expected when it comes to delivering and reviewing guides. I have co-written two guides and found the experience rather exciting. I am a willing learner; a good listener and I seek to challenge myself whenever there is an opportunity to do so. I would be delighted to fill the role and contribute by doing what I can to fulfil my part in the community and for the community. I speak English fluently and am quite an active Discord user, so with this, I should have no issue whatsoever. I have basic knowledge of HTML and BBCode, should the need to resort to BBCode arise. I am currently continuing to further my coding knowledge by actively researching for personal use. Do reach out if you’re looking for a hardworking young lady.
  11. Finally. I miss Abby.
  12. I beat his final form fairly easily. I understand that not everyone may share this opinion, however. Assuming you are using the infinite rocket launcher, other items you'll want to keep on hand are all of the coins (six in total) and the STARS Field Combat Manual especially. The manual allowed me to perfectly dodge almost every attack, I was hit only once and that was a self-made error. It works if you time it well enough.
  13. This is quite cute; and agreed that it does look like it could be a lot of fun. Picking it up for sure.
  14. I can't for the life of me find the comment I wanted to quote but I very much agree that this is a luck based trophy achievement. A lot of posters are claiming it is simple, but it is not. I haven't been very lucky despite following all of the tips/advice from various sources. Edit: I finally managed it after trying for several nights. What a waste of time. The best advice I can give is to drive the elite helicopter to Signal Point outpost, fly in very close to the dome and fire both weapon types (R1 & R2) together. Although you may want to be careful using R1 as you only have four rockets. Time/position it well.