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  1. Here's what I tried: After arriving at the FREEMs hideout, accept side quests from Kobal at Weelinden INN. Repeat accept & clear until Kobal orders you a Haunted Mansion quest. Spending a long game time inside the mansion may help you progress the story mode. I don't know exact condition for it, but I think it is worth trying if you have no other solution. If you succeed, Evan starts briefing the next mission (kidnapping two scientists at enemy's camp) as soon as you enter the FREEMs hideout (each time you reach the next cutscene, a "?" mark appears above Evan's head). Good luck!
  2. I finally unlocked the trophy by: destroying all the doors of villagers' houses and blocking them with soil or something so that villagers can not enter, waiting until the night comes, and sounding a bell when a villager is attacked by a monster.
  3. Humm..I cant achieve A++ in bedroom and bathroom levels of story mode, tried possible home appliances such as lamp stands and a hair-iron besides the clothes iron in bedroom for example, but couldnt evenly bake as people do in PC version and edibility and quality fell below the acceptable values (85% or so i think). Also in bathroom, both hair dryer and radiator overcook loaves.. didnt work for me. Could someone help me out of this ****ing situation?